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1 1.MOOD(&孟佳) pointing fingers deal with it deal with it Blessed for everything that happened till now珍惜每一刻 ride with it ride with it Lack of money lack of ... e not the same I do it for my family do it for my dream Try and try t
2 13.Decade and One wood In a family tree Been a decade and one Been a decade and one so soon A decade and one Since I stood So proud And so unsure Ebony glowing ... by the window there As always Fingers kissed the keys oh so tenderly
3 3.Thank You- Fallettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin(Sly& The Family Stone) (Sly& The Family Stone) looking at the devil grinning at his gun ... the devil grinning at his gun fingers start shaken i begin to run bul
4 1.Real To Me raise my family and live in peace Now that's what's real to me Real to me Dying flowers in a dressing room A dangerous time to let your head ... s been and gone I'll raise my family and live in peace Now that's what's real to me Picnics in the garden And the children they can play The first day of the summ ... the day Then we'll invite the family round And drink some English tea Then I raise up my ... nglish tea Then I raise up my finger And watch football on TV Yeah.

6 5.Masters In China hair is a family Where strands stick together Yourfingers are keys from the grandest piano Played by a soul that the Lord only knows The tongue of an angel floats In red wine saliva ... r Touched by the weather Your fingers are keys from the grandest pian
7 12.LOVE ME HATE THE GAME CKS on my finger TOP See that RING I'mma get me another one...and another till arms FALL OFF Can't stop till my whole ... OFF Can't stop till my whole family tree's WELL OFF TELL ALL! Even l
8 1.Finger on the Trigger s-暫存1.Finger on the Trigger作詞藤林聖子・兎音鼓作曲五十嵐“IGAO”淳一燃え上がる Heats on Soulが町にあふれる Hero塞がれた世の中は Freeze熱いHeart結ばれた2Peaces新たな風掴む Generation朽ち果 ... 街で月よゴールドに輝け Move it down your finger Finger on the Triggerわがままを解き放って(Wind is Browning! With your Feeling!)常にはたらく自制心を黙らせ Shoot'em up(The Bullet is Running!
9 2.MIGHTY WARRIORS it! CRAZYなfamily見えてる光景はまだ先 hands up!(Godbless!)正面突破 Ice Perl9 turn up! Welcome to da shoot& kill empire Real badman dem alone we inspire Dange ... GUN PUT YOUR GUN PUT YOUR GUN FINGER INNA THE SKY WE BADDA THAN DEM PUT YOUR GUN PUT YOUR GUN PUT YOUR GUN ... GUN PUT YOUR GUN PUT YOUR GUN FINGER INNA THE SKY WE RASCLOTT BADDA T
10 2.Everybody Dies in a rich family Oh how nice would that shit be my life a catastrophe Now my shit a masterpiece No Limit like Master P Now I am the master see ... t's me I can't seem to put my finger on it like a rotary But somethin
11 12.Legacy beautiful family that all I did was ignore For financial stability and fear of being poor'Cause when I was a child knew I always wanted more W ... hrough my lungs Looking at my family like'Damn y'all were the ones' I sacrificed my life for100's50's20's10's5's and1's So dumb I'd give it all if I could Do it f ... ife you more like my opponent Finger fucking myself'cause fuck infide
12 1.Welcome To The Rodeo t push me fingers itchin' on that pole Niggas plottin' on my come-up gotta watch they on my nose Long nights I sold drugs just to hit the stud ... t no killer but don't push me fingers itchin' on that pole Niggas plottin' on my come-up gotta watch they on my nose Long nights I sold drugs just to hit the stud ... just wanna be stable tell my family we made it I was comin' for my spot a young nigga had to be patient Now I'm runnin' up these bands can hit the island for vac ...
