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1 5.Lone Star This dumb motherfucker will be on the news every fucking day And we willed it He is a hundred percent full-on our creation He is proof that we choos ... ted the seed and it's come to its fruition Make no mistake Donald Tru
2 10.Bergen to Trondheim mple That motherfucker's one of thousands like him walking this earth Out to kill maim inflict pain massive suffering and hurt Got me some friends d ... cking know The USA better get its shit together fast on gun control P
3 13.A Message To The Rap Game tle Maybe its my mental got a motherfucker goin' hella crazy hope he got so
4 14.Lucifer rch fired its furnaces hotter than anybody else... The church doesn't like for people to grow up Because you can't control grownups[Verse1] Mi ... at's when I saw the triv Some motherfucker with a mask on had my son tied up Laughing with a millimeter pointed at him'I'ma put the gun down. Let him live. Don't trip I ... p ride away and I won't say a motherfucking word to another soul about this.' The harder man'll roll. Take a nigga hollow. what you want? I got a rig I ain
5 4.Wit Da Cup a Cup Motherfucker it ain't full of shit it ain't just... It ain't this club but it ain't ... ain't this club but it ain't its conditions You get what I'm saying? I like to deal with people with no conditions It's all love and it ain't no bullshit And the ... stand what I'm sayin'? Like a motherfucker do shit and it be so crazy right? See I'm not a... you know I'm a silly ... not a... you know I'm a silly motherfucker But I'm a very cerebral indi

6 14.A Report to the Shareholders Kill Your Masters I'm free motherfuckers I'm hostile[Verse2: Killer Mike] Choose the lesser of the evil people and the devil still gon' win It could all be over tomo ... il don't sleep us either El spits fire I spit ether We the gladiators that oppose all Caesars Coming soon on a new world tour Probably play the score for the Worl ... east and fixin' feast tearin' its features The world surges the natio
7 10.One By One nty below motherfucker that's the wind chill A thousand men they come and they fall One by one Call the preacher the mortician You can't stop this c ... You can't stop this coalition Its like I'm fighting against the prohibition In the sunlight bong! you see that sword glisten[Bridge- Paul Banks] My lucky friend s ... Slice your neck with a tongue Its an Ol' Dirty cousin A student of Al
8 7.Survive way past its prime and way past decency A vodka tonic a day will keep the memory away Yore not conscious when you are awake Drink and drive d ... and drive don't care who dies Motherfucker you've been risking lives You co
9 10.100Joints out that motherfucker swaging Hop up out that motherfucker dabbing Had an old school on some rallies Used to go to school in some Bally's Flexing Macho Man Randy Savage Oh I'm'bout to ... e state Ain't judge a book by its cover turn the page I like her on the pole that's the business nigga As soon as she get off I'mma kick it with her[Hook:] Laying ... the point East Point in this motherfucker College Park in this motherfucker West Side i
10 7.St. Ides hen rain hits the windshield And everything is still Is it really a big deal? One hand on the steering wheel We'll be all right[Verse2: Mackle ... wn paper bag St. Ides on that motherfucker In the city where we smash5-0 comin' then you know I'm running Crawling broken fences when shit gets hard Don't know who your ... ight And in the morning swear its the last time Where would I be? Can't start over if you don't get a new ID????? Don't mean that ... a new ID????? Don't
11 4.Word is Law that I'm its ruler for life You gotta a problem? Well I hope that you're a bottom'Cause you're gonna get put to the knife I'm leather-clad ... to the knife I'm leather-clad motherfucker super-bad You see me coming bett
12 7.Stayin Ready(Feat. Tiny C-Style) world but its still spinning Can't do nothing bout it but try to live in it And to try to raise kids in it Make millions keep it hidden Cause ... millions keep it hidden Cause motherfuckers might try to kill you We just s
13 4.Force Fed e bull by its arms Pull the alarms on the walls not a drill Not a feel it out moment you focused cause that was real Not a pill that can be ta ... ll(Verbal Kent)] So get those motherfucking hands up(Hands up) And everybody at that bar better stand up(Stand up) Shout out to all the people who demand us We do ... hiders Coming for all of you motherfuckers that prove liar New higher powe
