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1 5.Days Of Future Past ly fury locks me in Imprisoned by my deadly sin Every hour the shadow king Wonders what his clock will br
2 2.Everybody Dies lyricism is here to imprison your vision The fallacy society has rejected I'm here to protect it Everybod
3 1.Ophiophagy d Aeons have passed imprisoned within this immaculate hell I only know of one way out sacrifice my divini
4 13.MLK(Dream Big)2.0(feat. See King and Matthew Shell) itial name Fighting imprisonment and those with wicked aims Who administer pain but we navigate the badde
5 9.My Spirit love for the blood Imprisoned to this lonely life On the wings of fire My spirit travels on to Valhalla

6 2.The Tower of Hunger crimes Thebe's had imprisoning the Count(guilty for giving away important castles) along with his sons:
7 8.The Power of Gods asters of perdition Imprison us in chains Like hands of God Choking life and seeding ruin Pull the string
8 5.Into the Dark part from the whole Imprisoned inside this breaking shell Is this everything? The reach of my hand is so
9 9.Gravity e but you imprison me with your gravity oh... Its killing me I gotta leave I'm moving on and on and on And now I see what's best for me Escape ... ty I need to fly free but you imprison me with your gravity oh... Its killing me I gotta leave I'm moving on and on and on And now I see what's best for me Escape ... ty I need to fly free but you imprison me with your gravity oh... Its
10 4.Copernican Heresy tics recant or face imprisonment Unrepentant and defiant against this ignorant theocracy A theorist in se
11 6.Spirit Fire high?' These walls imprisoning me I'm breaking them down one brick at a time So bring out the next one S
12 6.Mental Slavery[prod. by Brilliant Mack] Our minds have been imprisoned but our hearts are on parole The sky has been the limit share your art wit
13 1.Vanished Into Oblivion haunts me imprisons me Captured in infinity mirthless solitude Dissolving in the void into oblivion Resigned to dejection Vanished into oblivi ... emptiness Obscurity haunts me imprisons me Captured in infinity mirth
14 3.All That I Am e every little wish imprisoned inside here with me!(and the man I don't know) far worse to be dreamed…(un
15 8.Ingrained Absurdism deceived Hereditary imprisonment Imperceptive out from the womb Detrimental root of all life Absurdism fi
16 13.Serve Your Masters ing judgement Dwell imprisoned by belief and mindset Dwell never being true to yourself[Chorus
17 3.Grave Within A Grave s is like a century Imprisoned in necrotic flesh Cognizant beyond my death Paralyzed and frozen in this c
18 2.Blinded aze becomes so real Imprisoned and lost enchanted and fooled By things I'll never feel Where's the start
19 7.Monsters y forever imprisoned in your hate Forever broken and astray Fate Trust Hate Lust I will go on You'll stay forever ... ill go on You'll stay forever imprisoned Tear up your disguise Sink i
20 11.Escape from Hell the dead chain and imprison me I must escape I don't know how to do I cling to a rock that melts in my h

21 3.A Quiet Life itting in this room imprisoned in a showcase a window slams on a on Never doubt Never state Never leave i
22 11.Sunrise(V2) sis in this den I'm imprisoned within It's a sin as I wither away As if business will give me the pleasur
23 10.Morality ibres tied the rope Imprisoned the world now we watch it choke Swinging corpse of our earth humanity it's
24 5.Out The Dark ing I tried to sing imprisoned once but that thought was for the birds I wanted to be fly so I thought ab
25 5.Think Like They Book Say theory that can be imprisoned in any book Word are sometimes. Prison sometimes prisms from the way they
26 1.Only Dreams e world pass you by Imprisoned always cause you can't die But other computer talk about revenge Give inst
27 4.Let Go e diminishing Bills imprisoning Winter shivering But envisioning a better me for therapy Pleasantly event
28 11.Bury My Burdens ear the fear That's imprisoned me here Caused by these blackouts and nightmares that seem to have come fr
