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1 16.Unorthodox(Wretch32 feat. Example) all in a trance no hypnosis This is all from the heart impro no script(yeah) I'm just about writing it d
2 12.催眠(Hypnosis)(Rearranged Ver.) N-MOVE-ing12.催眠(Hypnosis)(Rearranged Ver.)作词 LeeJi Eun作曲 Kim Yong Shin220(Joseph Park) Kim Te Sun
3 10.催眠(Hypnosis) n-PRESS IT10.催眠(Hypnosis)作词 LeeJi Eun Kim Yong Shin Kim Te Sung220(Joseph Park)이제잠이들거야깊은꿈속에빠져들게날놔
4 1.hypnosis blood orange]1.hypnosis作词 Kazutoshi Sakurai作曲 Kazutoshi Sakurai揺れ动く想いが风に吹かれて群青色の夕闇に溶け迷いを消してくれるなら
5 2.Hypnosis ames2.Hypnosis作词坂井泉水作曲冈本仁编曲冈本仁古井弘人山が嫌い海が嫌い ... 叶を记忆しておこう Hypnosi

6 7.Hypnosis~微睡の罠~ 石川英郎-暂存7.Hypnosis~微睡の罠~土岐蓬生(石川英郎)作词石川絵理作曲铃木盛広绮丽(きれえ)な梦は泡沫(うたかた)の恋儚くて甘くすぐに消えてく醒めんでええよあんたとやっ
7 10.Nobody's Trying To Tell Me Something mething Not another hypnosis binge With the true believers the lunatic fringe They say we'll never surren
8 1.Wet Dreams feel your hypnosis Pull me in with your forces Go slow I'm down to roll I'm yours head to soul Drowning in a fastasy Come through like a wet d ... to cloud nine I can feel your hypnosis Pull me in with your forces Go slow I'm down to roll I'm yours head to soul Drowning in a fastasy Come through like a wet d ... down to ride(I can feel your hypnosis Pull me in with your forces) G
9 10.Love You Good explosive hypnosis gets me every time it gets me every time Cos you know that I would help you out if I could this isn't a joke I like the way ... my first line your explosive hypnosis gets me every time it gets me
10 10.My Life(feat. Wrekonize Bernz) tamed under massive hypnosis I'm just[Hook x2:] Thinking of my thinking of my(life life) Thinking of my t
11 5.Stay Still Awake(Up Before Ayybody) mazed A thirty year hypnosis and it's still a haze They left me in the living room to chill for days It's
12 4.Warriors ldest Like we under hypnosis We end up doin' foolish things to get noticed They act like they don't need
13 38.Time Is of the Essence(feat. Punch) ared I'm focused on hypnosis With the flow yeah I know how close it is I'd rather match wit with Soul abo
14 8.Hypnosis lateral Damage8.Hypnosis When I say ten you all gonna fall into deep sleep All you have to do is
15 17.Everyday solo is now a poet hypnosis overdose on potions Adjusting to the motions and getting out all my emotions
16 4.The Unlocking br> Weapons of mass-hypnosis Alert resistant failure Proudly gifted with skills Of indoctrination Close y
17 10.The Come Up e usually it's like hypnosis It's ferocious when broke niggaz get focused The cars come out bottles at th
18 8.The New Tomorrow In a state of self-hypnosis He makes his diagnosis[Chorus] Yes we see the body of my love Oh my love[Ver
19 3.Make It Out Alive re than a choke its hypnosis Got me thinking in the worst way23 and hating every mother fucking birthday
20 2.Poison Radio lity in stereo Mass hypnosis industry This decay is not for me It's not my radio- Poison radio[Pre-Chorus

21 1.On my Mind under some type of hypnosis Love sick and the symptoms is Your central on my mental Uh I wanna spend all
22 2.Explode my flow and undergo hypnosis Snakes crawling all around me seeing boas cobra People let'em at the gangste
23 2.Mind Control Mind Control Mental hypnosis forced to focus Shackled mind your will is mine Mind Control Mind Control Mi
24 3.Only Ashes Remain choerographed self hypnosis ritual Reality fades as eyes become white Chants are sung backwards and loud
25 6.Sonorous Ak] Spit that soul hypnosis they overdosin' tell by their motion[?]we rose up we squares on the ground w
26 2.Bathroom Stall Hypnosis oom Stall Hypnosis How does one little girl Manufacture so much gall? Your little body's swelling with it all You're gonna need a bigger r ... Very readily? Bathroom stall hypnosis doll Kicks in when that latch closes Although I'm told the snow gets cold Through disillusioned noses And when no one's bea ... e Voluntarily? Bathroom stall hypnosis doll Kicks in when that latch
27 6.United hrough the years of hypnosis Something is happening again Powerful thoughts inside our minds Wake us up a
28 11.Certain Things ou I adore you It's hypnosia it's hypsnosia Certain that I'm your
29 15.Barlow Girls th your body Sexual hypnosis by being hottie You might feel like public property You might you might you
30 8.Inversion Insist on the vast hypnosis Tyranny everlasting Escape your immortal soul Distrust disbelief discord The
31 10.Displaced kened void. Demonic hypnosis human intellect destroyed.[Solo Uterwijk][Solo Mameli] This intense feeling
32 3.Betrayed amazed at the mass hypnosis(I see)…“They've” got us right where they want us… I've been you've been we'v
