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1 12.Geechi Liberace my shoes Ex slave proud field nigga Next Trayvon Martin Emmitt Till nigga My nappy hair who say that life is fair My family mean the world although I'm never there These ... these G's on this fake shit Text a nigga phone avoiding my calls Only thing you got is your word and your balls Get up on my level you say you a boss Everybody s ... rom Howard I love to roll and marinate just enjoy the sour Or another hooligan at U of M Bitches on the honor roll? I need me two of
2 15.Secret Spy Decoder Ring mall kids Marina RachelJune Their smirking daddy when there's room And now I'm off to history And I got a front row seat My Secret Spy Decoder ... paper in his teeth The mousy ex-marine Lifts from a blanket roll A rifle with a scope I caught my breath As he clumsily drew the bolt action back He was staring ... into the kitchen of the cop next door But he hardly looked up from h
3 1.Take It in Blood sus in a Lex watchin Kathie Lee and Regis My actions are one with the seasons A tec squeezin- ... h the seasons A tec squeezin- executioner winter time I rock a fur Mega popular center of attraction Climaxin my bitches they be laughin They high from sniffin co ... seperate watchin crab niggaz marinate I'm all about tecs and good jooks and s ... bout tecs and good jooks and sex Israelite books holdin government names from Ness MC's are crawlin out every hole in the slum
4 8.Parole letterari marinai così sul taciturno e cerca guai così inventati e pieni di coraggio. Io non son quei ... di coraggio. Io non son quei marinai parole in rima ne ho già dette(e tante strano ma ne faccio dire) nostalgiche incazzate quanto basta maledette ironiche quel ... Dibattito dal vivo miti spot ex-cineforum talk-show magazine trend p
5 5.You Owe Me m'ron Yo Next up it's the kid with the fresh cut Stepped up my lyrics and my spirit's in check yup I'm here in the flesh but a lot of people e ... that smack get smacked I rap ex-act-i-ly how I have to be I'm glad to be the talk of the town I offered you clowns pound You left me hangin' so I'm tossing you d ... I'll hook you up but how you expect me to eat? That's real These niggaz forcin' me to go the unemployment route Now that I'm famous I'ma be sendin' invoices out ...

6 2.Feestneus eJonne en Marina's het feest is begonnen dus hocus pocus pas. Ik tover ze weg in het niets want ik wil vette skillz met vette beats vazeline m ... eb me goed geamuseerd met men ex gesponsord door Durex iedereen plat op de dansvloer en ik
7 6.Now a Dayz ts in the marina Shit with the fif sleep with the nina In that bulletproof truck with a case of crystal Shoot out my tyres I'm good for90 mile ... at's an aks74u in the phantom ex the color of mountain dew I done danced with the devil and spoke to god I'm in4 times stones with the bezzel chapar I got a fresh ... team like goldie Yay is an og export rollie Now that I'm off yo I'm d
8 26.5 Ela Remix k of the Lex it protects I done told'em that I'm usin' my ... one told'em that I'm usin' my ex Romancin' the lady Bitches come to take a chance on my meat I see that you can't wait to get into my pants Come and dance on my l ... tin' eatin' pussy for a hobby Marinatin' scoopin' hoes in the lobby O
9 1.5 Ela(remix) k of the Lex it protects I done told'em that I'm usin my ... done told'em that I'm usin my ex Romancin the lady Bitches come to take a chance on my meat I see that you can't wait to get into my pants Come and dance on my la ... eatin eatin pussy for a hobby Marinatin scoopin hoes in the lobby Our
10 34.Handle Of Beam dy got my ex old lady shook She know that I'm a crook by the chances that I took So it's normal buyin' Polo's to enhance the way I look But I ... t it bump for a minute let it marinate Take it backwards how you love
11 5.The Khali Cartel even your ex knows why Me ndio mzii now listen here OG kilimani sikai Ah Ah lakini OG ka mi ni money na dai….Raaaah! Kombi kama ni manzi na fl ... ri safi classic utadhani zime marinate Ahh. Yani wait…. My Nigga i wa