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這是第 1 至 100 ,請多利用+-空白縮小搜尋結果.如【愛情+代價】【愛情-代價】

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1 7.Mr.Diorama .7.Mr.Diorama作詞 VALSHE作曲 minato隣でペダルを踏み込んだ ... 場面で止まる Mr.Diorama(ジオラマ)「誰か“私”を知らないか?」「確かにここにいたはずだ」 ... ないかと嘆く Mr.Diorama(ジオラマ)「誰か“私”を知らないか?」「今にも消えていきそうで
2 2.Mr.Diorama D2.Mr.Diorama作詞 VALSHE作曲 minato隣でペダルを踏み込んだ ... 場面で止まる Mr.Diorama(ジオラマ)「誰か“私”を知らないか?」「確かにここにいたはずだ」 ... ないかと嘆く Mr.Diorama(ジオラマ)「誰か“私”を知らないか?」「今にも消えていきそうで
3 1.街 米津玄師-diorama1.街作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師街の真ん中で息を吸った魚が泣いた全て変わってしまった砂が落ちた生活が落ちた透明な朝に心像と何でもないような情操
4 2.ゴーゴー幽霊船 米津玄師-diorama2.ゴーゴー幽霊船作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師ちょっと病弱なセブンティーン枯れたインクとペンで絵を描いて継いで接いでまたマザーグース夜は何度も泣
5 3.駄菓子屋商売 米津玄師-diorama3.駄菓子屋商売作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師さあさ始まる新時代までの声もなくなった幾千年とうに廃れた知識なんてほら全部全部全部置いて行け顔も知ら

6 4.caribou 米津玄師-diorama4.caribou作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師ねぇ、あなたの言うことは思慮深すぎて惚れ惚れとするわ教えてよその言葉その哲学の帰る場所について脆弱
7 5.あめふり婦人 米津玄師-diorama5.あめふり婦人作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師街がびしゃびしゃ濡れる夜までは確かに声で溢れていた今ではおよそ耐え難いくらいの静けさ達がここに居た不
8 6.ディスコバルーン 米津玄師-diorama6.ディスコバルーン作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師嫌いだ嫌いだあなたが嫌いだ何処かへ消えてしまえばいい嫌いなあなたは風船みたいだどうせどこへまでも
9 7.vivi 米津玄師-diorama7.vivi作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師悲しくて飲み込んだ言葉ずっと後についてきた苛立って投げ出した言葉きっともう帰ることはない言葉にすると嘘く
10 8.トイパトリオット 米津玄師-diorama8.トイパトリオット作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師僕は君の友達君の愛を守るパトリオットずっと遠くの斜陽から君の姿を見つけたよもしも君の心を傷つける
11 9.恋と病熱 米津玄師-diorama9.恋と病熱作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師好きなことが少なくなり嫌いなことが沢山増えた窓に滲む雲を見ていた皆の背中を見ていた言いたいことがだんだん
12 10.Black Sheep 米津玄師-diorama10.Black Sheep作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師素晴らしい一日始まる頃には夜に暮れる過ぎ行く毎日手を振ることすら忘れたままいつか注いだ水
13 11.乾涸びたバスひとつ 米津玄師-diorama11.乾涸びたバスひとつ作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師小さなバスで暮らしている少女はいつでも待っているひとり呆けた色に変わっている緑の木目と蛍光灯
14 12.首なし閑古鳥 米津玄師-diorama12.首なし閑古鳥作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師さあさあさあ踊りましょうかとり急いでは脚が絡んだ騒々しい音を晒して赤い瑪瑙と積み木の家欄干の傍に立
15 13.心像放映 米津玄師-diorama13.心像放映作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師心像放映私に心を見せてくれ心像放映火星の果てから声がする心像放映映像を夢に注いでくれ心像放映太陽も青く
16 14.抄本 米津玄師-diorama14.抄本作詞米津玄師作曲米津玄師この街はこの街は生まれてきたままで意味もなく愛されたい愛されたいそこらじゅうに散らばった夢のように細やかな
17 2.Diorama Wonderland ラ-落とし穴の底はこんな世界2.Diorama Wonderland作詞苑作曲彩雨&苑 Creature- that's what I was born Creature- that's wha
18 8.DIORAMATIC MOMENT EЯRA-ЁVOLUTIΦN8.DIORAMATIC MOMENT作詞 jun作曲 NAOKI MAEDAどんな存在も君には屆かないこの胸を亂す何故、運命は戰う為に二人巡り逢わせたの?今宵は最後
20 1.Tiny Glowing Screens Pt.3 ry to wall off this diorama we'll buy all the time we want and then spend it all to Move this crowd—to jo

