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1 11.Just Got Paid(Mastodon) ieve like workin' hard all dayJust step in my shoes and take my pay I was born my papa's son When I hit the ground I was on the run I had one glad han ... o you got some wool? Yes I do man my bag is full It's the root of evi
2 10.Humanimation )10.Humanimation作詞 LOVE PSYCHEDELICO作曲 LOVE PSYCHEDELICO Yes No君次第 u're on a diet Not yet fat yet明日になりゃ forget it期待感 awesome未来感 awful時 ... e develop-develop-development Hard workin' man be said'明日のため今を売ろう'いにしえ古の value愛情 discount友情 client burn out計り知れない夢は知らぬ間に miss it Hu ... rn out計り知れない夢は知らぬ間に miss it Humanimation Here's my lif
3 12.Cheers(Feat. Q- Tip) Yeah I'm workin' on a world premiere And I could see the world from here They ask me where I'm going from here Shit anywhere long as the runw ... goin' home Yeah you know I'm workin' on a world premiere And I could see the world from here I know you somewhere in the atmosphere I know someday I'll meet you ... ok at me now look around last man standin' Grown man cryin' like a child tryna understand it So sick of sendin' flowers to all of my brother's mommas Don't know
4 1.The Ringer us Christ man how many times is someone gonna fuck on my bitch?(Fuck my side chick!) You will never see Em icy but as cold as I get on the M-I-C I pol ... turn around and just be like'Man how the fuck sourpuss gonna get mad just'cause his album sucks and now he wants to take it out on us?'(ooh-ooh) But last week an ... ll never be an artist And I'm harder on myself than you could ever be regardless What I'll never be is flawless all I'll ever be is honest Even when I'm
5 3.Elevate s is real man it can't be(Yeah yeah) If you need me you can't call me I stay busy makin' money You know what is on my mind All I think about i ... is hunnids I stay busy(bzz!) workin' on me I stay busy with my business homie I already hit her when you left her lonely She is not the type that likes to take t ... auge it I wanna thank God for workin' way harder than Satan He's playin' favorites it feels amazin'(yeah) Elevate elevate Only obligation is to tell it straight

6 16.Nice For What ong Had a man last year life goes on Haven't let that thing loose girl in so long You've been inside know you like to lay low I've been peepin ... hat you bringin' to the table Workin' hard girl everything paid for First last phone bill car note cable With your phone out gotta hit them angles With your phone out sna ... e You know dark days you know hard times Doin' overtime for the last
7 13.I.O.U. that your man rocks You oughta stop me coming in again You mad? You thought we were synonyms Too bad that's the water you're gettin' in You're ... spinnin' around in a blender Hardly a snack when I'm here lookin' for dinner I eat'em delete'em they're barely beginners Main course is my main sport Play major ... mashed out Used to think that workin' forty was a max-out Now I'm workin' even when I'm sleepin' do the math now'Cause even when I'm sleepin' eyes keep'em open S
8 3.International Harvester d fearin' hard workin' combine driver Hoggin' up the road on my p-p-plower Chug-a lug-a-luggin'5 miles an hour On my International Harvester3 miles ... roud to say I'm a God fearin' hard workin' combine driver Hoggin' up the road on my a p-p-plower Chug-a-lug-a-luggin'5 miles an hour On my International Harvester Well ... wave and tip your hat To the man up on the tractor'Cause I'm the son of a3rd generation farmer I've been married10 years to the farmer's daughte
9 4.Up To No Good Livin' home from workin' And not have her checking my breath I'm tired of her turning her questions Into the Gettysburg Address There's no reason why ... omebody I am But she finds it hard to believe that she's turned me around So I'll probably die before I live all my Up to no good livin' down Gave up on bringing ... ilty of nothing But being the man she deserves I used to drink like a fish and run like a dog Without a whole lotta shit not committed by law People called me the ...
10 3.Lightwork to Dizzee man I used to wanna rock Ecko See the crib keep the shit so art decor Another one it's another dubplate special I make'em feel so go ... i Love AJ but I can't stand Armani Get a Visa I ain't never been to Faliraki Passin' out like LeBron ain't[?][Chorus] Uh you see the hits? Lightwork Long setters ... n' She like the fact that I'm hard workin' I told the pigs that they can't
11 16.Lose You st wanted man I'm still on the run All these number ones and we still not the ones No ... and we still not the ones No hard feelings but I'll still get you spun Went and got diplomas and we still goin' dumb Please never label niggas who lay down for a ... People like you more when you workin' towards somethin' Not when you have it Way less support from my peers In recent years as I get established Unforgivin' times ... forgivin' times but fuck it I manage Why is my str
12 11.Party with Purpose(feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress) hey got a man(So real) HOOK VERSE2 We'd party and bullshit Living our lives to the fullest Back when Gangstarr had a full clip After everybody ... ong as Thor or Benjamin Grimm hardbody decor but sport a grin Slim's leavin' balance restored ... im's leavin' balance restored workin' a pen BRIDGE We can do our thin
13 9.Kill hoes been workin' all week You gettin' more than that just off me yeah yeah yeah We both work ... e yeah yeah yeah We both work hard for this money I see you goin' hard for me It ain't no thing you can take it off If I keep on drinkin' I'ma lose it all[Chorus: Ty Dolla$ign& Lupe Fiasco] Saturday ... rve these lights'Cause I work hard for what I getJust so I can give my ten percent You better pay up pay up or get out I'm not into how you get down Hope you love ... et Ty
14 3.Left Hollywood d no help Man I was so fucked up I couldn't believe myself That's why I be at the jeweler tryna freeze myself'Cause my heart so cold we ain't ... o scarred But actin' silly so hard but we just wanted some love Mama workin' daddy dead I just wanted a hug Why you think we spillin' spade when we go to the club All my homies think I smoke we just ro ... he only shit I knew I seen my man done it Tryna be like niggas who were never there for us We ain't have no guidance I wen
15 1.Blessings(feat. Ty Dolla$ign) the next man I've been down before the come up I ain't stressin' Baby I'm too busy countin' all these blessings[Verse1: Lecrae] Yah yah yah C ... ryna keep the kitchen stocked Man it's a blessin''cause we ain't ever had a lot But all we need is all we got[Hook: Ty Dolla$ign] If I ever took a loss I learned ... hink I'm better than the next man I've been down before the come up I ain't stressin' Baby I'm too busy countin' all these blessings blessings[Post-Hook: Ty Dolla ...
