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1 3.Oasis hurry of our minds forging experience into memory. With each new face in every kindness and grace- A new
2 3.Can You See t praying I hope he forging me for praying on my enemies cause nigga am a fan of me go blessings to the f
3 1.What a Year we gettin' massages forgings and them garages I've been having ménages princess cuts is flawlessJust to s
4 9.Conscripted ow reborn In battle forging fate Prepared to die once more No cause to mourn(Chorus) Rise again Conscript
5 3.We Defy our us United we're forging home We defy This word reforms in silence We defy We strive to ignore the vio

6 12.On the Shore ind I'm so tired of forging a life On the run a loaded gun There's a name on the bullet I'm afraid its mi
7 6.Live For moving forward and forging the path filling the loneliness path Nigga this shit ain't easy So spare me t
8 1.California pen I am ready I am forging through the mornings Am I broken or unyielding Am I some kind of fumbling lig
9 7.Black Oath of Death teel Rule the night Forging the steel in lord Satan's name While drinking the blood of the sacrificed one
10 1.Heliacal Rising carried deep Wakes forging Rifts of void Flooding brilliance in waves of gold Building roots beneath wor
11 2.The First Point of Aries bound depths of sky Forging an endless Path once thought To be sacred Looming between In formless rays Tr
12 12.Knights of Twilight's Might Gleams in the haze forging magic rainbows of victory With heroes and kings we stand unite With the brave
13 2.Hell Thousandfold I spit on the fire forging my sword. Nothing to care about. Wounds are promises. And scars hell thousand
14 8.Etna ance Pestilent apes forging fire Defiled land seal their fate Mammalian traitor leveled land Fury invoked
15 18.Scars awn nearer to death Forging your grave with a lie Breaking down walls ever growing in size Child mutation
16 13.Understand(feat. Brother Ali& Planet Asia) tting its rattle on Forging the fires of Avalon My catalogue empowerment your cowardice is towering like
17 38.Reunion One love forging unity Now the way is open for us A sacrifice made to restore us To be bring us back the way we used to be As we once were in ... anging full and free One love forging unity It will be......oh my God
18 1.The Divine Right Of Kings ed I am the creator Forging new landscapes of withered flesh This sentence is a debt repaid Your wasted e
19 9.Rangers waving in red Some forging father's signature penned And when they find the fuse they will be running Bl
20 6.Universal Core t dry land ignition Forging tremendous turbulence Universal decay Surface obscured eruption Induce the go

21 2.On A Collision Course it Forget the light forging decay Whatever the consequences In times of crisis all is undone Collision co
22 4.Lossed Over hroughout And we're forging a ke
23 5.Acolytes hty Primordial seed Forging a new reality Embrace the burning dawn in m
24 10.Invictus Daedalus uries we Titan Born Forging worlds With the hands of these machines The war that brought my home to its k
25 6.Our Anthem e truth of the past Forging in stone the truth of the future The Gospel of Christ is our timeless code Th
26 8.Story k bentley Crib blue forging lookin just like pentley On way nigga but I rhyme on the schemelessJust hit a
27 15.Renaissance eping the peace the forging of stability is crucial[Shalim] No more the role of the pupil[Narrator] Natur
28 8.Proud of Us from really evolve Forging ahead with our vision And completely full of decision We will overcome all th
29 4.Easter Egg I could play along Forging anxious3 minute long Laundry lists of problems But for some reason that feels
30 7.Different Days huh huh huh You're forging out of luck I don't need this kind of luck Can't you see that we're off stuck
31 2.The Ancients of Shattered Thrones ths have been paved Forging generations of filth as black seeds beget Victory by corruption in a deity's
32 5.Reforging The Crowns nce-Regicide5.Reforging The Crowns The sons of the harbinger gods Bred to know not revere nor sub
33 3.Corpsified e of seeing you die Forging your carcass from the last bit of life Come to me and eat my flesh bring me l
34 6.Koniskas chine we helped you forging tells you to wait until it's gone You're making all the right decisions while
35 3.Hustle Feat. Nas selling sex started forging checks Niggas got their video on the Star they mixtape on the net Let's hustl
36 7.Force To Fight will last Warrior- forging an armor Warrior- emotions to hide Scars hurt the soul But feed the force to
