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1 11.夜靠誰(Godfather Remix) 關淑怡-世途上11.夜靠誰(Godfather Remix)作詞余紹祺作曲周啟生編曲周啟生何以我追憶難止?偏一再念掛記過往的溫馨片段我似是傻瓜情歸於漆黑裡嗎?無援地負一生罪嘛?在夜裡失落回憶
2 1.Fever Godfather Band-Fever狂熱1.Fever作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文 Is it
3 2.天生一對 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱2.天生一對作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文走在街上今天我又期待著什麼來
4 3.幸福的定義 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱3.幸福的定義作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文我抬頭望著天空
5 4.不要再說 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱4.不要再說作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文星期天我們喝著咖

6 5.甜心?點心 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱5.甜心?點心作詞 Caroline作曲 Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文什麼話都不必多說再多玫瑰花也沒有
7 6.First Day Godfather Band-Fever狂熱6.First Day作詞 Caroline作曲 Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文 When I was
8 7.搖滾女孩 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱7.搖滾女孩作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文在人來人往擁擠的
9 8.默契 Godfather Band-Fever狂熱8.默契作詞 Caroline Kevin作曲 Caroline Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文不用細數
10 9.Ready to Go Godfather Band-Fever狂熱9.Ready to Go作詞 Caroline作曲 Caroline編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文 I am r
11 10.Mr.Fail Godfather Band-Fever狂熱10.Mr.Fail作詞 Caroline作曲 Kevin編曲 Kevin製作郭嘉文什麼時候你變的那麼軟弱我跟
12 11.Speak Softly Love The Godfather(輕聲訴情) eak Softly Love The Godfather(輕聲訴情) Speak softly love and hold me warm against your heart I feel your
13 3.영웅본색 다많은것을가르쳐준 godfather godfather godthem친구여한국을뜨자란타우구룡성채난샤넬티를입을
14 2.Love Theme From'The Godfather'(Speak Softly Love)-Japanese ver.- Love Theme From'The Godfather'(Speak Softly Love)-Japanese ver.-作詞 Larry Kusik訳詞千家和也作曲 Nino Rota広い世界の
15 3.中毒 So wake up I'm the Godfather df K pop And I see you I AM IS답답해답답해이제그만해 To last night다시넌내게들어와 so wake up오
16 2.DNA. ow Baby in the pool godfather goals Only Lord knows I've been goin' hammer Dodgin' paparazzi freakin' thr
17 1.Birds n Bars Wiley-Godfather1.Birds n Bars Yo Eskiboy BBK dun know Listen Yo bigging up Teeza Ma
18 2.Bring Them All Holy Grime(feat. Devlin) Wiley-Godfather2.Bring Them All Holy Grime(feat. Devlin)作詞 Devlin& Wiley作曲 Devlin& Wiley Drink'nough beers before the game what d' ... Hit'em with the Carleone ting Godfather of grime Don't charter to rid
19 3.Name Brand(feat.JME Frisco&J2K) Wiley-Godfather3.Name Brand(feat.JME Frisco&J2K) I came to jam and hold a vibes Hol
20 4.Speakerbox Wiley-Godfather4.Speakerbox That's where we are right now fam. And like everyone in

21 5.Back With A Banger Wiley-Godfather5.Back With A Banger Fire in my belly cause I'm back in the manor I'
22 6.Joe Bloggs(feat. Newham Generals& President T) Wiley-Godfather6.Joe Bloggs(feat. Newham Generals& President T) Call shots go again
23 7.Pattern Up Properly(feat. Flowdan&Jamakabi) Wiley-Godfather7.Pattern Up Properly(feat. Flowdan&Jamakabi) When I'm on a mission
24 8.Can't Go Wrong Wiley-Godfather8.Can't Go Wrong My team's got a lot of dons And we're doing this ti
25 9.Bang(feat. Ghetts) Wiley-Godfather9.Bang(feat. Ghetts) Bang same city new blocks Bang boombox on the r