16 1.No Romeo NoJuliet ' back to workin' Get back to strippin' they back to tippin' Them stacks is fallin' they back to ballin' Them bottles poppin' bitch them hoes ... t middle finger to the middle man Anybody that can get it when they want it Finger fuck bitches she gon tell me when she cumin'50 in this bitch and I ain't asking ... tting big money started going hard keep a nigga from hatin' Remove th
17 6.Inside the Mattress ctice I'm workin' everyday craftin' I'm cool on her I done had her Bounce back with a millio' Hit an island like Gilligan Not just a regular c ... I cock and load I'm the money man Got a hundred hoes got a hundred Xans We gon' party ... a hundred Xans We gon' party hard'til the moon calls She done fell in love with the mushrooms And my college girls talkin' kung-fu Put some cough syrup in a Moun ... n' better I'm at practice I'm workin' everyday craftin' I'm cool on he
18 11.I Ain't Fukin Witcha ft Logic ause I go hard and I ain't got time anymore To waste all my goddamn floss Seems every nigga wants me to fall Oh well landing on my car Forgiat ... t it undercover wit it I been workin' like a fiend nah mean right? I ain't fuckin' wit it if it don't seem right Only time I be about it is if the cream right Mot ... nly I know Fuck about another man talk about another man money Get the fuck from me Logic the realest I don't give a fuck if you hate this or feel this As long a
19 3.Black Man r>3.Black Man[Intro] Wake up Black man black manJust wanna be free Wake up wake up Black ... be free Wake up wake up Black man black man[Hook1: KentJamz] Niggas wanted ten pounds down to Chicago Wake up wake up black ... Chicago Wake up wake up black man black man About that gold layin' in the congo Wake up wake up black ... e congo Wake up wake up black man black man Shot my brother in the ghetto Wake up wake up black ... ghetto Wa
20 8.Not Invited t I'ma go hard I'ma stunt I'm puttin' gas in the joint I'm puttin' oil in the blunt I do this shit for the Park I do this shit for the Point I ... hit cause you boring I am the man in this muthafucka I got them bandz in this muthafucka You know what I'm sayin' hand full of Xans Nigga not playin' in this muth ... with you You exotic baby I'm workin' with you And I'm smokin' on exotic Got Chanel on her body Might meet her in the lobby used the herb in my ashtray'Give a fuc ...

21 11.Please Come To Boston ope to be workin' soon Please come to Boston She said'No. Would you come home to me?' And she said'Hey ramblin' boy now won't cha settle down? ... I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee' Please come to Denver with the snowfall We'll move up into the mountains so far that we can't be found And throw ... I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee' Now this drifter's world goes'round and'round And I doubt that it's ever gonna stop But of all the dreams I've l ...
