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1 1.1440 I see the passing by couples my heart flutters with them I s
2 7.Hey Love e eyes of couples passing by As soul mates kiss the innocence too long I've been denied Hey love where you going? Hey love how you been? I wish you'd stay a l ... t hello and a bittersweet goodbye Hey love where you going? Hey love
3 6.All Those People TVJoining couples for their nightly meal So they do not have to speak More then a few sentences each Put on your lipstick It's friday night Br ... night They watch their lives passing by(!
4 2.More Than Friends ings that couples do Don't wanna be superstitious But I saw cupid hangin' ... tious But I saw cupid hangin' by the moon We go to the show together We're sharing a big banana split But it would taste so much better With a little kiss I want ... nd hours Not noticing time is passing by We look like the perfect picture Why
5 1.A.W.O.L. ndy paint passing I never been a pacifist too far from the pacific Living ultimate dimensions I created as a child I'm often way too lost in m ... r smile but Since I'm a90's baby I'm automatically crazy I'm calling audible plays on a daily just to survive I got a tribe of little brothers in the hood that I ... much just to make you dust A couples aiming fucks with the lay up ducks Caught up on the rainy day of course Colder than them days chasing that leather drink and ...

6 4.Gladstone Pier ture here By the Gladstone pier A two roomed five row shelter Empty hopes the damp the flies Prices hyped her face grew tight And conversation ... you take it for another year By the Gladstone Pier Every Sunday he'd walk alone Casting pebbles at the ... alone Casting pebbles at the passing waves Plunge in brine cleanse his pride A stronger man remains The crunch of shale and distant sails Ached within his bones ... Cairns next day And Gladstone couples break that way