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1 9.In My Head ve with a version of a person that you've created in your head that you are trying to but cannot fix. Uh the only person you can fix is yourse ... ation's too creative They see demon I see angel angel(Angel) angel Wi
2 3.Reign e spilled Demons dressed in angel flesh Followers of nothingness Sacrificed Helpless under the reign of your supreme powers Left to die for a ... eir Lord and Saviour God's perversion Let darkness rise up from below And hear it scream my name once and for all The voice of darkness calls for me My soul is dr ... eath is now inside of me Your demons are inside of me Your death is now inside of me Your ... eath is now inside of me Your demons are a part of me Your death i
3 6.Astral Rejection(new version) ction(new version) Got our own personal infallible Secretaries to exhibit our hearts devoted to art It will take the drudgery out of writi ... o manipulate Take a seat I'll demonstrate Now you've learned to liste
4 13.Wounds n, Pain & Demon Slayin'13.Wounds Producer J Gramm Beats[Intro] Wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo wee-ooo Oh wee-ooo oh wee-ooo[Verse1] Hmmm of c ... ak Where you can not find the version of yourself you seek You should
5 7.Dear Sadness- Hellfire Version Hellfire Version How do you do how do you do dear sadness feels good to have you around again to love is to suffer to love is to let go t ... ow you where my ghosts and my demons dwel

6 4.I Need You Dead hiliac Perversions4.I Need You Dead Demon I am the epitome of cruelty Hagga
7 4.Strength& Weakness people's versions of what I present I'm not worried but kinda am I'm slowly learning most people get me but the side effects; Small percentag ... ive up and they subdueJust to demonstrate how long it take until a pe
8 2.Breathe(Extended Version) (Extended Version) I fade to black As I search for the light Can you bring me back? From this unconscious life Can you show me the way? I' ... you send one down? I see the demons crawling Everywhere around Can y
9 5.Yes I'm Changing world my demons cultivate I felt the strangest emotion but it wasn't hate for once Yes I'm changing yes I'm gone Yes I'm older yes I'm moving ... d I wouldn't know how Another version of myself I think I found at la
10 3.Know the Times eople but demons are scheming to reject the message The Kingdom of Heaven progresses so Satan's regime it extremely feels threatened But for G ... el will flourish authentic conversion all as a result of the culture
11 12.Keep Da O's in flow inversion Golden person Yeah I'm nerdy yeah I'm swerving Yeah you heard me[Hook]x2[Verse2: Tyler The Creator] My garden's full from br ... u convene with that circle of demons you're hoping them niggas'll see
12 6.Too Many Niggaz t full of demon repplings when I'm holdin on I'm tryna make it with this gangsta shit I ain't gon' fake it anything a nigga earned I'll be dam ... a take it now days the ghetto version of Spundalay a nigga will run u
13 20.Fifty-Six Freestyle lito-Introversion (Mixtape)20.Fifty-Six Freestyle(Yeah) Ya cheering Im at the finish line(Intro ... ng Im at the finish line(Introversion) I'm just wondering is these niggas finish lying(Hoodrich) Ha I been up for56 hours(Lito) My tolerance high If it wasn't dol ... g Two days ago I got too many demons You would believe it Insomnia's
14 7.90059 mped over Demons in they eyes glassy no Folgers Wake up sober kill you for a cold one Snotty nosed rascals big ratchet toters Give it up slowl ... s Guess you gotta play street versions of a surgeon Keep beat burstin
15 14.Shadowside(Demo Version) hadowside(Demo Version) The shadowside You say I h
16 6.The Price I've Had to Pay(Acoustic Version- Lame de son) (Acoustic Version- Lame de son) Only the young and the innocent Are born with trusting souls When light is strong to nurture them By examp ... o pay I heard you release the demons Locked the door and eat the key
17 39.The Gates Of Delirium(LP Version) lirium(LP Version) Stand and fight we do consider Reminded of an inner pact between us That's seen as we go And ride there In motion To fi ... dawn. The pen won't stay the demon's wings The hour approaches pound
18 1.Shredding Sacred Flesh with fire Demons sent forth from Hell's domain Darkness unleash the will of Satan Dead this kingdom of decay Burned and beheaded the remains o ... tion of the holy Monstrous perversion wickedness Drink the blood of t
19 4.Two At A Time(Demo Version) At A Time(Demo Version) Once upon a time For the L
20 1.Let Us Burn(Album Version) urn(Album Version) Lyricist Robert Westerholt、 Sharon Den Adel、Daniel Gibson Composer Robert Westerholt、Daniel Gibson The darkness has come to the roses ... me burn? Oh why? Chasing the demons in my mind Oh why me? Waiting fo

21 6.Free Like A Flying Demon7' Version A Flying Demon7' Version I'm calling upon your attention Now is the time we're talking serious redemption Come follow me red light wasn't warning ... go... I'm free like a flying demon no more of them filthy liesJust free like a flying ... y liesJust free like a flying demon this is the day of my life I'm free like a flying ... y life I'm free like a flying demon no more of them filthy liesJust free like a flying ... y liesJust free like a flying demo(!
