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1 8.I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD molecules mate and create a new sound We make escapes to deal with our feelings Our ash will burn and tu
2 7.One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill wave of his hand he created a force field My bullets all ricocheting bouncing around his old cave One of
3 2.Bring Them All Holy Grime(feat. Devlin) on and enjoy what I created Man will jump on the stage and go ape shit For years I've been killing it tru
4 8.A Little Piece of Heaven ll take what's mine Create what God would never design Our love had been so strong for far too long I was
5 2.50000 like you and me. We create the gods we can and gift them immortality. Still believing that old lie the on

6 13.Live It Well d up to standards I create What will my story be? What is the story my life will tell? Did I tell it with
7 14.Just Another Day ck around today And create simple thoughts I'll laugh in humble ways We both know I could learn a thing o
8 26.Boom Boom Boom Boom ck me down but they created a monster I'm beating down your block and nobody can't stop us(You was over t
9 10.God Is Fair Sexy Nasty(Feat. Kendrick Lamar) ally wanna do is procreate I'm a Superman you'll be my Lois Lane Know you late for work you stayin' home
10 5.Bullfight from the tension we create Why can't we say the things the things we wish we would Why can't we laugh the
11 1.NoJustice(feat. Big TC) e are all created equal but ain't nothing about us equal You know that(You know that) There can never be no justice when killing us is legal S ... rant They say that we are all created equal but ain't nothing about u
12 10.Simpler Days ne in By devices we create Twisting-Turning resources burning for our conveniency Pulling-Ripping out sti
13 3.M.A.D. for(one for) let's create a new god i say no more(no more) you can't keep score(keep the score) talk'bou
14 11.That Old Black Magic te had me created for And every time your lips meet mine Baby down and down I go round and round I go In a spin loving the spin I'm in Under t ... 're the mate that fate had me created for And every time your lips me
15 7.Identikit you can't create that you can't create that you can't Pieces of a wreck of mankind That you can't ... eck of mankind That you can't create that you can't create that you can't When all I see yo
16 12.This Is Home w life to create But don't let go go go go You have to go go go We won't let go go go You're in our blood you'll never fade Though I'll miss y ... ou've got a whole new life to create You have to go go go We won't le
17 9.Misconceptions3 Lecrae] Look I was created to make a statement A sentence sent us to earth on this mission Tryna make a
18 2.Gangland ally the gangs were created to protect everybody in the community. There was lynching and bombing going o
19 2.Believer hrow away Yesterday Create your brand new name There's no shame So light the flame You know you're gonna
20 2.Ruttolehto incl. P„iv„tt”m„n p„iv„n kansa So man and god were created of the stranger Both being despised Those ancient signs Of secret witchery Of

21 1.Jumalten aika soil The created now created its own creators Itself gave bi
22 10.Bars t imitate the dab I create I'm in YRN clothing or in Bathing Ape Niggas be saving[?] Get a new rollie and
23 2.WOA d them we created that shit Stackin' money ever since If it ain't about money it don't make sense Dope in the troop and it's two percent tint ... Sprite and I spike a deuce I create flames when I'm in the booth Wid
24 6.What I've Seen s this the world we created? As small parasites eat each other alive Like worms on a dead man's body. We
25 4.Searching for the Frontline d motherfucker. Who created all disorder? While you were busy protecting your border. Morals and standard
26 8.Brand New Life ht of day Created me My heart That only knows your name. Cos I've been looking for a brand new life I could never find a way Only your love ca ... eyes to see the light of day Created me My heart That only knows you
27 4.Ten Sephiroth phiroth A crown created with divine will An infinite light of the creator Through wisdom from nothingn
28 2.The Monist it shall come As I create In orbital resonance I I am the parasite the heretic Cursed eternal cosmic for
29 11.Vietnam ftJoe Budden field just a path I create They told me I could never have it this great So even with a million motherfuc
30 6.I Need Something New ate I'm trying to recreate The heart beat The adrenaline I need something new I need something new I need
31 10.Illusion& Control rget that You can't create a portrait Out of a shadow Out of an idea You never had You never wanted You n
32 4.Illuminate the Trail he obstructing veil create transparent vision eliminate the boundaries imagine the unimaginable and broad