26 10.U Were Always Pt.2(feat. Skepta& Belly) Wiley-Godfather10.U Were Always Pt.2(feat. Skepta& Belly) Told me that you were at
27 11.On This(feat. Chip Ice Kid& Little D) Wiley-Godfather11.On This(feat. Chip Ice Kid& Little D) Name won't die out I proved
28 12.Bait Face(feat. Scratchy) Wiley-Godfather12.Bait Face(feat. Scratchy) My face is bait I can't hide it I make
29 13.My Direction Wiley-Godfather13.My Direction When I go to war I dun them Could be this crew or th
30 14.Like It Or Not(feat. Breeze) Wiley-Godfather14.Like It Or Not(feat. Breeze)(Swifta production) Ride for the side
31 15.Lucid Wiley-Godfather15.Lucid I was on point when I made The Elusive Mum told me'Stop mak
32 16.Laptop(feat. Manga) Wiley-Godfather16.Laptop(feat. Manga) It's my life that machine All of my thoughts
33 17.P Money Remix(feat. P Money) Wiley-Godfather17.P Money Remix(feat. P Money) I tell a don it ain't funny That's w
34 13.Bal Harbour(Feat. A$AP Ferg) like The Godfather whenever we ball baby I'm all up in Bal Harbour Givenchy and Balmain It look like The ... and Balmain It look like The Godfather whenever we ball baby I'm all up in Bal Harbour Givenchy and Balmain[Verse1: Tory Lanez] Pullin' up Rolls Royce gave'em no ... en we all on It look like The Godfather whenever we ball baby I'm all up in Bal Harbour Givenchy and Balmain It look like The ... and Balmain It look like The Godfather whenever we ball baby I'm
35 8.Freedom ver in the80s Now I godfather my own ship man it's crazy This is all by design100 million and I'm still o
36 8.Stranger Than Paradise tJames Caan and The Godfather And Cat Stevens songs and Steve Miller He said'Man I hope we get to work to
37 7.Chief Don't Run r or doctor The new Godfather keep your old mobsters Matter fact you can keep your old Oscars It's tomorr
38 1.Legend Has It ife can end like in Godfather1 You get the gun as I christen my son If I die today and it's Hell I should
39 3.Legend Has It ife can end like in Godfather1 You get the gun as I christen my son If I die today and it's Hell I should
40 12.Telephone Calls (What you want yo?) Godfather rap nappy plaits to the backJames Brown swag Papa's got a brand-new bag And
41 7.Untitled072014-2016 feel like Pacino in Godfather I'm charged Our father who art in Heaven Kendrick at large Came in the game
42 5.The Art of Hustle Scarface Al Pacino Godfather Marlon Brando A word to the wise watch your guys niggas snakes in disguise
43 9.Big Blue Hundreds ain now D.A said im godfather im like this hoe tripping Tired of using[?]watching all my children Back st
44 2.My Boys n' we juuged my boy Godfather you know that ain't a question How we rock ain't a question Y'all still fuc
45 1.Freedom ver in the80s Now I godfather my own ship man it's crazy This is all by design100 million and I'm still o

46 9.Once Upon A Time t was the Godfather Givin us another issue We got strapped packed into the ride and ready to roll(Roll)(roll)(roll) And there they all go I sa ... ta are?dd did it[ CHORUS: The Godfather Rock TE] Once upon a drive-by it was me and the Ganxta are?dd MC's try to sweat the dawg this is what he did[ singing] Tim ... amn that's a hard-ass lyric![ Godfather singing] Time is tickin the world's gone bad You ain't with it you better step back Feel the wrath of the Ganxta are?dd[ G ...