22 25.Something So Right(Demo) So Right(Demo) Miss Piggy This is my dream come true The day has come for us to say'I do.' There's nowhere else I'd rather be Nothing in ... Mmmm mmm mmm mmmmm Lyrics for demo version Miss Piggy: Love ain't easy lov
23 20.700 Bars spät Das Demo-übelst straight das dickste meiner Stadt Deshalb schickte ich es ab an Michelmann Bass Denn er war in Gladbach der erste der wa ... te es ich müsste ihm nur mein Demo geben Dann würd' mich dieserJunge schon sign' Mann auf jeden Ich gab ihm das Tape auf'nerJam in Cologne Doch er meldete sich ni ... dem Rechner drauf Die cleane Version hat sich später aber schlecht verkauft Es war ein Tiefpunkt ganz unten im Releasesumpf Und der Weeddunst fliegt um mich rum
24 11.Grandier's Funeral Pyre r>[or'Les Demons de Loudun']'This is about Urbain Grandier a man of the church who lived in Loudun France in the17th century. He was doomed to ... sealed with the Devil and his demonic spawn(in the second Chorus you can find an extract from the original text). In my alternative ... inal text). In my alternative version of the story he was a just man
25 1.Wait For Evolution inticious Versions1.Wait For Evolution Waste- You'll make another faceJust kick the pedals down Come on and move it Don't make another ... ution Hate this repetition of demolition Wait for evolution for evolu
26 4.Vectors Aversions Crown-Tyrant4.Vectors Feel the tremors Orbital disruptors The machine tearing open the gateway Crippling fluctuatio ... worlds together Fighting the demons above to find the devil within The phantoms within your mind transcend the barrier into the physical realm You are the father ... of the illusion Fighting the demons above to find the devil withi
27 29.Lose Yourself(Original8 Mile Demo Version) nal8 Mile Demo Version) artist(s) Eminem(prod. by
28 3.The Great Divorce ate a new version of life. Forgetting me and all the dreams in the past You're walking. How can I watch my wife go. Go chase your lovers lover ... ve. I hear him calling. These demons sift like wheat. After you've fa
29 1.Salgo ertí en inversionista Al envidioso digo'Tranquilo papi' Matarte es mi hobby en el closh como Kobe Pa' las mujeres aseguro un orgasmo Duro y du ... errible El que entierra a los demonios y a los muertos los revive Soy
30 2.Diabolical Illusion ession-Perversion and Blasphemous Forces2.Diabolical Illusion Death has led to the last liar Is the reign of evil The angel ... s the reign of evil The angel demon begins to punish Is the reign of
31 1.Killers& Kings(Demo Version) rs& Kings(Demo Version) the bleeding read me the f
32 5.Eulogy of the Gods of Illumination Who Embelish the Darkness . May the demons awaken and make themselves known. For it will be with the burning eyes of Hell we hunt. And it will be with the Devil's claw ... of Michael. All priests of perversion leaders of locusts. It will giv
33 6.Here We Stand(Demo Version) We Stand(Demo Version) In the beginning there's n
34 2.To the Wolves e are the demons we've created They're selling us lies heartache and hatred It's time to sever the ties And feed the raging fires Because in t ... s you're gravely mistaken An aversion that never faded It just grows
35 4.FBS n decay Inversion of this altar of Christ Mortal shell will be torn away embracing the godless realm Vessel to evoke sliced to reveal Plunging ... will corrupt Fucked by Satan Demon god Thrusting forth This lustful act defile the pure Infernal heir rise forth Carnal deed unveils per ... forth Carnal deed unveils perversions of the fles
36 3.Burn It To The Ground(GH Version) Ground(GH Version) Well it's midnight damn right we're wound up too tight I've got a fist full of whiskey the bottle just bit me Oh That s ... night Oh We're screaming like demons swinging from the ceiling I got