22 1.Workin' Royale-Workin'1.Workin' Yea Yea eh eh Yea They're trying to get me out of my lane Asylum flow my shit is insane Keep my name out your mouth don' ... hines Ambitions to get out of hardships I'm talking the projects The bottom my nigga right out of the marsh pit Where life is the ... e marsh pit Where life is the hardest Winters the coldest Learn how to live with two options To give up or try Try to survive Fuck the stakes and just roll up the ... while I'm alive
23 6.It Is What It Is That your man wouldn't follow in they rules in the first place Thirty plus in the residential In the truck feelin' presidential With my girl l ... keep the huddle mad tight too many players I don't trust now You wasn't with me on the4th down huh? Then you can miss me when I touchdown And that's no shade no s ... u done got it all” In the gym workin' hard you should show it off!” Nah that ain't never been my forte“Pride come before the fall” what the Word say And
24 9.Misconceptions3 I'm a mad man mathematics statics Stealin' the stars I'm a bad ... Stealin' the stars I'm a bad man bask into battle I'm a battered mad hatter with the earth on a platter Meek and mild'til I get freakin' wild It's a misconceptio ... ArizonaJuxtapose'em to a snowman in Nova Scotia It's rap's Christopher Nolan Picture me rollin' pistol emoji blaow! This a misconception triple threat Did Givens ... sus Thesis of a new hope More hardcore than Star Wars part four rated R O
25 14.Ordinary People There's a man in the window with a big cigar Says everything's for sale He had a house and a boat and a railroad car The owner's gotta go to j ... He was dealin' antiques in a hardware store But he sure had a lot to hide He had a back room full of the guns of war And a ton ammunition besides Yeah he walked ... to help the people Well it's hard to say where a man goes wrong Might be here and it might be there What starts out weak might get too strong If you can't tell
26 1.Blessings t my life man thats lessons on lessons on lessons I treat the beat like its a reverend I tell the truth like father forgive me these are all m ... these are all my confessions Man this wasn't luck it was destined I done lost homies who been with me since Ed Edd and Eddy Who flip like confetti and then when ... at me this ain't what I want man this what it had to be This is that late night ... to be This is that late night workin' after three Man this why my old
27 9.Electric Body Nose job workin' on some payments On a new car now she finna trade it Next time you shouldn't've sucked a nigga dick for free ... sucked a nigga dick for free Man I swear the smart girls are my favorite(Oh my God your cable's turned off You shouldn't've sucked the nigga's dick for free) Bra ... wanna count is green numbers Man that shit is weird lookin' like the Matrix Gave'em high power Always Strive And Prosper Only took a little bit of patience[Hook] ... high I'm Christ
28 11.Tuna Roll my niggas workin' crankin' Know that L.A. is the city but it look like we from Asia Say I don't be in my city? Who the fuck is you pholasin Le ... cut like I live there I'm the man in this bitch you just Tyler Perry See me throwin' money in the sky til' I'm outta air Sorry your honor but I had to kill em' Ni ... to kill em' Niggas think they hard but they softer than pillows And I
29 2.Narcos Dope game hard Rap game rap game easy than a motherfucker Diamonds on my motherfuckin' neck and wrist You see this shit is breezy than a mothe ... ? Some nigga tried to kill me man it's hard to trust niggas But my momma raised a drug dealer not a fuck nigga I just I just a hit a lick up at the mutherfuckin' brown hou ... wow yeah yeah[Hook] Dope game hard Rap game rap game easy than a motherfucker Diamonds on my motherfuckin' neck and wrist You see this shit is breezy th
30 4.King Cupid gin I'm a man and pussy's my friend friend friend friend friend I'm a ... nd friend friend friend I'm a man and pussy's my friend[Bridge] Ooo yeah ooo yeah I just wanna live life Ooo yeah ooo yeah I just wanna live life[Verse2] Hit the ... bottles and the models I been workin' so hard I need more than you[Hook] I don't
31 8.Turn Ya Back Feat. Gucci Mane Meek Mill& Whole Slab at. Gucci Mane Meek Mill& Whole Slab[Intro Rick Ross] You know going through the things you go through Make you who you are But when the c ... ry A Mastermind[Verse2: Gucci Mane] Man it's funny how a nigga act Like he got shit bad but really that is just a knack You know a bitch that called police on you and t ... ? You stole a stack but bitch man I would take the whole sack'Say GuccMane you the man why you doin' that?' He said'been workin' lockin'
32 11.Smuckers IV victim man nobody fuckin' with me I got banned from New Zealand whitey called me demon And a terrorist God dammit I couldn't believe it Ban ... ck exhaust Young T came quick hard to beat dick is soft We ain't lyin' we the truth call him Simba beats his hooves Tyler the Creator sweatin'Jesus juice Put that ... ve you a big dick so go extra hard'[Hook2: Tyler The Creator] For your boy I'm tryna pop the new McLaren with the vertical doors nigga I'm watchin' Freaks and Gee ...
33 2.Every Ghetto(feat. Rapsody) eli] Yeah man So I start looking out the window I see gun store gun store liquor store gun store Where the fuck are you taking me?[Hook: Talib ... ' up The startin' salary it's hard reality Find solidarity We got our leaders too but where they lead us? Do they leave us or they see it through? Yeah we packin' ... too used to the missed meals Hard to concentrate hard to sit still Murder rate permanent place in the top10 We live here these hipsters drop in You hear t
34 7.BreatheDreaming(feat. Ampichino) makes it hard to breathe[Hoo- Berner:][Verse2- Berner:] Fuck rap I'm a legend in the game And I can't believe I ain't sittin' in the cage Guc ... 1- Berner:] Hand full of cash man these rap dudes broke140 for the bands on the highway flow My eyes stay low off of high grade dope So baby gotta pay me and I go ... irls on my phone gettin' nude(Man she kinda cute but shit...) If she ain't talkin''bout cash then I gotta pass Your baby daddy really just want an autograph Grow ...
35 2.Elementary Trill ou crip'n Man I'm in the fourth grade I go to school to pay attention Cause my family is faithfully some baptist church goers1524 Lemon St tha ... liever in the usage of a belt Hard head make a soft behind I used to stay with welps Come to school like wish I'd tell a teacher how I got this That was not an op ... s That was not an option mama workin' in the office Often time I reminisce on elementary years Go to school and act a fool elementary trill wassup[Hook] Elementar ...
36 1.We Black Hearts Bear the Cross back now man I'm pretty proud of it There's a hole in my chest where my heart once was Now it's vacant I need a replacement I'm surrounded by ... Really I just need a vacation Workin' all these hours I'm sick of the graveshift Overnght drives on tour through the Matrix It's ... tour through the Matrix It's hard to stay real I'm surrounded by fak
37 7.Don't Worry(feat. Lil Bibby) brothers man Day1 niggas no new niggas in my ass ten year shit Real shit nigga[Verse2: Lil Herb] I be with trigger happy pill poppin' Drug de ... s out there tottin' guns Took hard work to run them bands up so we fuck it all for fun And G-Fazo would be proud of me so I fuck it all for1's And we got choppers ... e fans watchin' Niggas prolly workin' I ain't talkin' I'mma run When they find me I be high Chiefin' chokin' coughin' up my lungs Robins full of Hunds I don't che ...
