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1 1.Tundra Leach Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder1.Tundra Leach In within circle unbound Ripping root
2 3.Boreal Fiends Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder3.Boreal Fiends against the mind the boreal sceptres
3 5.Throw Me Through the Marshes Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder5.Throw Me Through the Marshes carry me through thic
4 7.The Wyoming Distance Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder7.The Wyoming Distance once again roaming those plai
5 8.Arctic Thunder Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder8.Arctic Thunder Yonder and forlorn Lies the arctic

6 3.Sadomasochistic Rites Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond3.Sadomasochistic Rites Hearses are raining
7 4.In his Lovely Kingdom Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond4.In his Lovely Kingdom Lover of all face th
8 5.I en Hall Med Flesk og Mjod Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond5.I en Hall Med Flesk og Mjod I en gammel as
9 6.Fucked Up& Ready to Die Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond6.Fucked Up& Ready to Die Stripping on twist
10 7.Hate is the Law Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond7.Hate is the Law Severed seven arms Vienna1
11 8.These Shores are Damned Darkthrone-Black Death and Beyond8.These Shores are Damned'Seeking fortune on
12 8.The Pagan Winter(Darkthrone cover) >8.The Pagan Winter(Darkthrone cover) Horned Master of Endless Time Summon thy Unholy Disciples Train
13 8.Unholy Nights rdest place in Oslo Darkthrone Aura Noir Infernö Mayhem Nekromantheon Nattefrost Whip Obliteration The Ba
14 1.Dead Early Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance1.Dead Early I got the chance on a silve
15 2.Valkyrie Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance2.Valkyrie All the moons she takes me ov
16 3.Lesser Men Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance3.Lesser Men Crawling out of the dark ho
17 4.The Ones You Left Behind Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance4.The Ones You Left Behind THE RUSH! THE
18 5.Come Warfare the Entire Doom Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance5.Come Warfare the Entire Doom Now the t
19 6.Leave No Cross Unturned Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance6.Leave No Cross Unturned So it is over;
20 9.I am the Grave of the80's(Darkthrone cover) he Grave of the80's(Darkthrone cover) There's too many struggles There's too many fears I've hardened

21 1.Wisdom Of The Dead Darkthrone-F.O.A.D.1.Wisdom Of The Dead Lyricist Leif Nagell Ted Skjellum You had At
22 2.The Church Of Real Metal Darkthrone-F.O.A.D.2.The Church Of Real Metal'Might of mountains free Blowing
23 1.Too Old Too Cold(EP) Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold (EP)1.Too Old Too Cold(EP) Nothing to proveJust a
24 2.High On Cold War Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold (EP)2.High On Cold War Everything is bigger than
25 3.Love In A Void(Siouxsie& The Banshees Cover) Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold (EP)3.Love In A Void(Siouxsie& The Banshees Cover)
26 4.Graveyard Slut(EP) Darkthrone-Too Old Too Cold (EP)4.Graveyard Slut(EP)(I) first saw you at the
27 1.Atomic Coming Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive1.Atomic Coming Prepare your swollen apathy Or fo
28 2.Shut Up Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive2.Shut Up Shut up shut up I'll stick to my guns w
29 3.Forebyggende Krig Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive3.Forebyggende Krig The black weapon War to preve
30 4.Underdogs And Overlords Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive4.Underdogs And Overlords Revel in the glory of s
31 5.Tyster PÃ¥ Gud Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive5.Tyster PÃ¥ Gud Dat sekulaete tyrannjet Tyster p
32 6.The Cult Of Goliath Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive6.The Cult Of Goliath666 steps ahead I can not be
