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18.A Little Piece of Heavenll take what's mine Create what God would never design Our love had been so strong for far too long I was
22.50000like you and me. We create the gods we can and gift them immortality. Still believing that old lie the on
313.Live It Welld up to standards I create What will my story be? What is the story my life will tell? Did I tell it with
414.Just Another Dayck around today And create simple thoughts I'll laugh in humble ways We both know I could learn a thing o
526.Boom Boom Boom Boomck me down but they created a monster I'm beating down your block and nobody can't stop us(You was over t

610.God Is Fair Sexy Nasty(Feat. Kendrick Lamar)ally wanna do is procreate I'm a Superman you'll be my Lois Lane Know you late for work you stayin' home
75.Bullfightfrom the tension we create Why can't we say the things the things we wish we would Why can't we laugh the
81.NoJustice(feat. Big TC)e are all created equal but ain't nothing about us equal You know that(You know that) There can never be no justice when killing us is legal S ... rant They say that we are all created equal but ain't nothing about u
910.Simpler Daysne in By devices we create Twisting-Turning resources burning for our conveniency Pulling-Ripping out sti
103.M.A.D. for(one for) let's create a new god i say no more(no more) you can't keep score(keep the score) talk'bou
1111.That Old Black Magicte had me created for And every time your lips meet mine Baby down and down I go round and round I go In a spin loving the spin I'm in Under t ... 're the mate that fate had me created for And every time your lips me
127.Identikityou can't create that you can't create that you can't Pieces of a wreck of mankind That you can't ... eck of mankind That you can't create that you can't create that you can't When all I see yo
1312.This Is Homew life to create But don't let go go go go You have to go go go We won't let go go go You're in our blood you'll never fade Though I'll miss y ... ou've got a whole new life to create You have to go go go We won't le
149.Misconceptions3 Lecrae] Look I was created to make a statement A sentence sent us to earth on this mission Tryna make a
152.Ganglandally the gangs were created to protect everybody in the community. There was lynching and bombing going o
1619.Viewsng unlisted just to create some distance I might see you on and off but I'll never switch ya Niggas quick
1710.Don't Hurt Yourselfu can't recreate her no You'll never recreate her no hero We just got to let i
1810.Phantom Bridede of this hole you create You hide from yourself You separate every belief that is true And you spend yo
198.LMIRL waves Hey! We have created Now we're gone And now a re-awakening Another form of myself I come right out
203.Grave Within A Gravee or something I've created? Abandoned and dismissed in a flaccid Impotence with the cold illumination th

2198.35–Jungle Fever Remix(Feat. Angel Haze)y first life When I created heaven Satan and hell And I'm seashore seashore seashell I've got a bunch of
2216.This Bitter Earthh list First One Id create all and change for the Second one I'll take your heart and fill it a Third one
237.In The Beauty Of It Allthe ground. The sun creates a halo above the trees and he recollects a jesus status he saw as a child. He
246.No Way Backu did You created a demon Watch this unfold With every breath days become old We can see things change but it's mainly the climate Yeah we kno ... around look what you did You created a demon Watch this unfold With
251.Our Timeountry borders Were created to eliminate the truth before us Fear and separation are tools that distort u
261.Alwayshings you taught me create my heart And I can make you love me Make you love[Chorus] Always is a word tha
275.Thank Youw seeps through and creates you Thank yo
2818.Distancetages we couldn't recreate Yea Then the text we'd abbreviate just hoping promises could alleviate Some of
2915.A Part of Me public upset Don't create a career a9-5 is what you should get See I refuse to let em buy me just by cut
304.The Struggleh been there So why create the thickest of tension from out of thin air Raising your voice but got the de
317.Duskpeated fallacies to create This tainted reverie surrounding Solitude beseeches the presence of confused W
322.Warm Insurrectione mask inside I had created in my mind I was blind I had been undermined I was distracted by a need to be
336.I Hate U I Love Uome bridges just to create some distance I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
341.i hate u i love u(feat. olivia o'brien)ome bridges just to create some distance I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
357.Brown Man Syndromee Nobody willin' to create these kids rather chase Any new trends You hangin' with opportunist over your