38 4.The One with My Friends(feat. NFJohn Givez Wordsplayed Social Club& Kaleb Mitchell) from God Man I got my game from God Ain't a dollar that can move me from the reign of God I'm in this buildin' hollerin' West! Hold on let me ... t on Sway's show So I best be workin' my one-liners Still pray for that skyline boy's lit the shots at those one-timers I just wanna see hands in the air my Lord ... e family watchin' I better go hard in the paint that'96 Rodman Shots out to Eric I got'em Dog days in the Cali' summer Life's ... ys in the Cali' summer Life's
39 5.Factory Girl as only a hard workin' factory girl I stepped up to her more closely to view her When on me she cast a look of destain Saying'Young ... look of destain Saying'Young man stand off me and do not come near me I work for my living and think it no shame' The next morning I was there ready and waiting ... ich men's neglect is the poor man's grief As I stood there a whisper
40 10.This Life in't no woman want a man without a plan That's exactly what I was but they didn't understand I don't think they saw the vision Blessings I was given Life ... on my own no problem true I'm workin' hard and burnin' like a roster WHO is gonna tell me otherwise and day I had to choose If I would go to school or if my dreams would ... and trust me that decision's hard to make but when I thought about i
41 5.All In A Day's Work d to work harder than the next guy just to do as well as the next guy. And to do better than the next guy I had to just kill. And you know to ... mbrosius& Anderson.Paak] Work hard Workin' so hard2473-6-5365 hard work It's all in a day's work[Verse2: Dr. Dre+ Anderson.Paak] My whole life all I ever thought about is grindin' Even though my ... hen I was a fuckin' youngster man Shit I was still sayin''Fuck the police' Born and raised in the belly of the beast
42 3.No Thank You These are hard times we're living in Nobody cuts you any slack We got Space Age machinery Stone Age emotions Today a ... ry Stone Age emotions Today a man had better watch his back Everybody's selling somethin' the baron and the bumpkin A ... ' the baron and the bumpkin A man has got to fight for what is his If what they're offering to you looks too good to be true You can bet your bottom dollar that i ... y I'm getting deeper in a rut Workin' overtime now a dollar's w
43 9.Take a Trip far Been workin' on my music and I'm workin' real hard Well??? feet up hangin' in the yard I've been travelin' all night long Whisper sweetly sing my song Lazy lazy is on my mind I'v ... in' but it's tearin' me apart Workin' for the music man it's breakin' up my heart I try to
44 1.B.L.O.W. argo shit man(Laughs) I go missin' for a month and this is what you do[Verse1] Wait I'ma take ya'll way back way way back From the old school ... r I ain't slave for it Wasn't workin' night to night to day for it Had to wait for it Had to spend a couple extra days for it Bitch I know I know I know I know Co ... or my felon flow Niggas hella hard hearin' Blind to em Gotta hit em with that Hellen Keller flow I fucked a lot of bitches Lord forgive me Father God know I did a ...
45 11.Electricity od. Kinda hard to face Try not to reminisce. I've been in the darkest place I understand the feeling of depression And truly understand the fe ... I kept walkin' Insults thrown hard I've been hit often Killin' all my problems I'mma need a big coffin There's nobody to blame but myself Cause no one feel the pa ... Trust me There's been way to many disappointments Might be why I'm always late not trippin' if I miss appointments Look. I'm not a fan of hu ... ents Look. I'm not a

46 15.Until the End of Time(feat. Canon& Lecrae) Grindin' workin' hustlin' on this mission I will never quit Every single track you put in front of me I'm killin' it Not for money fame atten ... ue get busted yeah they shook harder They fallin' like a piñata like super-sweet I'm exposin''em lookin' inside of'em show'em that nothin' gon' last but the truth ... tin the King make head to the man of the legend who he? God is the Al
47 2.Eviction Notice there's a man at the door She say don't answer we say what for? She beat our ass and we don't answer no more We had all we could want so we ai ... t know we was broke mama been workin' a double Did it all on her own she had no one to cover And we couldn't stay out of trouble We can't stay out the street But ... he most That's why I grind so hard now I used to be broke Used to col
48 9.Amazing I was the man and you were(?) One and two anytime I get mad I can't get mad at you God damn who the hell let rats in the house? King of lions ... ttle this[Verse2: Young Thug] Man I'm so tired of these niggas man I am so tired of these bitches I'm so magnificent studio ... hes I'm so magnificent studio workin' I'm wearin' a top like I'm pimpin' Your bitch want my milk I'm sittin' at the top lookin' at these wimps These hoes just rol ... s they might get revealed How (|
49 9.Head Banger ts Of the maniac dressed in black carry round a strap Kid you play me too close(Slow down and catch a cap pow)'Cause I don't play games an out ... d fame(Uh uh) Strictly biz to hard as I climb charts(Kid yeah) Bustin' ass daily as I compose like MozartJust stand say you're mad damn why him? Z-oh-one Tonka fi ... 'm bugged like a tapped phone hard like concrete So get a grip and don't slip or catch a clip From the infrared aimed at your head as I blast my target The Bozack ...
