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這是第 1 至 100 ,請多利用+-空白縮小搜尋結果.如【愛情+代價】【愛情-代價】

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1 4.Give Me Love Me Love作詞李安作曲宮閣 Hollow Memories Fading pictures of you. Tracing for you Tryna get to you. Hearts in p
2 1.Departure(feat.Minerva) ng heart my soul is hollow Walk by thru the moonlight Straying in a foreign place to empty my mind Neon l
3 2.HOLLOW LITY2.HOLLOW You called me on a sunday morning you asked me if I'm feeling okay. It's nothing special nothing to celebrate. She called ... hese years it's feeling kinda hollow.Just show me a way that I can follow. But I'm not sure how to follow. Maybe I should go to Tibet or maybe I should go to reha ... hese years it's feeling kinda hollow.Just show me a way that I can follow. But I'm not sure how to follow. I don't worry'bout tomorrow and I don't have a lot of s ...
4 8.You Are Amazing feel the hollow I don't feel it all grow broke I don't believe it when you make your mark I don't live in malice I need more than that(???) S ... an that(???) Standing here in hollow It's the only thing broke And it
5 1.Try To Remember a hurt the heart is hollow Deep in December it's nice to remember The fire of September that made you mel

6 7.Remember Me on we comin through Hollow tips is the lead the.45 threw[Sticky Fingaz] Remember me?('Throw ya gunz in th
7 9.哈囉 o.” Maybe Hollow Hollow Hollow所以難怪她哭了轉了幾圈她又哭了 Hello Hello Hello Maybe ... 圈她又哭了 Hello Hello Hello Maybe Hollow Hollow Hollow(!
8 10.白髮吟 Cheeks may fade and hollow grow But the hearts that love will know Never never winter's frost and chill;
9 1.Sunrises(英文版) dy to face the day… Hollow oh is this home? Maybe one day he'll be back to stay. Sunrises its been years
10 8.Try to Remember hurt the heart will hollow Deep in December it's nice to remember The fire of September that made you mel
11 17.Winter Light ho knows Life grows Hollow and so vain Wandering in the winter light The wicked and the sane Bear witness
12 1.Winter Light ho knows Life grows Hollow and so vain Wandering in the winter light The wicked and the sane Bear witness
14 11.Careless Love make everything so hollow and then borrow Someone's love selfishly Why do we take the easy way No lookin
15 7.Fragment wn my brain becomes hollow again and again left alone sighing with emotion The masses can not encompass W
16 4.透明人(Hollow Man) 坤大挪移-乾坤大挪移4.透明人(Hollow Man)作詞馬訓愷作曲馬訓愷、羅姓名我們看的見彼此一直沒離開過視線卻沒人看見我們有話不能啟齒即使一再錯你的存在只有我能作證已經被道德定義話題圍繞禁忌
17 4.如果我能(關遲) 李姝作曲 Georgia Ku Edd Holloway當微風和夜相遇當薔薇開在夢境當船舶駛入海域我正走進未知旅行關於我的所有情緒你用擁抱撫平閉上眼去感受美好輕輕觸動生命如果我能飛躍天際站在雲端外將這世界看清如
18 5.盛開的薔薇(董夏娟) 易緯作曲 Georgia Ku Edd Holloway誰抹去物換和星移年華去了哪裡搖曳著鮮紅的羽翼留下我的痕跡世界是廢墟或光暈我不覺得可惜成為你心裡難以忘懷暴風中的靜謐站上生命起伏的懸跳下眺望的崖每個重播瞬間
19 6.美麗的錯誤(百變小北) 曲 Nick Atkinson Edd Holloway Lauren Aquilina兩個人照片裡擁抱著突然空蕩了時間帶來的變化莫測我們卻束手無策記得你眼睛的顏色遺落流星的銀河命運總愛不守規則我們能相信什麼「
20 5.Tamdawaw(人啊!) dgeable outside and hollow inside Human what are you trying to get? Why aren't you satisfied

21 5.愛不需要裝乖 Somewhere I Belong to lose)Just stuck hollow and alone And the fault is my own and the fault is my own愛不需要裝乖 Tone不對就放開我的浪漫我
22 6.Hollow How we do(&張可芯) Way6.Hollow How we do(&張可芯)作詞丘晉宇作曲蘇育樂累了倦了 ... 的時候想找個人訴說(Hollow How We Do)悲傷的眼淚一直流我恨我太軟弱( ... 一直流我恨我太軟弱(Hollow How We Do)莫名的傷口跟著我是喝醉人的手( ... 跟著我是喝醉人的手(Hollow How We Do)有一種苦難註定要承受大門關上了幸福也上了鎖( ... 關上了幸福也上了鎖(Hollow How We Do)社會的無情對我說想貸款
