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1 2.By Your Side re vulnerable don't comprise For anyone The only speaking words A[?]someone Who doesn't know Did you come
2 3.Carry On rise they tell you comprise your best I say fuck em I say get that bullshit off your chest Don't let a h
3 11.Slaytina oducing a new model Comprised of the best elements Of Dragoons the world over The7 billion dollar woman B
4 5.Lethal Warning Shot rive to bring us up comprised to bring us up Disguised it for the club now it's time for freedom Screamin
5 10.Take It to the Grave lack of compassion comprise your bloodline. So open your fuckin' eyes! The shit you never gave take it t

6 1.Thrown alue(greater value) Comprised memories flow within my consciousness Remembrance triggers iconic bliss No
7 2.Blood Sport ement ain't obvious Comprised with the elevated mind of anomalous Combined with the rhyme style that don'
8 8.Idiot Dancing ve my crystal villa comprise worries at the door Electric fuses sparking as I spill across the flooor All
9 1.To Listen& Say Nothing ect the fortune you comprise with all the health that you possess. In a lavish nest so tightly knit. Pron
10 2.Sacrifires his night the fires comprise so strongly expressions of saviours disciplines be stricken with terror. Gat
11 7.Zodiac ymbols which no one compriseJust cannot guess what Answers to Zodiac feelings The need to KILL arise!'Dea
12 12.Bullet t cant be comprised and I realize that somethings cannot be ... ize that somethings cannot be comprised If you take a bullet to your
13 7.Seven Coils speak through They comprise of seven coils The found reflection Machinations lay bare The revelation is
14 4.Battlefields Ablaze rching forth a wall comprised of steel man and beast Stand against this terror force not another day you'
15 9.I'll Follow You be Am not about to comprise give you up to say goodbye I'll guide you through the deep I'll keep you clo
16 8.Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God gether do comprise The wrath that you're about to see So down down on your knees Your cries and all of your pleas Fall fall on deaf ears Falli ... our envy Combined together do comprise The wrath that you're about to
17 10.Darkest Hour fools from liturgy. Comprised of rubrics and different measures for chivalry But in the darkest hour stan
18 10.I Am y body is comprised of the nations Who will make my Kingdom whole I AM THAT I AM I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE“I move among your hearts.”“I swim ins ... inside your soul.”“My body is comprised of the nations.”“Who will mak
19 6.Sights from Within ngs of obliteration Comprised within my mind Desperate to get out The voices pan inside And taunt me when
20 5.Free Press And Curl em to know(Gunbeats comprise arsenal) Up or don't toss it all(Up or don't toss it all) Up or don't toss i

21 8.Spirit Guidance y and that the body comprises only a small fraction of the aggregate of your awareness then death is noth
22 9.No Compromise(Daniel) 's cry No comprise. No compromise. Let them keep their gold I won't be seduced Can't be bought or sold I am rich in You How could I serve anot ... This is my one heart's cry No comprise. No compromise. Kingdoms crumb
23 9.Eyes& Nines rse My rule- divine Comprised of eyes and nines I spew the truth but bring the end of time Beyond the wal
24 4.I Got High ke censored porn we comprise on what to watch The shopping carts go floating past Branches scarping again
25 7.The Human Condition d by cynicism? I am comprised of all the things I never was And all that I could never be. Wondering how
26 2.Insomnia For Months sions in the pieces Comprise a whole picture Energy is cheating Insomnia for months There is no choice Ca
27 8.This Passing Into The Power Of Demons hing in final words comprised in fragments of suicide keeper of dead souls in the scythe of passing torme
28 4.The Human Condition(EP) d by cynicism? I am comprised of all the things I never was And all that I could never be. Wondering how
29 8.With Empty Hands Extended nds Extended We comprise the backbone of this leprous body Of this life(less) from Ambiguous and vapo
30 3.Eight Arms ghtmares structures comprised A ring of tentacles caress Denticulated to strip off your flesh Blinded by
31 11.Can I Be Honest? e a little kid I've comprised and I've doubted like Thomas did I can't hide though he sees the way I live
32 6.Crucifère rité tu ne l'as pas comprise. M'a rattrapée tu n'as pas compris:J'y crois encore
33 13.Crucifère(Demo) rité tu ne l'as pas comprise M'a rattrapée tu n'as pas comprisJ'y crois encor
34 9.Mrs. Gracy's Revenge! fears Half of which comprised the PTA All gone sour for the lady of the hour But by the lore we'll neverm
35 1.Insert Motivation Here air all around you- comprised of compromise But don't ask me why cause I can't say that I know This ident
36 1.Purging in a perfect grave comprised of perfect steel the perfect blade was a perfect white against the perfect
