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1 1.Going Phycho til I dro
2 2.Punk Rock Princess k princes
3 3.そばにいてよ lding bac
4 4.Yesterday ing of yo
5 5.Carry On n Carry o

6 6.Decided this tim
7 1.Love Again love agai
8 1.Fighting Myself side of m
9 1.Fool of Yours out of yo
10 1.Bangi na Supu zangu mi
11 1.Lost confusio
12 1.Naila e(Aeeeeeh
13 1.Bad Blood oo Am out
14 1.希望 your typ
15 1.Money Love I love u
16 1.Second Chance me no mor
17 1.Call call sting tim
18 1.Grip here放心繼續行
19 2.Talk Something Freestyle 簸人生不對等拍淨灰
20 1.Hey! Stay by my side! s oh oh o

21 1.Forever dreams e weeweeh
22 1.來不及 不怨不悔也沒什麼所
23 2.流塵 的靈魂你擁有我的完
24 3.自愛 愛自己的愛是最終解
25 4.另一個我 花影繚亂時未來已消
26 5.距離 這只是夢裡的那一瞬
27 6.金石為開 因為一切都是愛都是
28 7.足夠 I'M ENOUG
29 8.夢之哀戀 E WITH YO
30 9.離開你 了我的所有永遠不回
31 10.零度空間 夢會醒我怕這美夢會
32 11.唯美(feat.JoZ) 是一個迷是你我的姓
33 12.另一個我(無伴奏) 花影繚亂時未來已消
34 1.一個世紀的距離 come bac
35 1.RUN PT2 r me都停留在過
36 1.Let Me Go ear me so
37 2.Scarred 's me Yea
38 3.Dec11th ur compan
39 4.This Will Do s(Oh)(Ooh
40 5.Get To You oh-ooh Oo
41 6.Tryna Be number tw
42 7.Make You Mine mind min
43 8.July16th e Or Take
44 9.For Tonight e with yo
45 10.Lost Me let me g

46 11.Lie Again h Oh I oh
47 12.Another Heartbreak ke anothe
48 13.At Least We Tried ied) Trie
49 14.Remind Me hat I nee
50 15.Unholy Matrimony h Love yo
51 1.No Caller ID caller I
52 1.Carolina lina know
53 1.Skin Of My Teeth my teeth
54 1.Losing Grip g anywher
55 2.Complicated t No no n
56 3.Sk8er Boi d to know
57 4.I'm With You ith you..
58 5.Mobile m a mobil
59 6.Unwanted me go awa
60 7.Tomorrow y today..
61 8.Anything But Ordinary 意就是不甘於平凡修
62 9.Things I'll Never Say never sa
63 10.My World even spea
64 11.Nobody's Fool ad and tr
65 12.Too Much To Ask asking fo
66 13.Naked rough bab
67 14.Why ll me why
68 15.Get Over It et over i
69 19.Make Up se tonigh
70 1.It's Not Too Late oh oh oh
71 1.Intro losing yo
72 2.I Blame The World a run awa
73 3.Adult comes las
74 4.Live Laugh Love wanna lov
75 5.Thank You Thank yo
76 6.WTF doin' her
77 7.New Normal ithout yo
78 8.Global Warming me forge
79 9.I H8 Myself wanna hat
80 10.One Trick Phony rick phon
81 11.Hardest Thing I've Ever Done urn aroun
82 1.speed limit to go slo
83 2.boyfriend material Yeah yea
84 3.honest(feat. moon tang) I give u
85 4.small world has befor
86 5.confidence the whil
87 6.dinner in bed 's all we
88 I'm famous oday Toda
89 1.Never Getting Enough e(Tell me
90 1.Hold My Hand he heaven
91 1.Something To Someone oh ooh-oo
92 1.Vibin n) Ooohhh
93 1.Moscow Mule bellaque
94 2.Después De La Playa okey dal
95 3.Me Porto Bonito rto bonit
96 4.Tití Me Preguntó ser así n
97 5.Un Ratito star solo
98 6.Yo No Soy Celoso corazón e
99 7.Tarot hacerte e
100 8.Neverita yeah yea

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