14 4.Both Ways Ways Its Dolph[Hook Young Dolph] Pull up in some fast Pockets full of cash I can't drive that car if it don't got200 on the dash I pull u ... ury don't got no time for the fuckery Why keep fuckin' up and miscounting She talk too much I had to put hat bitch out I'm rocking timbs you probably never seen b ... fuckin' trunk my trunk in the motherfuckin' front Gelato in my motherfuckin' blunt(strong) Doing what
15 7.Special l in here motherfuckin' Ear Drummers you know what I'm sayin'? I appreciate the love at all times I promise you yeah. Ya digg?[Hook: Young Thu ... Laced up with some L's on us Motherfucker go crazy drop down with the steel on him And I really really really can't tell prepare for jail on'em[Hook: Young Thug] I fee ... K and it's special just like its a cereal I'm looking down on your p
16 3.Orbit get mean its a need![Bridge: C. Ray] And when I can afford it I'm in orbit I be off that mary jane it's simple and plain Get rid of this pain ... force of two trucks Megatron motherfucker Wishing that I don't have to wak
17 8.Affiliated em' right Its a new game Its a new day We even got homies in Akron and OK-C And I'm the G that go and see em' Holla at a nigga on the DM All I know is to ban ... the booth is Go and show the motherfuckers where the truth is Hold up cuz
18 1.Better Ash Than Dust warm from its heat Nights like these they make me think about the person I once was and the person I'll become My mind turns and steps ... ecome My mind turns and steps its weight upon my throat Desperate for breath while watching me choke If this is the end you can bet your ass I won't go out like t ... the truth so don't let these mother fuckers come at you Most times the thin
19 2.I Ain't Scared ed of you motherfuckers I'm like forgive my(?) the deposit Other than that I ain't hearing you ... than that I ain't hearing you motherfuckers So many made bitter they made DZA I'm like shit contraire you ... A I'm like shit contraire you motherfuckers You don't understand[Verse1: Smoke DZA& Pete Rock] I ain't scared of you ... e Rock] I ain't scared of you motherfuckers take a drag of the bud Plies gon' get a nigga killed running off on the pl
20 4.Day of the Dead k so hard its like they grew a coochie homie you can[?]sh ... w a coochie homie you can[?]shits creek a thick beef stew was brewing you talk about it so much I wish that you would use your[?]blow your brains out plus you suc ... all I do is keep it cool with motherfuckers[?]hugest mood swing Would you i

21 16.Pull Up y on that motherfuckin west side that east side that south side and that ... side that south side and that motherfuckin north side You might see me cruising with my crew inside my Buick Regal hard top Might see your reflection cause I'm fr ... of purple had a north crossed Its ghetto up in meadow creek I bet if these police they see me riding they gonna pull me over just because watch There ain't shit t ... n I pull up pull up Tell that mother fucker watch his mou
22 4.Bury Me or what's its worth Never giving anyone what they didn't deserve My due's paid my time served and I'll take that to my grave So you can put me ... ay be bent(I may be bent) But motherfucker I ain't broke So you can keep ta
23 3.New Banger mered Nah its not that he's just holding a hammer[Verse1:] Well police wanna pull me over in my car Check my licence and plates Then ask me ho ... veryday scrap They called our mothers coons now Mummy's in my coupe riding shotgun Of course that ... riding shotgun Of course that fucker's all black No tints in the fron
24 13.No F_cks To Give feat. Futuristic& Chris Webby you nigga its east side a-town Full-turnt like a-town This the bully beat a ... a-town This the bully beat a motherfucker's ass on the playground Your hom
25 1.The Rain k my grandmother from me I hit my knees(Why lord?!) I tried syrup I tried weed I couldn't cope nigga Head down crying tears at the hospital A ... ings happen for a reason when its said& done Say Lil B keep your head up just take it serious bra keep your faith in God cause he's the one who lay at us[Hook x2: ... till kicking at my door Dirty motherfuckers You probably think I got the wo
26 3.Out the Frame ote these motherfuckers can't even add So I expect nothing less from them When the hate come you can dish it out but just be ready to take one Head ... eded for them alligator tears Motherfuckers always screaming this is our year Yeah yeah ... ng this is our year Yeah yeah motherfucker said it last year We Popping off The first time You get told We Play no games no more games That shit dead So Move along'fore ... not about the paper then what its abou