29 12.Pretty in Porcelain I'm stuck imprisoned and paralyzed'Count to three open my eyes and see' The world around me is still a nightmare I gotta wakeup from this drea ... not through my eyes I'm stuck imprisoned and paralyzed I'm stuck imprisoned and paralyzed I know to you that I just seem like an inanimate being Deep down inside I am alive and you are torturing me ... not through my eyes I'm stuck imprisoned and paralyze
30 6.L.O.T.D. Demoniacs imprisoned there Begging pleading to be spared Banished amidst forgotten posts Legion's ranks filled With the world's outcast Deploy ... of evil everywhere Demoniacs imprisoned there Begging pleading to be
31 11.Forbidden Territories of life now begins Imprisoned to face the curse Of perpetual hell on earth Forbidden territories Notorio
32 12.Back Around the Old School ains that imprison the youth and imprison the truth so I'mma act like a
33 1.Cenotaph forgotten. I awake imprisoned here i am in front of this cenotaph fallen alone scorn and confined torn a
34 4.Malcolm Said It all the things that imprison us Cos we don't appreciate the freedoms that they have given us I wouldn't b
35 4.Blind Faith- live hets are hunted and imprisoned While uniformed mass murderers become heroe
36 3.One Day I Won't Be so Easy to Forget hell more imprisoning Than the memories that you left with me There's no hell more ... with me There's no hell more imprisoning Than the memories that you
37 2.Cage your eyes你闔上雙眼(and imprison myself inside it)(然後將自己禁錮在其中) Convince yourself it's a lie說服自己只是看錯 When ther
38 4.Gang Bang Anyway sn't no crack False imprisonment he repeat Geronimo Pratt Now close your eyes listen to me your mind'll g
39 17.Everyday n My mind body soul imprisoned My eye probably going ballistic but listen I'm missing a couple of screws
40 2.Your Name Is Matchless we were hopelessly imprisoned He came to take our place CHORUS1 Glory to the name ofJesus Glory to the o
41 2.MLK(Dream Big) feat. See King itial name Fighting imprisonment and those with wicked aims Who administer pain but we navigate the badde
42 5.Priceless(feat. DJJav) to hear a breakin' Imprisonin' my vision and there's no escapin' Like you're behind bars cause you're be
43 8.Edge of Tomorrow br> Dark clouds now imprisoning Grey skies with my self-doubt gathering My mind is hovering Shot down wit
44 7.Demon Seed er to endure A life imprisoned in a deathless cell Escaping sickness avoiding shame Behold thy servant br
45 2.King Pt.4 id on a soapbox I'm imprisoned to my mission screaming listen Lord I wish I could stop I wish I could tel

46 1.Enter Hell most like it's real Imprisoning the lust for bloodshed Fight against the urge to maim The will to kill wi
47 3.Stole s he falls Won't be imprisoned by judgments and wisdom Come to my lap be a man I'm off the breast and I'm
48 14.Al Is Het Ver Weg ars am I aligned to imprison to. It's keeping me from breaking out. It's keeping me from living up to my
49 8.Document One human prisonJust to imprison you Insanity discipline Kill myself agai
50 4.Polaris ome again Corporeal imprisonment Damned in flesh the nightmare never ends Polaris lead me from despair Re
51 8.The Solipsist(Mirrors Gaze) constructed edifice Imprisonment Twist me into form I'm your fantasy unfurled Trapped in parallel worlds
52 10.Lawless a killing diversity imprisoned minds narrowed senses the nationalists in smiling hypocrisy waging their w
53 9.Epic Nightmares ung by shady angels imprisoned by tears Exuding apprehension fighting for release Creating veils of dream
54 1.Xiu Xiu Twin Peaks Ambien y new unfolding his imprisoned pride. Blessed are you whose worthiness gives scope Being had to triumph b
55 5.Majoring In the Minors ke a cage that will imprison you Is comfort only found without adversity? Anyone anywhere in history has
56 9.We Disappear unfulfilled All are imprisoned alone with their sin The Tree falls and now it is Night After the long fig
57 10.Lilacs in the Alleyway not alone imprisoned And your're fucking far from dead! All you gotta do is believe! Well the wrong way's All just inside your head! When you ... ll see! That you're not alone imprisoned And your're fucking far from dead! All you gotta do is believe! Well the wrong way's All just inside your head! When you ... ll see! That you're not alone imprisoned And your're fucking far from
58 14.Enigmatic Mission alk the sea of lost imprisoned ones To what we are to what we see.[Chorus:] Timewarp eyes of the nebula.
