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1 1.WAP(Explicit) y ass he's a bottom-feeder Big D stand for big demeanor I could make ya bust before I ever meet ya If it
2 16.Unregistered y's involved Bottom feeder Who the fuck are you? To put a life in your dirty hands> Dirty bastards! What?
3 10.Scorpion Breath ] Free us from this feeder Lead me in deeper To fulfil this seed that I grew Into at my birt
4 16.I Shall Be Free une crooner A spoon feeder And a natural leader) Oh there ain't no use in me workin' so heavy I got a wom
5 9.Made to Make You Fail stes of life bottom feeders Hunt them down feel them weaken Burn the liars burn them fucking down Expose

6 4.Strength& Weakness ures look to bottom feeders for their power plays fighting puppets pick the people on their last legs Des
7 7.Kingslayer(feat. Dan Watson) eit habits A bottom feeder sitting oh so high You are nothing but a puppet in disguise Carbon copied clon
8 6.Water Is Not Enough e ways bring us all Feeders seething woe is them The volted antenna saints that will the fire The hand is
9 1.Geezer Feeder-All Bright Electric1.Geezer Looking for fortune eager for gold Somethi
10 2.Slint Feeder-All Bright Electric2.Slint Optimistic kind of ways Happiness has found
11 3.Another Day On Earth Feeder-All Bright Electric3.Another Day On Earth Holding thoughts'til they tr
12 4.1Hundred Liars Feeder-All Bright Electric4.1Hundred Liars Lost in the power of the western w
13 9.Oh Mary Feeder-All Bright Electric9.Oh Mary Maybe we should talk Set the record strai
14 10.Infrared-Ultraviolet Feeder-All Bright Electric10.Infrared-Ultraviolet Here I am again what a time
15 11.Paperweight Feeder-All Bright Electric11.Paperweight Born to ride love is on the run Like
16 12.Eyes To The Sky Feeder-All Bright Electric12.Eyes To The Sky Face the crowds Eyes up front Ne
17 4.Monte Gargano(Live) of men that are the feeders Could easily rank down to be the readers I think it's sad for me to see To ge
18 13.Defender st bird seed out of feeders Make a lot of noise when you frolic under the ether Keep a hand on the pepper
19 3.Exquisite Corpse s Creepers and face feeders Fearing the great reaper You're either gonna get eaten or beat with a pay met

21 4.Mystery m The Past I Am The Feeder I Am Your Brain I Am The Trash I Tried To– Be Kind I Failed– Not Nice This Is
22 1.Nasty Freestyle e Like she was on a feeder If the pussy ain't good Then I prolly won't feed her Lil homie you can keep he
23 1.The Disorientation(Intro) r of all you bottom feeders Everyone silent while I'm speaking Nine millimeter delivery like I'm an illeg
24 9.Drain Deface Abolish hey call the bottom feeders for they do not know right from wrong. I tried to follow the best that I coul
25 7.Maniac unds then kill your feeder You blame the obscure you're afraid of the future Before we turn into numbers
26 2.Amazing is when the bottle feeders draw out Won't you give them just a little taste? Like you're turning water i
27 7.Bottom Feeder >7.Bottom Feeder I've heard enough No more no more You've had your time in the sun Keep your head down kid your fifteen seconds are done I ... ll be the one to drown Bottom feeder Bottom feeder Bottom feeder Bottom feeder I've heard enough I've heard enough to know Who talks the talk who walks the walk And who's for fucking show I know it hurts ... ll be the one to Drown Bottom feeder Bow. You'll be the one to Drown with the rats and the snakes Bow. You'
28 3.To Be Remembered boy! she's a heavy feeder. How we all would love to be remembered(she's looking for a happy ending) How
29 1.The Museum of Broken Relationships a cheater a bottom feeder In this box a lock of his hairJubilation he loves me again Halalala I don't ca
30 8.Not Stick You Pt.2 he fuck with bottom-feeders and them niggas is creeps(True) Called him back he ain't answer I got a littl
31 2.Wither soul stealer bottom feederJust put me in the fucking groud Ugly fucking gods ugly fucking heroes Bow to y
32 13.Purest Heart Feat. Bottom Feeder Talib Kweli Chris Webby&Joel Ortiz t. Bottom Feeder Talib Kweli Chris Webby&Joel Ortiz Producer Jeremy Greene[Verse1:Talib Kweli] Every year they say I'm back but I never left you M ... of the food chain you bottom feeder I'm on fire they barely warm: ko
33 19.Ahh Let's Get Ill aded leader toy boy feeder Good love life and a rhyme biter beater Looking learning the one you're liking
34 10.Picture Day es If in pursuit of feeder fish he forgo any pleasantries Bonfires eating into ornamental effigies At a o
35 6.Cross to Bier(Cradle of Bones) evers to the bottom feeders their crosshairs focused tightly on me they all want a little piece of me a t
36 23.Here We Go fucked with a Brainfeeder I'm still playing it out the same speakers I did it all without a Drake featur