27 8.Viper Strike dumb See its MCID and we try to spread love but Man you make me want to take of my gloves because Guns don't kill people white people kill bl ... ty hard though A lot of those motherfuckers are gay Like in a'hide your kid
28 3.Image with you fuckers Sleeping on me you get smothered Fuck around call up your mother like I put your son face on a plugger I need a couple entrées a pair of LebronJames Duct tape a rope and let it be broad day ... I'm back to trouble Chi town its a mf jungle tell you like it is whe
29 11.Cant Deny It uck these motherfucker Ghetto Fabolous nigga I ride'til I die Hollerin1-8-7 when I ride through the Stuy fool[Chorus][Nate Dogg] It ain't really dat ... lly dat hard to get fucked up Its really quite easy just step up I'ma
30 14.Hunter(V2) sn't this motherfucker again! Are you serious? You figured that nigga had disappeared and shit but here he is Wielding the power of perspective you ... of trend-whores with coke habits- Well I've had it! I'm earnest- to the platelets in my bones And anyone afraid to burn a bridge is too lazy to build their own I ... e less that they know Them muffuckers pretend that they're so essential– the probe isn't farfetched- They're just star- ... farfetched- They're just star
31 17.I Will Survive for punk motherfucker I will survive I will survive I will survive I will survive I can't make it up out the streets like I'm doing a bid Deserving ... eath after death kinda taking its toll Even though I'm outta of luck
32 4.I Bought A Gun(Feat. Nemo Achida) lls Nutty motherfuckers move your crust and ask for more bread Look into the floor of a hustler and it's code red George pushed the button on these ... ceful& hounding Where im from its storm-soaked& cloudy It's suicide c
33 15.Gucci Gut er deluxe its23 homie I'm out to lunch Eccentric Aquarius with a big belly Mane I stay Gucci aint shit you can tell me Cheffing and cooking I ... feeling like I'm in the mood motherfucker so bon appetit Sitting at the dinner table with a danty little napkin tucked into my collar and the food is too hot Food of t ... from drinkin up all this brew Its23 homie yo what it do Its the big homie and I'm coming through I dont give a fuck make way when I walk down the str
34 7.La Petite Mort re by our mothers And I wouldn't trade it in for the worlds weight in gold And they haven't built one like me since me I am told Shot my first ... man It was a woman called our mother and we would struggle and It wasn't living it was surviving and we were constantly at war War left me nerves of steel and I d ... 7 I tried to take my life too motherfucker it just wasn't happening I just wanna shoot and bring a body back to Michigan That's points on the board I was stayin'
35 13.Satisfiction around us Motherfucker uh I seen it all and guess what It's the'satisfiction' you feel me? Oh yeah I see what you're saying I know some niggas just ... cks like that Stuck like that its cool if you cool gettin' love like that Flashin' down the Southside rally You'll be runnin' outta blunts like that What I mean b ... with these niggas Doc I think its time for you to open the pharmacy n
36 5.Dark Places t a lion? Motherfuckers who hateJust wait for me to die trying Like I...--------------------------------------------------[Danny] Dark Places Dark P ... ng Who wants to fight a lion? Motherfuckers who hateJust wait for me to die trying Like I'm gonna stop now Like I'm gonna cop out Choke this ... I'm gonna cop out Choke this motherfucker I ain't willing to drop out So maybe i'm pissed off because I feel ripped off This industry is a bitch and she'll rip you
37 13.Lapdance In the Trap House hite when its snowin' I could show you where to go like a local Order20 bags out of[?] I might buy me a motorcycle And use your girl for a cha ... a milli in a MCM bag Had that motherfucker looking pregnant[Hook(x4)] Lapda
38 12.The Dream is Dead bullet in its head The dream is dead motherfucker Dead Do you believe it? Dead Fill it up pump it full of lead Who do you think should be held responsible? Everyone screams Ma ... k and put a fucking bullet in its head The dream is dead motherfucker The dream is dead The dream is dead The dream is dead ... eam is dead The dream is dead motherfucker DEA
39 4.Stainless 1: Logic] Motherfuckers wanna get famous Bust guns and get dangerous(dangerous) Daddy graduated from Cambridge Money talks in every language Real re ... less a body drop Metaphorical motherfucker to get it in While the whole world spin for the dividend But I'm in another system Everybody hate till he dead then they miss ... mind is sober But I'm so high its sober I Know my mind is sober But I'm so high ... mind is sober But I'm so high its sober And I want i
