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1 1.You Make My Heart Sing Louder Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving1.You
2 2.Harder to Believe Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving2.Hard
3 3.Say I Am Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving3.Say
4 5.New Love Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving5.New
5 6.Annalee Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving6.Anna

6 7.Something Worth Saving Gavin DeGraw-Something Worth Saving7.Some
7 10.SunsetJesus Lennevald Gavin DeGraw Mike Posner Rami Sandro Cavazza&
8 6.Celebrate Me Home br>(feat. Gavin Degraw) Home for the holidays I believe
9 9.SunsetJesus Lennevald Gavin DeGraw Mike Posner Rami Sandro Cavazza&
10 15.Looking for Your Name br> feat. Gavin DeGraw Lyricist Armin Van Buuren Benno de Goeij& ... in Van Buuren Benno de Goeij& Gavin DeGraw Producer Armin Van Buuren[Verse1] Baby
11 1.I Don't Want To Be Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw1.I Don't Want To Be Composer 蓋文迪
12 2.Not Over You Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw2.Not Over You Composer 蓋文迪克羅 Arranger 蓋文
13 3.Follow Through Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw3.Follow Through Composer 蓋文迪克羅 Arranger
14 4.In Love With A Girl(Max Martin Unreleased Version) Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw4.In Love With A Girl(Max Mar
15 5.Chariot Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw5.Chariot Composer 蓋文迪克羅 Arranger 蓋文迪克羅 S
16 6.We Belong Together Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw6.We Belong Together Composer 蓋文迪
17 7.Best I Ever Had Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw7.Best I Ever Had Composer 蓋文迪克羅編
18 8.Finest Hour(New Version) Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw8.Finest Hour(New Version)
19 9.Soldier Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw9.Soldier Composer 蓋文迪克羅 Arranger 蓋文迪克羅 L
20 10.Fire Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw10.Fire Composer 蓋文迪克羅 Arranger 蓋文迪克羅 Oh

21 11.You Got Me Gavin DeGraw-Finest Hour:The Best Of Gavin DeGraw11.You Got Me When the fe
22 11.Not Over You br>(feat. Gavin Degraw) Dreams that's where I have to g
23 10.Bring It On Home to Me (with Gavin DeGraw)(originally by Sam Cooke) If you
24 13.Soldier inally by Gavin Degraw) La da da da da da la da da da d
25 1.Best I Ever Had Gavin DeGraw-Best I Ever Had (Single)1.Be
26 1.Best I Ever Had Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move1.Best I Ever Had
27 2.Make a Move Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move2.Make a Move
28 3.Finest Hour Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move3.Finest Hour
29 4.I'm Gonna Try Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move4.I'm Gonna Try
30 5.Who's Gonna Save Us Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move5.Who's Gonna Sav
31 6.Everything Will Change Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move6.Everything Will
32 7.Need Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move7.Need He tel
33 8.Heartbreak Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move8.Heartbreak(
34 9.Every Little Bit Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move9.Every Little Bi
35 10.Different For Girls Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move10.Different For
36 11.Leading Man Gavin DeGraw-Make a Move11.Leading Man
37 5.Baby It s Cold Outside feat. Gavin DeGraw ide feat. Gavin DeGraw I really can't stay- But bab
38 1.Not Over You(Single) Gavin DeGraw-Not Over You (Single)1.Not O
39 1.Not Over You Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter1.Not Over You Dr
40 2.Sweeter Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter2.Sweeter You You
41 3.Run Every Time Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter3.Run Every Time
42 4.Soldier Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter4.Soldier Where d
43 5.Candy Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter5.Candy Remember
44 6.You Know Where I'm At Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter6.You Know Where I'm
45 7.Stealing Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter7.Stealing You mi