33 3.An Observation Gathered blind mass hypnosis I look at the sea wide and high I walk the streets I see them- Act like shee
34 10.Feed drugs got you under hypnosis Look how easily Snaky work the pen Catch you motherfuckers countin black wor
35 7.American Made need peace Only the hypnosis of I don't need love I don't need peaceJust an affluent fleece Abundance and
36 1.In Hypnosis o1.In Hypnosis There upon my dream Prevails the garden of relief To believe is to see And seeing is not to believe Nothingness all I f ... ng me Vision of loneliness in hypnosis Yes visual effects refresh my
37 2.Fear Technique .. Hypnotic Inferno Hypnosis in fear No resist I shall feel Of dream comes even for a while New dawn rise
38 4.Abnormal Pain roceed the one cold hypnosis deep in winter dream... Still I wander wear the armor of fear I hold the can
39 5.The Pulse of Somnambulist The collective hypnosis leading into a web of pseudo-memoirs. Travel to sticking and shameless dream
40 6.Eat Shit& Buy ode rays Subliminal hypnosis compels you to spend Cancerous preservatives help you rot Murder medicines h
41 12.Rocket ng hopeless. Hiphop hypnosis my flow is so soapless. And so I'm the ghost of the north coast ocean. Harpo
42 5.Unorthodox all in a trance no hypnosis This is all from the heart impro no script(yeah) I'm just about writing it d
43 9.The Refusal Effect ou dreamers led the hypnosis to its end arise from the swarms of the unsaved. Unsaved! No sounds over the
44 17.The Fight passed by a mystic hypnosis Think I got it from my daddy who done got it from his pops Granny was a wido
45 10.Save Me! roastage Drugs and hypnosis Notes with high postage Makes your toes twist and shift in life's process I

46 2.Intro ing under hypnosis that you do not want to do This session will be for exploring your deepest and darkest fears so you can finally be at peace ... into a deep peaceful state of hypnosis You're sinking down now. Sinking down and shutting down. Sinking down and shutting down Shutting down completely Now you're ... are completely under state of hypnosis Good luc
47 1.The Radio y face bitch that's hypnosis!Jelly dome smooth's and hopeless tattoos; bitch sneak on the dick and hope y
48 1.Charmer a victim of sexual-hypnosis like everyone else And when your thinking goes black and white and you're al
49 2.Flokovsky ly? Snap you out of hypnosis Answer all of your questions Gather and listen close it's'Bout to get intere
50 3.Hypnos mong victims of masshypnosis who receive their instuctions from pictures and screens A lie is a lie no ma
51 1.Chamber s of this ferocious hypnosis(That one in the chamber) P90 protestant Unlock box of shots stocked in the o
52 1.Snake Oil Capital of the World x3 i practise mass hypnosis you ll get sucked in by osmosis but here comes my gnostic gnosis(and guess w
53 7.Death to Provocateurs million refugees No hypnosis and tv invaders Long live the mind long live the body God bless the soul of
54 8.Reckless Serenade g spiral eyes Their hypnosis goes unnoticed when she's walking by I've been trying to figure out exactly
55 15.Watch Him y experimented with hypnosis and mental movements Man prove it Ordinary folks had the thoughts provoke th
56 1.Personal Trainer you under physical hypnosis Saunges I got ya dot crunches I make ya fall in love and make ya wonder what
57 4.Simmerdown n singing from your hypnosis lay your head down Father singing swing rose...with lay youe head down You c
58 11.America ed gnosis oh(Gnosis hypnosis) Oh in Tokyo oh in London town The same pain same joy same sound Oh in Londo
59 17.End Of Days fering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders politicians teache
60 8.Brain Attack other fools Beyond hypnosis Beyond the norm Beyond the hypocrites Melt the cerebrae I'm a man of low mor
61 1.The Inception Of Ire ulation Now as this hypnosis recedes and you finally awake You are aware of all the variables in your deb
62 6.Scumbag Blues uistic feel my dark hypnosis closing in. You won't make it out. Then you grow cold cold as a stare. As if
63 16.Prescription din' I so got'em as hypnosis of hip-hop'Cause when I talk they don't just watch I make'em feel it the fee
64 4.Mass Hypnosis br>4.Mass Hypnosis Looking inside your future uncertain The fear grows as a sickness uncured The silence ggonizes the word sound strong Lo ... ate through the arteries Mass Hypnosis Uncertain of being back They make you feel so good Everything's darkened Obey like a fool Hate through the arteries Mass ... ate through the arteries Mass Hypnosis Soldiers going nowhere Believe
65 4.Human Cattle Masses Marching Forward ible to the droning hypnosis that rides through dissonant skies. Loud and arrogant choir like voices sing