33 13.White Privilege II ing to sacrifice to create a more just society?''[Outro:Jamila Woods] Your silence is a luxury hip-hop is
34 8.Need to Know ing to sacrifice to create a more just society?''[Outro:Jamila Woods] Your silence is a luxury hip-hop is
35 1.White Privilege II(feat.Jamila Woods) ing to sacrifice to create a more just society?''[Outro:Jamila Woods] Your silence is a luxury hip-hop is
36 9.The End Up f Now my friends procreate The ones who stayed up late Never knowing who they'd meet And as I listen to t
37 11.Astronauts ing the space We'll create our own star I'll name it after you We'll be so calm up there fly around the q
38 19.Views ng unlisted just to create some distance I might see you on and off but I'll never switch ya Niggas quick
39 17.That Old Black Magic te had me created for And everytime your lips meet mine Down and down I go Round and round I go In a spin lovin' the spin I'm in Under the old ... our the mate that fate had me created for And everytime your lips mee
40 10.Don't Hurt Yourself u can't recreate her no You'll never recreate her no hero We just got to let i
41 10.Ice Runs Through My Veins age I'm inclined to create some damage Using it all to your disadvantage Freeze I feel the ice run throug
42 4.The Best Damn Thing ss that I created Write your name in the sky for the world to see Cause you're the best damn thing that ever happened to me We're still standi ... d waited From the mess that I created Gonna write your name(gonna wri
43 10.Phantom Bride de of this hole you create You hide from yourself You separate every belief that is true And you spend yo
44 8.LMIRL waves Hey! We have created Now we're gone And now a re-awakening Another form of myself I come right out
45 1.Wavemasters sound now Created the way that they style now We get it regardless we got in the water ... egardless we got in the water Created the wave that they ride now Right now right now right now They takin' the wave and they ridin''round They takin' the wave an ... in' and pullin' the line down Created the wave that they ride now The

46 9.Bestfriend Yeah this what you created yeah baby just don't hate it yeah She said'I love you I love you not' She's s
48 3.Martyr all in vain What we created Has gone too far against the grain And now I'm sorry So sorry And now I'm sor
49 6.Talk To Em Ft. Losa es taught us how to create something out of nothing So our time is coming All these home runs feel like w
50 7.Animation Reformation my reformation I'm created by your hand Everything I do you planned This world belongs to you There can'
51 3.Grave Within A Grave e or something I've created? Abandoned and dismissed in a flaccid Impotence with the cold illumination th
52 98.35–Jungle Fever Remix(Feat. Angel Haze) y first life When I created heaven Satan and hell And I'm seashore seashore seashell I've got a bunch of
53 16.This Bitter Earth h list First One Id create all and change for the Second one I'll take your heart and fill it a Third one
54 7.In The Beauty Of It All the ground. The sun creates a halo above the trees and he recollects a jesus status he saw as a child. He
55 6.No Way Back u did You created a demon Watch this unfold With every breath days become old We can see things change but it's mainly the climate Yeah we kno ... around look what you did You created a demon Watch this unfold With
56 1.Our Time ountry borders Were created to eliminate the truth before us Fear and separation are tools that distort u
57 1.Always hings you taught me create my heart And I can make you love me Make you love[Chorus] Always is a word tha
58 5.Thank You w seeps through and creates you Thank yo
59 18.Distance tages we couldn't recreate Yea Then the text we'd abbreviate just hoping promises could alleviate Some of
60 15.A Part of Me public upset Don't create a career a9-5 is what you should get See I refuse to let em buy me just by cut
61 4.The Struggle h been there So why create the thickest of tension from out of thin air Raising your voice but got the de
62 7.Dusk peated fallacies to create This tainted reverie surrounding Solitude beseeches the presence of confused W
63 2.Warm Insurrection e mask inside I had created in my mind I was blind I had been undermined I was distracted by a need to be
64 6.I Hate U I Love U ome bridges just to create some distance I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
65 1.i hate u i love u(feat. olivia o'brien) ome bridges just to create some distance I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
66 7.Brown Man Syndrome e Nobody willin' to create these kids rather chase Any new trends You hangin' with opportunist over your
67 4.Beauty-Child now they just tryna create friction What they missing they see in you baby they see in us Me I'm just a y