46 8.Radiation Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter8.Radiation Na na
47 9.Where You Are Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter9.Where You Are W
48 10.Spell It Out Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter10.Spell It Out W
49 1.Indian Summer Gavin DeGraw-Free1.Indian Summer summ
50 2.Free Gavin DeGraw-Free2.Free I'm a poor I'
51 3.Stay Gavin DeGraw-Free3.Stay You don't hav
52 4.Mountains To Move Gavin DeGraw-Free4.Mountains To Move
53 5.Glass Gavin DeGraw-Free5.Glass Fool you mad
54 6.Lover Be Strong Gavin DeGraw-Free6.Lover Be Strong No
55 7.Dancing Shoes Gavin DeGraw-Free7.Dancing Shoes It's
56 8.Waterfall Gavin DeGraw-Free8.Waterfall Say it b
57 9.Why Do The Men Stray Gavin DeGraw-Free9.Why Do The Men Stray
58 1.In Love With A Girl Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw1.In Love With A Girl Lyricist Gavin DeGraw Composer Gavin DeGraw So many people gonna say that th
59 2.Next To Me(Wait A Minute Sister) Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw2.Next To Me(Wait A Minute Sis ... er) Lyricist Gavin DeGraw Composer Gavin DeGraw Listen up destiny I know you wan
60 3.Cheated On Me Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw3.Cheated On Me I'm love
61 4.I Have You To Thank Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw4.I Have You To Thank Whe
62 5.Cop Stop Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw5.Cop Stop When your feat
63 6.Young Love Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw6.Young Love There's no n
64 7.Medicate The Kids Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw7.Medicate The Kids Tell'
65 8.Relative Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw8.Relative A flashlight I
66 9.She Holds A Key Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw9.She Holds A Key This is
67 10.Untamed Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw10.Untamed The letters yo
68 11.Let It Go Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw11.Let It Go I can't live
69 12.We Belong Together Gavin DeGraw-Gavin DeGraw12.We Belong Together We
70 1.I Don't Want To Be r> Artist Gavin Degraw Part of where I'm going is knowi
71 1.I Don't Wanna Be r> Artist Gavin Degraw Album Chariot Song: I Don't Wann
72 1.Nice to Meet You Anyway Gavin DeGraw-Chariot1.Nice to Meet You Any ... way Lyricist Gavin Degraw I don't want to get too close I
73 2.More Than Anyone Gavin DeGraw-Chariot2.More Than Anyone ... one Lyricist Gavin Degraw You need a friend I'll be around
74 3.I Don't Wanna Be Gavin DeGraw-Chariot3.I Don't Wanna Be ... Be Lyricist Gavin Degraw I don't need to be anything othe
75 4.Just Friends Gavin DeGraw-Chariot4.Just Friends Lyricist Gavin Degraw I saw you there last night Stand
76 5.Meaning Gavin DeGraw-Chariot5.Meaning Lyricist Gavin Degraw Hail to the light that my baby w
77 6.Crush Gavin DeGraw-Chariot6.Crush Lyricist Gavin Degraw When my pass came in you dropped
78 7.Chariot Gavin DeGraw-Chariot7.Chariot Lyricist Gavin Degraw Staring at a maple leaf Leaning
79 8.Follow Through Gavin DeGraw-Chariot8.Follow Through Lyricist ... ugh Lyricist Gavin Degraw Oh this is the start of somethin
80 9.Belief Gavin DeGraw-Chariot9.Belief Lyricist Gavin Degraw Belief makes things real Makes t
81 10.Chemical Party Gavin DeGraw-Chariot10.Chemical Party作 ... rty Lyricist Gavin Degraw Here at the party Everyone's hap
82 11.Change Is Gonna Come Gavin DeGraw-Chariot11.Change Is Gonna Co
83 12.Over-Rated Gavin DeGraw-Chariot12.Over-Rated Lyricist Gavin Degraw Take my home take everythin' I o
84 26.Best I Ever Had(Originally Performed by Gavin DeGraw)[Lullaby Version] formed by Gavin DeGraw)[Lullaby Version] Melt Antar
85 2.I Don't Want To Be(Originally Performed by Gavin Degraw) formed by Gavin Degraw) I don't need to be anything
86 39.Sweeter(Vocal Melody Version In the Style of Gavin DeGraw) Style of Gavin DeGraw) You You don't know how luck
87 13.I Don't Want to Be Be Lyricist Gavin Degraw I don't need to be anything othe
88 81.Come Together Now t's time) Gavin Degraw: Come together Now's the time to lend a hand Patti Labelle: Come together Only then we'll understand AJ McLean: Reaching out ... ick Carter:Just come together Gavin Degraw: Only then we'll understand Nata
89 3.We Both Know br> feat. Gavin DeGraw[Gavin DeGraw] They all say it all the ones who made it Want to find the money plainly But you're gonna have to fight]Colbie Caillat:] We d ... light Uh-uh-uh I found Chorus[Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat]: We both know our own limitations That's why we're strong Now when we spend some time apart Wheeling each ... f the dark Cause we both know[Gavin DeGraw:] In this nightmare forgiving me was bitter(..) Say you're never givi
90 1.Never The Same Gavin DeGraw-暫存1.Never The Same I wak
91 2.The One Gavin DeGraw-暫存2.The One I saw you th
92 3.Jealous Guy(Acoustic) Gavin DeGraw-暫存3.Jealous Guy(Acoustic)
93 4.Against All Odds Gavin DeGraw-暫存4.Against All Odds Lyricist P
94 5.Dancin' Shoes Gavin DeGraw-暫存5.Dancin' Shoes Lyricist Gavin Degraw It's so nice to see you Can we s
95 6.Dreams Gavin DeGraw-暫存6.Dreams Spending all
96 7.Silver Bells Gavin DeGraw-暫存7.Silver Bells Lyricist Raymo
97 8.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Gavin DeGraw-暫存8.Have Yourself A Merry Li
98 9.Get Lost Gavin DeGraw-暫存9.Get Lost Lyricist Gavin Degraw I've had days of wine and women
99 10.She Holds The Key Gavin DeGraw-暫存10.She Holds The Key Lyricist ... Key Lyricist Gavin Degraw This is the kind of affair to ma
100 11.Follow Through(Radio Edit) Gavin DeGraw-暫存11.Follow Through(Radio Edi ... it) Lyricist Gavin Degraw Oh this is the start of somethin

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