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1 16.She Is My Sin ou are what my sins enclose Lust is not as creative As its discovery To paradise with pleasure haunted ha
2 11.Sermon I seem free but I'm enclosed in a cage Do I continue to ponder over the past thinking I could've done it
3 5.The Green Fields of France without even a name Enclosed then forever behind a glass pane In an old photograph torn battered and stai
4 1.Winter's Gate le of shivering men Enclosed by endless coldness The evernight eternal dark The moan of undying winds Now
5 7.Lady of the Sea g closer! The rocks enclose her Woah that Lady of the sea! Yea! Lady of the Sea Mesmerizing me Always bri

6 6.The Planning Room tements made as I'm enclosed World shut off mind exposed Contemplating each minute Stepped away desolate
7 12.Delirium m Delirium Delirium Enclosed in a shrine locked away inside my mind I walk in the darkness and neon light
8 4.Neutered in Utero e the womb exposed. Enclosed is an underdeveloped foetus. Human error eraser; mistake replacer designed t
9 10.A Dream Within A Dream Deliberately caged Enclosed Too weak to be enraged Disposed And all the hopes you had As good as dead Li
10 2.Unconditional Love rtain behind me And enclose me in your arms If your arms would invite me oh[Chorus x3] We could change th
11 14.Unconditional Love(Alternate Version) rtain behind me And enclose me in your arms oh If your arms would invite me oh[Chorus](x2) We'd see a rea
12 4.Final Warning et to know Why they enclose your mind What's the joke? Call suppression Life You get to see All the trick
13 4.MSRP(The Untimely Ballad of a Coatrack) Enclosure enclosed arm Close she stares into mine I Eyes folded in wallet; A dollar for heart sleeve To suit below chain Gang fills the frame ... ticker5 point loss Enclosure enclosed arm Close she stares into mine
14 3.Carry On them witness what's Enclosed what I think Teacher keep on questioning And pointing out my novice Now they
15 10.A Pin-Light Bent s intersected: Each enclosed anelectric and alone In our lives is a common sense That relies on the commo
16 5.Wilderness s clear Disillusion enclosed in fear Your mind games are so state of the art But I won't be broken down a
17 5.Artificial Existence and desperation has enclosed you And it's harder to get water plus there's no food No seeds beneath the e
18 8.Back Baby re frozen things It encloses you in its crystallizing Looks that every that you'll have to decide If you
19 6.Mother Of Light(A New Age Dawns2) ew away the key I'm enclosed within my own thoughts That will never set me free You're the hand that I re
20 7.Zone in my ways They're enclosed offside see you You missed my fate They're off sides oh if I could be you Wo

21 1.Worlds Apart hout light The dark encloses all Our works would be but ash No knowledge of the time that crushes love to
22 5.Anachroternal² them the space will enclose upon you. The mechanisms of this conceived universe are pushing us toward a f
23 7.Cosmogonal Grounds he portal encloses above the land of the lines. Distant dimension meet. The portal ... nt dimension meet. The portal encloses above the land of the lines. S
25 1.Grimm2.0 ut my prayer He has enclosed my ways with hewn stone he has made my paths crooked He was to me as a bear
26 8.Engineering the Void trangest is the one enclosed within Perfectly faded from the grip of reality Never trust a man with golde
27 8.Daydreams In A Blackout cellar with my sins enclosed Sleepwalking and talking I'm mocking a heavy ghost Daydreams in a blackout W
28 6.A Reccurent Dream eam come back to me enclose all my thoughts- let me be down there in a hole sits a little croocked it loo
29 7.You Dont Really Want It(feat.Jon Connor Snow Tha Product) ble invented that's enclosed and then closed Are too complex for most folk but you know I'm a ghost in th
30 6.Distorted Angels h ouh ouh ouhouhouh Enclose surrender Breaking is tender Sliding disfigured Driving that death drum into
31 14.Take Me Far Away for my soul that I enclosed I gotta get away from all that's left I gotta break my cage in which I was p
32 2.Hate Is a Black Hole e is closed The eye enclosed the world The eye is swallowedThe eye is swallowed So is the worl
33 9.Jörmungandr lf Eternal creature enclosed in the seas by aesir's grace CHORUS1:Jörmungandr's creeping Waiting for the
34 4.Dark Goddess Divine here nothingness Is enclosed in nothingness She is the maternal substance From which all gods came forth
35 5.Infection Defective ath-rate displeased Enclosed My alarm's down Then fail-closed[Chorus x2