50 4.Take Me Back imes were hard She went about her work singing some old farvorite songs of hers And often singing favorite songs for us She was satisfied just ... to us children And the only woman daddy ever loved Take me back to mama's bossom back to daddy's loving arms Take me back all precious mem'ries to the days foreve ... daddy In the evening when his workin' day was done When daddy saw us comin' he would bend his tired old back Holdin' out his arms and into them we'd run He'd hold ...
51 17.Bad Ass like the man of the hour tear down that house I'm throwin' this money like it's no runnin' out Okay but I wanna know can you get in the aisle ... : Kid Ink] I'm feeling like a man of the hour host of the evening But girl it's your show now bring it back rerun I got pockets of hundreds they say that change i ... re gettin' hella bent Ball so hard I deserve me a Leatherman Man let me see that cake cake cake like etamine Ass up gon' take it down like a sedative That'
52 7.New Faces(feat. Earl Sweatshirt& Dash) pper. Aww man man it's crazy bein' so rich damn[Verse1:Earl Sweatshirt] In'09 we were still on the bus nigga Before Nak was deluxe when I didn't h ... t as large as it gets And you workin' givin' arm and a leg Say he workin' but he just talkin' cause he ainworkin' Like a long distance bitch Who you know that's out that's ... ho you know that's out that's harder than this? Chargin' niggas like a Tomlison win nigga Slight frown on the brow on the brim color br
53 2.New Faces v2 pper. Aww man man it's crazy bein' so rich damn[Verse1: Earl Sweatshirt] In'09 we were still on the bus nigga Before Nak was deluxe when I didn't ... t as large as it gets And you workin' givin' arm and a leg Say he workin' but he just talkin' cause he ainworkin' Like a long distance bitch Who you know that's out that's ... ho you know that's out that's harder than this? Chargin' niggas like a Tomlison win nigga Slight frown on the brow on the brim color br
54 16.All About The Paper t Packard Workin' at a desk with a dumb little placard? Yeah payin' the bills with my mad programming skills Defraggin' my ... gramming skills Defraggin' my hard drive for thrills I got me a hundred gigabytes of RAM I never feed trolls and I don't read spam Installed a T1 line in my house ... You could back up your whole hard drive on a floppy diskette You're the biggest joke on the Internet Your database is a disaster You're waxin' your modem tryin' ... a week? Throw that
55 1.Brand New Dance comes the hard part it's bad news You got to bend over and put on your shoes Over in the bed lies your sleepin' wife Snorin' like a sailor she ... smell and it's called'The Old Man' A new taste sensation I'd say it was bland But that senior discount that's my kind of treat But when I get on the bus you got t ... would stop You'd rather be a workin' stiff than a lazy slob Sha Na Na don't get you no job Hey hallelujah it's election time Vote in a booth for the big boss lin ...
56 6.I'm Gonna Be(500 Miles) na be the man who wakes up next to you. And when I go out yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the ... I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you. And when I come home yeah I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the ... I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the man who's coming home to you. And when I'm dreamin' well I know I'm gonna dream I'm gonna dream about the time when I'm with you. Bu ... ld walk500 moreJust to be the man who walked1000 miles To fall down at your
57 7.Humble Operations ddy was a workin' man kept his family fed with calloused hands. He wasn't too proud to sweat or bleed. And he made damn sure that I could see that We ... your shirt Up before the sun man just to get it done. Hard workin ladies feeding little babies Workin for a ... ng little babies Workin for a man with all they can Put in overtime f
58 8.Buss It chet no romantics Buss it from Pacific all the way to the Atlantic woah Drop it down low to the floor Now you lettin' all your inhibitions go ... t up for him let him know you workin' with some luggage Take it up hot cos we goin' on a trip Everyone invited we all in this That cutie on the side yeah I'm blow ... like a football rush it Stomp hard buss it and crush it If she hate it make a ... rush it If she hate it make a man love it Watchin' all my videos make
59 8.Paradise Feat. Aston Matthews& Waka Flocka notes So many shots I'm callin' keys lookin' like piles of pollen And nigga took a loss now back to baller(?) A nigga been chillin' with Spal ... at's clever Cause a nigga the man and bitches see this cheddar She says(?) better I say you can't do better Cause you let me fuck the first time that I met her On ... ldn't find a job so I hustled hard for these pair of Nikes Made some bad decisions never had no one(?) share advice Came a long way from the nigga gettin' fronted ...
60 18.Bars& Hooks an Price] Man you cats ain't slick and your raps ain't shit I ain't been the same since I ate paint chips Amazing how I rip and ride reckless ... rack and I ain't talkin''bout workin' for Wayne I'm talkin''bout the earth and the rain the moon and the stars Talkin''bout the jerks in the game you know who you ... ou are[Hook][Verse2- AWKWORD] Man you thugs ain't tough and your raps ain't touch I ain't been the same since I drank them drugs Amazing how I spit on a record- i ...
61 3.Crashing Down appen now Man I don't even have a doubt This is all after it came crashing down Can't forget when me and O ain't even have shit Had to pay to ... out that I gambled that shit Man I don't even know what'd she say to me... I came[Hook] Crashin' crashin' crashin' down X8[Verse2] My situation was gettin' so ba ... mutha fucka out there Who be workin' as hard as a brother out here I don't know why a dude like you Always puttin' me down when I be in yo town You can't tell m
62 3.Back It Up at you're workin' with Me and T on some pimp shit this is the collision My nigga at the front I'm at the tail end where is your girlfriend? I' ... m the young boss follow my commands Now I'm bring bought seven hands Back to my table racks on racks to my naval Got all the girls wanna rock the young boy like a ... rl back it up b-back it up Im hard as fuck and I wanna fuck Bitch open up I'm to-to raw gotta rap it up I'm ultra faded I'm pouring cups Two shots of this ass sho ...
