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1 3.Better Now I found myself in a heartshaped box I swear to God I must be lost I've been covered in ash for all this t
2 26.The Book of Love- Live full of flowers and heartshaped boxes And things we're all to young to know But I I love when you give me
3 5.Fiction or your kisses your heartshaped box Now don't start the trippin' Oh I love to go in your de-tox Now give
4 7.Turn The Radio Up moonlight she cut a heartshaped hole in her sleeve you were haunted from the first sight and you'd do any
5 3.Stuck Here With Me ht in your eyes The heartshaped carnival Of flowers and fun Melting into one Na na-na na-na na-n

6 8.Girls with the Softest Lips Lash Out the Most Violent Words you are inside this heartshaped box I run and hide Postmarked to sender returned as your picture slowly b
7 7.Heartshaped Tattoo -True At Heart7.Heartshaped Tattoo I'm just like you And i've got a heart that's searchin' Tell m
8 6.Vyperpunk(Deathstars remix) e Fear and anger my heartshaped cage The circuits scream louder as data flows With every byte the volume
9 31.Heartshaped Tattoo Doro Pesch-暫存31.Heartshaped Tattoo I'm just like you And I've got a heart that's searching Tell m
10 2.Heartshaped Gun e in San Diego2.Heartshaped Gun Sky black and blue Blue turn to red I'm in love with you girl I m