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1 1.Style 'm a criminal and a futurist With the charges I've caught won't stand your trial You can take it out on m
2 1.Madman's Return r away light in the futuristic place we might be It's a tiny world just big enough to support The kingdom
3 6.Rhythm Is A Dancer r away light in the futuristic place we might be It's a tiny world just big enough To support the kingdom
4 3.Neva Left bad Gangsta gangsta Futuristic Snoop Dogg48 hunnid C's up yeah Shoot or shout out to my home boys Harlem3
5 12.It's Not Design Fiasco] And in the futuristic Love will be reduced to physics Computer digits made by robots That use st

6 4.Knotty Head s up! Double M It's futuristic shi
7 5.Money Machine a slot machine In a futuristic whip look like a time machine Old school dropped a lil one fine machine Ma
8 5.Wait atulas my lyrics is futuristic I'm in here with my vintage ratchet with Princess[?] My mental action-ly i
9 13.No F_cks To Give feat. Futuristic& Chris Webby ive feat. Futuristic& Chris Webby[Verse1:Jarren Benton](What happened to Funk Volume nigga?) Ain't no more fucking Funk Volume All you nig ... lly keep movin' nigga[Verse2: Futuristic] Yeah Ran out of fucks to give enough of this I hit you in your upper lip if you ain't come for this Don't rush the kid a ... lling opa! A young nigga that Futuristic Dude the sickest don't care
10 2.French Montana& Puff Daddy– Worst Nightmare rench Montana] Whip futuristic crib ain't listed All my jewels on I be lookin like a dish flip Red bottom
11 10.Full Steam Ahead(feat. Futuristic) ead(feat. Futuristic)[Hook Chris Webby] Peddle down to that floor till the wheels don't spin no more See me swervin' I'm fast and furious ... ead(full steam ahead)[Verse2: Futuristic] Yeah all gas no brakes on t
12 2.Futuristic Psycho ason2.Futuristic Psycho Eyes so empty'there's no soul Notorious lies are guiding Fear is something non-existing A killing machine with ... as oblivious Revenge humanity Futuristic psycho Sick twisted way to live A made up world he sees Obeys the voices all in his mind so weird A danger to himself A w ... as oblivious Revenge humanity Futuristic psycho Dreams were calling you Love wasn't there to guide you Revenge humanity Dreams were calling you Love wasn't there ...
13 1.Mindcraft FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet1.Mindcraft[Verse] Independent lil nigga wi
14 2.Can't Go Back(feat. Goody Grace) FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet2.Can't Go Back(feat. Goody Grace)[Intro Goody Grace] I know I'm not always around I know ... ol and everyone knows[Verse1: Futuristic] Texting my phone that you miss me I'm busy I ain't even see them yet Remember that moment you kissed me Out of nowhere I ... we can't go back now[Verse2: Futuristic] Get back to you as soon as
15 3.See Me Mad FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet3.See Me Mad[Verse1: ... et3.See Me Mad[Verse1:Futuristic] Nice guy back again Always coming with a smile on my face I used to pass CDs out at school Go to the bathroom and then f ... threw punches to leave[Hook: Futuristic] You don't wanna see me mad You don't wanna see me spaz You don't wanna see me glad You don't wanna see me laugh You don' ... ly picking out my flaws[Hook: Futuristic] You don't wanna see me mad You d
16 4.Next Level FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet4.Next Level[Verse1: ... et4.Next Level[Verse1:Futuristic] Woah I won't rap on the same beat as the rest of you The radio is terrible they sent me here to rescue you My album drop ... ns I got stupid plans[Verse2: Futuristic] Attention shoppers I get it
17 5.Flex(feat. Karmin) FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet5.Flex(feat. Karmin)[Hook Karmin] I walked a lonely road before with no one to call Nobody ... Trying to stay alive[Chorus: Futuristic] Now they stressed Let me stretch I'm about to flex Now they stressed Let me stretch I'm about to flex Now they stressed ... hem I'm flexin on them[Verse: Futuristic] Lights on shining on them no off switch If you hated on me I hope that you step in dog shit! My flow is tight and your g ... Trying to
18 6.Alone in the City FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet6.Alone in the City[Verse1: ... .Alone in the City[Verse1:Futuristic] Late nights on the beach just walking Late nights on the beat just talking Late night drugged eyes to my bro back in Ill ... ut I only love my music[Hook: Futuristic] Late nights Bright lights Long drives In my zone Fast life That type Smash twice Gotta go All alone In my home All alone ... In my home All alone[Verse2: Futuristic] Short days go by when I'm