40 11.Upgrade God damn mother fucker what I gotta give Way back in DC I live On the way to that everlasting life Will they rob you? Yeah they might Hold up wait a ... They don't know me at all And its all right it's alright I've upgraded[Verse3] Let me bring in them new kicks like Timbaland I gotta reboot with this upgrade My m ... n my element lost in paradise Its me you and Leeloo Korben Dallas In
41 17.The Cube(Scene) with this motherfucker its amazing![Thomas:]'Really?'[Kai:] Ma
42 12.Same Shit the next motherfucker You know a nigga be gettin' this money man We on the same shit[Hook: Obie Trice& Young Zeether] We be on that same shit(Yeah ... But I told her no life after Its BME We do big's business Ride aroun
43 17.Nothing To Me ing to me Its a lot to you Its a lot to you But it ain't nothing to me ... ou But it ain't nothing to me Its a lot to you Its a lot to you But it ain't nothing to me[Verse1: G-Eazy] You dipped ya toe inside that water while I'm chest high Explains all th ... o you but ain't nothing to me Its a lot to you Its a lot to you But it ain't nothing to you ... u But it ain't nothing to you Its a lot to you Its a lot to you But it ain't nothing to you[Ve
44 2.Ain't Nothin(feat. Cam'ron) it legal motherfucker i got a ton on it its green thumb on it weed flowing like a joint with big pun on it west coast putting y in the air yea smokers every where smoking l ... let the money pile i miss my mothers smile still hurt been a while all black yellow gold yea we ves it aint nun i cant never let them see me sweat see me flex wi ... erner and b-real lets be real its us three10 bitces up inside a weed
45 6.Be a Man y ass You motherfuckers better try and snatch her while she up for grabs[Hook][Verse3](Ab-Soul talking) ... ook][Verse3](Ab-Soul talking) Its like real difficult to articulate it It's like you got your goals. You got your aspirations Your dreams and you chasing that you ... and get this paper nah mean? Its hard to say you a man still and livin at your momma house.. Yo I had a conversation with my step-pops Basically inquiring the ti ... d gold Thats on my great-grand(|

46 1.Born To Die niggas a motherfucker' Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger(Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger) I'm torn betwee ... itious Like a snake that eats its own tail the economic system Public
47 3.Bang Zoom thing(yo its Staten Nigga)[Verse1– Hanz On:] Hanz roll. Buzz swoll. Don't be understanding How these corny niggas bold. Life told Screenplay ... m zipped bagged To the morgue motherfucker. Cash rules So we berry everything. General smash fumes Dark Henny everything. Peep the mathJewels yo we built for the strugg ... Best believe I do my thing(yo its Staten Nigga)[Verse2– Method Man:] Meth man yes Hanz Twenty years of love They been throwing up them dubs That's resp
48 2.Dying To Believe n't break its leash We're die die dying to believe That the ghost of the ills of this world will Find you where you sleep We'll find you where ... t you resurrected won't break its leash We're die die dying to believe That the ghost of the ills of this world will Find you where you sleep We'll find you where ... 's in your mind Forked tongue motherfucker tell me how the hell do you sleep at night How do you sleep at night Dying to believe Die die dying to believe This be
49 10.Dedicated ime makes its mark you gotta stand the test Every dog has ... stand the test Every dog has its day We make it count We find our own way You can't shut this down I still spit fire This truth rings loud You better listen up Y ... stood beside me Still strong motherfucker so step back Through blood sweat
50 4.Pilot g happens its one door If I see a building motherfucker we're done for I'mma hit a coupl
51 7.Psycho ur love a motherfucker need a[?] Your gon' have to cut me off with a sword And if you ever leave me I ain't leavin' nothin' but a note While I'm han ... when you don't come home then its vroom vroom vroom Nigga ridin' roun
52 15.Pick Up Your Heart features Its all about the Benjamin no disrespect to[Aretha][Hook: Lil' Wayne] But I got to get that paper baby that paper baby that paper ba ... on the block I'm booming When its cold when its rain when its muggy when its hot when its humid I walk into the corner store feeling like a king World on my back shit feel like a mink Mad at some ... feel like a mink Mad at some motherfucker dropped my pill down the sink ho