13 14.DUCKWORTH. d her His family history: pimpin' and bangin' He was meant to be dangerous Clocked him a grip and start slangin' Fifteen scrapin' up his jeans ... shooters Caught a murder case fingerprints on the gun they assumin' B
14 1.Blkoscars(feat.Jay2) pariah My family large no need in adding to it I told her pop that thang lil mama put ya back into it Chatting about me Chatham out to Chattan ... am out to Chattanooga My Long finger in the air They said we couldn't
15 10.Faith Torn Apart uttons My finger is in my mouth My hijab is polka dot My head is resting on my wrist My gaze is never going to settle My beauty mark is from a ... ide My frown is for always My family will never see me again My goofy
16 14.Seventies TV Show Theme Song ompany or Family Ties or maybe a lot of Brady Bunch or whatever that one was with the re-runs Aw man who didn't want to get down with Marsha B ... and let them pick the color.' Fingers crossed that he gets it right I
17 7.Jagen die Mio(feat. Nikky Santoro) cos Mittelfinger auf Fotos Rap in mei'm Fokus Still' jetzt mein' Durst und füll' jetzt mein Konto Zahl mal dein Ott und lass mal dein Kombo Fl ... dt- was„Konkurrenz'? Wie eine Family alle Cousins Loco Member bald wi
18 4.Critical Acclaim sults his family's existence? Well where I'm from we have a special salute We aim high in the air towards all those pompous assholes Who spend ... Who spend their days pointing fingers(Fuck you!)(Shh be quiet you might piss somebody off) Like the heartbeat of this country when antagonized too long Ill be dam ... their problems Pointing their fingers in every direction Blaming thei
19 55.Chasing The Sky pointing fingers like it's politics I tell you shut up you tell me be quiet too much dysfunction Cut up like we at a riot kicking and punchin ... Turn your back on me on your family no Said I know I said I didn't n
20 12.Neva CHange s is your family Gettin' blurred by the same cop Go to jail for a year and come home Two of your niggas dropped You know how that feelin' feel ... er When white folks point the finger Place my neck on that hanger Shi

21 1.Intro(First Day Of Summer) ll Middle finger'em all walk the carpet holdin' my balls That's right that's right that's right Niggas Kawasaki bike riding on a nigga wave Oh ... r that's Uncle Phil I love my family All summer16 I'm fucking bitches on your ... 6 I'm fucking bitches on your family tree You niggas getting tired of
22 16.Anybody That I've Known kiss the family good night then sleep like a stone Hotel motel feel at home if you play a little Nina Simone Don't quit your day job this is ... p But when it finally wash my finger-paints off I'm tryna make sure i
23 3.Scars e call me family just for their convenience Take me for granted while I'm here Then they get hurt when I'm leaving Leaving all my reasons to k ... so unlike me but Fuck with my family I guarantee I won't take it lightly I might a little different now it's different now The love we had was toxic so we keep ou ... r each other Now we point the fingers say names and lie to each other
24 4.25 r through fingers the harder I squeeze And then I doubt if I'll love anything The way I loved those songs when I was seventeen[Chorus] Reinven ... Friends raise you as much as family(and I believe) this way youth is
25 13.Let You Go and whole family hearing Where's the respect? I don't feel it And if you lose me would you fear it? Would you take back the silly acts that yo ... ecite Clench the soul through fingertips when I write I don't really
26 4.We Two Are a Moon st We put family first The world can withold so much beauty Na Na Na Na Na This life is a river rock to turn under your tongue Laughing rubs i ... o a pearl Promise me tommorow Fingers deep in green This well's full
27 6.No More Parties in L.A. on middle finger pedestrians R&B singers and lesbians rappers and managers Music and iPhone cameras This shit unanimous for you it's damaging ... ke Cam thank God for me Whole family gettin' money thank God for E! I
28 2.Rivers in the Dust Face-The Family Tree: The Leaves2.Rivers in the Dust The sweat cuts rivers in the dust On your face While the wheels beneath complain ... re lined with graves Like the fingernails of giants Like blood pulled
29 8.The Road to Nowhere Face-The Family Tree: The Leaves8.The Road to Nowhere The Road to Nowhere by Radical Face(Ben Cooper) The lightning climbing up the w ... ing climbing up the walls The finger drawings on the glass The map of
30 4.Hard Shit my whole family stars Most niggas doin' drills out the ... t niggas doin' drills out the family car We ain't got no chill we ain't got no chill Labels gave me Mills I told my killas kill Niggas say they real but they ain' ... ou don't want it We point the fingers then they on it Fuck all that t
31 14.Garageskankfreestyle t Two gun-fingers Garage Skank[Verse1:] Who put the skip in the skippy flow? Who keeps the kids on their tippy toes? Who put the Skinners in v ... oy wasted Gazza'd out Two gun-fingers Garage Skank[Verse2:] Pop quiz who put the Eski in Eskimo? Shell down dance like Tempa bro And still puttin petrol at Texaco ... em man there Crawford man are family with them man there Likkle mad ting with Ramsey and them man there Ai it's cool now old news Evening Standard and them man th ...