37 7.Bird Feeder br>7.Bird Feeder I thought I saw a snake wrest in your nest I saw him leave but we never met Cut cut cut Yeah it's only bit one time But i ... ither in and out He's the birdfeeder yes he is He's the birdfeeder And it's just like I told her An
38 11.Petals Have Fallen(Feat. Tirzah) GOB and she is the feeder I'm just being frank Aretha Or maybe even Butcher as I eat her From the sky th
39 1.Fate tar out of a bottom-feeder The Romans fell under his knife but made a god of Caesar For every Caesar ther
40 9.Bottom Feeders Explode9.Bottom Feeders What a tasteless day. I'm the final man left alive. What a pointless mome
41 4.Cut The Chord ne Bottom feeders fucking wasting my time Backtrack the time Erase the days Time spent with you Is time wasted away Bottom ... ou Is time wasted away Bottom feeder No regrets no turning back Iv fucking made my choices Gotta keep on track LIFE'S HARD Sometimes you gotta cut the chord Weigh ... ord And sever all ties Bottom feeders fucking wasting my tim
42 11.Felicity ng nigga we up brainfeeder tell'em keep up Ain't it funny the ones that they thought was goin' insane Is
43 4.Iran ucking dirty bottom feeders Don't need your dead bred tension I already got a heater It's the return of t
44 26.Masters Of War(Reinterpretation) ton beef rotten top feeder got a fever Caught him stealin' from his own father Caught the globe fucker of
45 9.Fomenting Fetishized Feederism omenting Fetishized Feederism Feed consume morbidly obese Turn me on suffocate in rolls My fetish dev

46 1.You'll Burn he bottom feeder Someone that I'll never need here Say what you want Taken for granted all I've done Infested by the thought that you can neve ... ds for long You're the bottom feeder Someone that I'll never need her
47 4.A Change rented lear Bottom feeder insincere Prophet lo-fi pioneer Sell the house and go to school Get a young gi
48 14.A Change(Would Do You Good) rented lear Bottom feeder insincere Prophet lo-fi pioneer Sell the house and go to school Get a young gi
49 3.Mosquita way You're a bottom feeder Blood suckin mosquita No good lie back stabbin cheater That's what I think of
50 4.SuperFastJelly Fish( Cover) prod.Gorillaz his water feeders Don't waste time with your net our net worth is Set Ready go. Many know others but we be the colors of the mad and the wicke ... thing to quick for his water feeders Don't waste time with your net
51 6.Caligastia athering of carrion feeders Death comes into existence soon for ten billion carriers Apathy resurrected a
52 1.Bottom Feeder >1.Bottom Feeder Turn on the lights It's the anthem For the strange it's a party for you By the numbers Here is the proof that they're tak ... ll When underneath the bottom feeder falls Now we are live At the centre Of the scene it's the crime of the year You want an answer? Here's the headline Burning t ... ll When underneath the bottom feeder falls Tune out the screams Tune out the noise You try but it seems so loud It seems so loud It seems so loud Under your feet ...
53 4.Get Yourself Together eart breaking Bottomfeeder Oh[Chorus:] Eye for an eye for every lie(He ever told ya) Go make it right for
54 1.Metal Gear echnological defect FEEDER Lefty clutching automatic amazing pen Might touch savage tragedy bleeder Right
55 3.Monster(Part III) re bottom feeders to you we're born for the slaughter everyone is here to die and your means to an end is just the plan in play. So when this ... concern. To you we're bottom feeders to you we're born for the slaug
56 12.Dirty Rotten Bastards he bottom-feeders frenzy Here's to all bloodsuckers sing along with me Cause we don't say no Scream one two three Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yea ... losers ra da da di The bottom-feeders frenzy Here's to all bloodsucke
57 10.Phantom Limb res circlin' Bottom feeders dig my skin Winner bring a parasite With him Weak or pulverized No better med
58 16.Tranzform s on my back bottom feeders body snatchers Savages in pursuit of happiness My wife want half of this oh s
59 7.T.A.D.E.D a pistol Was a brainfeeder way before this shit official[Issa Dash] You know the weed smoke Sour diesel K
60 11.The Queen Of New York m a feline A bottom feeder Yeah where did you leave it all behind? There's a demon waiting down the hall
61 10.Scavengers re bottom feeders. They are vultures a waste of life. They feed off the corpses they pick at the bones. They are the deceivers. Your fears tow ... ersonal gain. They are bottom feeders. They are vultures a waste of l
62 4.Hræfne Lung-deep well feeder of the tree the Wyrd weaving from the seep climbing up the roots through Nifol
63 8.Dot Your Eyes e is up. You bottom feeders it's just time to give up. Ready to throw down this is a show down. You get t
64 20.Between Friends blunts my new wang feeder(!
