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1 19.Andrea como Verstappen en Formula1 Y Buddy Baker en Daytona ey Andrea hace tweet'que se mamen un bicho las pers
2 1.420 Freestyle ggas wanna know the formula cause we done found it Make another100 mill I ain't gone be cool about it Mad
3 1.Ophiophagy crifice my divinity formulating a mass of impurity I the endless night cast thyself a sacrament unto this
4 11.La Churrasca itos epistolarios y formularios de amor; Pero en ninguno de esos libros con versitos Encontré mi amor esc
5 4.Intention to Deceive ceive The formula: hysteria Followed by amnesia gullibility and phobia The ... ia gullibility and phobia The formula: hysteria Followed by amnesia g

6 3.Bad Bohemian ks rather empty The formulation of the elements makes you young What's done is done and there'll be no re
7 2.Gateways(Orchestral Version) obey the formulae of evolution of sin Leading the way The rebirth is the year of completion As we slowly awaken from slumber As we slowly awa ... s the only notion to obey The formulae of evolution of sin Leading th
8 8.Waiting for Her to Kill Herself mediocre world This formulated chaos into which we are hurled I've made peace with my one track mind I ch
9 1.60 Sec. > And I call it the formula of moderate response The carelessness of convenience- a social tool- as it is
10 2.Cigarette Smoke my God above. Every formula equation ever devised I tried codes machines and realised That science wouldn
11 19.The Formula(feat. Tech N9ne Krizz Kaliko) br>19.The Formula(feat. Tech N9ne Krizz Kaliko)[Intro] Yeah Nobody fucking with us Rittz up in this bitch when I spit I'm a warrior Still ... ng noise We was born with the formula Strange Music got the formula Tech Nina got the formula WhiteJesus got the formula People wanna point at us They wanna join us cause we making noise We was born with the ... ng noise We was born with the formula[Verse1: Rittz] From Atlanta to the MO From the second that I conn
12 23.My Window m of love Or find a formula of course sure enough You in a rut now Layin' on the floor in cuffs They say
13 3.Out the Frame ke you stronger The formula avoid the coroner Paper stash you make more of it Keep the hammer on you try
14 4.Geometric Headdress veil now formulate With the sound by yourself As her words draw you in Our faith reconnects And our hearts they collapse At the words Now com ... ack to see itJust hang on and formulate And believe it by yourself As
15 5.Volumes glass of whiskey A formulated plot to make these thoughts stop I sit around I think about How loud this
16 1.Alchemical Formula lchemical Formula Are you having trouble reconciling the mechanized and oligarchic With the whims of the spirit? Is nocturnal living bring ... rk Arts'— A simple Alchemical formula applied with a little fingerspi
17 6.Whizdom s musical formulas Knowledge intellect I project wisdom[Verse2: Mr. Lif] I see codes clear as there's an ebb and a flow Extend my arms to crad ... Elements instruments musical formulas Knowledge intellect I project
18 4.Cuando EstamosJuntos y ningún secreto ni formula mágica Para hacerme funcionar Cuando dios aprieta y siento que me va a ahorca
19 6.Bubbles Buried in ThisJungle ear the proof Petty formula never amuses me Fuck if I ever let a bitch get used to me[Hook] Fuck weak no
20 11.Ordinary Dude(feat. Eric Hutchinson) not some formula that I set out to prove You're on my side you're not uptight I can't lose You're not some ordinary ordinary ordinary dude Oh ... You know I do You're not some formula that I set out to prove You're on my side you're not uptight I can't lose You're not some ordinary ordinary ordinary dude Ar ... You know I do You're not some formula that I set out to prove You're

21 6.Attention Deficit Disorder omb on the original formula I created Rappers that go after my rap are evaporated Captain of the ship and
22 1.Fórmula de Amor Tengo la formula de amor yo soy el que hace que pierdas en control el que puede conquistarte el que sabe enamorarte con una canción Tengo la ... arte con una canción Tengo la formula de amor yo soy el que hace que pierdas en control el que puede conquistarte el que sabe enamorarte con una canción Hay me so ... ual que ayer Uuuh...(tengo la formula de amor)(tengo la formula de amor) Dile que tengo la formula que tengo la pasión la magia para llegar a tu coraz
23 10.Vendettas everything I see in formulas the zero point my entrainment Phylotaxis patterns Universal Disenchantment A
24 9.Deception illusioned paranoid formulas Sickening sycophantic mindfuck Ride the apocalypse consume the explosion Hor
25 4.Carpool lways asking for my formula Now every rapper want to have a band I guess I gotta switch it to a orchestra