364.Beauty-Childnow they just tryna create friction What they missing they see in you baby they see in us Me I'm just a y
378.When I Am Laid In Earthearth May my wrongs create No trouble no trouble in thy breast; Remember me remember me but ah! forget my
384.Calder's Circusxander we imitate recreate and approximate take out your whistle and give it a blow mesdames et messieurs
3911.Beautiful PeopleIt is our mind that creates the definition of the beauty Clear your mind clear your body Reach for the st
401.Sea of Ignorancelpless from what is created What they give is what they receive Communication absent No responsibility ta
414.Panoramaiferate recreate. Vines and trees new species on cultivated grounds. Planned sequences and astonishing leaps. Everything grows everything dies ... ain. Accentuate proliferate recreate. Echoes of what was resound in w
421.Glory to Glory.Glory to Glory Created from dust You came and You lived among us Taken on our frame You walked in ou
431.A New Designsign All structures created in your dreams A power of will that will not fail You see the future shine in
444.Lightning in the Skyake The release you create You are my one and only way My way of escap
4513.Generate it can't create[6x] All of the love we generate The only thing that carries me on All of the love we generate All of the love we generate The ... nothing we need that it can't create[2x

4615.The Smiling Dumb and Seriousined Without mouths Created Eyeless instead Ethereal blinded In corners With sisters Doubled back Unloved
4711.Abrasive Remains Lubricate Med resigned Adhesion creates Surrogates grieve a loss Unknowing inside An allied noose gropes sore-eyed To
482.Setting Sunver end We were not created for this Wandering without a purpose selfish life without a meaning never end
498.Speaking In Tongues(feat. Chali2na)[Restrung]iting the hand that created the platform Attaching pseudo patriotic crap to a rap song Hoods and2na try t
509.This Is Livingh You This life You created I choose See the sun now bursting through the clouds Black and white turn to
5111.Goodbye to Youpoisoned by degrees create each other's voids fill each other's needs my options are plenty but my choice
521.When Sex Was Dirtypoisoned by degrees create each other's voids fill each other's needs my options are plenty but my choice
5311.Renewalians fake musicians Create no relationships Hate frustraters penetraters Resistance from a path that shou
5414.Triumph Through Tragedyd that we create Strength through the determined Can't you see that triumphs through tragedy? Cause us be there's no illusion. This life will ... we must take The road that we create Strength will bleed through the
552.Hate by DesignIt's our mistake we create when we lose compassion. It's tearing us apart! Hate Hate by design Is destroy
565.My Blue Supreme that I'm trying to createJust my shoes and some shake Cruising in my blue suprem
5713.Let's Be Real Nowe and pain shit You created this storm so don't try to run baby here come the rain Tell me how can I trus
582.End Of Mel the shit that you created all the scars you celebrated Couldn't take away the pain Couldn't resurrect y
598.Sit DownRite meaning ritual created dry ice Hid in plain sight wear the suit and tie nice Mason mean more than a
605.My Words Have Powerur words Your words create your reality My words have power to defeat the enemy Those same words have pow
616.The Painterel the love again Recreate the hear
623.The Danger Zone I love the way you create without a trace I've got the notion that my life is not a waste anymore So pic
635.We're All Created EvilWe're All Created Evil Take the law into your own hands To the core and die for your friends LOVE IS BLIND revenge is sweet From every poi ... of us equal We are We're all created evil We're all created evil Every dad becomes a killer Every mother will die for her blood Love is blind REVENGE IS SWEET From ever point of view E ... of us equal We are We're all created evil We will never find We're alcreated evil The deserved peace of mind We're all ... erved p
649.Build A Bitchitch! God creates the soul Marlow creates the more And take a hell of a g
6515.Innermissioneryone is created equal I truly wish that I could see the sequel of our people Truly wish that I could check it Now when I hit the road and to ... resurrecting Young Sinatra I created I'm elated It seem like everyon
6611.Upgrades so vague Before I created this universe I had to fly to the Bermuda first6 on the beat then we queue th
6710.The Incredible True Storyre was no one above Created a world no one has been to Everything that I'm into Everything that I've been
689.Lucidity(Scene)l music hasn't been created since Earth THOMAS: I know man. Lucidity KAI: What? THOMAS: Back then people