37 11.Service days But really it comprises a bunch of funny letters Assorted to spell H-A-R-E-
38 2.Lise rs pour ne pas etre comprise pour ne pas etre prise pour une terre a terre Les vers de Lise se lisent au
39 5.Stoic Response And from what they comprised Further more lets me know I've arrived Our contribution& influence won't be
40 18.One ir] One Enterprises comprises the artist and the sound The pen and paper plays my savior while I'm gettin
41 6.Hellohihey aystation2 And I've comprised the hi-fidelity medley supreme stream a heater beat you won't believe I'm e
42 5.We're Famous ke up and decide to comprise the new shit It's not some watered down version of what my favorite crews di
44 2.Nature of a Man 't right Is there a comprise that we could find'Cause I be thinkin' you're insensitive But it's your lang
45 5.You'll Be Gone here's no comprise There's no denying I don't wanna hear forever When i close my eyes It disappears whatever And i can't seem to find What it ... and we don't speak There's no comprise There's no denying I don't wan

46 11.Jacob Marley's Chain in yesteryear that compriseJacob Marley's chain.*** Bridge: Well I had a little metaphor to state my cas
47 2.Cliff Hanger to a hidden village comprised of gold' I looked at her confused and said'But why have you told me this?'
48 13.Lately I Try To Smoke Alone ttered ties with no comprise fall through this fragile hell The drinks stay sipped'cos we've lost our gri
49 1.Collide ever meet May never comprise Or collide collide collide It's you you let me go you let me fly you let me
50 9.Parental Discretion Iz Advised this century Try to comprise a word to the wise And the guys parental discretion is advised(mc ren) Ren i
51 10.Tu M'As Voulue m'as pas comprise Tu dis tu dis que je mens que je mens Comment peux-tu?tre si s?r? La v?rit? est tellement Relative et je suis pure Tu n'peu ... 'as prise Mais tu ne m'as pas comprise(!
52 7.L'antre de l'ange eétait toutes taxes comprises. Un déhanché qui aguichait dressés les loups fâchés.'Son mec l'a lâchée!' p
53 3.Apologise st To compromise to comprise I told her once he'd break her heart But that wasn't true wasn't true'cause
54 6.Lys Gauty aux jetés Par des incomprises Des pieds qu'une hélice A coupés du tronc. Et les fruits maudits Des ventre
55 2.The arrival of the fimbul winter ndsJoutunheim Aesir comprise By the stonedoors dwarfs are moaning The mountains wise men Know you now or
56 3.Clean My Wounds No the world never comprise The real time for rearranging Help meJesus help me clean my wounds He saidâ€
57 7.Far Away From Home ora and little hans comprise freud's five classic cases. Lead vocal the flying pickets We've come so far
58 5.Parental Discretion Iz Advised this century Try to comprise a word to the wise And the guys parental discretion is advised(MC Ren) Ren i
59 7.A Poem On The Underground Wall single worded poem comprised Of four letters. And his heart is laughing screaming pounding The poem acro
60 11.A Poem on the Underground Wall single worded poem comprised Of four letters. And his heart is laughing screaming pounding The poem acro
61 4.Grace Divine he pretty ways that comprise just who we are A shame filled prison awaits us all for being ourselves Of t
62 3.We Build It up Again' impale yah rail yah comprised of weapon paraphernalia Nail yah to wall you bail and taste failure. Major
63 3.The Shadowland ving them away Land comprised of hate; NO MORE
64 6.The Black for your destiny is comprised of a constant decay. This is a segue to false identity. An unknown soldier
65 1.Kaancepts2 h the rhymes that I comprise Now watch it photosynthesize I'm still in that state of infancy I'm not look
66 2.Sorrow I'm barely alive I comprise the bereavement And when a nigga in it I spit it with cohesion The medicated
67 2.The Smallest Things of All this world could be comprised Is there an underlying constant To the world before our eyes Ancient Greeks
68 9.Sacred Armour of Antiriad the invading force(Comprised of aliens of course) O mighty Tal you must make haste By enemies you are ch
69 9.Lost in Lies eel back the lies I comprised from this pride I dance around Yeah I dance around it And we should know by
70 3.Get My Way me won't comprises(won't comprises) won't sacrafise(yeah) got to
71 3.Breathless Flesh Sculpture ion our loyality is comprised Through the materialising of sickness our praises are combined With the mag
72 7.Telepathic You tete surpriser01010 compriser tricky ballet day enhancer don't you get it? i'm a dance
73 1.Secrets set free from this comprise When will it stop I'm letting go And I'm losing control so… Tell me your sec
74 6.When I Survey Thank You for the Cross(Live) rrow meet Or thorns comprise so rich a crown?... Were the whole realm of nature mine That were an offerin
75 46.Money Power Glory the call My life it comprises Of losses and wins and fails and falls I can do it if you really really lik
76 1.Tricked by the Eggman: A Knuckles Rap his lies and guise comprise all sides of Dr. Eggman Cause he's-...hey... who turned my music off? DAGH!