37 13.Heavy Metals ger I hammer out my forging trade. Lockheed Fokker Curtis Hawker Avro Gloster Handley Page Colt Beretta W
38 4.Comic Books Feat. Curren$y oll up to the venue Forging all them insues cut'em down Them bitches tryna fuck on now Why wait around? W
39 7.Serpent Silence beheld stood still forging numinous instant under will as we were sailing out of equilibrium on a spirit
40 4.The Serpent's Kiss destruction? We're forging in the fires of greed Our idols made of gold Then bowing down before them wit
41 9.The Future Won't Be Long as the war The war' Forging a pathway for freedom Using resources we need them Though our foes are human
42 3.Echoes In Eternity osen ones forging our courses once we're raging with fortune's ways of fate footprints of mortal lanes nothing but dust remains but inside our ... ing on we are the chosen ones forging our courses once we're raging w
43 1.Iconoclast The dark iconoclast Forging a cult of fear With legions unsurpassed Shouting the word With vicious tongue
44 12.Reign In Madness d the gates of fear Forging vengeance in the city of doom Ripping death from sin's unholy womb The riders
45 2.Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning o go through it all Forging to something that wasn't meant To be in the shadow of make believe Run down Y

46 2.Monolith st days of humanity Forging the hammer of supremacy Reign of immeasurable bloodshed Engaged in mortal con
47 2.Ours Is the Storm ing We're forging something Ours is the cold Virtuous wrath The strong the bold The first to last Beaten to the dust Yet never jading Choking ... m From piles of nothing We're forging somethin
49 4.The Iron Cemetery made its intrusion forging its liquefied crown down on the living of this world
50 4.The Chosen One ieve I am forging my sword of trust Keep on marching I am the chosen one It's my mission my passion my command my war What I'm still fighting ... A world of make believe I am forging my sword of trust Keep on march
51 3.New Dawn Arise luding the castaway Forging a path for the hope tomorrow A future gone astray Glory forsaken for you held
52 6.Between The Hammer And The Anvil mmer as a good team Forging steel is what I do Day by day I can always find the way to play I use the ste
53 19.Taking Me Down we can't afford it Forging signatures on fake check It ain't life if I don't break sweat To break these
54 5.Luciferian Alliance ination of humanity Forging a new world order From thrones of skull and bones Screams of human sacrifice
55 1.Time and Money alos There's people forging them too I keep my head down I stay low You tolerate me I tolerate you too Ti
56 7.Truth About Us The(The Ballad of Lee an d Marina) en boy I'm a genius forging a legend“Where's the truth about us?” You came in demanding Your scarlet face
57 12.The Crown of Burning Stars as triumph Proudly forging and ferociously shapening the spirit A momument to honour: the promethean tem
58 5.The Swordmaker he art of forging steel Shaping the blade of the ultimate sword The Swordmaker Giving the Clan the weapons to fight The Swordmaker Leaving his ... o kill! Skilled in the art of forging steel Shaping the blade of the
59 5.Vertigo haunt you. And the forging of change makes no difference. Memories fly through the mask of your life shi
61 1.Woe ean burn So now I'm forging ahead past all the plutocrats who sold me out Go sob in your bed if life is t
62 7.Forging Towards The Sunset itas7.Forging Towards The Sunset Believe in nothing shining brighter than the sun Take up the battle contemplating god ... the battle contemplating god Forging towards the sunset Denying bitter reality Until that desperate moment When you're forced to true clarity Make the darker wor ... aked in history's flaming cum Forging towards the sunset Denying bitter reality Until that desperate moment When you're forced to true clarity Make the darker wor ... to all sense o
63 6.Remnants of Freedom th is short behind. Forging our way through the sludge And disgusting ideas and mindsets we keep I can on
64 6.NWA(Niggas With Accents) off since time was forging Nylons made from hoes in Badman madman badman All I know is badman All my fri
65 1.Collidescope ve in i wont relent Forging something stronger than tempered steel Is a decision to do right with the pow
66 8.Through The Eyes Of The Blind ll You're forging rules– That make us fall Your façade– Denies us all You're ... façade– Denies us all You're forging rules! With a beam lodged so ti
67 3.Inverse Condemnation that I call a home Forging new connections But every time it feels February air Chills to the bone Cold