33 7.Too Old Too Cold Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive7.Too Old Too Cold Nothing to proveJust a hellish
34 8.Graveyard Slut Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive8.Graveyard Slut[Music Fenriz Lyrics Fenriz](I) f
35 9.Whisky Funeral Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive9.Whisky Funeral Fuckin' forced to sleep in this
36 10.De Underjordiske(Ælia Capitolina) Darkthrone-The Cult Is Alive10.De Underjordiske(Ælia Capitolina) De underjord
37 1.Unholy Black Metal(EP) Darkthrone-Under Beskyttelse Av Mørke (EP)1.Unholy Black Metal(EP) When the s
38 2.Under A Funeral Moon(EP) Darkthrone-Under Beskyttelse Av Mørke (EP)2.Under A Funeral Moon(EP) On the d
39 3.Sjakk MattJesu Krist Darkthrone-Sardonic Wrath3.Sjakk MattJesu Krist Skadefro selvmordstanker fra
40 1.Rust Darkthrone-Hate Them1.Rust Lyricist Gylve Leif Nagell Ted Skjellum I come from a lan
41 2.In Honour Of Thy Name Darkthrone-Hate Them2.In Honour Of Thy Name Sinking deeper into the fabric In
42 3.Det svartner nå Darkthrone-Hate Them3.Det svartner nå Trilingual babel bastards Hate at first
43 7.Striving for a Piece of Lucifer Darkthrone-Hate Them7.Striving for a Piece of Lucifer Striving for a piece of
44 1.Weakling Avenger Darkthrone-Plaguewielder1.Weakling Avenger Weakling avenger on grains of drai
45 2.Raining Murder Darkthrone-Plaguewielder2.Raining Murder Hung out to dry Liquid rites engulf

46 3.Sin Origin Darkthrone-Plaguewielder3.Sin Origin Forward into this battle That no one can
47 4.Command Darkthrone-Plaguewielder4.Command Barbwired empty dreams Existence is futile
48 5.I Voidhanger Darkthrone-Plaguewielder5.I Voidhanger Dreary bitter soulsets Life runs painf
49 6.Wreak Darkthrone-Plaguewielder6.Wreak Muscledistracting sicksphere Lacerate damage
50 1.Lifeless Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness1.Lifeless Depreived of Will Three Feel in the G
51 2.The Beast Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness2.The Beast Elapsed Chainless Activity Timeless
52 3.The Claws of Time Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness3.The Claws of Time Trapped in the Claws of Time
53 4.Across the Vacuum Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness4.Across the Vacuum Gurning victim Insane on pai
54 5.Ravishing Grimness Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness5.Ravishing Grimness Impersonal Whirling Cinical
55 6.To the Death(Under the King) Darkthrone-Ravishing Grimness6.To the Death(Under the King) Another Day Of Mi
56 1.The Hordes Of Nebulah Darkthrone-Panzerfaust1.The Hordes Of Nebulah Lyricist Gylve Fenriz Nagell Ted Arvid
57 2.En Vind Av Sorg Darkthrone-Panzerfaust2.En Vind Av Sorg En Vind Av Sorg La seg tungt omkring
58 3.Triumphant Gleam Darkthrone-Panzerfaust3.Triumphant Gleam Bearer of Sword stands beyond(the) T
59 4.Hans Siste Vinter Darkthrone-Panzerfaust4.Hans Siste Vinter(Most likely a very inaccurate inter
60 5.Beholding The Throne Of Might Darkthrone-Panzerfaust5.Beholding The Throne Of Might When hell calls your na
61 6.Quintessence Darkthrone-Panzerfaust6.Quintessence Eight miles deep the well forgotten by m
62 7.Snø Og Granskog(Utferd) Darkthrone-Panzerfaust7.Snø Og Granskog(Utferd) Tale om heimsleg Snø og grans
63 1.Grave With A View Darkthrone-Soulside Journey1.Grave With A View Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif Nilse
64 2.Neptune Towers Darkthrone-Soulside Journey2.Neptune Towers Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif Nilsen D
65 3.Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia Darkthrone-Soulside Journey3.Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell
66 4.SoulsideJourney Darkthrone-Soulside Journey4.SoulsideJourney Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif Nilsen
67 5.The Watchtower Darkthrone-Soulside Journey5.The Watchtower Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif Nilsen D
68 6.Sempiternal Sepulchrality Darkthrone-Soulside Journey6.Sempiternal Sepulchrality Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Le