63 8.Perfect(feat. Kam Parker) king this hard for a person and his place to live My God I'm ... his place to live My God I'm workin' like I ain't got nothin' The can you load you may drop some And you can't hide so stop frontin' My God that's a lot that we ... rselves But I guess that it's hard for you to ask for help But in that moment that's when you fail One slip and they judgin' standin' like they ain't done nothin' ... ie I shoulda been gunnin' I'm workin' at it I ain't perfect at it And I say
64 6.Iggy SZN son Every man needs some Azalea You want it you do what I tell ya You play on my team and get a ring back You don't you gon' end up a failure ... in' with me I'm stuntin' this hard and I ain't even reached my peak I just get money to spend it let the cycle repeat I'm feeling like I got this world on my feet ... omewhere the grown folks busy workin' Iggy independent with it they k
65 7.FWU me I was hardly home workin'3 to3 seems like another time Feels like another time there will be another time I'll get to forget you[Verse1] But you just ... get to talkin' how I lost it Hard to call it all my fault mama Tried to keep you out that drama mama Was it all bad?(Yeah) I was laughin' cause you met ha Tell m ... er for my Lamborghini flexin' Workin' in the East but you know we in the West End Name another nigga hustle ... End Name another nigga hustle har
66 17.Breakthrough oss is my man? L.L. this L.L. that soon as I walk in the place I wanna take my gun and shoot you in your muthafuckin' face You're playin' me t ... ' all the way to the top It's harder harder than hard all the suckers are barred You used to try to talk down now your ego is scarred See the problem is you want what another ... blem is you want what another man has His car his wife or his razzamatazz But that's weak you gotta do work on your own'Cuz when you're rich y
67 8.I'm Real You're Fake ) We play hard and stay hard so there be no slackin'(slackin') I go live with that45 you know I'll be packin(packin) I'm stacking that bread up( ... n) I'm stacking that bread up(hard) Hold shit I'm fed up(yeah I'm) You wanna ball with the big dogs you best get your bread up(come on!) From night time till sun ... night time till sun up hustle hard stay one up My head down and my gun up you want your issue than run up I'm trill and you're not real so we can't be equal(eq
68 11.Redeem(feat. Lee Green) century humanity when history tells the truth America on the brink of war with three countries Consecutive within the church Well one part was ... was drama Sleep while she was workin' harder So that we could make it further Failed school or smoke the money guilt I'm sweeping on my father As if his absence was reaso ... is robed in curses with what man has disposed as worthless Got chose
69 14.Problems mfortably workin' hard cause ain't nothing free Rollin' up some real potent weed And I like to be tight with freaks Niggas know where my? is Showin' l ... t a reefa prolem scratch that Man I know I do I think I have a reefa
70 4.Workin'(feat. Alexander King) vin'4.Workin'(feat. Alexander King)[Chorus Big Smo& Alexander King] I woke up this mornin' tied my boots up Cause I knew it's goin' to ... baby got on my way Cause I'm workin''til it's hurtin' That's the only way to make an honest day's pay So I'm ... ke an honest day's pay So I'm workin' even when it's hurtin' That's the only way to make an honest day's wage[Verse1: Big Smo] Yeah I'm up early with the birdies ... tryin' to make a livin' boss man trippin' My
71 14.Anything Goes(feat. Alexander King) ' for the man of the hour Midnight shift for the money and the power It's just one of them nights where anything goes Got a whole lot of shine ... ason to go if you ain't going hard If anyone deserves a celebration it'd be us Been ... a celebration it'd be us Been workin' so hard for the last nine months Studio to
72 6.Piece Of Love es The ex man he a fool I know he mad that he dissed you Now you moved on to the next chapter Trynna figure out what's next One hood girl with ... that's out this world She be workin' hard Yeah you that girl Don't let them tell you different Go out and make that paper And she gone get her own Don't need no savior I ... Don't need no savior If it's workin' from9 to5 Or dancin' on that po
73 8.On My Soul Lost too many of my niggas out here in that field(On my soul) My niggas my niggas one hunnit' ya'll niggas ain't real(On my soul) War time ni ... niggas might've said they my mans prolly' But understand I'm that nigga to everybody He ain't from the land then he ain't my ... rom the land then he ain't my mans prolly We got a song then he payed me the bands obviously Bitch can't ask me for my money ... tch can't ask me for my money man bitch over my dead body And I pro
74 9.Vultures Of Culture e western man's been workin' so hard against us With his western medicine And his land ... western medicine And his land management and his fences Or the way he protects and the way he preserves Never the way he neglects the people who came first Ya kno ... o be in favour Of the western man's invasion See him pumpin' fear like an IV Spreadin' it like a disease And all the while buildin' a clueless army Of god-fearing ... rts to make sense Why western man des
75 10.Gimme Back My Bullets seen the hard times and the pressure's been on me But I keep on ... re's been on me But I keep on workin' like the workin' man do And I've got my act together I'm