32 9.Move On vin Gates-Family First9.Move On[Intro Kevin Gates] Man I ain't encourage my brother to do nothin' fucked up. Man say bitch my money re ... a ring around my dick and my finger ya digg? I done threw some bling
33 6.Change we scram Finger on trigger make a little nigga understand What it's like to finally be the motherfuckin' man Eyes wide that's from the power ... ..) Our condolences go to his family our prayers(I'mma kill them nigg
34 5.Look at Life Different too?) The family blame me for her passing And I ain't lying man(Aw man) I lost some ... lying man(Aw man) I lost some fingers way back picking cotton in the
35 9.Train sun oh my family do love me i've tested them well over time I'm in no ways a saint my bed isn't made and life is as hard as a cry now my siste ... e you doing counting all your fingers and thumbs papa left here yesterday morning you can wait but he's not gonnna come and as land is a drizzle upon playground i ... e you doing counting all your fingers and thumbs papa left here yeste
36 10.Shadow Man(Feat. Saba Smino& Phoelix) with the finger roll Landed wrong split my head start leaking songs And i'm worser than they worst they make a nigga live forever Flock with ... hbor stay away Don't take the family for granted better days away[Out
37 3.Fatal Illusion a broken family Fight against your failure and living on his knees Guilty of a crime of nonconformity A hanging judge and jury handing down t ... away the casket lid until his fingers bleed He grabbed a knife and se
38 7.Easy Money With your fingers all a-shake You could never tell a winner from a snake but you always make money Easy money With your figure and your face S ... the money home Sit around the family throne My old dog could chew his
39 3.Black America Again point the finger we got annointed singers Like Nina Marvin Billie Stevie Need to hear them songs sometimes to believe me Who freed me: Lincoln ... s You know you know we from a family of fighters Fought in your wars
40 18.No Runnin' to Ya Mama y Got his family sick and woozy giving him the finger where Rodney O andJoe Cooley They hot around the collar Cause I got a lot of shotters So don't nobody bother if they try to t ... ammy when I cut them from the family We in every nook and cranny Hit
41 23.Choosin l wave my finger to the cops I see you like what I got So let me know if you rolling Let me know if you down I see you choosing[Verse1: Tech N ... from the blocks Still wave my finger to the cops I see you like what I got So let me know if you rolling Let me know if you down I see you choosing[Verse2: Tech N ... an bet that the heaters on my family stay cocked And my governors ready for the petty who said he hot'Cause I beat beat beat beat beat her With the d and not DJet ...