26 7.Thank God could speculate And formulate an answer We could figure all the math of it out But when push comes to sho
27 1.The Formula Russ-The Formula (Single)1.The Formula Lyricist Russ Producer Russ[Hook x2:Russ]
28 4.Rhythm0 uilt from the ruins Formulations Based on The safest answers to our questions We know We'll never lose fa
29 10.No Risk ics The sounds of a formula Made before You were born Per conservative traditio
30 7.A Nightmare Incarnate nightmare incarnate formulate my own fate cast out crushed and cursed I'm the best of the worst but what
31 2.A Light Above Descending n't care Oxygen the formulation of muscle Subjugation of pain till it's not really there A light above de
32 2.Therionic Transformation Acherontas-Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)2.Therionic Transformation Therion ne seipt
33 6.Shaman And The Waning Moon Acherontas-Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)6.Shaman And The Waning Moon…The tide is ca
34 7.Permutation In The Aetheric Void(Ma-Ion Sacred Seal) s-Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)7.Permutation In The Aetheric Void(Ma-Ion Sacred Seal)…Thousand vessels forged through ins ... he hidden essence through the Formula of Reptilian Unification
35 13.Warp Formula e Skills13.Warp Formula feat. Chokeules Mega Ran More or Les Savilion Sy-Fi Timbuktu& Ultra Magnu
36 1.Lo Que Te Hace Grande no hay ecuación ni formula genial que te ayude a comprender.. lo que asoma detrás
37 5.Supernova A black hole might formulate So much energy I feel you burning up I feel you burning up I feel you burni
38 1.The Meth Lab hin' my options The formula highly addictive it's havoc for me Side effects life-threatenin' the surgeon'
39 6.Long Way[feat. Big Sean] dollars dreams been formulated Took my dogs out the trap now they all incorporated Niggas waitin' on that
40 2.Break the Law es and fornicate To formulate a fortune more in the race of horses I am My homies got my back they all Ve
41 3.Moses ping I give you the formula Cuban links hang on my neck like the ornament Fuck on your bitch I give her b
42 15.Tu Cura y hizo la mezcla la formula esta completa Dale menea la chapa yo se que estas bien culeca Tu viniste a pe
43 1.Serpenticide last sound heard A formulated lie A traitor of reality Whose only purpose is to speak the lies Survival
44 2.Music Of My Heart t's not a formula or a mystery It's not right or wrong It's just the music of my heart When you've got a friend Baby you know it And you know ... 's not1+1 or A-B-C It's not a formula or a mystery It's not right or wrong It's just the music of my heartJust open your eyes Honey you'll see me I don't know wha ... 's not1+1 or A-B-C It's not a formula or a mystery It's not right or wrong It's just the music of my heart It's not1+1 or A-B-C It's not a ... 's not1+1 or A-B-C It's
45 8.Sky Sharks(feat. Prof. Elemental) I wish there was a formula Of extra-special things to drive them away. But instead we'll need some legs

46 14.Still Speedn'(Remix) There's always one formula to bring it back!(Vrrooomm...) Sway and'pe go together like A and K4 and7 tri
47 9.Formula Mind9.Formula Wakeful aching early mornings Prise the desperation from your hands Leaning out of bedroom windows Books and hooks we st ... on't understand.Just drinking formula Every think is wasted We're drinking ... hink is wasted We're drinking formula Every think is wasted Seven years: Seven years of implication Debonair Critically self-effacing Unaware: Unaware of hours we ... ble from weeks spent Drinking formula Every think is wasted We're drinking ... h
48 4.Money Over Matter again Gave you the formula how long you Gone play wit the armored pen Hoe in ya character ya stories can
49 8.Dedicated rings bring in the formula Dont be the one that wish they prepared after the storm occur Paris London Ch
50 5.Artificial Existence crazy no diapers or formula to feed your baby You never thought for one second dude; That you see normal
51 2.Inward Debate down it's too late Formulated opinion Distortion division Stop and contemplate Your decision and your fa
52 1.Great Attempt ions den3 eyes open Formulating plans to take out my opponents No lies the cro flies it flies potent Red
53 16.Will It Last ies without they're formula Crying to get attention homie yo expectations hella low What happened to bein
54 8.Lemonade nnin' now formula is no longer the formula Cause all he wanna drink is lem
55 2.Flor Que Nunca Fui e atracción. Tú esa formula novedosa Que me tomó fuera de mi control Yo me contengo y te observo Y aument
56 1.The Birds of Finland e've wasted[Verse3] Formulate and fortify The spring becomes our alibi The eider's plume will disavow All
57 2.Nena Fichu Nosotros Tenemos La Formula Bobos..
