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1 3.Bazaar Royale- What's It All For? th that on my brain embedded like a stain(UHH!) I may change as I change lanes tryin to change the game B
2 4.Naughty By Nature- Feel Me Flow ve words with nerve embedded I said it word Damn you nerd man you heard Coming from the town of Illy and
3 4.Winter my favorite things Embedded hybrid fingers of the Winter's silver stream君がくれたね僕が好きだったもの指の先には君が殘した落書きみたいな
4 8.Face To Face r Oh it's embedded in me It's embedded in you I never thought that it
5 2.Footprints ootprints embedded in my skin Lovestruck so I can never win It's pulling me back Take everything I have Embraced it I tabled all my aces but I ... mption(Redemption) Footprints embedded in my skin Lovestruck so I can

6 1.Nightlights I > So much imitation embedded in action So much expectation precedes us. Let us be trees and sailors of se
7 8.Almost Know Your Name them All my empathy embedded in the richness of the taste It gets easy to look past all the middlemen All
8 9.Mississippi Swells all seems the same' Embedded in patterns you don't notice The features out of focus It's a shame The flas
9 2.Footprints emption) Footprints embedded in my skin Lovestruck so I can never win It's pulling me back Take everythin
10 23.Isis(Live) to the pyramids all embedded in ice. He said'There's a body I'm tryin' to find. If I carry it out it'll b
11 11.Exist g with its galaxies embedded within the ever-stretching four-dimensional fabric of space and time. Howeve
12 2.My Blower he great one Beauty embedded in my bloodline They wanna give us some fed time Kill us then pick up the Po
13 4.Supremacy nvisible to history Embedded spies brainwashing our children to be mean You don't have long I am on to yo
14 16.I Love You r and Silly Versace embedded in me all of our clothing silky God took his time cause God damn you pretty
15 5.Filaments little diamonds All embedded in the null Head like a blank screen A body alive You are living in the last
16 11.Sunrise(V2) it feels like To be embedded in a real life When the deal's dicey and it's evident it's another surreal n
17 10.Rum histle-laden rhymes embedded in my stomach tract Wack wack I think tonight I'll feed a timeless alien bei
18 5.Kill at Will ll of die embedded(wow) Back off of this mad artist will lack confidence Mad obvious cause he might be defensive(Which means) he's hiding aggr ... k on the back of your diamond embedded it's not even a kind of impres
19 12.White People(Scene) I'm receiving audio embedded in the ship's distress signal WILLIAM KAI: Man why white people always gotta
20 5.The Taken eign device resides embedded. Or is it all in your head? This is your life a slave to experiments. This i

21 7.White Noise . A stain embedded upon history. That could never be wiped clean. Sugar coating this short lived existence. Guiding your eyes from the man beh ... in the grand scheme. A stain embedded upon history that could never
22 11.Circles Around Circles a fireplace at camp embedded in the hills See that which never kills them is nothing that I rep So any ty
23 3.The Way of All Flesh s they stretch from embedded nails Brought here the victims of the damnation game Soldiers in the legion
24 9.My Oh My card board Memories embedded in the dust in the fighters that age just like us livin' some where off in t
25 3.Insomniac m this heavy burden embedded in my mind I'll sleep forever if given the chance Hell's not in my head it's
26 1.The Power That B price tag Your bads embedded in your lives a white flag A sterilized white flag born bred and buried in i
27 5.Casus Lucifieri reeking from above Embedded in a red glow telling of... A burning dawn! For this sunrise shall not wake
28 9.Save Our Last Goodbye t goodbye Embedded in my mind Your face will never leave me Save our last goodbye It's killing me that I won't get to hear Your laughter anymo ... t right Save our last goodbye Embedded in my mind Your face will never leave me Save our last goodbye It's killing me that I won't get to hear Your laughter anymo ... er stay Save our last goodbye Embedded in my mind Your face will never leave me Save our last goodbye It's killing me that I won't get to hear Your laughter anymo ...