42 2.That's My Girl her to my family And I love that girl And everything's fine So until the day that she says yes Keep my ... day that she says yes Keep my fingers crossed'Cause that's my girl And she's gonna stay mine That's my girl you hear me I'm addin' her to my ... hear me I'm addin' her to my family And I love that girl And everything's fine So until the day that she says yes Keep my ... day that she says yes Keep my fingers crossed'Cause that's my girl An
43 18.Take It In Blood ta like a family bond We gather up all the soldiers and form into an invincible Swarm of kids Now it's on again drinking straight from the bot ... ou'round corners leaving your family a bunch of mourners And I'm all-around point as that if you feel me you're guaranteed something you can feel back[Verse4: Hav ... ng the fence sparking Fuck my fingers with guns niggas I'm marking ti
44 1.Your Candied Laughter Crawls Feeding Fingers-Attend1.Your Candied Laughter Crawls I bathe my mind in the forgotten lives Of haunted names Because your secrets sl ... e ghosts in my sheets Another family called And sent here to hush me
45 4.Settle the Scar g in your fingers right back from where you started? You made a map of how you loved and drew a perfect circle. I scribbled a Venn diagram. I ... ur body shape. It's sits like family; A grateful offering reflected o

46 3.Playin Fair(feat.Joey Purp) only got family Talking Victor and ChanoJoey and Chukwu and Dally We used to whip in the Caddy Until that bitch got impounded Now we get high ... tch in it And the world at my finger tips Now we came a long way From that cup with some lean in it And I only got homies No I only got ... only got homies No I only got family Scratch that I only got Hennessy
47 9.Family m Up9.Family(Ft. Dora& Dolly)[Intro Dolly(Young Thug)](I'm like woo yeah) Yeah Dora in this motherfucker with me(I'm like woo yeah) We ... up this a one-to-one Hit your finger with my fucking palm Let us fuck nigga not horny Hell no sleep with me Give her this wood like a fuckin' tree I know you miss ... e Nothing more important than family My motherfuckin nigga might laugh a million to the bone real shit Only thing more important than money is ... more important tha
48 7.Lacombe(feat. Black Smurf) tick your finger But dare you to play the stick up? Play the robber at the druggie? Yo body they gotta pick up Shawty official Used to being h ... imp hand[?] Come to my Hustle family it's over I blow the whistl
49 11.No Smoking in the House ke middle fingers Thrown up by little old ladies with brittle ... ittle old ladies with brittle fingers Deadly like them little stingers on top of a scorpion Or being at an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian I make the best polka pl ... ouch' And get nothing but the finger like when lesbians touch I don't walk around town as a pedestrian much I don't place value on trophies thespians clutch Not a ... d's of a feather Cause we are family And ain't a damn thing changed Except
50 9.B.E.T. Cypher where my family at Pull up in that family van holding tools like the handyman And to be real not with all this rapping politickin' Rapper competition wrapped up my pos ... piece I like most no more Two fingers two triggers what's the difference? We all gon' die one day until then I'm gettin' paid My grandma watching so I ain't gon' ... ga used to pawn mom's jewelry Family jewels big as fuck and I got the
51 7.A Silent Cause g to your family home I wonder if you'll ever get that feeling back? Your ... r get that feeling back? Your family home Covered my eyes with your hands Walked me through all of your plans I told you I could see it all But all I saw was you ... you Through the space in your fingers I don't want to love you I want
52 7.4 Minute Fire Drill mic With2 fingers in the air screaming hippy life HOLD UP WE DEM BOYZ We got bongs and pipes and dab rigs for toys Fuck a stuck up chick alway ... annie I do this for me and my family Excuse me Kanye that's my grammy
53 4.Cry(feat. TheJacka Curren$y& Smiggz) uck to my fingertips This right here only real playas read on this Exotic weed fast cars few handle bars Paper bag money buried deep in my ... r bag money buried deep in my family yard Few mill out the streets st
54 5.Love In All These Things ine feels Finger folded beneath the chin deep breath held as robins sing chorus There is strength in giving it over letting a child lay down t ... nd money high note held fuses family There is honor in a step retrace
55 8.Ignore the Man To Your Right s In Like Family8.Ignore the Man To Your Right[Sample]“One gold bar worth approximately$5000”“We'll see. If you're right I'll pay with ... r distances There are not any fingerprints or witnesses I will not be
56 4.The One with My Friends(feat. NFJohn Givez Wordsplayed Social Club& Kaleb Mitchell) point the finger at the bad guy At four years old I been a rabbi Let me show you how to do this I just need a pencil and a pad Guy follow me n ... quiao fightin' with Floyd The family watchin' I better go hard in the
57 13.Power ia middle fingers to you cowards Her pussy got power thats a different kind of power Nigga work his ass off to get a million fuckin' dollars[V ... oyce cause I made it And this family shit done got crazy For a million dollars your friends'll change You might lose your fuckin' old lady Ain't no limit to us ge ... aper Nigga worked hard middle fingers to you haters Y'all can't stop
58 10.Where Do We Go(Feat. Eric Bellinger) d lost my finger How we let it all linger? Whole family in black where you used to reside All here to say our final goodbyes Them to you me to them My thought with every tear that I ... Whole mornin' I was mournin' family that had survived Now that you a
59 12.Geechi Liberace on every finger In the south with the AC set at69 at all times[Verse1] I fell asleep with the Rollie on A young Michael Corleone Custom made ... who say that life is fair My family mean the world although I'm never there These days nothing makes sense Sad seeing all these G's on this fake shit Text a nigg ... es Lord!' Geeci ring on every finger at the chess board[Verse2] I fell asleep half naked I woke up to a sexyJamaican Penthouse suite fifty ninth floor The other f ...
