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1 2.Give Me Something thing Dadadadada Dadadadada Tonight you can leave your mark No ones watching in the darkness Kiss me on the neck make a beautiful scar anywhere you like No regr ... omething I can't live without Dadadadada With the hours only24 Every
2 1.First Hello e With me tonight Ladadadadadada lala dadada Dada Crazy about you since that first hello And baby baby I know I know it's getting harder with every step ... and you'll stay here With me tonight Ladadadadadada lala dadada Dada Ladadadadadada lala dadada Dada Ladadadadadada lala dadada Dada Ladadadadadada lala dadada Dada-aa-aa
3 1.The Summer Medley 's right. Tonight is the night. nananananana. The sun is smiling from the sky we are laying side by side. Like we always been together my baby ... my lovin'with you all night. dadadadadadada dadadadada... Remember back in june we
4 2.Keep Bringing Me Home ry no not tonight because you're all that's on my mind. Layin' here is causin' me to start drifting away. Where I'm supposed to be is with you ... you have to be. ladadadada ladadadadada ladadadadada I love you and that's the truth. We may be young but I see it through. So shine your light and keep it bright and it will ... ight and it will lead me home tonight
5 1.You Complete Me ts across tonight'Cause you will always be The apple of my eye The everything that I Will always want and hope to be with You mean everything ... you know that you complete me Dadadadadadadadam Dadadam I see your pictures on the Internet That's a fact I know you'll never ever notice me(Never ever notice me) ... Every star that shoots across tonight'Cause you will always be The ap

6 2.Da Da Da at i need Dadadadadadaadadadada You know me and how its done I came so I could see you come And now we're both here looking for a friend You b ... hat we have And what we don't Dadadadadadadadadadad I tucked the light and burnt my hand Isn't this illusion grand The pain it makes you feel feels so real Let me change my ... right A song to keep us warm tonight And howl just like a wolf befor
7 2.ZEALOUS-JP Ver.- Won't go dadadadadadada down Nanana know nanana know We fire fire真っ直ぐに go wild wild君の心奪おう Shooting like fireworks抗えないほどスパイシーな魅力一度味わったら止まらなくなる ... h Ha! I'm shining like a star tonight Ya ya ya yaバラバラのカケラが私を作り上げ乗り越えて
8 3.DADADADADADA KSTN3.DADADADADADA Lyricist Jeff Miyahara・U・OHGA Composer Jeff Miyahara・U・OHGA So when you see us coming through You better come and throw your hands ... my people are gathering here tonight(EH-EH) Want it dirty da dirty no matter why Ready for whatever Let me show you how to get it Control yo breathing Cause ther ... fe Know you level up when you DADADADADADA Look alive Cool like a knife Gonna lay the wire Blow away the lock oh Think fast Don't lose a life Know you
9 1.GAMBiT ble let's dadadadadadada!うるさいコロンの匂いに down今日はもうやめようかあくせく動く全身で sweetなぞるその手にサイの目はどれ指す thank you make you love ... はどれ指す thank you make you love tonightヒザ上12cmまだ×2足りないぜ千載一遇チャンス逃す理由見当たらないや make up your money嘘だらけリップはべる Like an angel what's up apapapapapa!つたない演技に白けて down今日はもうやめ
10 2.GAMBiT ble let's dadadadadadada!うるさいコロンの匈いにdown今日はもうやめようかあくせく動く全身でsweetなぞるその手にサイの目はどれ指す thank you make you love ... はどれ指す thank you make you love tonightヒザ上12cmまだ×2足りないぜ千載一遇チャンス逃す理由見當たらないや make up your money噓だらけリップはべる Like an angel what's up apapapapapa!つたない演技に白けてdown今日はもうやめよ