68 8.When I Am Laid In Earth earth May my wrongs create No trouble no trouble in thy breast; Remember me remember me but ah! forget my
69 4.Calder's Circus xander we imitate recreate and approximate take out your whistle and give it a blow mesdames et messieurs
70 11.Beautiful People It is our mind that creates the definition of the beauty Clear your mind clear your body Reach for the st
71 1.Sea of Ignorance lpless from what is created What they give is what they receive Communication absent No responsibility ta
72 4.Panorama iferate recreate. Vines and trees new species on cultivated grounds. Planned sequences and astonishing leaps. Everything grows everything dies ... ain. Accentuate proliferate recreate. Echoes of what was resound in w
73 1.Glory to Glory .Glory to Glory Created from dust You came and You lived among us Taken on our frame You walked in ou
74 1.A New Design sign All structures created in your dreams A power of will that will not fail You see the future shine in
75 4.Lightning in the Sky ake The release you create You are my one and only way My way of escap
76 13.Generate it can't create[6x] All of the love we generate The only thing that carries me on All of the love we generate All of the love we generate The ... nothing we need that it can't create[2x
77 15.The Smiling Dumb and Serious ined Without mouths Created Eyeless instead Ethereal blinded In corners With sisters Doubled back Unloved
78 11.Abrasive Remains Lubricate Me d resigned Adhesion creates Surrogates grieve a loss Unknowing inside An allied noose gropes sore-eyed To
79 2.Setting Sun ver end We were not created for this Wandering without a purpose selfish life without a meaning never end
80 8.Speaking In Tongues(feat. Chali2na)[Restrung] iting the hand that created the platform Attaching pseudo patriotic crap to a rap song Hoods and2na try t
81 9.This Is Living h You This life You created I choose See the sun now bursting through the clouds Black and white turn to
82 11.Goodbye to You poisoned by degrees create each other's voids fill each other's needs my options are plenty but my choice
83 1.When Sex Was Dirty poisoned by degrees create each other's voids fill each other's needs my options are plenty but my choice
84 11.Renewal ians fake musicians Create no relationships Hate frustraters penetraters Resistance from a path that shou
85 14.Triumph Through Tragedy d that we create Strength through the determined Can't you see that triumphs through tragedy? Cause us be there's no illusion. This life will ... we must take The road that we create Strength will bleed through the
86 2.Hate by Design It's our mistake we create when we lose compassion. It's tearing us apart! Hate Hate by design Is destroy
87 5.My Blue Supreme that I'm trying to createJust my shoes and some shake Cruising in my blue suprem
88 13.Let's Be Real Now e and pain shit You created this storm so don't try to run baby here come the rain Tell me how can I trus
89 6.Stray Dog y somewhere special Create a memory that would last forever In those days we spent together They say the
90 2.End Of Me l the shit that you created all the scars you celebrated Couldn't take away the pain Couldn't resurrect y
91 10.Into The Nothing edate you Created to create yo
92 1.To the Initiate agination creates existence The builders professing to one and all Far flung revisions unsteady convictions fall with me now Uninitiated we'll ... ill illusions too Imagination creates existence The builders professi
93 2.James Bond igners to create The biggest building that can withstand fires floods And whatever terrorist or hitman for hire I'll take us higher You can pu ... ll I have to give They should create a series of movies on how I live
94 1.See What I'm Saying(Intro) e that we created a dynasty Then they get back to me It keep coming back to me that we ... eep coming back to me that we created a dynasty See what I'm saying?(
95 2.Infinite Lives live forever but to create something that will(Two three four)[Hook:](2x) Infinite lives we've got infini
96 4.DearJohn featuring Common&10Beats the chaos the world creates In the heat of the moment You can mistake an ally for an opponent And wipe yo
97 8.La Lune try to recreate And then nothing's changed When I'm next to you It doesn't feel the same I would never change what our past is Written in our ... we always do And we try to recreate And then nothing's changed When
98 1.Untold Story rned to years Now I created what I'm living in my biggest fear I didn't realize how hard it would be to c
99 12.City Don't Sleep that the government created the ghetto and gave it crack To oppress immigrants and blacks and give'em mor
100 2.Jimmy Iovine(feat. Ab-Soul) his whole brand you created You're one hell of a band we here think you're destined for greatness And wit

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