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1 29.Real City ng up man This is my homie we go way back You know I call him like you know Wyclef's a little brother besides of their concern And first time I heard of ... ern And first time I heard of this dude man I thought he wanted my job man You ... ught he wanted my job man You know what I mean? Shit out of Montreal man I'm glad to see other Haitians coming up. ... see other Haitians coming up. This kid rhyme he sings he produce Well my man13 he go by the name of I
2 1.Meant Somethin' up to you this vibe gon tell you what to do(2 X) a yo.. Lost souls trying to find the track To the days of old and walk it back Look round and ... wn spin round to fast And you know how is it when the dizziness Got you trying to find which why right is And the night is like a month long You hit the light swi ... right inside and get you home This is for a the folk With no map and the GPS is broke HOOK its never over til the baritone hum a bar i?m lookin at the world and h ...
3 7.If It Don't Make$ t mo like this(beep beep)leave a message after the tone Front back side to side in my64 just cause i rap ... side in my64 just cause i rap everyboby see me everybody Start to hit the floor I be like ugn ugn dog i don t do that shit no mo Everybody come on everybody get t ... to walk in the bank be like i know he a thief Now i walk to cash my checks with no i.d. Everything i drop picture ... .d. Everything i drop picture this it got to be sick Like he ain't far from c.e
4 1.Fade Us de Us This to all yall fuck ass niggas that love to run yall fucking mouth so yall pay a fucking tention to the words of the song bitch.(v ... rse1) It's ya boy D.rob so ya know i'm gone ball and I aint let no motherfucker alive make me fall.Cause for two years straight Pahokee been doing there thing ban ... nging back state rings.And no this is not just a game bitch we in this fame Pahokee Blue Devils bitch remember that name.Cause it's D.rob bitch and i'm tring to
5 1.When We Are Together flow with everyboby you know see the light in youre eyes together we will shine like the stars in the sky its like oh oh oh oh oh when we are together it fe ... hen we are we are together oh this hole world fells just like it alwa

6 52.The Weed Song er up You know that weed can really ease your mind Every time I smoke good reefer that indo high makes me fly If ... hat indo high makes me fly If everyboby smoked a blunt relieve the mind the world could Be a better place If everybody took a break and we all just got wasted Tok ... ittle thug Weed really didn't know what it was Then I took a puff and I realized I should always stay high The weed(the weed) makes me feel alright(alright) If yo ... uh please think of me Cuz you
7 9.Don't Make U Madda Bawl on parade everyboby wonder if I a robbery or a rape ka dem ... I a robbery or a rape ka dem know you grow good so nicely behave how com your name call ina disya outrage right ya now your nearer to your grave gehhto yute dont ... mek your mamma bawl cause in this life.depends on.people judgement a go reach youJah a go beat if u ever me your madda tears fall outta trouble was the word its ... mek your mamma bawl cause in this life.depends on.people judgement a
8 54.Money to Blow(Street Version) I am what everyboby in my past don't want me be Guess what I made it I'm the muthafucking man I just want you to see Come take a look Get a lo ... ome take a look Get a load of this nigga Quit frontin on me Don't come around and try to gas me up I like runnin on E I-I-I I'm on my Disney shit goofy flow On re ... I'm somebody that you should know Get to shakin somethin' cause that