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1 14.Raindrops(feat. Katie Noonan) swapping insights with insults I'm so damn tired and sick of this We turned lemons into lemonade To escape all the bitterness But man I can't ... s the feeling you die to find Hearing the violins was one of the vita
2 1.Intro s with no insight we ain't singing this song till we go inside I'm just tryna define longevity don't tell me about charting How many people ha ... o and it's only now manaman's hearing you Wallace you were right my b
3 6.POV en's more insightful Women are spiteful frienemies in sight despise you Unless success arises then in like minutes they wanna be like you Yeah ... ght now cause at least you're hearing this So how I'm thinking is I'l
4 10.Irreplaceable I give An insight into life of a fearless kid Who believes well achieve when they ... lieves well achieve when they hearing this(Ha) I dont think they know
5 24.Spring Training just keep hearing what's coming from them incinerators But when they show the hatred is when you know you made it Me I been to hell and back t ... I'm selling hope Here's some insight homie fuck making a friend My f

6 1.Condemned To Fight ith a new insight Damaged and desecrated Corrupted and controlled Conformed to one man's vision We are now condemned to fight ... We are now condemned to fight Hearing all of this madman's grumbling
7 6.Polterzeitgeist 'm mister insight the social costume's skin tight Nah I don't believe in you And you don't believe that I'm leaving you As you shrink away to ... o close to call too far to be hearing you Singing my melody I heard i
8 8.Biomech- Vals No.666 our false insight So what'd you do so what'd you do With your god the fat you chewed? And from his silence to your faith infer To split the ha ... rk she'll curse your name His hearing dissipates Now in silence he'll
9 3.Poet Laureate Infinity r Dolphin hearing The Electrical Optical Coupling Gear is effective17088 Kilometres above the planet my rhymes harness a power beyond your und ... that enlightens the Brothers insight to the fullest that could brighten the dullest The ramifications are awesome what should we call it? I call it my unacknowle ... e Yiddish ELF100 cps Elephant Hearing I'm heading for the clearing St
10 1.Peacebone it's your insight Insight...(You trust your) I bet the monster was a-happy when we made him a maze Cause he don't understand intentions a-he just look ... ealing I can keep myself from hearing God I need the taste that you'r
11 1.Myself uture I'm insightful Even if nobody listens I put in the minutes Like Kobe in'06 And nobodies fucking with my clique Never giving y'all the ri ... been staying on prone Anyone hearing me out These are the words to be known Anyone ... the words to be known Anyone hearing me out These are the words to b
12 4.Seventeen he wasn't hearing it Young and inexperienced You were just sixteen last year Working drive thru as a cashier Sometimes you past there and remi ... ays I'm gonna give you my own insight on this subject When we talk of
13 2.Rhyme of the Year t all I'm hearing these days is Fake featuring Fake All their artwork be looking like Shake featuring Shake When I body a beat that leads to g ... to sightless minorities Write insight a modern day Nastradamus& Socra
14 3.Come Get It beige And hearing sweet serenades and grenades I bomb like Saddam twice Smoke fills the room like the intercom vice I'm wicked enough to punch ... th a mic To submit like To ya insight Then I'm a leave ya area walked
15 2.Within the Massive Stream r! Lower! Hearing is not listening Learning is not doing ... stening Learning is not doing Hearing is not listening To observe is not to see. Beyond our words wordless exchanges exist. You breathe the world The world is you ... you don't resist. Search for insight! A new surge through the massiv
16 1.Infocus t And I'm hearing words confined below Through the view I pretend I feel everything But cannot control or fuse my mind Sound of strides Tower ... rushed the sky Cast aside all insight And transcending what stars con