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1 2.Baby It's Cold Outside(feat. Meghan Trainor) or) Lyricist WILDHORN FRANK Composer WILDHORN FRANK I really can't stay(Baby it's col
2 85.This Is The Moment ricusse Composer Frank N. Wildhorn This is the moment This is the
3 11.This Is The Moment Bricusse Frank Wildhorn Composer Leslie Bricusse Frank Wildhorn This is the moment! This is th
4 9.Where Do Broken Hearts Go Go Lyricist Frank Wildhorn、C.Jackson Composer C.Jackson、Frank Wildhorn Oooh I know it's been some tim
5 2.Goodbye ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Maybe if there had been some m

6 4.Living In The Shadows Bricusse Frank Wildhorn Living in the shadows Hiding f
7 5.More Than Heaven r Robin B Wildhorn Frank Neal Oh oh when I came into this
8 6.No Finer Man se Leslie Wildhorn Frank If I could wander through the san
9 7.Not Gonna Fall This Time ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Once I was young and naive A l
10 9.Ordinary People da Gordon Wildhorn Frank Neal Here we are two ordinary peo
11 10.The Mad Hatter ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn If you need something done lay
12 11.What Did You See Inside The Stars? Knighton Frank Wildhorn A window opened in the sky The
13 12.What's Never Been Done Before ghton Nan Wildhorn Frank N What's wrong with being a littl
14 2.Home Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland2.Home Home
15 3.Down The Rabbit Hole Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland3.Down The Rabbi
16 4.Welcome To Wonderland Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland4.Welcome To Won
17 6.Advice From A Caterpillar Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland6.Advice From A
18 7.Go With The Flow Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland7.Go With The Fl
19 8.One Knight Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland8.One Knight
20 9.Mad Tea Party Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland9.Mad Tea Party

21 10.The Mad Hatter Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland10.The Mad Hatte
22 11.Hail To The Queen Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland11.Hail To The Q
23 12.Home(Reprise) Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland12.Home(Reprise)
24 13.A Nice Little Walk Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland13.A Nice Little
25 14.Through The Looking Glass Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland14.Through The L
26 15.I Will Prevail Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland15.I Will Prevai
27 16.I Am My Own Invention Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland16.I Am My Own I
28 17.Off With Their Heads Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland17.Off With Thei
29 18.Once More I Can See Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland18.Once More I C
30 19.Together Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland19.Together
31 20.Heroes Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland20.Heroes Ch
32 21.Finding Wonderland Frank Wildhorn-Wonderland21.Finding Wonde
33 2.Where Are You Now? F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn Wasn't life great Didn't succe
34 3.Storybook Knighton Frank Wildhorn Listen to me I have beautiful
35 4.When I Look At You Knighton Frank Wildhorn When I look at you what I alwa
36 5.Let Him Fly Knighton Frank Wildhorn It's not a whispered word or a
37 6.If He Never Said Hello gory Boyd Frank Wildhorn If he never said hello If his
38 7.One Bad Habit F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn I try my best to live a good l
39 8.'Til You Come Back To Me Me Lyricist Frank Wildhorn The moon is afraid to come out
40 13.I Don't Remember* ck Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn I don't remember How much I ne
41 5.A New Life(From'Jekyll And Hyde') Bricusse Frank Wildhorn A new life what I wouldn't giv
42 10.Gold(From'Camille Claudel') ghton Nan Wildhorn Frank N I wonder if when all is done An
43 1.Where Do Broken Hearts Go? ckJackson Frank Wildhorn I know it's been some time but
44 1.Across The Water ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn I started out the way most do
45 2.Gently Break My Heart F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn There's something in your eyes