37 1.Believer(Single Version) er(Single Version) Lyricist Zachary BarnettJames Shelley David Rublin Matthew Sanchez Shep Goodman Aaron Accetta Composer Zachary BarnettJames Shelley D ... y When no one's out I feel my demons Misleadin' me I'm just a believe
38 1.Kataton Demona Eaftou 1.Kataton Demona Eaftou????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[Chorus I] Phobia the hidden life's emotion ... ] Phobia the visible life's diversion A fairy tale that hallow- Your
39 8.Underground(Demo Version) derground(Demo Version) Lyricist Curtis Mayfield Familiar
40 5.Oceans(feat. Frank Ocean)(Album Version Explicit)(海洋) an)(Album Version Explicit)(海洋) Lyricist S. Carter、C. Breaux、P. Williams Composer S. Carter、C. Breaux、P. Williams[Intro] Blessings blessings yeah[Hook: ... believe they got a... to vote Democrat nope I sold... In trouble wate
41 7.Damaged Soul 13(Deluxe Version)7.Damaged Soul Lyricist Ozzy Osbourne、Tony Iommi、Geezer Butler Composer Ozzy Osbourne、Tony Iommi、Geezer Butler Born in a graveyard ... k damaged soul Possessed by a demon that had full control. The time i
42 8.Dear Father 13(Deluxe Version)8.Dear Father Lyricist Ozzy Osbourne、Tony Iommi、Geezer Butler Composer Ozzy Osbourne、Tony Iommi、Geezer Butler A childhood innocenc ... as drowned in your tears. The demons that you fought are feeding your
43 7.River Monster Underground Interlude ure First version murderer First person shooter video games and aim earlier No ex-communicate Human fatalities Zombies walked down to move the ... ike a carousel where is hell? Demons screaming underneath the surface
44 4.Amen& Attack(Orchestra Version) Orchestra Version) In nomine veritas In nomine filii et patris In nomine veritas et sanctus Amen and Attack!!! Stand and call against the ... and Attack! Attack! Fight the demons of this world no victims left to
45 4.Desde mi cielo2.0(Version orquestal) cielo2.0(Version orquestal) Ahora que esta todo en silencio y que la calma me besa el corazon os quiero decir adios porque a llegado la h ... nada que reprochar ya no ahi demonios en el fondo del cristal y solo

46 7.Le Bruit Qui Pense dents de Demon OneJ'viens d'arriver j'suis déjà un produit dérivé Alors je rapperai pour les cerveaux branché en circuit ferméJ'remplis de mo ... parle de mon quartier dans sa version director's cutJ'habiteà mille b
47 4.You Kill Me(KeneallyPartridge Original Version Demo) Remixes, Demos and Unheard Music4.You Kill Me(KeneallyPartridge Original ... Me(KeneallyPartridge Original Version Demo)(Verse) You kill me with you k
48 5.Stay(Demo Version) br>5.Stay(Demo Version) All along it was a fever A
49 2.Forces Conspiratrices donc les demoiselles de France? Priseà partie par la patrie Intolérantes dévotes d'une nation capricieuse Fraternelle Lutte fratricide Poison ... ur un modèle de consomption Inversion du bien et du mal Au privilège
50 47.Demolition(Evil Activities& Lenny Dee Remix) ies47.Demolition(Evil Activities& Lenny Dee Remix) I wanna freak you baby Alright Alright everybody ehh... We're here now to ehh... pl ... And it's the remix of ehh... demolition by ehh... an Italian producer ehh... His name is ehh... DJ Tommyknocker And uh one sheet from the label it says that he i ... y Here's the remix!(this[?x]) Demolition! Lenny Dee's taking it out!(this[?x]) T-knocker the crowd rocker! This-this-this this is ... ocker! This-this-this this is (|
51 6.Gold(Demo Version) br>6.Gold(Demo Version) So didn't you find love or
52 2.Face the Loss of your Sanity belief in demonic possessions(repulsion of your deficient human sides) Deep inside of you you can't convince yourself they're all staring at y ... vicious eyes you only see perversion and an upcoming conspiracy They
53 10.Sacrophobia ogic rage Demoniac possession Violent christ aversion Blasphemous euphoria Sacrophobi
54 5.Maybe On Monday(Demo Version) On Monday(Demo Version) Woke up on Monday and wrot