58 1.Sax got Fleur down to a formula I'm like boy stop run it back Pick a big IQ but can you play that sax? Baby b
59 3.You Me Cellphones e' but you're alone Formulaic post digital touchscreen punchlines Tits Friends Tits Cats Tits Friends Tit
60 16.Formula Won ise16.Formula Won[Intro Hook Verse Canibus] Do or do not do there is no try Looking at the Phoenix Rise Life's about learning to live ... y Looking at the Phoenix Rise Formula1 champagne son Stage one stage two stage three stage four ya done1 million titties500000 girls Georgia guide stones diamonds ... aceship right on the pavement Formula1 champagne son automatic pneumatic lung My big dun Domingo on the drums Contained in the corridor between Pennsylvania and B ...
61 9.Extra Thoughts(feat. The I.M.O) estinian Indian The formula's cold you simian I came from Peru on a choo-choo To train to bring the goo c
62 10.Let the Record Spin on] Let's unify and formulate a plan Shut'em down in the worst way But first we have to annihilate everyt
63 11.Playa Playa Bellamy She want my formula can't give away my recipe Italy Hawaii Beverly it don't even matter to me I'm
64 2.Neighborhood Scientists something I got the formula whip it up whip it up like I'm Professor Klump My niggas? Got em out the slum
65 1.R.I.P. Rat RAT! Simpson is formulating plans for biz I'm more advanced than them campus kids School y'all! More
66 8.Right on Time I'll investigate a formula Figures equations the details of our union The edges of the nebula At the end
67 23.Forever ft Illus asement of projects Formulas are ancient too hard to measure As long as rap's living I'll be here forever
68 4.The Antidote .The Antidote A formula created to solve any illness turned out as a killing infection They told the
69 10.Memory of Bombs ot the keys and the formulas Plus they got degrees and the fix is easy You just cry your teeth and ball y
70 4.Dragon's Legend nd Thinkman The Formula Legend There are leaders and those who only wish to follow and be fed there a
71 9.Taken By The Night tanding by the exit Formulated plot have my soldiers unsuspectedJealous zealous thoughts The Ruggish Bone
72 3.Mare Guerra r>3.Mare Guerra Formular una pregunta la resposta atraves dels temps segellant la historia peces som
73 6.Road of Glass e day you'd let go' Formulas and scientific Atempts What have I not tried by now Hurts to say goodbye Whe
74 5.Hoover Street atching on to their formula See I'm a real loc my street sign I'll kill for Then rewind my... then unroll
75 17.Special featuring Young Scooter g as I stick to the formula I'm never gon' switch Freeband gang for life thats the blueprint[Hook][Outro-
76 8.R.I.B.(Rest In Beer) -Brew's' Infectious formula Spread out! For free! Spreading by drinks for free Spread out! For free! Puri
77 9.Spencer Reid let the uninspired formulas Be gone for ages With tattered pages lots of wisdom lots of words So my head
78 4.Warm Feat. Raury m to find the right Formula for putting up yeah. I tried to love you baby. In every way in every way. I t
79 8.Figure It Out(feat. Masta Killa& Median) t lifetime occasion Formulation of fornication on vacation Safe saving my information that combination Th
80 9.The Art Of The Handshake oped a mathematical formula for the handshake to which people would be the most receptive[Chorus:] There
81 4.Wade in the Water drinking formula I loved you Son you had a formula that you should have stuck to T