19 7.No Service FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet7.No Service[Verse1: ... et7.No Service[Verse1:Futuristic] Look in my eyes and come catch a vibe Baby I promise I got you tonight Trapped on your phone screen Life gon' pass you i ... fucking wifi went out)[Hook: Futuristic] I don't think my phone workin' You can't have my passcode That shit make me so nervous Might pull out my Snapchat Look a ... no service No service[Verse2: Futuristic] Like a black man during segregat
20 8.Nudes(feat. Devvon Terrell) FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet8.Nudes(feat. Devvon Terrell)[Verse1: ... t. Devvon Terrell)[Verse1:Futuristic] Goddamn yo' face so perfect but not plastic There ain't not one bump on it you must've used Proactive Yo' lips is extra ... it Send me them nudes[Verse2: Futuristic] Yeah so when I'm gone I'ma

21 9.Biggest Fan FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet9.Biggest Fan[Verse ... et9.Biggest Fan[Verse Futuristic] I can't see you all the tim
22 10.Scrollin(feat. Hopsin) FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet10.Scrollin(feat. Hopsin)[Verse1: ... llin(feat. Hopsin)[Verse1:Futuristic] Ya lame niggas don't know about you be the same ones gon' hate the most LOL at my comment section to a dumb question whe ... ll your dad it was Hopsin and Futuristic[Hook] Why you all in my shit? You should get up off of my pics hoe Why you all in my feed? You should get up off of my di ... lin scrollin scrollin[Verse3: Futuristic] Yea my ex girl in m
23 11.Anti-Social FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet11.Anti-Social[Verse1] Please get your came
24 12.Do It FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet12.Do It[Verse1: ... ternet12.Do It[Verse1:Futuristic] Yeah growing up everybody said I wouldn't be shit Had a lotta goals they told me I'd never reach'em Who wants to be a mi ... t think they understand[Hook: Futuristic](I do it do it do it yup)x3 Got'em singing like: LALALALALALALALALA Do it Do it Yeah[Verse2: ... LALA Do it Do it Yeah[Verse2: Futuristic] I feel like I been on my shit for like a hundred thousand days I
25 13.The Time Is Now FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet13.The Time Is Now[Verse1: ... 13.The Time Is Now[Verse1:Futuristic] Yo get off yo' ass lil nigga The whole world awaits you Success ain't gon' chase you First you gotta pay dues Honestly I ... lame nigga be quiet?[Bridge: Futuristic] I'm not saying that that's all that matters But you got dreams you should be chasing after But you got goals that you'll ... n't wanna be that nigga[Hook: Futuristic] The time is now(right now)
26 14.Hashtag FUTURISTIC-As Seen on the Internet14.Hashtag[Intro ... ernet14.Hashtag[Intro Futuristic] Hashtag I fucked your bitch Hashtag in some Gucci flip flops Hashtag I'm still in my closet Hashtag this gon' make a mil ... bitch again God damn[Verse1: Futuristic] Hashtag game over Hashtag sold enough copies to buy a Range Rover Hashtag Imma go on tour short change overs Long direct ... hen I'm spitting this[Verse2: Futuristic] I think the fucking CD skip
27 6.It Is What It Is ion dollar jets And futuristic clothes feelin' like aJetson Cause keep it trill it ain't really that impr
28 4.Corium Reign of misguided futurist No reason to see the cataclysmic silence they still teach In the name of pro
29 8.Let's Go ft. Termanology ail But I think too futuristic to ever become a new statistic Like you predicted right I'm super gifted r
30 15.Moment of Violence ng Mez Producer DJ Khalil& Futuristiks[IntroJon Connor] Yeah yeah Let me talk my shit Nigga this that90 miles pe
31 1.Fade Away n another system So futuristic on another mission but back on Earth everybody bitchin' I been in the kitc
32 2.Early Birdy on no6s I'm on some futuristic shit this bitch ain't even know existed And plus my chain cost a ticket I
33 9.Il Rap Nel Mio Paese bue Solista dal2002 Futuristico Akira attira Ma l'artistaè come il cazzo sotto coca Prima o poi si ritira
34 8.Hold Each Other We hold each other[Futuristic:] If I'm stressing you that blessing that's sent from heaven These days st
35 3.WiLD4TheNight(EgoLand) it back my head so futuristic black Coffee soup gotta oak it gotta ok dokey it Dope face loap face make
36 16.Alien Stars rhyme like from the futuristic time of period Also you rhyme like you climbed out of a pyramid And you sh