21 1.Zsa Diorama-Zero Soldier Army1.Zsa Are you serious? Do you think i'm such a smog-
22 3.Comfort Zone Diorama-Zero Soldier Army3.Comfort Zone Get me the wingsuit I'm gonna base ju
23 4.Amnesia Club Diorama-Zero Soldier Army4.Amnesia Club meet me at amnesia club recall the pl
24 5.Reality Show Diorama-Zero Soldier Army5.Reality Show What happened to the ocean view You c
25 6.Polaroids Diorama-Zero Soldier Army6.Polaroids We're marching on like there is nothing
26 8.Smolik Diorama-Zero Soldier Army8.Smolik no underaged drinking beware of the dog wat
27 9.Beta Diorama-Zero Soldier Army9.Beta Instantly you're taming the monster You're br
28 10.Defcon Diorama-Zero Soldier Army10.Defcon now pull yourself together pour a drink li
29 11.Off Diorama-Zero Soldier Army11.Off I belong to more comfortable days While disea
30 12.Stay Undecided Diorama-Zero Soldier Army12.Stay Undecided Stay undecided it will bring you s
31 7.London's Brilliant Parade to play; The lovely Diorama is really part of the drama I'd say[Chorus12x
32 20.Careening Catalog Immemorial mprehensive private diorama Unpunctuated by any comma You got I was a queer balladeer so proud of our new
33 5.Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream melt into a deadly diorama humanity trades his sight And close the eyes on this new millennia wormcracy.
34 4.Diorama Chop4.Diorama Turn down the bed sheets In the spare room For your youngest one Will come visit soon To catch up on the life That seems ... ith fingerprints So dust your Diorama dear In love with the memories When that's all that's left She built the boats Filled our sails Now she's an island The woma ... ith fingerprints So dust your Diorama dear Oh he's an island Don't let lovers cast you in When they can write you out They forget they Owe you anything Until one ...
35 1.Maison Du Tigre Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care1.Maison Du Tigre Behind the filthy walls o
36 2.Hope Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care2.Hope Everyone else has entered And you're
37 3.The Scale Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care3.The Scale I have seen them on the airplan
38 4.My Favourite Song Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care4.My Favourite Song Thank god I am an athei
39 5.The Expatriate Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care5.The Expatriate(Send me off to a foreign l
40 6.Summit Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care6.Summit Before it gets dark And lights are
41 7.Weiss Und Anthrazit Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care7.Weiss Und Anthrazit Das Wohlfühllicht sch
42 8.When We Meet Again In Hell Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care8.When We Meet Again In Hell Phantom wars t
43 9.The Long Way Home From The Party Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care9.The Long Way Home From The Party After pl
44 10.Hellogoodby Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care10.Hellogoodby(Easygoing easyeasygoing) Hel
45 11.MyJustice For All Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care11.MyJustice For All Heaven is the new hell