53 22.Time for Some(feat. Lil Fame) we go So motherfucker come on cause its[Verse1: Action Bronson] Here's a toast to the fact that I'm a man and I can stand alone; And all my su ... can stand alone; And all my suits are made by hand in Rome Ricotta stuff the cannellon' I'm in the garden smoking roses; Deliver like Malone I'm talkin' Moses Par ... the metal hollow These other motherfuckers smell of flowers Siss
54 9.Craccin and Poppin this mothafucker popping This mothafucker popping Whole club rocking cuz thmotherfucking popping This mothafucker cracking This mothafucker cracking Whole club rocking cuz this ... g Whole club rocking cuz this motherfucking cracking[Verse2] I just fell off my motorcycle I never fell off[?]I wish you well off I'm still pouring pints of that ... t gon' pick right when I call Its a few fuck niggas we had to ride on
55 4.Real Spill it Hating mother fuckers be disguised as friendly Got me riding with semi's this ain't an image I be out here in these streets and this shit ain't sw ... you can see it on my eyes now its leaking out my ink pen On my self who I depend feel like I'm going off the deep end Punch me inJust got a call from my homie rea ... ry time I blink a nigga think its over Shit every time I blink a nigga think ... ry time I blink a nigga think its ove
56 2.3 Years Older fog that smothers you its hard to breathe But when you're on your own that's when you're free You're three years older And you'll always be now I can feel ... ou stand there with the other fuckers in the rain Life is not some si
57 9.Beside Yourself tart that motherfucker Quan Hahaa yeah aye[Hook] I just might pull up in that Bugatti I just might pull up in that Ferrari I just might pull up in t ... o far and got beside yourself Its only one me stop trying Cause you could never beat me with the finest self[Verse] Pull up on that nigga with the beam Yeah what ... lie I used to hide weed in my motherfuckin' locker Boy I pray to God
58 9.Dollar Weight Southside Motherfucker fuck what you heard no comparin' to me PLK-ing illest shit out NYC Fall when I get bored I ball till this shit up on her arm ... arm You hoes gon' sleep till its too late wait calmly for the storm2
59 1.I(from California Dreams2015) e So many motherfuckers wanna down me But ain't no nigga never drown me In front of a dirty double-mirror they found me[Hook] And I love myself(The ... letting'em annihilate me And its evident I'm moving at a meteor speed Finna run into a building lay my body in the street Keep my money in the ceiling let my mam ... nly unseen Seen enough make a motherfucker scream'I love myself!'[Outro] I
60 2.For Free?(Interlude) Fuck you motherfucker you a ho-ass nigga. I don't know why you trying to go big nigga you ain't shit. Walking around like you God's gift to Earth n ... ate like myself Every dog has its day now doggy style shall help This
61 10.Hood Politics is where its at my nigga Came in this game you stuck your fangs in this game You wore no chain in this game your hood your name in this game ... miss when hip hop was rappin' Motherfucker if you did then Killer Mike'd be
62 13.The God Supreme or you mo-motherfucker you a waste When I say that you're my dog I mean a muzzle in your face The streets and the dean have me struggling with faith ... gat tastes There's a million motherfuckers in a rat race I ain't part of that guard y'all can get gas face Fuck all fakes see you at Allah gates All my dogs gonna swar ... re rapping good hands like[?] Its the storm without the calm a pistol in my palm ... the calm a pistol in my palm Its the blood being d
63 17.Holy Water d in this motherfucker Amen Amen[Bridge] Money is the root of all evil sometimes we get weak Grind7 whole days feel like I been sinning all week Dru ... y pay day my nigga what's the motherfucking play[Hook]Just cashed my check boy I'm bout to go get me some holy water Hit the club straight flex cuz we holding up ... that holy water Yeah you know its on deck yeah we takin straight shots of this holy water[Verse1:Jeezy] I said it's been a long week so I'm taking shot str
64 14.Word Is Bond arpe diem mother fuckers this is DN Kickin' truth to the youth dropping knowledge till ... youth dropping knowledge till its the end. Hard job but somebody's go
65 1.Waiting Room uch money its gross get it Nothing's wrong with my toast really Try me Imma unload silly Money talks to me lets talk dig ... oney talks to me lets talk digits I just lip sync like Milli Vanilli Girl so freaky she a porn star with it I go deeper than a oil drill can you dig it Girlfriend ... oncentration I just make this motherfucker bubble like its been carbonated I'm so good I'm shi