65 4.D.M.Z. e name of the great feeder Break this degrading liturgy The jackals are risen They stare at you laughing
66 5.Ain't That Type 't deal with bottom feeders so I'll see ya from the top You make it obvious you're bothered bout what I d
67 11.Stockton m clutch the bottom feeders suck like stuck in Stockton cuttem off like drunks been clockin least three a
68 6.Jesus Piece(featuring Kanye West& Common) dinner with bottom feeders to world leaders We throw the peace up knowing the world need us Eagerness to
69 1.Oh My Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)1.Oh My Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicholas Si
70 2.Borders Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)2.Borders Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicholas
71 3.Idaho Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)3.Idaho Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicholas I'
72 4.HeyJohnny Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)4.HeyJohnny Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nichola
73 5.Quiet Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)5.Quiet Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicholas Wh
74 6.Sunrise Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)6.Sunrise Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicholas
75 7.Generation Freakshow Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)7.Generation Freakshow Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Gr
76 8.Tiny Minds Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)8.Tiny Minds Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nichol
77 9.In All Honesty Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)9.In All Honesty Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Ni
78 10.Headstrong Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)10.Headstrong Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Grant Nicho
79 11.Fools Can't Sleep Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)11.Fools Can't Sleep Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Gran
80 12.Children Of The Sun Feeder-怪胎世代(Generation Freakshow)12.Children Of The Sun Lyricist Grant Nicholas Composer Gr
81 2.Molotov seems these bottom feeders always tryina be feeding off hopes and dreams But maybe we can change as a so
82 3.Amenamy e them to feeders and spirits be freer Some shattering find for this candor to die Plug up your wormholes and give them to ... ur wormholes and give them to feeders and spirits be freer and freer and broil and toil and foil dies Scallop the breastbone roll in toll and grow old the long wi ... ur wormholes and give them to feeders and spirits be freer Some shattering find for this candor to die Plug up your wormholes and give them to ... ur wormholes and give them to feede
83 1.Living With Love Big Awesome-Birdfeeder (EP)1.Living With Love What goes around will come around and put you i
84 2.Grey's Birthday Big Awesome-Birdfeeder (EP)2.Grey's Birthday Crusin' to the island tonight Me and the boys ha
85 3.Birdfeeder esome-Birdfeeder (EP)3.Birdfeeder I will fly To you if you let
86 4.Drawing a Line in the Sand Big Awesome-Birdfeeder (EP)4.Drawing a Line in the Sand If you've been defeated Don't be a so
87 6.Sun Toucher of my hand the bird feeder I don't ride with the meaner while I'm smoking on Keisha Cuz at the meaner rid
88 2.Faith In Fire ur knees you bottom feederJust numbers you entrust Here I stand before you Sell me your greatest lie I'll
89 5.The Plains Bitter Dancer in the sun Midnight feeder beggar pleader I should have known one day you would come Tell me again my onl
90 12.Bottom Feeder ack-Go12.Bottom Feeder I knew right from the start One day panic and everything falls apart And a
91 9.ICU our street down the feeder tangerine Beemer Clothes out the cleaner I ain't thinking misdemeanor I'm thin
92 9.Cowbirds herrywood feeder. They started appearing in earlyJuly. They are stocky and glossy Certainly bossy But no more than the jays. As they finish th ... hold court by the cherrywood feeder And quietly ponder the nature of
93 9.P.I.G.S. time Take your corn-feeder out to a clearin' Them swine'll find it just fine build a fence across the Nor
94 1.Won't Change ; Tried to exit the feeder?- Spotted me like a cheetah! Looked in the car then he asked me if I'm a deale
95 9.My Sycophant Others phant Yes feeder accolade breeder Like I need another cheerleader You're spineless and morally impotent You're my sycophant I don't need any m ... hose drinking my pee-ers) Yes feeder accolade breeder Like I need ano
96 10.Double D Cups . Bazoons cans baby feeders tata's milkshakes pink nose puppies hooters watermelons twinner sausages blou
97 1.Home Is a Concept ht turn into bottom feeders. Days of old. Preserve that new sound. You can't stay stuck. Days of new. You
98 12.Fuck Shit In My Life ncluding the bottom feeders all the snakes and centipedes Swap beat after beat and I never let it breathe
99 10.Bottomfeeder >10.Bottomfeeder Why you always Kickin' up the sand Always kickin up the sand God man you're angry And it makes my eyes hurt Why you alway ... water Cos i wanna Be a bottom feeder Why you always Hatin' on the cabs Always hatin' on the cabsJust means the cabs are Coming that less faster Why you always Hat ... water Cos i wanna Be a bottom feeder Wanna be a bottom feeder Wanna be a bottom feeder Why you always dyin' In the bath
100 2.Knees of Atlas dsuckers and bottom feeders rocking the coliseum I wish his father could see him Silicone titties with br

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