695.Babel(Scene)... It's that we'll create purgatory
706.Okay ButThisIsTheLastTimeow works We forever create levels hit the lever kill the power Every dot a witching hour on the clock upo
7111.The Holy Egoism Of Geniusart or an effort to create beauty was Always regarded by some people as a personal attack. He hated to ap
723.Mockingbird f Kevin Max Shine Bright Baby want to be special Created for something specific Pre-Life is so hard when you're feeling alone Wonderin
738.Paint It Black from the nightmare created to keep you in a cage It's time to break out We can't go back from here on ou
745.Albatrossancestors created You sat by the banks Of the river and you waited Till time rolled back And the water had abated You drank your share But you ... the lungs That your ancestors created You sat by the banks Of the riv
754.In This Churchbe taught We're all created equal we're all naked when we're born. There's no safety in this church You b
761.A Violent Transgression in nature So don't create a corner When the pain starts to burn I feel it a scarlet fever Sitting betwee
775.This One's on Meas made by whatever created us It's not something anyone could ever take from us The people at the bank I
782.Hypnotict the mill when you create a ream My team got the mean roster We knock the candy out your sugary soul lik
796.Stranded in Self-Pitythe daydreams I can create When the moonbeam is on the snowflake And lonesome is my only friend Yeah I fe
801.Impossiblenot contain Or even create or even explain Fuckboy I'm wild as a buck in the rain Wild as a fox who be ru
811.CodecingJust the beauty createdJust a beautiful ladyJust a beautiful day toJust a moment to say this When the
825.GUILLOTINE IV(The Final Chapter)e monsters I always create My heart is on fire again From the depths of hell it swallows me in The demons
8311.Don'tture and we want to create a better world Now is the time to change the world[Verse1:JuicyJ] God bless Am
842.Throw Dem Racksick to every city I created the flow you niggas is NewJack City[Hook:JuicyJ] Throw dem racks watch how th
8511.Better Late Than Neverwoman But you can't create her Now see a friend of a friend of a friend Used to date her He used to brag
862.Trueay for the future I create Before the darkness gets me I will spread my wings and fly I transcend from th
871.Digital Worldy digital Create synthetic auras Start a revolution now You will never have to cry Cause the future is sold You can never die And you'll never ... generation Completely digital Create synthetic auras Start a revoluti
881.Dark Sky(Skyscrapers) God look at all we created I started rapping Biggie Smalls in the basement And now we headed to the tall
891.Losing My Religion religion created a mask The reformation helped but soon the patch didn't last I don't tell you don't ask So we ... on't tell you don't ask So we created a lie And for generations churc
901.The Wakeur father created Constructing buildings over buildings Conceal history like a shameful scar This world has lived for a million years with mor ... ill reclaim What it worked to create Wake up Save yourself Pick up th
911.The Nature of the Beastoked paradox did we create? We took the fort we stormed the gates But became the very thing that we hate
9215.Quantum Spirit of Creation space to create heat So they moved upon the face of the waters to ... pon the face of the waters to create in these quarters Moving through space in these saucers to show and prove It got so hot it evaporated then made it cool with ... dom when in their glory again created a system New reality a school of alchemy They formed the trio understanding Meaning under the heavens is standing above your ... e a hydrogen case That let us create body then face at perfect temper
939.L.Gigi(People of the Land of Nod) traveled more east create the Dragon the Kundalhini The Gini. L.gigi Our Gods have war our Gods have sex
943.Gods of E.Dinof a pyramid Escape create apes before the Genesis Genetics impregnate the gods Kings were beheaded Worke
9515.You& The6it that can only be created if you go through it I used to get teased for being black and now I'm here an
964.Damn Feat. Lin Z't believe what God created Smokin' on out and I'm faded Beautiful and I'm creative I know you waitin' Ni
974.Hydrong you dreamed I'll create a universe that you can barely see Inside or outside corner in the night The c
9810.Where Do We Go(Feat. Eric Bellinger)m a sample Tried to create a path know the streets can be a handful Me I made it out without degrees on t
993.Playing Our Partomes from decisions created all by myself I can't shake it all by myself See I grew up in the spotlight w
1002.Criminalsof this prison cell Create stories the world will tell their children In time we'll be forgiven But tonig

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