47 6.Blade: The Art of Ox ade men shottas and godfathers I rock the flow Brick City bandit about to know Star studed glow Party on
48 10.Big Sean Detroit Vs Everybody up though it's the godfather Trick Trick. You either ridin' with us or gettin' rolled on. That means Det
49 4.Wish a Nigga Would ld) Lou Vutton shoe Godfather Y'all want to rob who?(I wish a nigga would) Rack on racks and there's fact
50 3.Feel Right I'm the artist the godfather still hard as a rock You gon fuck around and make me knock your fruit juice
51 7.Bloody Trouble Feat. Trouble same every where My godfather run Still screaming free Deontray Still screaming free Dontae Zone6 for lif
52 7.Battle Buddies4 Life off like the jackal Godfather like I'm Marlon Brando I'm off the bar handles Lettin' off the bomb shrapne
53 15.Top Tier in't made great The godfather large armour logical I'm on point chronological I don't rock boots with spi
54 7.And God Said to Cain e useful Ah and the Godfather speaks R.A. Vinnie Paz Stoupe on a beat lets go[Hook] You go against the fa
55 1.Against Us with the Godfather We just pawns in this chess game Of law and order That's why I be like[Hook] Our father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy ... Cause satan sparring with the Godfather throwing jabs You speak about
56 17.The Nutcracker . Clara knows he is Godfather Drosselmeyer the toymaker. His surprise arrival is warmly accepted and all
57 12.Detroit Vs. Everybody hat up doe It's the godfather Trick Trick You either ridin' with us Or gettin' rolled on That means Detro
58 12.The Godfather br>12.The Godfather[Hook] We was just some little niggas On and off the cornerJust wanna be a baller I was just a little niggaJust a littl ... ey done turn me to the old me Godfather putting40 in the'03 Falling down to my knees Lord let a nigga win win win Let a young nigga win Please Lord let me win win ... ey done turn me to the old me Godfather putting40 in the'03 Falling down to my knees Lord let a nigga win win win Let a young nigga win Please Lord let me win win ...
59 7.No Fly Zone Feat. Royce Da5'9'& K Young Trick-Trick-The Godfather 37.No Fly Zone Feat. Royce Da5'9'& K Young[Sample]'But how much lon
60 13.Price Is Right Trick-Trick-The Godfather 313.Price Is Right Yeah! I'd run through it all if the price is rig
61 1.Condensation ey heard other shit Godfather Kenshin nigga'who the hell u fuckin with?' Blunt ashes on my shirt looking
62 15.Family Ties et double-forty M's Godfather money filmin' part four again Butterball Magic City so you know it's him me
63 1.Intro age Here to see the Godfather at a mob wedding Hard bottoms hard measures was hard-headed Took assignment
64 4.The Hope(Freestyle) the new DeNiro The Godfather. World war empire the Luciana yo' boy Trauma. Mean O.G. money to Keisha whe
65 9.You'll Rock n-Prince of rappin' Godfather of bees Emcee's that need a new lady to feed You'll rock You know what I'm
66 19.Ahh Let's Get Ill Kangol is mine the godfather is E I bust your lip my level won't slip Clockin' crazy dollars on the L.L.
67 4.They Talked AboutJesus running their mouth Godfathers to the head they spoiled that Might trout your legs overseased pussies y'a
68 3.Fo Hook X2][Outro: The Godfather][Hyman Roth:] Make sure that everybody sees the cake before we cut it. When
69 4.Grew Up In This his shit(Outro: The Godfather) Michael: They want to have a meeting with me right? Let's set the meeting.