60 8.Stick to Your Gunz gunz Two fingers in the air Gotta stick to your gunz When ye leave it all behind Cause it's second to none Keep ye ... e it's second to none Keep ye finger on the trigger Stick to your gunz Yeah Born leader Gotta stick to your gunz Two ... Gotta stick to your gunz Two fingers in the air Gotta stick to your gunz When ye leave it all behind Cause it's second to none Keep ye ... e it's second to none Keep ye finger on the trigger Stick to your gunz Yeah Aa says I need
61 10.JukeboxJoints beside me fingers Liberace When I seen this bitch in Venice Tommy and some mean Huaraches I'm all alone though mood music makes me bop slower ... n was on stage dressed like a family member Man everything basic to Y
62 17.Big Bad& Dangerous(feat. Smoke DZA) e Snap my fingers for the waiter Tell him the food was caca Cause I'm used to plates rated by Zagat Smoking Kiefer Sutherland Fuck the governm ... when reciting the lyrics Some family no longer with us But still behi
63 10.Women Who Can Cook e at your fingertips Talking with your hands will have me listening for days And tell your friends that all of my friends feel the same[Hook] ... ook[Verse2] From the K but my family from the country A bowl of banan
64 8.Take My Hand t put my finger on cause I don't know what it is(Don't know Don't know) Said its something bout you that I can' t put my ... bout you that I can' t put my finger on Cause I don't know what it is Baby lets get marriedddddd(Lets goo Lets goo) Can we walk down the asle Baby lets get marrie ... nobody else but you Ingarwood family after what number9 duce Talk shit on this track boy I got some niggas who'll come and find you Why Hatinggggggg Cause you nig ... bout you that I can'
65 4.Wanna Ride(feat. Isaiah Rashad) feed the family Okay let a nigga try us bustin' like them transits Set your ass on fire no violence not the answer But come try to play us yo ... goin' hammer I'm twisting up fingers squeezin' on heaters Hangin' ou
66 2.My Girlfriend er in the family van Then put my fingers in your mouth without washing m
67 14.Iron Rose s my iron family My kids are rough they eat iron candy My girl's tough she wears iron panties I was born in an iron galaxy You can act Sir. Wi ... in' of a diamond Filthy metal fingers get it poppin' like a hymen At
68 2.Remember d and the family Middle finger to mediocracy Let's stay true to
69 5.TV er been a family guy but ever son needs his Sanford So if we get married with children just know I'm ready and willing Tell Peggy I'm feeling ... baby I'll put a ring on every finger In relationships I seen it all I
70 10.Angel ragged my family name through the dirt I kept my mouth shut digested the hurt Towards the end I heard you talking to another Two months later ... elf up to you. You stomped my finger tips I called and asked you back
71 3.Twinz[Feat. FatJoe] urse your family children like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity filling Insanity's building up pavilion in my civilian The cannon be ... You getting stuck my trigger finger's itchy as a fuck![Big Punisher]
72 12.Loose Ends– Sergio Mendez feat Pharoahe MonchJustin Timberlake and Will.I.Am with your family you're the backbone[Hook][Bridge:Justin Timberlake] Tell me how can we live this way We've gon so far astray No one knows wha ... ng? Check'em out now Pointing fingers when they know how We got to th
73 8.Let It Go Me middle finger's up rockin' newJordans The streets listenin' but I ain't listenin' Unless Puffy make a Biggie album he live again White peop ... ride around with your middle fingers up Now let it go now let it go now let it go And I'ma go head roll somethin' Now if you're ridin' in your truck with your sy ... one wheel I let it go middle finger in the air when I'm riding in my truck When I see your bitch done deal That's why I'm going hard like Garnett I say when it's ...
