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1 2.TMI 're kinda creepy Don't need to know just what you're up to Who you eat or what you screw Don't care about your situation And how youJoin the c ... w and they're mean You make a fashion of passion It's all just a scheme Tmi Tmi It's Too much info Tmi Tmi Tmi Too much info Tmi You're all the rumors like tumors ... w and they're mean You make a fashion of passion Destroying our dream
2 2.Plush esome I'm fashion on handsome is so rare And is not just the statcher that I'm after Be out G and making trap for the rapture New chapter Cros ... n minds.. super we could be a creepy pair Man we like end up like.. I
3 1.High School: The Rap ven: Have fashion taste short-shorts Will give you an under the waist sad face Oh wait you don't know what that is It's when you're fabric of ... lunch with a teacher Is super creepy Dressing like an Anime character Is also ... ke an Anime character Is also creepy Cleaning your braces in public I
4 4.Ghost Of A Tape Listener . This is creepy fun in our ghost town. We take a walk on an empty street we scream for ice cream. Despite my daydreams. I got wicked ... te my daydreams. I got wicked fashion sense I don't miss their summer
5 2.All Star Chuck Taylors when it's creepy street gods wanna teach me Pocahantes makin money for me bustin in the tee pee My All Star Chuck Taylors they laced like the ... e freaks got it poppin like a fashion show Make a move with me birdy

6 2.The Camera Shop name Old-fashioned you don't hear it a lot anymore The colour is so light what's it made of? An old breastbone ... it made of? An old breastbone Creepy It was the breastbone of her sis
7 9.Barbecutioner in a big creepy house finds his mother dead one night then he cracks and goes insane. Weeping grieving he hears voices whispering. Listens to ... He goes out buys a suit disco fashion purchased from a total gaywad.
8 1.Pretty Feet Do i look creepy i don't care oh well I love the many different colors Painted on her toe nails Admiring the feet wondering how they smell Do ... k outstanding I guess this is fashion i'm gonna be staring I love wha
9 6.Never Seen a Man Die Actually Creepy All he had was his mother left Now she's gone and he's gotta make a change and make it for the better But he's black so he's ... This Year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show PREMIERE: Say'Hello' to He
10 2.P.A.R.T.Y. ough-lame fashion trends Stick together while we die so no fake-y ass friends Every once you shake Running from deathies graves No akward date ... e features But there's only a creepy old man just lacking features No