70 5.M.P.R. he check(Outro: The Godfather) You've made me think of what you once told me. In5 years the Corleone fami
71 10.Godfather Four pe)10.Godfather Four feat. Action Bronson[Intro Curren$y](Fatality fatality) Drive-In Theatre[Verse1: Curren$y] Before the curtain dru ... acetime with the fish This is Godfather4 shit sick like swine flu Sore throat runny eyes bloody nose Coke loads tossed from the boat Frog man bring it in operatio ... in my Ghost let me roll[Hook] Godfather4 Godfather4 Godfather4 Godfather4 Ceiling solid gold Italian marble floors ... id gold Italian marble floors
72 13.Stolen cash go(Outro: The Godfather II) Sollozzo: need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars
73 14.Introduction rancis Ford Coppola Godfather Four Impala on the floor With my homie Young Hog He just flew to the N.O To
74 9.Konigsaura D-Screens Blockpate Godfather Playerflows auf KD-Beatz Löwenpower Ich geh nicht durch Türen ich zerstöre
75 19.King er Toys Ich bin der Godfather wie Zeus Fahre bossartig im Royce Und schieß mit Pumpguns umher Denn Whack
76 12.Detroit vs. Everybody hat up doe it's the godfather Trick Trick. You either ridin' with us or gettin' rolled on That means Detr
77 1.Sic Them Youngins On'E with the godfather See what ya get Punishment Consequences and repercussions Understand me Y'all know what I do[Hook]x2 Sic them youngins on' ... Yarn in my hand no pinky ring Godfather nigga I pull the strings Do w
78 7.Nobody's Smiling s where the guys is Godfathers in[?] at the spot holding money like a hostage She went ostrich from the p
79 8.Miracle een things from the Godfather saga A Martin Scorsese classic and I'm the author Drama at the opera crime
80 8.Godfather Death Lies8.Godfather Death In this land of dissolving fiends I am ... and of dissolving fiends I am Godfather Death By prostration And in t
81 1.Oddfather Intro(from the Inside) e oddfather Not the godfather A.k.a the trap father Trap god3 on the way Guwop vs. Gucci on the way I'm t
82 5.The Punk Meets the Godfather .The Punk Meets the Godfather PUNK You declared you would be three inches taller You only became what
83 10.Pop That Explicit Version y bitches My life a Godfather picture Local club in my city I fell in love with a stripper Bitches know I
84 7.Curtains shocker Word to my godfather who bombs harder Be out to get the paper like inga and shawn carter Hook2x:
85 2.I'll Roll You Up wicked raps Rip the godfather then you start that braggin' I never jumped on aJames Brown bandwagon A mal
86 7.Hero(feat.Jaysaun& Checkmark) mpson O.J. and Kato Godfather2 Michael Corleone'N kill Fredo I'm still a old slob still rolling with no j
87 5.A Thousand Eyes a nine Speak louder Godfather You want what's mine So show your face Strike harder You know what's mine Y
88 1.Tommy Story Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto1.Tommy Story Tommy tied up in a dope spot for three b
89 2.Dangerous Minds Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto2.Dangerous Minds The future don't care no more NYPD c
90 3.Selling Keys Feat. Lloyd Banks Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto3.Selling Keys Feat. Lloyd Banks(feat. Lloyd Banks) I
91 4.Out Of Town Trip Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto4.Out Of Town Trip Riding in my64 higher than a mother
92 5.Move Feat.50 Cent& Kidd Kidd Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto5.Move Feat.50 Cent& Kidd Kidd(feat.50 Cent& Kidd Kidd
93 6.Girlfriend Feat. Twista Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto6.Girlfriend Feat. Twista(feat. Twista) I don't need a
94 7.Ready Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto7.Ready See me coming see me coming see me coming And
95 8.Good Die Young Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto8.Good Die Young Shit was all good just a week ago Two
96 9.Lean Molly Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto9.Lean Molly We got that lean and Molly's That lean an
97 10.Sunshine Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto10.Sunshine My life'aint always been easy I've been th
98 11.If Love Is Feat. Raheem Davaughn Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto11.If Love Is Feat. Raheem Davaughn(feat. Raheem Davau
99 12.Sexual Healing Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto12.Sexual Healing Oh baby let's get down tonight When
100 13.Up and Down Feat. Ron Browz Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto13.Up and Down Feat. Ron Browz(ft Ron Browz) Young nig

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