46 6.How Little We Know ck Murphy Frank WildhornJust when I'm sure that I've go
47 7.If I Had My Way F Murphy Frank Wildhorn Long ago and far away Before t
48 8.If I Should Lose My Way F Murphy Frank Wildhorn As we turn our lives down this
49 9.Until I Don't Love You Anymore B Lerner Frank Neal Wildhorn I reserve the right for once i
50 11.Everything That's Wrong ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Everybody needs to be with som
51 12.Gold Knighton Frank Wildhorn I wonder if when all is done A
52 13.Her Gypsy Heart in Lerner Frank Wildhorn On Las Cuevas boulevard There
53 6.Where Do Broken Hearts Go > Written Frank Wildhorn ChuckJackson I know it's been
54 7.Where Do Broken Hearts Go > Written Frank Wildhorn ChuckJackson I know it's been
55 2.The Bells Of St. Paul aul Lyricist Frank Wildhorn Maury Yeston One Christmas in
56 11.Christmas Through A Child's Eyes der Linda Wildhorn Frank N Every year I'd wait for the sea
57 1.Vienna ry Benson Frank Wildhorn Watching the rain fall in Vien
58 2.Anything Can Happen ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Toss a penny in a well make a
59 3.Romancin' The Blues F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn I should be dancin' sipping ch
60 4.Havana ck Murphy Frank N Wildhorn Tropic days turn into steamy n
61 5.Looks Like You Started Something ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn George Washington began a revolution Which started something called the constitution Then all those pioneers with resolutio ... e the lightening striking Ben Franklin's kite You are the kitty-hawk
62 6.Little Things ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn It's the whisper of the rain w
63 7.Why Do People Fall In Love? F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn Why do people fall in love? Do
64 8.I Guess I Love You ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn I want you what can I say? I'm
65 9.This Time Around und Lyricist Frank Neal Wildhorn This time around I'll take the
66 10.Even Now ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Even now I remember all the em
67 11.Never Dance ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn One night in Rio I'll never fo
68 13.You Never Remind Me ck Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn You never remind me of Paris i
69 14.It's No Secret Anymore ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn I've been a little reluctant T
70 1.It's Time F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn It's time to hold my hand and
71 2.The Children Of Eve is Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn Don't cry you had a bad dream
72 3.Someone Like You Bricusse Frank Wildhorn I peer through windows watch l
73 4.I Want More F Murphy Frank Wildhorn Day in and out what my life's
74 5.I'm Afraid This Must Be Love F Murphy Frank Wildhorn I like New York dear you love
75 6.Don't Ask Me Why F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn There are those who manage suc
76 8.When Autumn Comes F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn When autumn comes and leaves o
77 9.The Last Tango F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn Last tango of the night Last s
78 10.Only Love Knighton Frank Wildhorn I see you try to turn away I h
79 11.Something To Believe In In Lyricist Frank Wildhorn Everybody's searching for answ
80 12.Candle In The Window hn Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn Hurry through the night past t
81 13.Big Time F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn He said you've got the goods t
82 2.In The Cool Dark Night ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Maury Yeston In the cool dark
83 3.I'll Forget You Knighton Frank Wildhorn I'll forget you the more you s
84 4.Next Time I Love F. Murphy Frank Wildhorn It's over now you walk away Af
85 6.Someone ck Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn We all lose our way sometimes
86 7.And So Much More ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn Maury Yeston Count every rain
87 8.Till You Come Back To Me Me Lyricist Frank Wildhorn The moon is afraid to come out
88 9.In This Anyway To Fall In Love ck Murphy Frank Wildhorn It's just another Saturday nig
89 10.I Don't Remember ck Murphy Frank Neal Wildhorn I don't remember How much I ne
90 5.I Do Arranger Frank Wildhorn Transcribed Char Star Ooh...ho
91 1.The Girls Of The Night Frank Wildhorn-暫存1.The Girls Of The Night Lyricist Bricusse Leslie ... e Night Lyricist Bricusse Leslie Wildhorn Frank N old Works We're the pleasures o
92 2.I Need to Know Frank Wildhorn-暫存2.I Need to Know I n
93 3.Bring on the Men Frank Wildhorn-暫存3.Bring on the Men I
94 4.Tell My Father Frank Wildhorn-暫存4.Tell My Father Tel
95 5.Lost in the Darkness(Jekyll& Hyde) Frank Wildhorn-暫存5.Lost in the Darkness(J
96 6.Transformation Frank Wildhorn-暫存6.TransformationJEKY
97 7.In His Eyes Frank Wildhorn-暫存7.In His Eyes I sit
98 1.Alive Frank Wildhorn-Jekyll & Hyde (Original Broadw
99 2.This Is the Moment Frank Wildhorn-Jekyll & Hyde (Original Broadw
100 3.Someone Like You Frank Wildhorn-Jekyll & Hyde (Original Broadw

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