68 9.Pain Is A Master g the pain awake is forging me Face down inert Forcing me dreams haunting me I am immense I am awake rene
69 9.Ground Zero waken While blindly forging ahead Has fallen into a nightmare Of hatred and pain Rage and decay Losing th
70 9.Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer's Fall(I. Alma Mundi II. Fatum Mortali III. Ignis Divinus) ivine cosmic matrix forging heaven and hells and fuelling the energy of the arcane multiversum was callin
71 4.Titan Warriors storm axis Doomsday forging Gods of power They conquer all Faster than light We fly out of sight Savage a
72 5.Xenocide storm axis Doomsday forging Titan power Madness sowing Black hole screamers Xenocid
73 1.The Abrogation om the lips of Gods Forging a world of pain A world in which I shall abrogate! Solo(Tendrils Flicker and
74 9.Coda learn Icon crowned forging wounds in the skin Last in line for redemption within Without the scars that
75 1.All I Had fingers to the bone forging shapes that I could call my own and thought that I had found some magic touch
76 7.Unwind d left you to shake Forging ahead but somehow always falling behind The cheap thrills the stand stills th
77 1.Awoken By Crows aressing your brain forging in dreams so bitter followed by fear mourning the carved memory awoken by cro
78 9.The Cleansing Fires lood drains from me Forging this grim reality we fall into place Now we're... Licking the skin(Aging with
79 1.Introduction path of the elders Forging new alliances'twixt nature and my soul You have failed to infiltrate my mind
80 1.Begin Again the emigrant tide. Forging the links in a brotherhood chain- stretching all around the world To a homela
81 9.Bike and come home after forging for the lonely likes of me..
82 8.Humanity's Cesspool ement of the earth. Forging our way through a cesspool Of our own creation. Pushing harder for self-grati
83 10.David Waits le shapes and light Forging through to what's becoming So much wearing at your heart Though the knife and
84 3.Chromium Sun the earth is a womb Forging fake centuries Plugging the entrance to a new world Thriving in the realm of
85 3.Architect Of The Void Pt I us man from the sky Forging nothingness since the time when stars were born You look down on us until the
86 9.Horseshoe Bend enter and homemaker Forging a frontier Them were gruesome times His son built by the river Round horsesho
87 18.If All Else Fails* ready for the sham Forging fake checks screamin'Catch Me If You Can' If all else fails I'd be out pullin
88 8.A-Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed the foot instead of forging ahead And I don't think it's caused from a dog Gone thing but a sleepin' at t
89 1.Too Much u're fraudulent for forging it The truth is you don't need a fortune to be fortunate.[Hook: Shadia Mansou
90 12.Rigamortus he sky And don't be forging all my signatures My listeners reply and tell me That you biting style You go
91 7.Far From Heaven this world Channels forging their way Progress never cease The elements detest the young Who then will be
92 8.Don't Give Up Don't Give In your broken mirror. Forging your skin with a broken knife won't make things clear within your life. i've
93 9.Raging Storms fades with the rain forging a stream pulling everything away. Raging storms the power of mother nature. G
94 2.As Hammer To Anvil r to anvil To anvil Forging death upon this human anvil Prepared to smite as I raise the handle Writhe in
95 6.Ghost Of Grandeur g you're even there Forging ahead with new found freedom Relinquishing burdens taking hold Seeing clear f
96 12.Onwards To Asgaard l decided on a whim Forging bonds mortal wounds Fighting for my kin There is but one chance for redemptio
97 1.Lathing A New Man shallow Enemies Of forging new villains Man made of mud In his master's house Where hands of his Order t
98 2.Evolution nd sages- forging Utopia Great Ptah- Khnemu- sacred priest of the Temple of Ra and the keeper of truth Crystalline spheres the power of light ... the Ages prophets and sages- forging Utopia'We shall live forever and cast out those less divine Gods we will be- rulers of the sea- in our Grand design' Here we ... the Ages prophets and sages- forging Utopia'...and to create entirel
99 7.The Covenant Fall soil Grow into life Forging the new breed Bringing the new leaf Built upon our failure I fought the beast
100 6.Thwarted By The Dark(Blade Of The Vampyre Hunter) d by wizards at its forging... to me she is as pure as the newly fallen snow kissed by the breeze at dusk

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