66 6.Shooters when this motherfucker pulling out and counting all this money Hold on say a pray for you might not make it out side stacking out My life and my mon ... short bus this retardates are motherfucker stupid And aint no love out here just broke her Aint no ... t here just broke her Aint no motherfucker cupid God damn it If you aint know nothing boy you better know that you have to respect my shooters If you aint know nothing ... y dont you try this shit? And
67 8.On the Corner ay? These mother fuckers don't know what they're doing[Hook: Chief Keef] No one on the corner got swag like us like us No one on the corner swag like ... closer These niggas hate Sosa Its okay I'm a put them thangs on ya! G
68 10.Warm Up(feat. Slim Thug) l balling Its Thugga motherfucker still climbing while you fallin
69 14.Void(feat. Leonardo Safari& Fortebowie) at the TV its Adult Swim Dripping the lick from the LSD Lucid I'm dreaming I'm bout prospect this Chiefing forever Smoked out with Ciara Right ... rse2: Denzel Curry] Why these motherfucker tryna plot? Crackers be acting green like that nigga Roger Klotz When theres no evidence Cuz blacks irrelevant Better scrape ... fuck you know I build destroy Motherfuckers can't feel that[Hook] I'm in th
70 2.Sci– Fi ing In my motherfucking way better get another plate Better go where it safe but there ain't no where So you dead anyway fuck nigga fly away P ... you feel to this song I'm the motherfucker when it come to undefeatables I become a young man when i punch a lion Now nigga got bills so i ain't got time If your fuckin ... andby Lights off on the block its about to be a drive-by(Chorus Hook
71 20.Sucka for Love Cute as a motherfucker and she got a big butt Now I'm like what do I do from here Cause she's acting like she ain't trying go nowhere Ain't really t ... t attached to this bitch Shit its friday I just want some ass in the bitch Can't be mad at me I'm just doing what niggas do Got kids by him she wanna be the nigga ... ou think so You got the wrong motherfucker What's my name? ah ah bitch! wha
72 13.Satisfiction around us Motherfucker uh I seen it all and guess what It's the(Satisfiction) you feel me?[Verse2: King Mez] Oh yeah I see what you're saying I know ... cks like that Stuck like that its cool if you cool with gettin' love like that Flashin' down the Southside Raleigh You'll be runnin' outta luck like that What I m ... with these niggas Doc I think its time for you to open up the pharmac
73 5.The Celluloid Road in(With a'Motherfucker' dropped in every now and then) We're on the road... iv) The Inner Heart And far from the Freeway Where we find your inner he ... I've seen this town in ruins its bridges broken twice I've seen it t
74 9.Book of Life ood homie its all good baby[Verse1:] Niggers looking like what the fuck am i expected Caught up in feelings cause they feel neglected Cause wh ... Run inside my zone you get blits while recieve an ill The father God always perfect timing can't be promised probably My hustle be punishing niggers and I'm been ... ow the real niggers do it man its just a fucked up place[Hook][Verse2:] I'm sick like throw up Baby got his doe up As long as you blow up Niggers want to show up ...
75 7.A Bronx Tale and shine motherfuckers[Hook: Troy Ave] She said that she don't want me cause I'm just another dealer Heard some niggas overtalkin' and they said I ... is killing them Best believe its gonna come to an end I tell it like
76 6.World Series ce period Motherfucker I'm serious Who's you're favorite rapper I'm curious? He ain't living out them words He ain't used machine gun burst in the t ... gh You talking to a Cleveland motherfucker in the first So you better not get on my nerves biatch I need herb tho keep me moving like turtle Keep me seeing this purple ... stunt on me the worst coming Motherfuckers gonna need some plumbing I am the shit I feel like eating something feed my stomach give me a
77 6.World Series ce period Motherfucker I'm serious Who's you're favorite rapper I'm curious? He ain't living out them words He ain't used machine gun burst in the t ... gh You talking to a Cleveland motherfucker in the first So you better not get on my nerves biatch I need herb tho keep me moving like turtle Keep me seeing this purple ... stunt on me the worst coming Motherfuckers gonna need some plumbing I am the shit I feel like eating something feed my stomach give me a
78 14.Skirt(feat. Quavo) s off her(its Gucci)[Hook: Plies][Verse3 Plies] Red plus she bowlegged her cherry no pit yea Caught on the six yep for later on the six yea On ... ck yea She was greener then a motherfucker now I got her talking slick She