37 10.Big Sean Detroit Vs Everybody over protective So futuristic I'm already over my next bitch Reminiscin' all listening to50 fifty times
38 17.Big Bad& Dangerous(feat. Smoke DZA) in of this fly shit Futuristic hybrid Never close my eyelids Dicking down a Thai bitch Her thighs thick l
39 6.Insane blowing minds That futuristic realer complistic simplex Syllable iller pimp shit whole flavors word play
40 3.LumberJack Match ke theJamaican town Futuristic flow Darth start with a laser sound Leaving nothing but a vapor trail And
41 5.Hold Me Down .Hold Me Down Supervisor Futuristiks Lyricist Alex Schwartz Ashley FrangipaneJoseph Khajadourian& Ryan Lott[Verse1] M
42 1.WTF(Where They From)[feat. Pharrell Williams] witch it Man I'm so futuristic Big lips and big big big hips Body be thick like a biscuit Different rippi
43 16.Digital Lover arvin Gaye It's the futuristic way I can't wait to book my space And have you all up in my face Cyber spa
44 1.Chloe [Verse2] See I'm so futuristic my military enlisted me With high roles of significance as leader in logis
45 2.Jettison un sets is when the futurists come out to play[Outro: Wrekonize Bernz] This is new lines time to shine Co

46 5.Atomic Dog e dog Oh atomic dog Futuristic bow-wow Ruff Leader of the pack Wild dog Why must I feel like that Why mus
47 12.Detroit Vs. Everybody 's overprotected So futuristic I'm already over my next bitch Reminiscin' on listenin' to50 fifty times a
48 11.Under Pressure ey I can't spare it Futuristic so simplistic Please decipher my linguistics Slow it down Robitussin I'm t
49 5.Break You Off with the futuristic Or is it'cause you really couldnt see a future with him All he bout is paper never took the time with you to listen You w ... me along and hit you with the futuristic Or is it'cause you really co
50 6.Quiet always moving To a futuristic place Well you and I we would try We can try and dance until tomorrow Well
51 2.I'm A Natural Blue rything and make it futuristic. I know that not everybody wants to be different but this is getting ridic
52 3.Collard Greens ky icky icky Baller futuristic groovy gangsta with an attitude What these niggas make a year I spend that
53 10.Step Masters rance a Bubba Spark futuristic Beats like this Make me bang my head and beat my fist On the table ropes t
54 2.Radical ning grab the tooly futuristic treatment Fuck the fame nigga I'm walking around with that semi Fuck the p
55 2.Heaven ve stamina See that futuristic stuff So sweet so drop the camera Feel so good I'm floating To where you p
56 12.Detroit vs. Everybody s overprotective So futuristic I'm already over my next bitch Reminiscin' on listenin' to50 fifty times a
57 18.Simmons Incorporated Feat. Method Man r this track right? Futuristic G past type if that's yo girlfriend She wasn't last night punk little boy
58 5.Solar Flares ardry Ahead of time futuristic technology God in the physical form anthropology Raw bloodline divine gene
59 3.Robust Twist it with some futuristic flavor leave the ground shaking Oh yo don't try to fandangle I eat'em up l
60 1.Chateau ics that are pretty futuristic... Bad ass like the moustache... With it I'm guaranteed to provide you a l
61 6.Late Night In Kauai[feat.Jaden Smith] like as a futurist and I can call myself a futurist Nobody is even going to give a
62 1.Balance(feat. Scarub) me Watch it now We futuristic You could miss it if you blink Some shootin' stars will fall with this pad
63 1.Plan A FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local1.Plan A feat. Chris Webby&Jarren Benton[Hook] Ay ay ay This is my inner struggle Fighting through ... we gon' go for plan A[Verse1: Futuristic] The mind plays tricks on a
64 2.Dirty Chucks FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local2.Dirty Chucks I don't normally say shit before I g
65 3.Why Not FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local3.Why Not Why not? Yeah I like I like that shit Why
66 4.I Guess I'll Smoke FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local4.I Guess I'll Smoke feat. Dizzy Wright& Layzie bone[Intro: ... zy Wright& Layzie bone[Intro: Futuristic](Bong Hit) So I guess I'll smoke So I guess I(coughs) So I guess I smoke[Verse1: ... s) So I guess I smoke[Verse1: Futuristic] This yo town I'm only in it for the night though I'm tryna feel right though Slow down what you think about a drink? Mix ... ... Smoke smoke smoke[Verse2: Futuristic] Blunt after blunt after blunt After blun