74 3.King of New York it to his family with blood still on it Few black roses maybe a ... on it Few black roses maybe a finger or two He out to be the King of
75 4.Rise Up dnap your family and wives with no guilt No lines drawn It's all out war for domination Robbing safes in safe houses no leaving traces Destruc ... nana clips aimed at you Itchy fingers malicious killers valicious my
76 5.The Misanthrope me to the family All hail the cult of misanthropy The church and then the steeple Bring out the weak and feeble This world it turns on the tho ... the gory details So keep your finger on the meat scale Sycophants and gorgeous users Pay the way for tomorrows losers That wanted you dead This is your welcome to ... d This is your welcome to the family God damn the cult of his vanity The church and then the steeple Bring out the weak and feeble This world it turns on the thou ...
77 11.All Bad on Who's family when this all went on Come on let's see some laughs then we Can do the same damn thing next week I love it when It happens li ... see Then you could point your fingers at the blame not me Ashamed how
78 16.Mental Exorcism k trigger finger gun play I only know how to deal with these niggas one way And someday I swear to God I'mma change that But I can't cause the ... d blood a mothers heart broke Family crying on the first few my heart
79 6.Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher II(feat. CES Cru& Stevie Stone) id Middle finger to my enemies I say all you niggas is bitchesJurisdiction have so many restrictions All you niggas is fiction no conviction N ... ing thought that we so-called family All you niggas can get it turnin
80 1.Models& Bottles(feat.Jeremih& Lil Bibby) n' Middle fingers in the sky for the haters You ain't never really been up on my level so don't try to holla When you see me ridin' out of Veg ... Let her know that we are the family We on the pedigree we are celebr
81 7.Pure Luxury to sleep Family that's luxury All I ever hung around was G's Breaking bread with the homies that's luxury Something like virgin blood that's ... ck with me20 bandana cross my fingers when in danger I protect you perfect stranger put that body on a hanger Her man's in Herman[?]don't need a fucking filla Hol ... d luxury A roof over to sleep Family that's luxury All I ever hung ar
82 12.Bloodline ne Middle finger high fuck a peace sign Please give me somethin' to write about it's been too long23 years behind bars no father shoulder to l ... st... wanna see wealth and my family smile Wanna pass a better genera
83 8.Painful Skies pointing fingers questioning your occupations I'm just hoping that the way I feel can shine some light I know you got a good heart dawg. It's ... ve I hope your happy and your family is doin' awesome And hope that y
84 6.Beef h on your fingers to get to the bread Came from the country I served my ... from the country I served my family That's why I tell niggas to rock better lead Hit in the head for something you said Torture a nigga I wanted him dead You lea ... hot in the chest Cut off your fingers and cut off your thumb And I wa
85 3.Wash It All Away Five Finger Death Punch-Got Your Six3.Wash It All Away I've given up on society Up on my ... given up on society Up on my family Up on your social disease I've g
86 2.Jettison es and my family's own origins About to find another son who's gravity I'll orbit in Personal changes opportunity's keep pouring in Walking li ... en tryin' to skip the lessons Finger fucking flesh n' learning how to
87 9.Incomplete now White Family back home but they don't show love That's why we at the club[?][?] Paying for my drinks guess you talking my language Got you ... our favorite for a minute Two Fingers knew the brand specific Hold yo
88 7.Color Blind(feat. Chase Stancle) Point the finger in his hand at black skin and say it was the mark of Cain Dang so twisted But I heard the same and yet the opposite from a bl ... -Abled slain I got some black family that don't even know it yet My white ... n't even know it yet My white family never seems to grab a hold of it