79 14.Skirt s off her(its Gucci)[Hook: Plies][Verse3 Plies] Red plus she bowlegged her cherry no pit yea Caught on the six yep for later on the six yea On ... ck yea She was greener then a motherfucker now I got her talking slick She
80 13.Pillow Talking(Feat. Brain) p in this motherfucker Laughin at us and blastin at us And makin everybody disentegrate and assimilate Without a hint of intimidation? And can we be ... e floor Fine you're sure Yeah its cool I won't throw you out to the w
81 13.Duality he badass motherfuckers of the century Innovative in a state of madness all I wanna do is end the sadness drop all this ... end the sadness drop all this motherfucking baggage hit another rep like a savage not preyed I'm established yet have not reached my vantage point hoping that I'm ... t thought that I was sleeping motherfucker I'm a freak when I get hot oooohh braincells I'm missing some braincells picture me biting my hangnails looking for chainmail ... in
82 2.No Better t me busy Its more from indecisiveness these days really I'm not that kinky They wanna get to me bouncers miss me with the frisks Real Gs move ... or list But I'm not buzzfeed motherfucker and I really never slip And sleep rarely boy I've smoked too much weed clearly Because my ex girl keep nicely suggesting I ne ... Cleveland's offence Drink spirits and spirulina in even portions And I never said I'm living right I'm just being honest Keep your daughters indoors on for
83 4.Ioneedmuch(feat. Teddy AF) straight Motherfucker what you bring to the place? Show me support and I show you support Roll me a blunt and I'll roll you one more Gimme a bite a ... mind so day to day won't have its way with me I could do with space t
84 5.Crib Tax vin every motherfuckin kid crib tax Yeah Bro I live here So if you gonna bring a brew yeah i'm gonna sip that Til ... w yeah i'm gonna sip that Til its six when I get back Remember that shit man Remember that shit pat And I remember the times that you respected this kid Pat And I ... to the crib there's too many motherfuckers hangin out in that fuckin crazy spot over there I'm not gonna give out the address but all I'm sayin is I gotta wait for the ... rats runnin arou
85 9.3 Stories ed up had its own story Oh lordy real shit no glory Weirdos loners stoners yellin families Get to shorty door step in ... es Get to shorty door step in its anatomy And I study that shit from the hips to the t ... at shit from the hips to the tits To little back dimples I peep while I hit Even the feets is ripped shit If the feet look sweet the feet needs licks Once her lip ... take a seat but only got this motherfucking street I'm stuck But then it hit me I know who got
86 4.Suede er than a motherfucker Suede on the inside Candy paint candy paint I ain't gotta tell you what the rims look like Look I'm gripping wood like a ... Look I'm gripping wood like a motherfucker She ask me can her friend ride Kelly wanna have a drink And shorty wanna pop pills all night Look don't be fucking with my ta ... don't really do all that but its more for you) I'm far from a pimp but I'm close to you You fucking with an old soul twice removed My pops used to
87 1.I Got theJuice(feat. Zues) ell these mother fuckers we gat the goons we gat the guns an shit like that We balling We gat this shit nigga Nigga ... We gat this shit nigga Nigga its Ryder Tee in this mother fucker nigga If i tell niggas am coming for you then Im coming for you ... or you then Im coming for you mother fucker i tell you this niga You know Im the ... you this niga You know Im the mother fucking2 dies nigga I told these niggas i was coming for them But niggas
88 12.High Like That 't seen a motherfucker get high like that oh Oh get high like that I be in the club looking fly like that oh Looking fly like that They ain't seen a ... y like that They ain't seen a motherfucker get high like that oh I'm in the club with my fake ID I just tip the bartender tell'em drinks on me Independent everything fr ... n asking what my name is Yeah its Skate with a capital S Not the best but I'm coming up lot a success Hollywood what they calling me I don't kn
89 2.Rhymes And Ammo torium Yo its anthrax maniacs on the TV The least of y'all worries should be Thought's cd The chairman of the board coppin twice weekly They d ... probly try to drive me Psyhce its somethin I can never let myself see Can't see I'm thorough-bread nothin fancy The maker no matter what the circumstance be ... tter what the circumstance be Its the principle pillowcase full of nickel Smacked like I'm(??) leave him crippled Keep talkin greasey I'ma big lip you A'yo your m ... d spi