67 5.That Thang FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local5.That Thang You got that thang I don't usually sin
68 8.Blinded By the Light FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local8.Blinded By the Light Blinded by the lights waitin
69 11.No Time for Bullshit FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local11.No Time for Bullshit All this shit they talking got me out my mind No watch on my wrist bitch I ... d babe give me Trinidad brain Futuristic spit them Trinidad flames Ki
70 13.Let It Go FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local13.Let It Go You dwelling on one night rain pouring
71 14.So Close So Far Away FUTURISTIC-Traveling Local14.So Close So Far Away What the fuck am I gon' do
72 6.Beware(the Metal Blade) rike your life from futuristic Eart
73 8.Futurist r-Darkest Hour8.Futurist Some fires will never die Some will never ignite Are you still living a
74 11.Creature of Evil c for the futuristic flavorful teens Wearing human made shirts and rocking neighborhood jeans ... nd rocking neighborhood jeans Futuristic too sadistic I'm super twist
75 1.The Dark Horse past let's see how futuristic I can get Arsenol full of lyrics and we be steady stocking clips Niggas ai
76 11.Say Uncle a foreign land But futuristic looking doormats Sitting aside of our present home which really isn't all
77 1.Priu$ t I could afford So futuristic what I'm doing with it Zero down good credit homie you can get it I'm not
78 6.Possibilities(feat. Ill-Esha) ad of this century. Futuristic dreams. Elle's perfect soul emerging we're but chldren still conversing. O
79 2.Hollow Da Don– Bars k on niggas Umm I'm futuristic with this shit That's what I'm saying I'm so ahead of my time I know the d
80 1.Shadowchild tion Pre-millennium futuristic I predict you all to live Under an individual sun We're all collecting our
81 18.A Queen's Thing- Featuring Action Bronson Kool G. Rap s by the toilet I'm futuristic I'm so ridiculous my mental sickness- Women love a light skinned brown wit
82 14.Heaven et one live Or some futuristic shit like theJetsons Yes man floating on my home boy Step on Fitting to my
83 3.Does The Fish Have Chips breakbeat pressure Futuristic forces fight for fidelity I am a fighter and not a writer I love my lifeti
84 14.We Stay High Feat Ras Kass& Wais P(Prod By Statik Selektah) ex rotten neck roll Futuristic sci fi Big boy cabs like moms and alcoholic type rider Turn bitches on no
85 1.Collard Greens(Single) y icky icky) Baller futuristic groovy gangsta with an attitude What these niggas make a year I spend on m
86 9.Trigga4 Hire harp shooter with a futuristic car computer Catch a goon Barracuda with a biscuit harpoon Then spark Budd
87 8.Mando Drum You tell me you're futuristic World's coming apart Wait a minute let me put on my lipstick I look good i
88 4.Built For This c you and me that's futuristic We can fly high like a spaceship zoom right now to the moon right now You
89 1.5ree Thinkers omputer disks I'm a futurist so I don't rock a crucifix Keep it deep in the dirt on some Rosicrucian shit
90 13.Galaxie dieser Sound ist so Futuristisch W-W-Weil es Zukunft Shit ist[Hook2x
91 4.Trigga4 Hire harp shooter with a futuristic car computer Catch a goon Baracuda With a biscuit harpoon Then spark budda
92 4.Threw With That Shit s a pressure moment Futuristic ride like aJetson homie Got the Forgiato rims with the F's on em' Summer c
93 12.Scream and Shout Parody neric And then make futuristic videos That are tremendously boring and dull I am a total douche that is b
94 5.7 Feathers now his hope know a futurist he is an optimist and he knows a young waitress and he's trying to coax her
95 8.I Do(feat. Young Dro Big Kuntry King) ag ho. PSC exact ho Futuristic Leland if you dont like it you's an asshole. Purp through my body you know
96 7.Anyway together through a futuristic world it can't be much worse What did you say? What did you do? What did y
97 14.Nope your hood with you futuristic dope boy have you ever seen any
98 17.The Real Talk gift for space age futuristic AK's So make way for'Bolic flying toward evil fake friends With an iron sw
99 7.One Too Many(feat. Maino) ill my lace Feeling futuristic way ahead my future's glistening Ain't nobody fucking with me man I'm egot
100 1.Collard Greens(Feat. Schoolboy Q) y icky icky) Baller futuristic groovy gangsta with an attitude What these niggas make a year I spend that

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