36 11.Enclosed By You ion11.Enclosed By You Will You stay with me when I forget You're there? Will you still love me when my love lingers elsewhere? I hear ... softly speaking secrets that enclose Words that softly linger with sweet repose'I will never leave you Leave you waiting'round I'm the one who's been waiting For ... softly speaking secrets that enclose Words that softly linger with sweet repose ... ftly linger with sweet repose Enclosed by You In close I see I am in
37 10.I'd Buy That For A Dollar on pieces Enclosed in packaging You look so sweet filled with deceit. You catch me armed to the teeth. I will be the last one standing. Your p ... me Cut up in a million pieces Enclosed in packaging You look so sweet
38 7.Visions othing but darkness encloses the sky Then I begin to see A light in the distance that's calling for me Oh
39 1.Crossroads to suffer? When I'm enclosed in my own mind The repeating echo of spinning thoughts A reflection in the w
40 9.Defiant Dreams survived Enclosed in a black shrine Oracle for the mighty and high Caught in a strange inner battle A place beyond time Its struggle within U ... by The dreaming head survived Enclosed in a black shrine Oracle for the mighty and high Heir to an ancient mystery From a place beyond time Its knowledge within U ... by The dreaming head survived Enclosed in a black shrine Oracle for t
41 4.Drammen pitch dark November Enclosed landscapes at the end of the tunnel On bare ground in search of a direction
42 4.Dormancy of the Ancients hs chthonic unknown enclosed nether tales untold in clandestine sleep everlasting deep below the innards
43 1.Surface Understanding DJ Hidden-Enclosed1.Surface Understanding When you work a long time on something really
44 8.Distant Drums DJ Hidden-Enclosed8.Distant Drums Our impulses are being redirected We are living in an
45 9.Cotard1 DJ Hidden-Enclosed9.Cotard1 Let's see this is your heart line And your head line And yo

46 14.Traces II DJ Hidden-Enclosed14.Traces II It is impossible He was erased And yet traces of him con
47 20.Solipsism DJ Hidden-Enclosed20.Solipsism He has lost his grip on reality What is real? What is in
48 8.No Borders! . No borders should enclose us. Why are we caged by the lines on a map? There's more that defines us! Def
49 6.Wish the Mob Dead. When Darkness encloses the Cities and Shadows hide Distress. Corpses roam bleak Alleys engorging in
50 7.Grindavísan therly approach And enclose the still water That high mountains defend Industrious lads to kill grind Tha
51 4.Detrimental Edict and below Enclosed your god won't save you Come death come to me join me Cold figures in the mirror shatter Rippling element eternally Detrime ... rs Death from above and below Enclosed your god won't save you Separation of the moment I watch you slowly Fade into infinity Taken by the perfect force ... ty Taken by the perfect force Enclosed my death will take you Inhale in vain feel the weight immense Inside your head the end of delusions No salvation no resurre ... rs Death
52 3.Ikarus t Into my arms as I enclose you in My love You make me feel so good inside I could of died Instead I crie
53 2.The Empire Has Fallen feat. Paranoid Castle her to my house And enclose her in a glass case Right away I begin to look up every thing That could brin
54 5.Warpledge on is clear No more enclosed in disease And finally free from all fears Towards those lands Where the glo
55 6.Methyl Bromide Poisoning sewer pipes into an enclosed young families home burning of the eyes blisters on the skin chest grips too
56 1.Seven Seasons each other we were enclosed with valediction Omen seems to take daze of us fallen each in own verity nea
57 8.Free(The Editorial Me) cause I'm free yeah Enclosed for your review is a picture of you Before you knew And circled in red are t
58 4.Choices Of being enclosed Lost civil liberty The ultimate purpose Revealed the fate A final solution For worldly goods Say goodbye to sun Down in the ... se And feel the risk Of being enclosed Lost civil liberty Survive for human future Was a better choice You can sense And feel the risk Of being ... se And feel the risk Of being enclosed Lost civil liberty Believe in human force Was the our final chance You can sense And feel the risk Of being ... se And feel the risk Of being
59 40.Little Boy Soldiers our mum Saying find enclosed one son- one medal and a note- to say he won
60 6.The Walls Are Starting To Crack it for a safer hour Enclosed in mortar and stone The walls are starting to crack how could they hold back
61 3.The Vengeance Pact rth shakes Suddenly enclosed with the blue glow My burdened aching body falls As white fills my sight A l
62 5.Stop Error green garbage bags Enclose my name in brackets Make html tags To start and end forever Above the wheezy
63 1.Stalled Armageddon ers of town meadows enclosed and the second it started I lost hope in emotion aroused from the mother of