55 16.30 Lives(Demo Version) .30 Lives(Demo Version) Good morning my love It's
56 10.Lo Mejor Que Me Ha Pasado(Banda Version) ado(Banda Version) Estuve buscando la mejor manera Para expresar lo que siento por ti Tuve que pasar muchas noches en vela Era mi manera T ... te amo Y que siempre te lo eh demostrado Y se que tu sientes lo mismo por mi'Noche tras noche...Te sueño''Pero se que muy pronto te tendré''Chiquitita' Puedo escr ... te amo Y que siempre te lo eh demostrado Y se que tu sientes lo mismo
57 1.Love is All nd to the Democrats I don't care who you are I don't care where you're at As long as you're breathing my brotha Mi casa su casa My momma yo mo ... There's thirty-eight thousand versions of Christian Twistin' the Word
58 30.My Girl's Retro(Demo Version) l's Retro(Demo Version) my girl's retro(x3) my gir
59 5.Rage of my Sword 改[English version:] Blades protect our land we fight To war march into battle Fight we decimate our foes With our lives we'll defend our shore ... ie the sanguine path it leads Demon's black door As above it shall be
60 15.When I Paint My Masterpiece(demo version31971) sterpiece(demo version31971) Oh the streets of Rom
61 9.I'm Fly(Original12? Version) iginal12? Version) Why?(Cause I'm fly) It's not a lie(Cause I'm fly)[ VERSE1] I just ride around town in my Caddy Seville Lookin buff pock ... Polo We're the ones who made'Demo' and we're rockin the show It's no
62 2.A Long Winter(feat. Ceschi) sign or a version of goodbye That could perfectly describe what was pertinent inside I'm not certain but if I'm a brushstroke on the canvas I' ... break the dissonance From the demon's lips just so I can make a diffe
63 13.The Grey Massacre(demo) Massacre(demo) In the battle of the obscure Tragic death so suddenly Slowly unlatches the leather strap Roaming mortals so divine Deadly ... re the visible truth Modified version of an alternate reality Deadly
64 7.Sacrophobia ogic rage Demoniac possession Violent Christ aversion blasphemous euphoria Sacrophobi
65 6.Tiny Frame[Demo Version] iny Frame[Demo Version] your tiny frame stretched
66 1.Lights Out mps of Perversion1.Lights Out You bled and dried this all over my floor You said everyone baked your cake you fuck whore But they all ... ghts out Keep re-write lies A demon laugh on ice When are we going to
67 3.Just Like Nothing ese inner demons that seem to submerge him That always seem to surface and cause a di ... seem to surface and cause a diversion that sures him to crash and bur
68 6.Paul Baloff dering perversion Urgin when we inserted the subject in the virgin Cadaveric maverick savages ravage the average Of Angela's family the famish ... eckfield produced the piranha demo.(Outro
69 17.Northern Light(Candlelight Version) ndlelight Version) When I'm gone Like the northern light I'll shine down on you I will keep my magic sparkle Brighter and higher For you I ... scarred But I have to face my demons I have to realize That I cannot be with you anymore But it's alright Yeah it's alright Yeah it's alright You just gotta be st ... nd dust But I have to face my demons I have to realize That I cannot
70 2.MONSTER! nation Perversion disease forbidden manipulation BLIND you serve your master WEAK your child the lamb I reject all religions I defy your gods ... EVIL the victim tortured prey DEMONS RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE KILL INNO
71 14.PDA(First Demo) PDA(First Demo) Composer Carlos Dengler Daniel Kessler Paul Banks Sam Fogarino Yours is the only ... am Fogarino Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ev
72 14.Bye Baby ions of a demon I'm leaving I guess you knew and blew a good thing baby You know I'm saying bye-bye Cause I'm saying bye-bye Bye baby I guess ... s myJanisJoplin Yet the cuter version Yet I knew you personally Bette
73 3.Souls Alive(Demo Version) uls Alive(Demo Version) Shot in the dark walk in t