23 3.Pi a circle into this hollow mind of belief? Pins and needles Spiral of circles Too young to die Too old to
24 7.A Big Mistake y eyes are those of hollow balls Look at me now Instead of being a weaker fooling around I rather be a bo
25 8.I Punish Myself Every night outh Who are you so hollow Now my pupils are crystal into white of my eyes I'm a creek and I never dry A
26 11.Simple but not Easy Connected yet what hollow words we share I can taste a drop of bitter sweet We come and go but we shall
27 8.原始衝動 作詞馮宣元作曲王璐 I was hollowness So I fooled all is what you gave me By now I'm standing here faking people
28 10.OHOHOHOH.....(演唱會唱英文版) have nothing but a hollow It's a mystery to mistreat and let me dry It's really dire not fair to be smoo
29 4.力竭(Frail Hands) 再冇價值力竭的手無望聲音 Sleepy hollow streets- fading eyesight maybe a blessing in disguise-the ugliness I see... wi
30 4.Kiss The Rain雨的印記(Yiruma李閏珉) heart is mine It's hollow inside I never had your love And I never will And every night I lie awake Thin
31 10.Like A G6(Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs& Dev) ine、Niles Hollowell-Dhar、Virman Coquia作曲 Kevin Nis ... ine、Niles Hollowell-Dhar、Virman Coquia[Hook] Popp
32 2.Dead Inside(Skillet) er and always These hollow hands reach out For you to touch me now Forever and always Dead inside My hear
33 19.Good And Broken orth aching On this hollow ground Let go Don't go hold on to all of lifes hardest parts When we pick a st
34 10.Heart Attack until I'm hollow I'll carve it in my skin save it for tomorrow. I'm gonna bang my drum I'm gonna make it come I'm gonna bring it on It's a her ... il then I'll scream until I'm hollow I'll carve it in my skin save it
35 28.Make It Like It Was ing empty With this hollow core Make it like it was The way it used to be When I hungered for your love C
36 8.Exquisite Corpse ntwined. Inside I'm hollowed out Outside's a paper shroud And all the rest's illusion That there's a will
37 9.Stars all seem to weep uch leaves an empty hollow hunger***I think about you on a moonlit night And the stars all seem to weep W
38 6.Bad Obsession don't need no dildo hollow shallow but it's on the radio videos cus who gives a fuck aboutJohn Doe my man
39 7.小水精 啦啦啦啦啦啦請跟我說Hollow Hollow!啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦小水
40 35.The Windmills Of Your Mind l of its own Down a hollow to a cavern Where the sun has never shone Loke a door that keeps revolving In
41 2.Brown Eyed Girl ns came Down in the hollow Playing a new game Laughing and a runnin' hey hey Skipping and a jumpin' In th
42 12.Rocking Pneumonia-Boogie Woogie Flu bed of pot I wanna hollow up a joint to smoke Your main rhythm's got a whole log of tune I got the rocki
43 3.Try To Remember a hurt the heart is hollow Deep in December it's nice to remember The fire of September that made you mel
44 22.Silver Threads Golden Needles romised Beneath the hollow moon** But you think I should be happy With your money and your name And had m
45 6.Hollow Hotel TURE SENSATION6.Hollow Hotel作詞 LM.C作曲 LM.C宵闇に浮かび上がる虚ろに聳えるシルエット探そうとすればするほど誰も此処には辿り着けないその胸に秘めたままの虚し