82 1.Intro stance and defiance formulates an uncontrollable yet undeniable energy Producing rebels with a cause[Ghet
83 3.Necrotic Manifesto f the damned Sordid formulae of harvesting the dead Mentally degrading socially perverted Six feet of for
84 7.Remember Me tormy comes calm My formula for living long is giving you another song So apart of me lives on even after
85 7.Don't Screw Up The Formula ew Up The Formula He's got a bad contract Cause boys I can't let you I'm going mad A little sofa Do you see the white sharks? You're okay ... ght Please don't screw up the formula It was Saturday night when you felt right You're on the move you deliver the stars So don't screw up the ... e stars So don't screw up the formula It's Saturday and you felt right So don't screw up the ... t right So don't screw up the formula(!
86 12.Temphioth t Demonic formulae Lion-Serpent Sepulchral sounds through the Temple Demonic ... ds through the Temple Demonic formulae the Alchemy of the Conjoined Beast I am walking Fields of Black Turgid earth the giant Worm has uncoiled beneath the Soil T ... ds through the Temple Demonic formulae it's the Alchemy of the Conjoi
87 4.Warm m to find the right formula for puttin' up I try to love you baby in every way every way I try to satisfy
88 10.Funeral For Art the sort Redundant formulas A void to report I'll retire from believing I just don't get it Pirata's de
89 3.Free Minds(feat. Ezdread) re my boys begin to formulate an idea On which Lord to peruse which father to fear I hold'em near tell'em
90 3.Intro Vol.2 know that Formula Vol.2 is done man I know its fire I need my advanced copy man Hit me back Aite Gone Hey mani Que es lo que Dime a ver de que ... e es lo que Dime a ver de que Formula2 viene durísimo Tíreme Tíreme Pa' yo ver esa vaina Tíreme Hey Romeo It's been a long time I wanna hear Vol.2 I heard its fir ... ocolate drop What's with this Formula2 sh*t I don't understand Why you would go with a ... stand Why you would go with a Formula2 title For your album man T
91 16.Outro(from Fórmula Vol.22014) 2013 Yeah Formula Vol.22014 No you know what i'm talking about No te hagas el loco Where's the beef Listen Beef Is beef Ain't no beef here Wha ... g i'm done with you man Enjoy Formula Vol.2 Bye Hello Hello Llámame e
92 6.The Celestial Antidote ooning hunger for a formulated religion For my Lord comes in a tiny capsulated form Restore prayers with
93 6.A.M.E.R.I.C.A.(Truth Part3) rt During Watergate formulate a plan execute it perfectly And employ the same tactics Hitler did in Germa
94 2.Nice2 Be Back people run with my formula and get famous Now all of em fucking famous and boy I'm just fucking waiting
95 7.To The Fullest them Back in the... Formulating new sounds with that digital crack. Take the streets when they bring you
96 3.Come Friday s. Have I found the formula Of my mislead and misshaped fear? While I congratulate your capturer There's
97 3.The Pageantry Of Savagery ections so majestic Formulate the twisted Plan set forth to rid the world of those who are deemed unfit a
98 2.Side Effects Of Living emotions encrypted formulated feelings. native lens you handed me the broken pieces. i saw the wind take
99 13.Gremlin e It's Mr Mystery a formula with infinite depth Feel the wind from my breath Ay! Misbehaving raving lunat
100 1.Cross the Country n the game with the formula sold it Now I gotta switch it up on you phonies Pocket full of macaroni mac-1

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