76 4.Red Cup a be your man girl I'm just bein' honest But what'chu got in your pants got the whole club like damn[Chorus2: T-Pain] Booty big enough booty b ... how to give her Yeah so your man keep callin' Girl keep it real he don't want no problems(no!) It's me and the O.G.40 wildin'(uh) Here for the night you gon' mis ... ather touch a soft ass than a hard booty(Ray Bobby!) Throw that back throw that back(back) She could be a chiropractor ... ) She could be a chiropractor workin'
77 19.Life Is…Too$hort t rappin' man I said it before and I'll say it again Life is too short Too short Life is too short Life is to some people unbearable Committin ... can take my advice and start workin' fool Or you can close your ears and run your mouth And one day homeboy ya soon find out Life is too short Too short Life is ... and ya callin' it hell Policeman tryin' to take ya to jail You could give a ... e ya to jail You could give a man time but you don't know I a matter of time I'
78 7.Foreign Remix th me She workin' hard like she tryna get a visa The way she twerk it I just might pull out my Visa(Chorus)(Trey Songz) After we leave girl you know w ... even days'cause you know your man's weak Make that body talk know to
79 1.Sweet Victory ain't be workin' right for7 years So miss me with that keep your chin up try to smile Bro I'm26 I should feel better by a mile Keep all your ... stage They like that boy the man They hear play on them songs They clappin' in them stands They like'I bet you got a lot of good stuff from rubber bands' So when ... So when I say'It's been a few hard years' they think I'm playin' But
80 6.Me and You ferent in many ways Whether it be your reaction time or your scale of pay[Hook] You work a job I got work that's ... work a job I got work that's hard we both workin' hard But you ain't me and I ain't you You let shit slide I'm down to ride I got heart and pride You ain't me and I ain't you She sav ... when they see me on that freshman cover Maybe never know It's like even the odds last year's the only time that I ever got robbed And I'm talking bout magazines n
81 21.Smell Something might be hard but it's got a lot of perks We bust heads of the dead intervene if they're mean My collection is contained light is green trap ... ean Chorus: Ray Stantz is the man with the wand in his hand No spells just hell screamin' demon be damned On the front line... I got no time for frontin' Strictly ... te hanging off the lip Always workin' on the Ecto it's a defective piece of shit Always got my goggles to help me see ghosts better Before trappin' happened my pl ...
82 13.Good Bad Ugly hating it man Time and time after time our bodies were close The girl was so fine Heard a heart beat that wasn't hers or mine The miracle of l ... eyes peeled for danger Folks workin' late I had a babysitter I ain't'bout to sit here and name her I was almost8 when she came in late Woke me up with a game to ... play Did a few things that's hard to say Told me to keep that secret safe How a young boy supposed to deal I'm tryna act like it ain't real Had my innocence just ...
83 3.Love Voodoo Crook-No Hard Feelings3.Love Voodoo[Verse Bizzy Crook] Uh voodoo I know you love it I know you love it A lot has changed since we fuc ... h bad bitches I need a good woman Fuck it I guess it come with age Thought I had bitches tell that nigga hit the club with Tre Sittin' there like I just blew up o ... tape And no one knew my face Man that feel like back in the fuckin' day Its crazy You ain't even my ex no more You ain't even my ex my ex said a ex before I'm me ...
84 3.Swervin' tired of workin' So nigga I'm swervin'(Verse) Nigga so ... I'm swervin'(Verse) Nigga so hard I'm seein' double Bad bitch fo' me ain't nothin' but trouble I see run shit as niggas fumble back in high-school I was ready to ... cked up politics like Denis Woman I'm talkin' shit you can't miss me With all that shit ron dick Why you still tryna sneak this pass that weed shit? Straight nigg ... ames you ain't ready fo' this Man I'm so ready I am ready for this Howhard
85 11.Clap Your Hands g to Your man is nothing but the truth. Hook: Clap your hands if you're tighter that fake shit Clap your hands if you're tryin to get down Cla ... d I'm in the week source Stay workin' in the lab better take your.. gone I waste energy now they turn their key off Keep going ... turn their key off Keep going hard and never will I ease off Avoid ca
86 1.Workin' Man Blues ayne Boyd-Workin' Man Blues (The Voice Performance) [Single]1.Workin' Man Blues It's a big job just gettin' by with nine kids and a wife I been a ... nine kids and a wife I been a workin' man dang near all my life I'll be working long as my two hands are fit to use II'll do a little drink in the evening Sing a little b ... a little bit of these working man blues Sometimes I think about leaving do a little bummin around I wanna throw my bi
87 4.Same Shit You in a hard spot you don't need a boyfriend huh? Actin' all brand new you so picture perfect yo girlfriends hate me Yo nigga so worthless I ... times? You don't give a shit? Man of fire shit keep the fuse lit In and out of work she keep diggin' in her purse Lookin' in my face like'nigga what's yo worth?' ... I was so out of order(my bad) Workin' like a dog punchin' in the wall
88 4.Preach r way too many years to know I shouldn't miss the calls from the women that I love Eyes closed in the club trying every single drug without kn ... ok: Euro] I did it all I work hard nigga preach! My bitch got her own money nigga preach! I'm21 with no kids nigga preach! My homie just beat his case nigga preac ... spill... Cause i deserve it A man like me is gonna make mistakes but no ones perfect So tell my mother that I love her I'm just busy ... that I love her I'm just busy