64 9.And I'm Up to being glistened enclosed My words and head confused so I run for the coast I reach for the sky but to
65 3.Awaken n I am a garden enclosed The inside He fully knows When He breathes when He blows That's when my love
66 5.Awaiting Reply(When All We Have Left Is Silence) r we've sent casket enclosed holding our friend. We place our bodies in lonely grounds but send our lost
67 1.Soul Digger Juan Carlos Cano-Enclose1.Soul Digger She says she's looking for a new stimulation She arches
68 2.Novocaine Juan Carlos Cano-Enclose2.Novocaine Did you find yourself? Did you show them what you're made
69 3.Falling(Warsaw Sessions) Juan Carlos Cano-Enclose3.Falling(Warsaw Sessions) Let me out Walk me out of here This is not
70 4.Where the River Flows Juan Carlos Cano-Enclose4.Where the River Flows Trapped in Someone else's dream Can't get out
71 8.By the Strange Paths of Destiny to survive Pleasure enclosed me enbracning with loving arms Pain came to me with great harm[Brigde I:] ha
72 5.Addiction(Bratislava) y decribe why nails enclose me eating so evenly there exists a lot of reasons to support fatality abstien
73 12.The Sweater t you are teased. I enclose a misspelled letter of over dramatic grief. Let's forget the hearts we've bro
74 6.Requiem for the Indifferent wth Free the energy enclosed within us Try to keep on searching for the meaning of our lives Find the onl
75 2.Change Of Tides ies I'm encaged and enclosed In my emptiness I'm the escapist Bricked in my walls Don't try to save me Yo
76 13.Green Fields Of France without even a name Enclosed then forever behind a glass pane In an old photograph torn battered and stai
77 6.Postcards From Tiny Islands o much to enclose These postcards from tiny islands do more than you know So here’s to you and the ground below The glass ball in the empty ... oes it all It’s too much to enclose I feel so easy now Everything i
79 1.Wailings(From The Underhalls) t remember why he's enclosed there he only knows he's on his own Tryin' to find the way to escape driftin
80 1.Treachery eign upon this faux enclosed Destiny I laugh at thee Your reign of terror soon to pass I now declare thy
81 5.Hollow Sky iler outward steams enclosed: Oh yeah oh yeah the hollow sky Hollow sky welkin wide hallowed high hollow
82 4.Leveling e jaws open; flames enclose our world No words spoken Figures broken Pouring from the opened skies Surmis
83 5.The Day The City Died harge admission and enclose it in a dome Now it's just a theme park and the rides are over-priced Maybe y
84 8.Frozen Winds st Death to all Who enclosed our truth Over time We will not forge
85 8.Tapestry Of Me hold Of your wings enclosed within your path I m attached as ever honey I won t let you go! I m not lett
86 5.Ex Marks The Spot to do what is right Enclosed and shaking I can tell you're breaking So break in Tell me what you see Look
87 3.Fell& Found(The Walk) t beat bleeds still enclosed in stone Knocking down the days and lay them to waste You fought to try- you
88 7.The Ninth Gate Open that which is enclosed The lost word keeps the secret No one attains who unlawfully contends In vai
89 1.Alas The Anvil heel by the serpent enclosed in black But the cross conquered all and brought me to Paradis
90 2.Liquid Mercury ays I keep my heart enclosed for the girl that knows and Rodney street eight pounds a week was ankle deep
91 1.Seasick ws me off. Branches enclose These walls won't hold. Don't tell from the peril of the roots of your family
92 8.Chosen Obituaries ilenced vain voices Enclosed you will be in fearJoin me or draw your last breath With deadly gesture I cu
93 10.Expatriate e can build a fence Enclosed with this page you'll find what I've saved I'm doing my best to sleep when I
94 12.The Black Rainbow We defied the lines enclosed Into a great unknown to read all The words we left out In all we are But you
95 3.Designer Skyline otorway Connect and enclose the quaint suburban streets The airport the broad suspension bridge The lake
96 5.Ithotmoa help me I'm safely enclosed There's dance music booming-- mannequins posed No outside weather no traffic
97 2.Dark Sorceress(Autumn Siege) oom There's a witch enclosed into the wall No one knows exact place where There's a tree on the wall More
98 1.The Forbidden Gates Beyond into eternal grief Enclosed by flame search for sacred light Amid legions of blood and tear streamed fac
99 2.Creation Of Chaos t assault enclosed the life Creation of chaos Rebirth as a beast of man Wound upon wound Shadow suppressed Creation of chaos Rebirth as a beas ... t breathing A serpent assault enclosed the life Creation of chaos Reb
100 5.Tomorrows Morning ost You're entirely enclosed And you mind escapes The answers are missing The consciousness is almost she

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