66 8.I'll Make You Famous hang with the doses Hypnosis when you hearing me flow this I'm ah evil with doctor is the thing that you
67 5.C.R.E.A.M.2009 ou are now under my hypnosis Summertime grind come out with the toasters I return like a animal ferocious
68 26.Dr. Frazier's Office(Intro Skit) r do you believe in hypnosis mr. yates? Hell no Dr. frazier: haha. ok mr. yates. lay back and relax. let
69 5.Madness And Poetry me mad poetry Under hypnosis Severe psychosis Mild paranoia State of euphoria Through the deafening silen
70 4.My Euphoria allen under veil of hypnosis Overcome Twisted Blinded by an addict reaction All the pressure building Bra
71 12.Escape Artist ns No subliminal No hypnosis to your brain I'm untrained Children should not try this at home at all I'm
72 2.2ndJonquil d of blunt thistles Hypnosis T shirt He knows this might hurt The crumpled poems Does she know him like s
73 3.Hypnosis Theme otten Melodies3.Hypnosis Theme作词Jean Christophe Micha La Saout Now come backward from ten Ten nin
74 15.Babel ed by the sound And hypnosis arrives And your soul cries out Well then you know you're aliv
75 11.Flypaper imes that I'm under hypnosis I suppose this city life is a process I wrote this like a million years ago
76 2.The Truth e pendulum swinging hypnosis is taking control now you linger on a shadow of a doubt Have you really figu
77 9.Supermarket(My Angel) angel autohypnosis our heavy load my bride sad eyes smiling from a tv-guide lips wide with the time smiling from a tv-guide oh my angel oh my ... arterial room oh my angel autohypnosis our heavy load drinks cash and carry in a suburbian alley clasp knife common apathy in a suburbian alley oh my angel oh my ... arterial room oh my angel autohypnosis our heavy loa
78 6.Gorgon mes Her serpents of hypnosis More evil than the devil Can kill you with her eyes You have to get rid of h
79 10.Big Weenie be placed under my hypnosis For the next4 and a half minutes We are going to explore into your mind To f
80 5.Justice Coming ocusts Focus in for hypnosis Encroaching sixes Image is set as far his friends concerned with riches The
81 2.Pendulum Captured under hypnosis Faster and faster images Can a meaning be obtained Or this mystery explained
82 2.File#2 stor closed circuit hypnosis an inbuilt psychosis not one self expression deliberate supression a cycle t
83 3.I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See aching the power of hypnosis and aromatherapy Darby was my sister's friend a fashion paranoid She wore a
84 10.Zenith assembly in crowds hypnosis The only closest pattern to our process Our signature of razor blades and vi
85 4.Barlow Girls th your body Sexual hypnosis by being hottie You might feel like public property You might you might you
86 2.Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering into the womb under hypnosis Masseur1:I need three more weeks to get these thighs In shape no more carboh
87 9.Genesis Torn g further into it's hypnosis Absurd scenery of strenght and endurance The mundane edeavours for the perfe
88 2.Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs I'm floating Again Hypnosis releases brakes Make you do things you usually fake It makes you float Again
89 2.Draw nd focus or go into hypnosis I wasn't here when i wrote this(where was you?) Up the top with the street t
90 2.Duane erload a prime time hypnosis bow to idiot box Self-induced anueretic sty waves flat line Encapsulated tim
91 7.Final Hour opus To reverse the hypnosis Whoever's closest To the line's gonna win it You gonna fall tryin to ball Wh
92 5.Final Hour opus to reserve the hypnosis Whoever's closest to the line's gonna win it You gonna fall tryin' to ball w
93 4.Bonebreaker ell Breaks the mass hypnosis They become excited At the sight of the pumping heart In the butcher's hands
94 6.Omnicron t through sleep way(hypnosis) Try to approach this I stalk-prey like vultures And feast on the carcass of
95 3.Dungeon Master ture your mind like hypnosis so you should focus On what hip hop mean to you whether physical or in your
96 6.Bring Our Boys ost is deep in your hypnosis Then focus Roll this And smoke this Like l's Of that bomb-ass herb thats gau
97 25.Slave where'd they learn hypnosis? How'd they keep me under4 so long? Break the bread I earn just keep me far
98 8.The Hypnotist elax-- what i do is hypnosis. Gary phelps: right. Dr. stewart: basically i just want you to sit back and
99 8.Still I Dream Of It convinced of ii The hypnosis of our minds can take us far away It's so easy now You see someone up there
100 8.Pimp Me e dracula It's like hypnosis i pimps your mother i pimps yo' sis Hoes be nothin but slaves for me ready t

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