90 15.Crown dropped a motherfucker on his head Promise everybody in this ... ead Promise everybody in this motherfucker gon be dead Killin shit killin' it. all my supervillan shit Fuck the label then applaud. I'm the name that's filling in My br ... f this to handle Drop it on a motherfucker its hotter than an ample Who you think you kidding bitch I'm hotter than a handful I'm bout these ... than a handful I'm bout these motherfuckers for they flaming
91 3.Born Killer t thats a motherfuckin waste Your schools fucked up g And your momma shoulda warned ya about a nigga like me Cause i don't weep and i don't sl ... p and i don't sleep Save that motherfucker black cause talk is cheap And uh since you got beef Lets take it to the streets and i'mma bring it to your ass g I'm commin f ... it off Send you back to mommy its a plastic And hadda bitch out huntin for a casket I'm on the for realla tilla my nilla I'm a born killa(chorus)(2x) I'ma
92 13.Fear(Intro) was born Its hotter then never let up Oh You ain't ever get the letter Well somebody better tell em Keep a runnin your mouth New king of the ... outh You ain't know no better Motherfucker guess not How many wanna come test that You ain't never been hot You ain't ever gonna drop Why you so stressed out huh? Your ... ng You can keep on hating And its still hood nation Somebody text jay-z& tell him rap game mine He can go on vacation I mean itJoin if you really can't bea
93 2.Toxic Pretender d what is its face? You can't look it in the eye what a fucking disgrace You can be erased laid to waste Time ticks on your hands were made fo ... u want to be heard Quick this motherfucker's at it again Acting like a corp
94 3.FREEBASE nces like its nothing We came from nothing Freebase from top of the oven Get money my type of discussion Yaw can do this shit for free a nigga ... a yard I'm a shoot that mutherfucker till it get tired Big dually truck got six tires big ties wanna rhyme mixtapes And i keep shitting on the competition ima bou ... at my girl I had to tell that motherfucker mine too Court dates in the summ
95 4.90s Babies you mothafuckers So im not gonna be any of these motha ... ot gonna be any of these mothafuckers All yall turning up all yall getting fly All yall having sex looking for girls who ride I dont really see me in you motha ... ont really see me in you mothafuckers So im not gonna be any of these motha ... ot gonna be any of these mothafuckers[Verse1: Russ] From Atlanta but not by the sounds of it We some dogs we got some kush blow a pound of it Speaking of counting ... show
96 5.Die Easy feat. Rag N' Bone Man fair one motherfucker nose bloody That's the problem with losing fucking control dunny The combination of blood and liquor is so ugly That's the no ... bination that I condone sunny Its just a realization that I'm no drug
97 7.Meditation feat. Brothers of the Stone ive stout its no fear Amir Khan knock a faggot out. Vinnie ready for a war with no provocation y'all a bitch I'll never fight a sovereign nati ... the leaf y'all al be the same mother fuckers getting mashed over beef The fucking gutter is my home I'mma cut the ... tter is my home I'mma cut the mother fucking head of whoever on the throne.(The throne is mine baby) The box cutter to your dome this is Vinnie Paz an the wrath o ... ompliments bring it back like its re
98 10.Try Me Remix my If you motherfuckers try to line me Calming my self so you can't calm me More guns than the fuckin' army When i used to have the BMX with the Kno ... ant to[Hook][Styles P] Try me Its mommy and daddy Getting hommies i be doin' it gladly Riding in that caddie or that navi Pop him in the head then i make it my av ... ies Try me I body your auntie Its Murder Inc. likeJa Rule Ashanti Fly me like Gotti Teflon Lambo2 Ferarri ... e Gotti Teflon Lambo2 Ferarri Its step
99 8.Erase Me know but its what iv'e been meaning to do Let's get back to the point let the drama ensue like Uh how many whack niggas gassed up? Uh how man ... le Thats solo yeah I know bro Motherfuckers wanna take a bro mojo Nigga's shit ain't been the same since9-0 Coming out of Mrs.(?) room where the time go? Uh tick tock g ... king it was butter Word to my mother never worry about another Trying to make a couple dollars putting food up on the table Pray to god that I would do it
100 13.No Favors elling me its hard times ho go get a hard grind All you do is whine bout an hour talk shit complain Ain't nobody owe you nothing everybody go ... Use your brain Broke and lazy motherfuckers everywhere is all the same Envy

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