77 4.The Foundation n agenda you'll see Comprised of sincerity No hidden agenda you'll see Witness my grand design Through ou
78 2.Planck Length self is said to be comprised of. Rule out the body in all of its change It's astronomical but ultimately
79 6.Caught In The Rain sound of a sigh Is comprised of much more than breathing And would you agree It's like singing a song wi
80 2.Sanity Through the Eyes of the Insane eyes of the insane Comprised of lies Is how you live your life Wouldn't it be better If you could just b
81 1.Do Not Confuse Bravery For Courage(It Begins With the Letter'b') b') Our rainbow comprises of ashes and dust but we patch our past to cover the scars Feed off burdens
82 1.Capt. Redbeard: The48 minds To comprise I will revolate The48 Before its too late Betrayed by a friend(with bitter poison) Killed Zarorotko and all of his men Then ... wined With hopes and minds To comprise I will revolate The48 Before i
83 4.The Giant Inside u you'll fit me I'm comprised of the best you ever let in And i will break through your roof I am the gia
84 9.Sri Vishnu Yantra k and faithful That comprise our counterparts and set us apart Awake Find your faith or supplicate your g
85 8.Dear Sirs with toothy smiles Comprised of traffic cones and manholes become eyes And birds burst into flames while
86 12.Incomprise y12.Incomprise Une triste corde flotte au- ... J'étais incomprise mais j'étais libre Et je ne sa
87 3.Don't Rate That th what the country comprises Xenophobes on the rise and I don't rate that shit Need another place real q
88 3.Is This Heaven? No This Is Iowa What is this world comprised of? We are animals. I saw the wind take us away. Let me hold my tongue whil
89 2.Cut Ties with Myself me so There was no comprise I'm a coward still Stuck in the past can't move on And i watched it all Too
90 1.Outliers t skies In order to comprise Every meaning Finished in between the space of two frames It's been replayin
91 7.Searching for the Dawn ity This process to comprise Of a contemplative pride To not be bound by greed and lies We must be beings
92 11.Pillows swing high the sky comprised of glass& goals between which you go(chorus) now that real life is full of
93 1.Your Mom(The Only Reason This Song Exists) in their own design Comprised of Only Serotonin Ronin with a Weakened Mind No This is not a call to arms
94 14.We Are Water remember that water comprises over70 percent of the mature human body and covers the same amount of our p
95 1.Blueprint llowing day will be comprised not so much of moments of silence but24 hours of noise. Noise for the toys
96 3.Native Blood . Stripes and stars comprise my prison bars- the cost of liberty. Maybe we'll fall asleep tonight to the
97 2.Everything That Rises Must Converge s Sleeper: A prison comprised of self'Behold I make all things anew' Feel me alert to the sound of your b
98 5.Wild Lovers practical? That we comprise our lives to be animals Getting raw probably no But even so We got a righteo
99 3.Mesmer Eyes ret garden has been comprised. They control keep us blind No one must realize We're fucking hypnotized. T
100 2.Acts of Man s the engine of you comprised of toiling innocence wrung for the oils in your lamps to grease your bayone

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