29 6.Father Vorizen er Vorizen Oratorio Embedded in the codes Gunning the engine Careful incision Perennial wisdom The bellow
30 6.Brain Burner s there's the knife embedded in my skin Don't take it out just bury me with all the hell that I've commit
31 1.Safe as Houses hey're in embedded deep Embedded in the broken streets Radio ca
32 9.Collapse moved me I've been embedded in the dust And my mind has been ravaged by war Pray for farewell as if I wa
33 11.Say Something t's wrong It's been embedded inside us since our first breaths We're destroying the world where we live B
34 4.Adlib k doors black walls embedded with curtains And i just wanna know is she for certain? Bitch stop lying you
35 5.Will I See You Again But the picture is embedded in my mind As I move on through the curve Well the nights have been uneasy A
36 10.Amorphous ed a body Embedded we are now one[2x] Embedded we ar
37 7.No Innocents(Bad Moon) moon rising for you embedded in and why would you say what i wanted to hear that was the last thing i nee
38 10.Twisted orryJuliet that you embedded the sayin' If a dollar makes you holler well then I'm gettin' the short chan
39 9.Boris The Spider he crawl'round He's embedded in the ground Boris the spider Boris the spide
40 5.Black Synagogue the truth but it's embedded in lies Read every single verse until I'm red in my eyes And God only hear y
41 6.Narrow Are the Roads ng through my lungs embedded in my bones One day we will all disappear into the ether Like we were never
42 16.Raw Life it's a style that's embedded in the streets It's a prime factor puttin' the smash on y'all like middle li
43 1.Recollect(Shapeshifters) the sky than those embedded in your eyes. Let's take it all as a reminder we'll never need. Every place
44 5.Stimulus Package ut the town I'm too embedded now I finally made the settlement now I figured out a plan I can finally rap
45 5.Rise& Fall n signs The devil's embedded our minds so we'll be in his debt til we're dyin In a fight with sight vs bl

46 9.Heads On Heads e porcelain forests Embedded deep in dreams Glass organs ring green suggestions Hearts fell from the rhyt
47 3.Take ion These blessings embedded in recipes rest in my dishes I'm only given what I'm given when I give it ca
48 10.Twisted orryJuliet that you embedded the sayin' If a dollar makes you holler well then I'm gettin' the short chan
49 2.Unison May this moment be embedded Run running'til the dawn And if nothing comes of tomorrow We've left nothing
50 6.Systematic Extinction l ditches embedded in the soil No warning of the silent order of reductionists The death rattle of billions signals the finale Endless funeral ... inale Endless funeral ditches embedded in the soil Nightmares of systematic extinction Nightmares of systematic extinction Souls being poured into the cauldron of ... lence Endless funeral ditches embedded in the soil Nightmares of syst
51 4.Watcher of flesh and blood Embedded in the core of mind Cold-blooded instincts Demon seed inside Nexus astral ar
52 2.Finally Rich ist and low shit is embedded in me My old lady pushin' a7.50 Don't hate get your shadow with me[?]not me
53 13.Coagulate ood print we remain Embedded so dead and know the bullshit That you're spreadin' is quite irrelevant Like
54 8.Bleed FT. ABK er in the AMB leave embedded in your memory You ain't even living like that put it in the rap Anybody lis
55 3.Devil's Angel realer gorilla shit embedded in me If I should die right now I pray my dark soul you can keep Cause I'm c
56 3.Devil's Angel realer gorilla shit embedded in me If I should die right now I pray my dark soul you can keep Cause I'm c
57 6.Crushed Egos ompetent styles not embedded Wu-Tang slang bangs in your brain this is not genetic prophetic Unadulterate
58 7.Judas F. Planet Asia Chace Infinite it'til the code is embedded Program the letters like I'm working for Microsoft My micro hard these cold
59 11.Zone ist that Lo shit is embedded in me My old lady push a750 killing bitches delicately Don't hate get chedda
60 8.The Verge(Haruka Nakamura Remix) feat. Steph The Sapphic Songstress On leaving bullets embedded in your head set This the main world I known since I used to bed wet Up's wh
61 5.Good Day loopy that might be embedded in his genes I make it flip and the strip don't stop Fiends say I got it lit
62 7.Out In The Wild ng of a sweet dream embedded in a deep dream There's an oak where the willow weeps she offers him relief
63 4.More us And stereotypes embedded in slaves by masters Didn't want slaves to read education enhances If the mi
64 11.Car Crash ith a myopic lens I embedded into myself My lack of gestures limited the effectiveness of my delivery and
65 6.Bioluminescent Photophores xpressions of agony embedded on their faces The woman that i love is leering back at me open eyes hypnoti