46 6.hollow ーウィン6.hollow作詞唯作曲唯あなたは光に絡み溺れていたわたしは氷雨の夜に怯えてたずっと i whispered to ... しは氷雨の夜に怯えてたずっと i whispered to hollow何処に向かうのかこのシナリオは這い蹲りながら居場所を探していた虚ろな光が僕らを照らし出すかは神さえも知らないあなたは光に乖離し埋もれていたわたしは虚言の雨に怯えてたずっと息模様寄
47 17.Hollow song ce~17.Hollow song使い古したコトバ消してswitch地雷は今日もあち ... ロウソク溶けるまで Hollow Hello唄うよ漂ういつでも隣で笑う空になれるだからまた欲しくなる ... ない存在などないよ Hollow Hello唄おう明日へいつでも隣にいるよ殻を破りその手が掴むものは ... 方捨てずに生かそう Hollow Hello聴こえるそっといつでも一番近くで苦い薬でも心に効くらし
48 10.Kaleidoscope 浪放浪居場所はどこ Hollow Hollow Hollowこの世界で Hello Hello Hello生きていくの Kal
49 8.たのしいせいかつ featuring SOIL&'PIMP'SESSIONS せいかつ昔抱いてた思いいつの間に消えててhollow過去がちらちら覗くたびに穴から自分がとけてこぼれてくあの日の心全部なくしたなくしたことだけは忘れないんだね忘れたいよね植物になろう成長を手放して何も捨てられな
50 1.TRICK with TREAT!!(with UNDEAD) w!)さぁ、答えて(Hollow!)ねぇ? TRICK or TREAT☆ TRICK or TRE ... !)笑わせちゃうよ(Hollow!)JACK IN THE BOX! CANDY SWEETS!(B ... )お菓子がいいの?(Hollow!)ねぇ? TRICK or TREAT☆ TRICK or TREAT♪(TREAT! TREAT!)どっちでもいい!(YES! LET'S PARTY!)入れ替わっても(Hallow!)楽しいNightmare( ... )入れ替わっても(Hallow!)楽しいNightmare(Hollow!)さぁ、もっと騒ごう♪(WOW! WOW!) UNDER TH
51 5.HERE COME THE REGRETS(feat. LEE HI) down. But I feel so hollow. What I'm trying to say is I'm so… Sorry. Baby things got crazy. I know I know
52 4.BURY ME done now I feel so hollow and it's all my fault just tell me where to go from here If only I could see m
53 4.Hollow 雨のパレード-Shoes4.Hollow作詞福永浩平作曲福永浩平真っ新な道だけ歩いたそんな人はどれだけいるのだろう誰だって何かを引きずって歩幅を少しずつ合わせていく日当たりの良い会話に相槌を
54 14.WHAT I WANT feat.Jinmenusagi dy point at me like hollowありがとうそれでも Nobody tell me what to do or not to do I do I do I do I do what I wan
55 3.Kaleidoscope 浪放浪居場所はどこ Hollow Hollow Hollowこの世界で Hello Hello Hello生きていくの Kal
56 2.Stay 視線はまた心を掴む何度目だろう瞳に潜む Hollowまだ信じていたいよ Stay繰り返す世界で満たされない心誘って1人にしないと言ってくれたのはあなただから Never ever gonna let you d
57 8.liar せる決して伝わらない想い what a hollow world how I live in this world? I gotta fuck it you gotta fuck it whom can I b
58 9.Noah's Ark る救済の船崩れ移ろう果てに何も持たない hollow world what a fuckin' world消え去ったクオリアは二度とここに戻ることは無い海の中沈みゆくだけの瓦礫に鳴り響く救いは届かない灰色の亡霊
59 19.Alice 世界は転がる Whole Low is Hollow野蛮な声に君は微笑んだコントロールを失った暗闇のなか体は傾いてまっさかさまさまっさかさまさカメラは回る食事のあいまに時間は溶けて君はあおむけに湿ったベッド虚ろ
60 6.BEAUTY e must face reality Hollow dreams are just a fantasy Make your future Beauty is here yes the beauty is ne
61 5.倫敦塔吸血事件 us Lilian Hollow Hollow Hollowまさか城主は不老不老不老迷路迷路迷路天使射落とす Arrorw A
62 8.Hollow トクマルシューゴ-TOSS8.Hollow作詞 SHUGO TOKUMARU作曲 SHUGO TOKUMARU軽い音扉ひらくゆっくりとこじあけるカギカギ心なりあがる夜の闇をゆっくりとかき分ける
63 3.Illumina may become of us is hollow So lift your chin and dry your eyes and kiss until tomorrow My precious road A
64 1.Skipping Ticks he reason she hates Hollows of dreaming of the past The prayer for the dead who got a slap in the face Fe
65 2.In My Bones(Album Version) ollow abandoned and hollow so low It's too much and too far Afraid of letting go but I feel it in my bone
66 1.Hollow(feat. Them Crawford)(Original Mix) Benson-Hollow1.Hollow(feat. Them Crawford)(Original Mix) Don't you see we split that wrong? Whatever the reason believe that I know You tell me ... can't follow you go You're so hollow I can't follow you go You're so hollow.(Fuck it I really don't get you Fuck it I really don't get you Fuck it I really don't get you Fuck it I really don't get you) ... can't follow you go You're so hollow I can't follow you go You're so hollow.(Fuck it I really don't g