46 12.Over Diorama-Even The Devil Doesnt Care12.Over Today I woke up under a diving bell
47 1.Across The Night Silverchair-Diorama1.Across The Night Across the night It was the moon that stole my slum
48 2.The Greatest View Silverchair-Diorama2.The Greatest View You're the analyst The fungus in my milk When you
49 3.Without You Silverchair-Diorama3.Without You Miles Away There's hopeless smiles brighter than mine An
50 4.World Upon Your Shoulders Silverchair-Diorama4.World Upon Your Shoulders All the bridges in the world Won't save yo
51 5.One Way Mule Silverchair-Diorama5.One Way Mule Let my spirit ride on a one way mule Blistered skin in
52 6.Tuna In The Brine Silverchair-Diorama6.Tuna In The Brine I fondle keys to my heart when everyone's heart Se
53 7.Too Much Of Not Enough Silverchair-Diorama7.Too Much Of Not Enough She tripped on a hole that I'd dug in the soi
54 8.Luv Your Life Silverchair-Diorama8.Luv Your Life Thrust the candle to the dark of your disease Burn the
55 9.The Lever Silverchair-Diorama9.The Lever Turn the mirrors face the wall Don't you feel a little wea
56 10.My Favourite Thing Silverchair-Diorama10.My Favourite Thing Got my fever down then weighed it up and I know
57 11.After All These Years Silverchair-Diorama11.After All These Years Breathe in the night That crushed a tired sun
58 11.Three Might Be Duende rns to the scene No diorama could match his drama A smile that would frighten the blind The incubus freez
59 1.Tangerine Dreamsickle tions My diagram my diorama Whats wit all this drama(dra-muh) I spit this midwest gramma Right in front o
60 6.Sketch heaves Glass Canary Diorama Cutlery Abridgement Spectre Taxonomy Moors Construct Sunlight Horse Transienc
61 5.Right By Conquest ockade I heard Half diorama plaster and half a cup of water damaged sheet-rock In which is interred it's
62 9.London's Brilliant Parade to play; The lovely diorama is really part of the drama i'd say First chorus[2x
63 1.December Flower ns Towards the lack diorama You are the artist and the texture That plays with mantle of the earth When t
64 8.London's Brilliant Parade to play; The lovely diorama is really part of the drama i'd say First chorus[2x
65 3.Palace al Immortal immoral dioramas of libraries littered with pride You glance up and scarcely notice me As you
66 20.Come Apart Together Come Together Alone is vogue Admire the diorama of a sweetened death From behind a blindfold a smile fixed in nails Borrow em
67 1.Holden Caulfield Hailey Wojcik-Diorama1.Holden Caulfield I've got lots of fake friends They've got lots of f
68 2.6th Ave. Hailey Wojcik-Diorama2.6th Ave. You said I just crossed6th avenue Looked like I hoped that
69 3.Raised in a Zoo Hailey Wojcik-Diorama3.Raised in a Zoo I didn't grow up with no brothers or sisters But ele
70 4.Amnesia Hailey Wojcik-Diorama4.Amnesia A cinderblock a bag of batteries oh baby please let's catch
71 5.Anglerfish Hailey Wojcik-Diorama5.Anglerfish I hope it doesn't work I hope you make each other as mise
72 6.Imaginary Friends with Benefits Hailey Wojcik-Diorama6.Imaginary Friends with Benefits I'm wearing your perfume sample like
73 7.Good Friday Hailey Wojcik-Diorama7.Good Friday Well it's Good Good Good Friday And I took too long to r
74 8.Pumpkinteeth Hailey Wojcik-Diorama8.Pumpkinteeth I don't know how many mushrooms I'd have to eat to find
75 9.Samsa Morning Hailey Wojcik-Diorama9.Samsa Morning My idiotic vapid pathological crush on you Is masochis
76 10.Luck Hailey Wojcik-Diorama10.Luck I thought I'd make a living off of mason jars In case I fail a
77 11.Model Aeroplane[feat. Tesco Vee of the Meatmen] Hailey Wojcik-Diorama11.Model Aeroplane[feat. Tesco Vee of the Meatmen] CHORUS I built a mo
78 4.Aeon ns towards the lack diorama You are the artist and the texture That plays with the mantle of the Earth. W
79 1.Child Of Entertainment Diorama-Cubed1.Child Of Entertainment Hurry up and sum the charge The moment'
80 2.Acid Trip Diorama-Cubed2.Acid Trip You take us home That's your own fault You grant us
81 3.Ignite Diorama-Cubed3.Ignite Indestructible days interchangable ways Take out the li
82 4.Gone Gone Gone Diorama-Cubed4.Gone Gone Gone After opening your head We see what's been movi
83 5.Cubed Diorama-Cubed5.Cubed Define your cube And all you need in it The items in you
84 6.Apocalypse Later Diorama-Cubed6.Apocalypse Later Bread and games now- apocalypse later No matt
85 7.Record Deal Diorama-Cubed7.Record Deal Have these words ever had a meaning Trying to tric
86 8.My Counterfeit Diorama-Cubed8.My Counterfeit Your life is like an illusion to me Never clear
87 9.Refugee Diorama-Cubed9.Refugee I cancelled gravity Broke off intimacy No more dying o
88 10.Alpha Animal Complex Diorama-Cubed10.Alpha Animal Complex Hey... say you'll end the treachery Hey.
89 11.Golden Boy Diorama-Cubed11.Golden Boy How did your soul become so comfortable With this
90 12.Lord Of The Lies Diorama-Cubed12.Lord Of The Lies Stop talking with your mouth full of needles
91 13.Stereotype Diorama-Cubed13.Stereotype The scent of the wide world In concrete and glass
92 14.Stuckkato Diorama-Cubed14.Stuckkato I say you're the artist choose your colour range Yo
93 15.Batteries Diorama-Cubed15.Batteries Come to where oblivion counts you in Come to where
94 16.The Hunt Diorama-Cubed16.The Hunt A summer sky of clouds rushing homewards A requiem f
95 17.Jericho Beach Diorama-Cubed17.Jericho Beach The lights go out overJericho Beach and my eyes
96 18.Shadowplay Diorama-Cubed18.Shadowplay They lie in wait At the barricades When they draw
97 1.Synthesize Me(Extended Version)- Extended Version Diorama-Synthesize me1.Synthesize Me(Extended Version)- Extended Version star
98 2.Erase Me Diorama-Synthesize me2.Erase Me if the worlds can't be combined if the words
99 1.Contradictive(Yes= No version) Diorama-repale1.Contradictive(Yes= No version) As he stood and tried in vain
100 2.friends We Used to Know(remixed by frozen plasma) Diorama-repale2.friends We Used to Know(remixed by frozen plasma) in emergenc

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