89 2.WWJD Feat. Dizzy Wright is kinda hard to post I done came up from nothing I guess we call it growth I ain't write it or recite it but I saw the oath I seen a n*gga w ... oath I seen a n*gga with Heisman status start to smoke I seen my people gettin' sprayed so we all can vote And do my dirt all by my lonely don't involve my folks ... opinion got me kickin' facts man I always rep the turf aka that's[?]grass ... p the turf aka that's[?]grass Hard knocks alumni never used a hall pass[?] Deploy
90 2.Trying To Find A Balance the last man I was just a ghost trying to catch some Mrs. Pac- ... trying to catch some Mrs. Pac-Man Hello ma'am would you be interested In some sexual positions and emotional investments See I'm not insane in fact I'm kind of ra ... h of my brothers The one is a hard workin' savior The other's a hard workin' soldier I'm just your next door neighbor ... just your next door neighbor Workin' hard at tryin' to stay sober You wait f
91 10.The Language ham、A. Palman、M. Samuels、A. Ritter、A. Hernandez、B. ... ham、A. Palman、M. Samuels、A. Ritter、A. Hernandez、B. Williams[Verse1] I don't know why they been lying but yo shit is not that inspiring Bank ac ... one and light it and fuck it man no one's invited I got to kill off the weak shit that's got all you niggas excited I can't even listen you whylin' I'd much rath ... n drive with the top off Been workin' so hard on the album I missed the whole su
92 11.305 To My City on't work hard as you damn that's so crazy At the end of the night when you count numbers don't lie to my baby Locker room full of money girl ... ou just did I get it I get it man fuck all that talking take shots to the kidney Down payment on theJaguar your roommate got credit12 months on the lease that's a ... diamonds you sparkle but fuck man is sparklin' enough for you?[Hook] Ooo305 to my city I get it I get it I get it I get it I swear that I get it I get it I get it ...
93 15.All Me ham、A. Palman、S. Anderson、T. Epps、D. Weir、L. Wille ... ham、A. Palman、S. Anderson、T. Epps、D. Weir、L. Willemetz、J. Charles、M. Yvaine[Intro] I'm really stepping up my game These bitches gotta start pa ... e metal go off And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off This that sauce this that dressing Givenchy nigga God bless you If having a bad bitch was a c ... uched down at'86 Knew I was a man by the age of6 I even fucked girls that used to
94 25.Smoke TwoJoints Live At The Palace1995 on you be hard workin' man' and Momma she once told me'son you do the best you can' but then one day I met a ... can' but then one day I met a man who came to me and said'Hard work good and hard work fine but first take care of h
95 1.B.I.T.C.H. : T-Pain] Man it must suck to be you niggas Cause it don't suck to be this rich If you not fuckin' with me brethren You can suck upon this dic ... n You can suck upon this dick Man I just get it how we get it where I live Somebody better call911(Call911) I'm breakin' in these niggas cribs! Yeah we out here ... iggas cribs! Yeah we out here workin' One things fo' sho' two things for certain I'm for real! That's how I live Somebody better call911(Call911) I'm breakin' in ... d
96 6.Bad Ass(Remix) like the man of the hour tear down that house I'm throwin' this money like it's no runnin' out Okay but I wanna know can you get in the aisle ... : Kid Ink] I'm feeling like a man of the hour host of the evening But girl it's your show now bring it back rerun I got pockets of hundreds they say that change i ... re gettin' hella bent Ball so hard I deserve me a Leatherman Man let me see that cake cake cake like etamine Ass up gon' take it down like a sedative That'
97 3.Bluffin' ck niggas man I promise I got-I got-I got-I got so much So much so much so much Quarter million little nigga I was nineteen Had my hustle down ... uch dope I got OG in my IV So many niggas jackin' that shit don't even surprise me I don't even want it back shit it's off to the good Can't even say I didn't kno ... o the hood Anytime you see me man I'm on the grind Nigga wasn't workin' when you knew you should Now you talk about me when I'm on the road And when I ride by I'
98 3.Astronaut Pussy- Welcome to California ull ofJ's Workin' on my Pippen he's Scotty in it Bath tub big enough to fit a Audi in it8 gold chains like a Saudi in it Murder with the ink I ... crib on Brazil I ain't never hardly there but I got a Maserati in it That's my new addition nobody in it Chop shops in the hood no karate in it So much money got ... ney got a money tree Whoop so many niggas' ass shit we money team Same fuck niggas with they hand out Same sad song bring the bands out Nigga should be workin on ...
99 3.Panera Bread(Feat. Rick Ross& Lunice) hese informants pockets enormous Rockie keep tourin' his stocks just keep growin' Rocky Balboa how I beat boys Niggas bow down it's an elite c ... rywhere[Verse2: Rockie Fresh] Man these niggas hatin' they can't make it out they mama house The least that they can do is wash the dishes take the garbage out Se ... been number one on that freshman list I told her it was nothin' to me girl don't stress that shit Plus some of my niggas on it I respect that shit Although they ...
100 11.What The Deal(Freestyle)(Feat. Miguel) tone Play hard as a rock bullets can break stones Break bad boys down likeJenny did Sean Combs I'm hot as an oven you just a pressin' comb I'm ... r hold your breath I give you workin' death And recommend the gun be your chaperone I know young niggas that look up to Al Capone And they look17 but I swear that ... I'm nice wit it I'll pop your man then leave some money on him so it

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