69 7.Cromlech Darkthrone-Soulside Journey7.Cromlech Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif Nilsen Dag Skj
70 8.Nor The Silent Whispers Darkthrone-Soulside Journey8.Nor The Silent Whispers Lyricist Enger Ivar Nagell Leif
71 9.Sunrise Over Locus Mortis Darkthrone-Soulside Journey9.Sunrise Over Locus Mortis The dark and cold wast
72 3.In Medieval Winterstorms under gates of ice Darkthrone of illusion bells chains A song of true dark paradise For the mighty thron
73 5.Silver Starlight arth- The Christian Darkthrone But the tortured souls- Shall transist The Great Fuck of Belial That recei
74 3.Quintessence >3.Quintessence(Darkthrone Cover) Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals Oh I drank it empty
75 10.Green Cave Float e release'Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone'.-There are several differences between the two and in some places the tribute album lyric sheet is more correct than the ... moderation' on the version on'Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone'.*** this line is censored as'jewel fairytales' on the' ... d as'jewel fairytales' on the'Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone' official tribute album lyri
76 1.A blaze in the northern sky Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky1.A blaze in the northern sky Hear a Ha
77 2.In the shadow of the horns Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky2.In the shadow of the horns Face of th
78 3.Kathaarian life code Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky3.Kathaarian life code Desert... Night.
79 4.Paragon belial Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky4.Paragon belial I lay Enshrined Contam
80 5.The pagan winter Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky5.The pagan winter Horned Master of End
81 6.Where cold winds blow Darkthrone-A Blaze In The Northern Sky6.Where cold winds blow Where Cold Wing
82 1.Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn Darkthrone-Goatlord1.Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn['Summer of the Dioboli
83 2.As Desertshadows Darkthrone-Goatlord2.As Desertshadows['The Dance of Eternal Shadows' from'Und
84 3.Black Daemon Darkthrone-Goatlord3.Black Daemon(daimon) It's been years(daimon) Since I dis
85 4.Green Cave Float Darkthrone-Goatlord4.Green Cave Float I am the thousand storms(fountain stone
86 5.In His Lovely Kingdom Darkthrone-Goatlord5.In His Lovely Kingdom['The Dance of Eternal Shadows' on'
87 6.Pure Demoniac Blessing Darkthrone-Goatlord6.Pure Demoniac Blessing['Crossing the Triangle of Flames'
88 7.Rex Darkthrone-Goatlord7.Rex['Cross the Triangle of Flames' from'Under a Funeral
89 8.Sadomasochistic Rites Darkthrone-Goatlord8.Sadomasochistic Rites['Summer of the Diobolical Holocaus
90 9.Toward(S) The Thornfields(S) Darkthrone-Goatlord9.Toward(S) The Thornfields(S) Now now that I'm????? you M
91 1.Black Victory Of Death Darkthrone-Total Death1.Black Victory Of Death Fire Fire I greet Thee Give li
92 2.Blackwinged Darkthrone-Total Death2.Blackwinged The strong To do the devil's wo
93 3.Blasphemer Darkthrone-Total Death3.Blasphemer In the quest for shudders I was as the abs
94 4.Earth's Last Picture Darkthrone-Total Death4.Earth's Last Picture We sail the seas of negativity t
95 5.Gather For Attack On The Pearly Gates Darkthrone-Total Death5.Gather For Attack On The Pearly Gates Brothers of nor
96 6.Majestic Desolate Eye Darkthrone-Total Death6.Majestic Desolate Eye Desolate winter lifeless Landsc
97 7.Ravnajuv Darkthrone-Total Death7.Ravnajuv I dype juvet ein stad i Noregs land tallшse
98 8.The Serpents Harvest Darkthrone-Total Death8.The Serpents Harvest Feel the burning flame as the su
99 1.As flittermice as satans spys Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger1.As flittermice as satans spys Flittermice of
100 2.En as i dype skogen Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger2.En as i dype skogen En Grind stod apen en ry

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