59 8.Arc of Creation erved and displayed imprisoned light years away on their home planet
60 7.Evil Lies In Every Man and understand this Imprisoned kept alive Inside her golden cage Her despair deep mourning Turned into ha
61 4.Innocent Child She is out of sight Imprisoned in the crime On a desert place And her freedom got lost Hands reaching out
62 3.White Pig lay In a coma state Imprisoned in a glass house web page observed every da
63 4.Takers rom It's where they imprison you I wish you could break through I wish you could see through Be outside o
64 2.In This Life ptiness in me I was imprisoned by the power of gold With one kind touch you set me free Let the world sto
65 7.Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen walls No! Imprisoned and banished within a nexus of my own design Don't go back don't leave me Hide from the world let's not exist Please God ... rcerated by so many walls No! Imprisoned and banished within a nexus
66 11.Incubation Manifesto o easily subjugated Imprisoned here before our first breath Their minds- completely inseminated Shoot out
67 4.Star Signs move as a team They imprison your soul stand up and fight for your goals Always speaking that cold it's o
68 9.Broken Doll infinity Angel soul imprisoned in a shell All the tears in the world All the tears in the world Won't men
69 4.Demigod Imprisoned n Lost4.Demigod Imprisoned With a bitter hatred a call has risen Io thee who look'st from thy sol
71 3.Asylum Avenue y twisted imprisonment Ascending to crush those who represent discontent. Creator did you hear my cries? Thy mother submits to an ordained mas ... o you. Reborn from my twisted imprisonment Ascending to crush those who represent discontent. Torment anguish I live to bring you pain In the absence of your brea ... o you. Reborn from my twisted imprisonment Ascending to crush those w
72 2.Shooting Sun Eyes that scorn you imprison you with tears Now awoken rise up your new age schemes Like the shooting sun
73 13.We Gon' Reign lia and Libya might imprison and bomb us We've been a victim of terrorism for tellingJesus is alive! To t
74 5.Force Of The Shore thoughts imprisoned A field of forces and laments How can we hide here We need to change our ways How can we tell lies here We turn our eyes ... trength Here lie the thoughts imprisoned A field of forces and lament
75 6.The Light in the Weed(Mary Madison) en years she'd been imprisoned Seven years beset with dread Seven years white death envisioned Seven year
76 4.The Scene e Indecision had me imprisoned but I'm changing lanes and I'm very driven I know that I'm aging but made
77 1.XX hen we met you felt imprisoned Now you free and really living That shit it gotta cost You got love you wa
78 10.The Watch ce I'll never reach imprisoned by obsession and the articles of speech shackled to tradition bounded by r
79 5.Discipline ve imperial regimes imprisoned I'm here to smash it into little shards And to anyone in charge heads are
80 12.Who Can Say ice is so free it's imprisoning me you work so hard to be my opponent come down or come clean no one else
81 7.Death Camp your time has come Imprisonment- genocide Torture- you won't survie Extermination- end of life Try to ru
82 5.The Cursed Earth ves Now intertwined Imprison the captives like swine Protection the veil the only way out The fight to ex
83 12.Deathwalker ants You shall walk Imprisonment it wanes The wards are fading And can never last You shall YOU SHALL WAL
84 13.Rose- Tinted Suicide on the mind you've imprisoned Have faith in the god you envisage And I praise and I stroke you to pieces
85 1.Awaken(Remixed And Remastered) gain Lost and alone Imprisoned now inside your mind With the way you tried To destroy me again You were w
86 10.Nothing Earthly Save The Thrill e last of the dogs. Imprisoned by their own black hearts. There is no escape from my tenacious grip.(Puni
87 1.Feeling Alright(Album Version) he strangest dreams Imprisoned by the way it should have been Left here on my own or so it seems I've got
88 6.Fhvt Bvsturd t another wrist and imprison me You ain't even gotta ask the risk of fucking with the young asterisk So s
89 10.In Hospital d Hours become days Imprisoned by a fault of mother nature's ways Sniffing on death The smell of decay Be
90 18.My Time(feat. Black Dave CJ Fly Nyck Caution andJosh Xantus) I just deny that I imprisoned us I was lying both of that but you were wilding in the cut Yo I rip the X
91 6.Imprisoned ng Axion-Aeons6.Imprisoned Hold me down chains that bind me as they scream murder. What have I do
92 10.Honor Killings or culture of shame Imprisoned by the burqa Her innocence to blame Sharia law and the almighty Allah Rule
93 5.Victorious for freedom trapped imprisoned bound by unseen chains. Stuck here in this tiny country what a waste of su
94 31.This Will Work For Now he images that have imprisoned us free? Cause until it does-Ill keep giving it my all And coming up with
95 10.Faction13 faction Originally imprisoned for protesting against cybernetic inequality. The escapees are still at la
96 4.Never Knows Best ith my own thoughts imprisoned and insane well i like it that way i'm on fire my emotions run so deep to
97 9.Rise(feat. Maya Azucena) se imperialists see imprisonment as business When the recession hits they recidivists I ain't going back
98 7.Murda it I belong in some imprisonment no regards for the innocent My discipline I'm sinnin' wit' a pen Never c
99 4.Angels at War ut through the bone Imprisoned souls all surrender their goals All their hopes and desires are lost Hands
100 1.The End res Escape from our imprisonment Set right the wrongs for which the world is played for you and I Some fo

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