66 13.Decapitation Fornication ts. I drain the pus embedded in society. With their disposal I silence them and have my taste. A balanced
67 1.Supremacy(至高無上) visible to history. Embedded spies brainwashing our Children to be mean. You don't have long I am on to y
68 10.A Christmas Fucking Miracle k Keep your canines embedded in my knuckles as a keepsake It would seem your veneers just mere souvenirs
69 10.Cats Van Bags ith my life essence embedded in ya dirt[Slug] We work move and hustle with the rest of the Gypsies Spoon
70 15.Denvemolorado b the ladder that's embedded in my heart I start to question all the emotion in my head[Repeat till end](
71 16.Fine With Me leave your thoughts Embedded nillow talk inception drama prevention yeah Spit out the bitter when life is
72 3.In the Shrines of the Kingly Dead embalmed Royalties embedded Locked under a curse Powers of mortis Trapped in the talismans Shaman's evil
73 6.Still Young Bien metida adentro(Embedded in me)[x2] While you're still young Find your heart and find your song While
74 8.Showdown that the message is embedded The r-a d-i g-g a gon set it Hold up baby cuz that's when you lost Whole pro
75 7.The Imperious Weak ecrepit convictions Embedded and never erased Unashamed Unchallenged Unmoved The imperious weak Becoming
76 3.High Tension ing Tool shed tools embedded inside her dude's head No Vital Signs this be the title up in the news sprea
77 1.After the Calm e head of a gun I'm embedded with Cold for the people never credited The storm Stronger when I stray from
78 3.Find Me In the Future ing Until my head's embedded with some metal I'm here to upset the balance of the universe Capsizing cert
79 2.Alone agenda Got my name embedded permanent henna I'll forget the times we had will find another to resemble..
80 4.Packets in den Boots(feat. RZA) no credit It's not embedded in their genetics It's with their proper hip-hop should he only speak the rh
81 1.Fireworks se And fuck it it's embedded in your DN
82 5.Misruled Order flow and everything embedded in it im Better than the next man spittin you wishin you wasn't competition
83 3.Cross the Rubicon store for us Traits embedded in the origin of man have been carried to extremes Reason's extinction Disci
84 12.Old Timer the fear embedded deep inside of me By society. Old timer You're preachin' at me You seem to think That we are so damn different But we're no ... 't blame nothing but the fear embedded deep inside of me By society
85 3.Scream for Silence in. Embryonic death Embedded in your brain. Suffocation strangulation Death is fucking you insane. Nightm
86 2.Edge of Something there some secrets embedded down In the frozen ground in the frozen ground Under a cold moon and a fract
87 5.Where U Goin' on the blogs I been embedded where I'm headed nigga Chorus'Rich Kidd say Torae say lets hear ya say'[Vers
88 8.Can'tFuckWithMe n In my mind that's embedded Bet niggas thinking that They own Let them tell it Got Bread but Ain't still
89 15.Underdogs ition] That NC flow embedded in me since a embryo The negroes said I wouldn't prosper like Tim Tebow I wa
90 12.Hurdles(ft. Kameron Corvet) ad them cuff prints embedded in both of my damn wrists Came from the bottom like I never stood a chance W
91 4.The Wolf around my feet are embedded in flesh At each footstep a dragging sound fills the emptiness The blinder t
92 6.Mind Trap ll the hooks you've embedded in me. Breathe in the cold air let it chill to your bones. I wish I was ther
93 15.Fck Your Compression Expansive universes embedded in ours Reflected in stars I shine with the breath in my heart That's why my
94 15.Beast Mode Mix tality of a soldier embedded with that fire just to keep it lit I ain't worried about who bit I never bee
95 19.Drift n't erase embedded in my soul So this for all those motherfuckers that've done me wrong moving on I been all lost in the orbit searching for s ... e orbit searching for slogans embedded inside da' organs Fighting dep
96 1.Fireworks se And fuck it it's embedded in your DN
97 6.Newburgh Loves You I'd say you've been embedded there sometime. I've read every atlas I could find to try to track you down
98 1.The Nosebleeds ink you are forever Embedded in my brain You are made of plastic You won't ever decay And in50 years I'll
99 7.Holla-Loo-Yuh ed to your head and embedded the slug met it I be tripping on my ego like I'm Ultra Magnetic Makin' dolla
100 6.The Maggot Colony Maggots. Embedded with Maggots. Maggots crawling slowly. Maggots dissect your Corpse. Maggots... Ravenous Maggots. Maggots in your Eyehole. M ... s erode your Guts. Maggots... Embedded with Maggots. Remnants of Mort

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