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アルバム ( ページリンク ) ソング ( ページリンク )( 部分歌詞 )
1 5.2nd Youth f my life Danananana Someone told me once I don't think that you are twisted you're just strong What does that even mean? Yesterdays are gone ... h Here at the time of my life Danananana And I just try try try it's nothing new Cry cry cry it is no use Everyday thinking that I would never feel this way again ... h Here at the time of my life Danananan
2 1.Beast Mode like a dance dance danananan dance alone我壹個人就是壹支軍隊壹邊懲罰妳們壹邊跳舞 Need no one to call ma phone別打我電話 Neither g
3 8.Slippin made a couple grime Dananana Old school spanner banner Niggas can't be stepping round the manor manor Mak
4 1.Reboot Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way1.Reboot Cross the tufts(it's where we belong)
5 2.All Us Authors Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way2.All Us Authors Say that again Start making s

6 3.E Numbers Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way3.E Numbers Another stain wiped off of the fac
7 4.Think And Feel Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way4.Think And Feel All of this work is making me
8 5.Muscle Memory Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way5.Muscle Memory Not for the first time Blood o
9 6.Time Capsule Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way6.Time Capsule Time capsule Time capsule Time
10 7.Good Time Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way7.Good Time We share a bed Like.... swimmers i
11 8.Apostrophe Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way8.Apostrophe So the sun blinds me with snow an
12 9.Seven Days Late Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way9.Seven Days Late It's the twelfth ofJuly And
13 10.Glee Cells Trade Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way10.Glee Cells Trade Without...........(And....
14 11.Make A Fist Dananananaykroyd-There Is A Way11.Make A Fist Make a FIST Coming throughJust
15 2.Watch This Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!2.Watch This Oh hiya Watch this! Watch this! We
16 3.The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!3.The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash New lett
17 4.Black Wax Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!4.Black Wax Those L.E.Ds throw their glow to th
18 5.Totally Bone Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!5.Totally Bone'Cause as I became emasculated Ca
19 6.One Chance Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!6.One Chance One chance One chance One chance O
20 7.Some Dresses Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!7.Some Dresses Yeah! Can you smell it in the ai

21 8.1993 Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!8.1993 Mangle yourself and each other Lens at t
22 9.Pink Sabbath Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!9.Pink Sabbath Yeah! Great skies of green Yeah!
23 10.Infinity Milk Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!10.Infinity Milk OH! MY! GOD! You reside in the
24 11.HeyJames Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!11.HeyJames There's silence at the cathode club
25 12.Song One Puzzle Dananananaykroyd-Hey Everyone!12.Song One Puzzle There once was a song which
26 8.You're Not Alone lone your not alone dananananananadadanana your not alone nanananananadadanana your not alone nananananan
27 2.Not Done Loving You t done loving you Dadananananan
28 1.The Greater Than Symbol& The Hash Dananananaykroyd-暫存1.The Greater Than Symbol& The Hash New letters across che
29 2.Cleaning Each Other Dananananaykroyd-暫存2.Cleaning Each Other No crude intentions No sideways(?) N
30 3.Infinity Milk(outro version) Dananananaykroyd-暫存3.Infinity Milk(outro version) Infinity Milk by ... version) Infinity Milk by DananananaykroydH! MY! GOD! You reside
31 4.Danananana s From Chutney4.Danananana No one hates you more than you do* You can't stand what you are. There
32 3.Thanksgiving t from mundananana here we dey oluwa dey uha we no relent so i dance like tanana tananana tanana i thank God for creating me I'm blessed now t ... l no ne fake we start from mundananana here we dey oluwa dey uha we no relent so i dance like tanana tananana tanana i thank God for my life na u dey blow my mind ... l no ne fake we start from mundananana here we dey oluwa dey uha we n