74 4.Dark Seeds of Depravity he gun Perversion of mankind has begun. Neurotic deceiver deceive what existence sells. Nomadic believer believe what desire tells.[Chorus:] O ... even face yourself?(My inner demons won't let go.) A beggar cloaked in unearned wealth[Chorus:] Overload the system explodes. In the shade of devastation dark se ... even face yourself?(My inner demons won't let go.) A beggar cloaked
75 13.A Greater Foundation(Extended Demo Version) (Extended Demo Version) Reality no longer battles
76 3.Second Time Around(Mastered Version) (Mastered Version)[unreleased demo] o-o-oh yeah babe last time that w
77 6.In My Head rnberg-My Versions6.In My Head Everybody's looking for love oh oh Ain't that the reason you're at this club oh oh Ain't gonna find you ... ehym Instead of talking lemme demonstrate Yeah heeh Get down to busin
78 3.Faster Harder I love my demons girl we share a wicked world I love my ... hare a wicked world I love my demons girl we share a wicked world I love my ... hare a wicked world I love my demons girl I love my demons girl Through sinful excursions that share di ... inful excursions that share diversions And that shit makes feel punishment Oblige you with experiment I love my ... you with experiment I love my demons girl I love my demons girl I swear this girl will be
79 3.Surrounded By Demons ounded By Demons Death rides a pale horse beside me I am nothing but hopeless and surrounded by ... ut hopeless and surrounded by demons Cursed by a violent possession feeding on per ... lent possession feeding on perversion in a morbid orgy Shedding my skin and this mortal illusion resurrected from the tomb and returning to the womb I live eterna ... cho in the dark Surrounded by demons! Black mass the midnight procession shape-shifting into madness breathing heavy
80 3.Love Is All nd to the democrats I don't care who you are I don't care where you're at As long as you're breathin' you are my brotha Mi casa su casa my mom ... ll your religion There's38000 versions of Christian Twistin' the word
81 3.Vision Of Excellence nd actors Demonstrators in jackets Disguised as being rappers But no mistaking the factors1 you bitch2 you lame3 you got a foolish name4 you s ... ner Smoking marijuana writing versions Rocking clothes that designer[
82 15.Bye Baby ions of a demon I'm leaving[Hook] I guess you knew and blew a good thing baby You know I'm saying bye-bye Cause I'm saying bye-bye[Verse2] Bye ... s myJanisJoplin Yet the cuter version Yet I knew you personally Bette
83 17.The Heart of Christ ow let me demonstrate the High Priestly Heart of Christ from Exodus28 It's pointing to the true anointedJew who intercedes so God ain't destro ... ng You bore all my sin and perversion wore it on Your Heart when You'
84 3.Dead Presidents III in' every demographic Paint a picture using only blood to make sure that it's graphic Rip the mic to set the example While all these mu-fucker ... w this is just a sugar coated version within a fraction of a percenta
85 1.Georgie's Lament troduce a demonic symbol A bayonet to the ear- yes that's perfect Make me over meta-human You asymmetrical editors to fantasies of slave upris ... your enthusiasm for Franco-diversions I put down my book at a distur
86 6.Ghost Key(alternate demo version) alternate demo version) It's cold. Snowing blue li
87 7.Wills Dissolve(alternate demo version) alternate demo version) Those eyes and(this) tower
88 2.Gilgamesh original version only says That the men found it a heavy burden Which begs the question: was the consent of these women earned Or did he just ... pathetic protagonist So in my version he gets the benefit of the doubt ... the“evil” demon guardian The protector of those sweet resources Everyone tried to warn them off this quest They said:“Don't go! The ... uest They said:“Don't go! The demon's jaws are death When he says humbaba humbaba hum-humbaba It's like he h