89 3.Verified am middle fingers to Uncle Sam Unfamiliar ask your girl who I am talking cash talk Nigga cash talk[Hook] That money what we got and what we ca ... e came for See my niggas like family they do the same note We want the money and the cars and the chains ho Tryna be rich forever nigga fuck the fame though And i ... see them niggas twisting they fingers then that be us And if you see them niggas twisting they ... see them niggas twisting they fingers then that be us[Verse2]
90 12.Numbers for your family nigga Ammo for these pussy mothafuckas Run up I swear to god I want tears from your mother Fuck nigga sipping I get prison an ... a mothafucka rhymes No Sticky fingers no porcupine Genius? Wait let m
91 6.No One Wants To Stay y Our family tale like paper trail disappear from sky And sure enough it tailed right off the same as you and I That jet will lift you int ... ma sailed West Many sail with fingers crossed and hope for very best Now the roar of jumbo jet fills every given day Cause everybody wants to leave and no one wan ... ma sailed West Many sail with fingers crossed and hope for very best Now the roar of jumbo jet fills every given day Cause everybody wants to leave and no one wan ...
92 17.The Nutcracker s Clara's family retires to bed she checks on her Nutcracker one last time and ends up falling asleep under the Christmas tree with the Nutcra ... a can't believe her eyes; ladyfinger mountains topped with whipped cr
93 21.Santa's Team knew: my family my friends my neighbors the kids at school the people who went to my church. I was just about thought out when I suddenly tho ... and he didn't have a coat. I fingered the ten-dollar bill with growi
94 1.Gotti tell the family) we was just warning them(38's45's) all type of Tauruses(About to hit the bong) pour the Holy water in(Celebrating) for parti ... ey'd get stuck We'd clean our fingerprints up we'd clean the shit we
95 4.Murder By Reason Of Insanity call your family It's gonna be a murder my reason insanity[Verse2:] I was born with a chip on my shoulder Now that I'm older momma's talking s ... iggas Mack10 Tech9's all with fingers on the trigger Backed in the bi
96 5.Your Ass Got Took herfuckin family in the black Fuck a five-oh you gotta bail out Or your black ass is headed for the jail house People all the judges wanna bus ... be afraid my brother Put your finger on the trigger close your eyes a
97 14.All For Love(Ft. Spade-O) n woke up fingers on triggers[?][Verse2: Spade-O] You think of me you think of a problem Who what where and how the fuck yo ... hat where and how the fuck yo family gone pay for yo coffin Hey main man we way pass the friend stage Nigga left engaged I hit you in yo face with a ten gauge I'm ... jump me Get goofy my trigger finger get loosey Goosey shit I got blo
98 3.Ain't Me my whole family up out that hood Set'em all nice in the hills like that shit real like that You ain't gotta like my shit pay for the flow I d ... ot them Birkins on My trigger finger been itchin' My patients short b
99 10.Best Mistake(feat. Big Sean) pointing fingers anyway we're the same. Break up make up Total waste of time Can we please make up our minds? And stop acting like we're blin ... eam we branched out started a family tree And I feel like that everyt
100 5.Army ma put my family on get my shit and pass the money Buy my mom an island It's Tuesday were in Bora Bora Drop some shit out for the fans Continu ... shine[Hook] I got two middle fingers up if you don't care for me I got to be there for my fans cause they was there for me Left Right Left come and march for me ... call for me I got two middle fingers up if you don't care for me I got to be there for my fans cause they was there for me Left Right Left come and march for me ...

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