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1 13.Gremlin On13.Gremlin Ay a gremlin with gangrene is somethin to see boy Tried to kill myself but used myself as a decoy You can feel the recoil making your ski ... listen up]x2 I'm a heathen a gremlin an ogre a tyrant Hallucinating like the mike is dipped in psyllocybin Mad's maniacal. Motor mouth on a hot-streak Used to sh ... elp me!' Thant's the cry of a true looney Cause I feel like fucking dying I'm crying with2 tooneys(?) Seven golden angels Chemical warfare Deadl
2 11.Last Chance_ Gremlin X t Chance_ Gremlin X Walking in circles wondering what might Turn into ... ondering what might Turn into come back to who knows what's right Take every moment you'll see it's ... every moment you'll see it's true Some laughing some crying what else can I do Victims of choices only one life Paste tenses last chances fading into night Loser ... en who decides Why the voices come On and on the echo flies Burning i
3 17.Consumption now cones come showering through your roof You need a fine toothed comb to find the truth Well my house ain't made of glass and my chariot ain ... ta grabbin A lotta jar jabbin Gremlins goblins rappers squabbling Amongst the ranks from the punks to the drunks To the monks to the saints Keep your eyes on your ... heath that holds The arguably truest tempered sword in the western wo
4 7.Broccoli ugly ass gremlin? Buy some sticky you got the pillow Here go some black'n'mild style split it down the middle What's that? that oakland crip? ... up for5 and hold it for10 i'm true lung Let's see who got the most wind get em sprung Make em wanna ... d get em sprung Make em wanna come back and spend afghani bomb From j
5 7.Do You Like My New Car? d like to come maybe... in your bus or somethin'... Yeah?..(voice in background): In the bus! ... e in background): In the bus! Come in the bus huh?... tomorrow we're in ah let's see... tierra del fuego... Ook! you're so professional howie! Oh it's not... it's ... Ooooh.. What's the deal baby? come on.. Howie! howie lissen yo me... all that's ... ie lissen yo me... all that's true.. Come across.. All that's true and sometimes i even dig it with a doctor bro

6 18.Numb(To the Guns) half dug(true) With Yanni coverin'Cats' to make the pain worse than it was(nooo) Playin marbles(playin marbles) hit by a bus(hit by a bus) De ... e war back thru the cable box Gremlins(?) are like stage props aimed at latest names dropped So now we ignorant right?(right?) No(no) we just accepts the inevitab ... for the world's hand captured(come on) Numb to the guns(riiiight) now he touch buttons that'll re-route imagery Yes doggie recognize the history Yes doggie recogn ...
7 7.The Lie Which Refuses To Die(Dna Lounge- Live2004) t has not come true i'm the one that they curse when they fall asleep the ... rse when they fall asleep the gremlin watching them when they try to sleep knowing i exist is their punishment i'm the lie which refuses to die my stench pollutes ... eace i'm the stain that won't come out the toilet backed up the ticke
8 57.Do You Like My New Car?- Live At Fillmore East1971 d like to come maybe... in your bus or somethin'... Howard: Yeah?(In the BUS!) Howard: ... d: Yeah?(In the BUS!) Howard: Come in the bus huh? Tomorrow we're in ah let's see... Tierra del Fuego Mark: Oh... You're so professional Howie! Howard: Oh it's no ... al baby? Mark: Howie! Howard: Come on... Mark: Howie listen to me all that's ... Howie listen to me all that's true... Howard: Come across like... you know? Mark: I swear all that's ... now? Mark: I swear all
9 2.I Love Females ok like a grem-a-lin(its true) Your pum-pum looks like a face on a terapin its unsettling but if you've got a nice body i don't mind chillin' with a nympho b ... if your lips are smelly i'll come to your house and i'll kick your t