67 1.Don't Move l swallow you whole hollow your soul out and leave you alone Hold on and keep calm Listen to the words sh
68 2.Luv U Tokio e worldずっときみを Hello Hollow How low? So lowきっときみがスキ灯りを消し Hold you tightトキヲ Luv Uイエス Do I doディフラグして Hold me
69 1.Black Bird ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world1.Black Bird作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 mosqui・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ生まれた時に押された烙印何億もの二
70 2.パッチワーク ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world2.パッチワーク作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 DYES IWASAKI・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ涙おちる前にその指で時を凍らせ
71 3.A prisoner in the glasses ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world3.A prisoner in the glasses作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 PATIRCHEV・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよ
72 4.Collapse ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world4.Collapse作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 kvold・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ世界が反転引き裂くプライドズタズタにして
73 5.CITI ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world5.CITI作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 sasanomaly・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ虚ろなour relationship
74 6.sub objective ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world6.sub objective作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 DAREI・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ架けた橋遠ざかり遠回り beh
75 7.Venus ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world7.Venus作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 Monkey_sequence.19・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ目を覚ますJack-
76 8.Pierrot ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world8.Pierrot作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 DYES IWASAKI・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ重ならない思惑の狭間でもがく
77 9.Sunrise(re-build) ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ-hollow world9.Sunrise(re-build)作詞ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ作曲 shirothebeats・ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみやるせ
78 2.東京-試練は交錯する(TeddyLoid Remix)feat.Annabel rld at its depth of hollow I was dreaming of one tomorrow you were singing a song I used to know alone. a
79 1.Halo many here hollow Where is your shadow? So many here ... is your shadow? So many here hollow Where is your shadow? Where's yo
80 10.Vanguard lf Inside Hollow Looking Glass I See The Power And The Fame Are Falling We Never Follow Your System Is Failing We Are Not The Marching Dead Co ... Fight Take Me Far Beyond The Hollow Cause I've Given All I Have To B
81 8.Hollowly Rain riel8.Hollowly Rain作詞 KOKOMI作曲黒瀬圭亮子供の頃見ていた ... と胸を刺す瓦礫の街 Hollowly Rain足跡を流して自然とただ前を向ける瓦礫の中叫ぶ無意味な言 ... 今では遠い白夜の空 Hollowly Rain冷たく濡れながらそれでもただ歩くことで離れていく距離を ... 忠誠をfor me Hollowly Rain切なさに負けないことを胸に刻み僕は前へと Ah瓦礫の
82 4.Heartless Horseman-騎士騎士666 in Sleepy Hollowもう準備は良いですかかくれんぼがお好きですか逃げ切れるつもりですか動かない方が良かったかも地獄の業火で熱く燃えた瞳は切れ味抜群太刀捌きはマショウ瞬きをする暇も無いから Knight Knight Knight夢がない Knight Knight Kni ... Heartless Horseman in Sleepy Hollowああ、ゴチソウを出せああ、次のメニューも決まりだすぐに、デザートにして君もコレクション