89 9.Beowulf powerful demon Yeah lots of awful things And it's true that the works that he wrought were fiendish But these were superstitious folk And yes ... at there's no hell No gods no demons no elves Delivering gifts on Noel And I say“Oh well” So what if Grendel's nature isn't clear-cut? All that matters here is th ... men Would he be any less of a demon? Grendel left the Spear-Danes screamin' And they couldn't even deal him a cut He just killed when he wanted and spilled so muc
90 10.Bad Fever(Original Demo Version) (Original Demo Version) Composer Mette Lindberg、Lars Iver
91 3.Malevolent Conversion volent Conversion Would the demon convert me With a priest by his side Can the darkness swear an oath Can we all survive? Would the devil convert me With the ev ... Destroy! Convert! Plan our conversion! Could the righteous convert me With faith on his side Not in a million fucking years I will survive Would the devil convert ... Destroy! Convert! Plan our conversion! Plan our conversion! Plan our conversion oh
92 7.Je l'Aime Encore arou-真情演繹(Version Integrale)7.Je l'Aime Encore Lyricist Felix Gray Composer Felix Gray Qui la regarde qui la caresse Qui lui fait l'amour et la lais ... nom Quel sorcier voudou quel demon L'a envoutee de ses sorts Sans sa
93 7.Satanic Magistrerium merging inversion Now we hear our call forever end all. You'll feel no pain dead gone. Summon up sadomasochism. Quintessence eternal Darkness. ... his power in Satan: Conjuring Demons. Here are the visions from god Y
94 2.Deadly Machines Of Progress e seen subversion With respect for the dead We fight this war On the deadly machines of progress On the wings of religion Ignorance has soared ... born These eyes have seen subversion With respect for the dead We fight this war On the deadly machines of progress On the brink of extinction Industry still soa ... ill soars In the wake of fear Democracy is ignored What good is freedom with no autonomy? Free market ... with no autonomy? Free market democracy is a dichotomy
95 5.End Of Flesh(Acoustic Version) (Acoustic Version) I am alive But I am dead in the world I was born into I am alive And here I stand waiting to feel something inside I am ... rough my veins exorcising the demons in me In the blink of an eye I h
96 1.Take Your Best Shot its own diversion Every little hole has a corner you can hide And every little smile has got something that you can't forget If you do it's li ... nd yourself dancing with your demons Take your best shot cause you're
97 5.Unleashed Upon Mankind ummon the demons to enter your body Ceremonies to attain the blessing A faith in secrecy No respect for the weak The victim of hypocrisy The p ... wers of masters they deify Conversion does not save you from death di
98 6.Twisted Truth ummon the demons to enter your body Ceremonies to attain the blessing A faith in secrecy No respect for the weak The victim of hypocrisy The p ... wers of masters they deify Conversion does not save you from death di
99 12.Revealed Wounds s with perversion Killing me slowly... rebirth in it's bittersweet taste Some things best left secret... some things better be chained But I c ... an no longer veil these inner demons... I can no longer hide truth in
100 10.Blue(1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo) id Theory Demo) In the dark days I'll part ways with the blame. Trying to maintain but it's still all the same. It's all a game. Hear my n ... ego And eaten away by my own version of the real Everything is my fault(It's all the same just pass me the blame) The problems have two faces Everything is my fa ... you'll feel it if you don't) Version of the real Nothing thrown down(It's all the same just pass me the blame) Trampled by your heel(Play the game and win a tear ...

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