83 11.Angelique Sky ello from Hollow憧れてる空にきみの笑い声が白いレース風に揺れてほらねきみは天使だジェズ教会の天井絵を見て恋をした背中に白い羽根広げ青い空と無邪気なきみ幻想図書館真夜中を待って忍び込みきみの名前調べたくってはやる気持ちめくるページ Ahやっと出逢えたね Ah動くキミを探 ... づけない目が合えば吸い込んでしまうよ Hello from Hollow憧れてる空にきみの
84 1.broKen NIGHT Aimer-broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD1.broKen NIGHT作詞 aimerrhythm作曲 Takeo Asami流れる星(ひかり)をただ重ねる指を求めた声は閉
85 2.holLow wORlD Ken NIGHT/holLow wORlD2.holLow wORlD作詞 aimerrhythm作曲 Tsuyoshi Okamoto・Kenji Tamai In this place I have to stay? My memory wearing off I lost my name Is ... re I leave? Eternal flame The hollow world I see the sorrow deeply I feel Now they're perfectly burned out Eternal flame just back in my hands Like a double-edged ... re I leave? Eternal flame The hollow world I see So slowly cutting in the deepest We're violently screaming out Eternal flame j
86 3.Open The Doors Aimer-broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD3.Open The Doors作詞 Keita Haga・Kaori Fukano作曲 KATE Always together
87 4.my sweetest one Aimer-broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD4.my sweetest one作詞 aimerrhythm作曲 Hidenori Tanakaまるでサーカス魔法のような内緒で
88 3.ZERO zero見かけだけ hollow誰一人寄せ付けない You ain't got halo yeah ... zero見かけだけhollow誰一人寄せ付けない You ain't got halo yeah上 ... zero見かけだけ hollow誰一人寄せ付けない You ain't got halo yeah
89 8.evil passions SCREW I'm Hollow No Feelings Left For Tomorrow I'm Broken Pieces Of Me Shattered On The Floor Cut Me Up Pull The Trigger Drink The Pills And E ... ached But I FeelJust Fine I'm Hollow No Feelings Left For Tomorrow I'
90 6.LOSTTIME 7891011 Tomorrow is hollow.時計が止まる位の轟音を連れた雨も過ぎ去って、私はベランダで虹を待つ。サッカーボール片手に走っていく貴方を見ていた。 adidasのヴィジャ・モデル。良く似合
91 9.When My Devil Rises lodes Once more the hollow parade is missing the blade today The countdown's ready to go紅の空世界が眠る前僕達は何処に向か
92 7.SINDRA distress impatient hollow disappear誰か知らないが唄をありがとう“この世界”を滅ぼせるから聴いたらもう最後逃走不可能作詞家の罠「俺が欲しいだろう?」埋葬した声帯を掘り起こし最
93 5.Respect for the dead man featuring Ken& Teru from Crossfaith in Falling into the hollow And now you're standing on the edge Leave all you fame pride and fate in the r
94 7.PLEASE gh I'm too full but hollow inside so Please years gone by no stopped me no My heart fell out of me so slo
95 2.The Revelation e another hollow mind I see through your eyes the light has made you blind leaving your soul behind wake up before your time is up you'll neve ... er the whole disguise another hollow mind I see through your eyes the
96 4.Behind The Curtain hink about is you a hollow life was all you gave to the ones who trusted your every lie it's time to pay
97 5.0(ZERO) zero알수없어넌 hollow언젠간무너지고말거야 You ain't got halo yeah ... zero알수없어넌 hollow언젠간무너지고말거야 You ain't got halo yeah ... zero알수없어넌 hollow언젠간무너지고말거야 You ain't got halo yea
98 5.Waiting a place within the hollow Yeah I'm waiting like a child Hope runs wild The truth can hide Sometimes righ
99 5.I'm Sorry thing I'm Hollow I'm Sorry Now Let Me Show You My Soul Uh머릿속은까맣게널잊어버리고살아가는동안나의곁엔어느센가누가있어마치반복되는것처럼미안한맘일거야난아직그녀를사랑하지않아계속반복되는하루그안에서그저살아가고있는데안되는걸알 ... r Left Me There's Nothing I'm Hollow I'm Sorry Now Let Me Show You My
100 12.HEDFUC is all I need This hollow feeling is what I feed on I'm like a zero Kind of placebo I have no meaning Tr

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