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110.Our Car Clubonsor and collect some dues And you can bet that we'll have our jackets on wherever we cruise We'll get the roughest and the toughest initiati ... a meet and get a sponsor and collect some dues And you can bet that
24.Critical Acclaim Generous hypocrisy collecting enemies Tabloid gossip queen worthless man(There's no need for us to bury
35.Our Car Clubonsor and collect some dues And you can bet that we'll have our jackets on wherever we cruise We'll get the roughest and the toughest initiati ... a meet and get a sponsor and collect some dues And you can bet that
42.Our Car Clubonsor and collect some dues And you can bet that we'll have our jackets on wherever we cruise We'll get the roughest and the toughest initiati ... a meet and get a sponsor and collect some dues And you can bet that
513.Our Car Clubonsor and collect some dues And you can bet that we'll have our jackets on wherever we cruise We'll get the roughest and the toughest initiati ... a meet and get a sponsor and collect some dues And you can bet that

61.No More Interviewsey every second I'm collecting Don't ask me no stupid questions'Are you still signed to YE?' questions no
77.Put That On My Sety set I recollect uhh uhh Time to count some checks they go ... to count some checks they go collect uhh They owe some debt Nothin'
816.When We Were Young(Acoustic)ck to the best days collecting all yesterdays as they built up one by one How we beg and we borrow say we
93.When We Were Youngck to the best days collecting all yesterdays as they built up one by one How we beg and we borrow say we
103.Stay could have a whole collectionJust be faded in my own dimension You so complicated I swear that pussy Gra
117.The Trapper and the Furrieretched prescription collecting The lawyer and the pharmacist went walking through paradise Pressed suits
121.Stunt Queenk it I came here to collect So tell me something other than the money's been spent Better stop talking Oh
131.Pick Up the Phonel my words Will you collect us then connect us or neglect us on the whole Into the wall then cross the wi
1444.First Kissn from kids And she collected bones of all kinds And she lived in a trailer under a bridge And she made h
152.No Place Like Home home for collecting burdens and conjuring ghosts that don't know they're dead Soon there's going to be a fight and we'll all have to choose s ... here's no place like home for collecting burdens and conjuring ghosts
161.No Romeo NoJulietthere keep the bill collectors away You hear my name on the street circulating you heard I'm cakin' These
1715.Ballad Of Easy RiderThe Byrds-The Collection15.Ballad Of Easy Rider Byrds The Ballad Of Easy Rider Ballad Of Ea
1814.Lay Lady Lay(Single Version)The Byrds-The Collection14.Lay Lady Lay(Single Version)作詞 Bob Dylan作曲 Bob Dylan Lay lady la
1913.You Ain't Going Nowhere(Album Version)The Byrds-The Collection13.You Ain't Going Nowhere(Album Version)作詞 Bob Dylan作曲 Bob Dylan C
2012.Lady Friend(Single Version)The Byrds-The Collection12.Lady Friend(Single Version)作詞 D. Crosby作曲 D. Crosby Here it come

2111.Wasn't Born To FollowThe Byrds-The Collection11.Wasn't Born To Follow作詞 Gerry Goffin作曲 Gerry Goffin Oh I'd rathe
2210.My Back Pages(Album Version)The Byrds-The Collection10.My Back Pages(Album Version)作詞 B. Dylan作曲 B. Dylan Crimson flame
239.So You Want To Be A Rock'N Roll Star(Single Version)The Byrds-The Collection9.So You Want To Be A Rock'N Roll Star(Single Version)作詞 R. McGuinn
248.Mr. Spaceman(Live)The Byrds-The Collection8.Mr. Spaceman(Live)
257.5D(Fifth Dimension)The Byrds-The Collection7.5D(Fifth Dimension)作詞 R. McGuinn作曲 R. McGuinn Oh how is it that I
266.Eight Miles HighThe Byrds-The Collection6.Eight Miles High作詞 G. Clark作曲 G. Clark Eight miles high and when
275.Set You Free This Time(Album Version)The Byrds-The Collection5.Set You Free This Time(Album Version)作詞 G. Clark作曲 G. Clark The f
284.All I Really Want To DoThe Byrds-The Collection4.All I Really Want To Do作詞 B. Dylan作曲 B. Dylan I ain't lookin' to
293.I'll Feel A Whole Lot BetterThe Byrds-The Collection3.I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better作詞 G. Clark作曲 G. Clark The reason why
302.Chimes Of Freedom(Album Version)The Byrds-The Collection2.Chimes Of Freedom(Album Version)作曲 Bob Dylan Far between sundown'
311.Mr. Tambourine ManThe Byrds-The Collection1.Mr. Tambourine Man作詞 B. Dylan作曲 B. Dylan Hey Mister Tambourine Ma
3211.I Got This In A SmashYeah so dough keeps collecting PC Knocking out punks with my man Diamond D Cause everybody knows I'm the
3311.AmanitaAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz11.Amanita
Collective編曲 Animal Collective What will happen to the stor
3410.PulleysAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz10.Pulleys
Collective編曲 Animal Collective Pulleys and vines The natura
359.Mercury ManAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz9.Mercury Man ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective Sounds like machines talking
368.Monkey RichesAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz8.Monkey Rich ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective Lady I need a backup plan I
377.New Town BurnoutAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz7.New Town Bu ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective When I make it Back home I'l
386.Father TimeAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz6.Father Time ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective Open up your locket does sol
395.Wide EyedAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz5.Wide EyedCollective編曲 Animal Collective Guiding her into dream time
404.ApplesauceAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz4.Applesauce< ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective I eat a mango and I'm feelin
413.Rosie OhAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz3.Rosie Oh
Collective編曲 Animal Collective As I walked across the bridg
422.Today's SupernaturalAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz2.Today's Sup ... 作曲 Animal Collective編曲 Animal Collective Come on let-let-let-let-let-
431.MoonjockAnimal Collective-Centipede Hz1.Moonjock
Collective編曲 Animal Collective In our covered wagon times w
443.You Wanna See pornstar Rose gold collection for the rose bar Now I might black out and talking'bout[?] My double cup f
4548.Noel D'AutrefoisCharles Aznavour-Collected48.Noel D'AutrefoisJ'ai connu des Noëlsà l'écart de la ville Où l'on

4647.Noel A ParisCharles Aznavour-Collected47.Noel A Paris C'est Noлl chйri Et nous Sommesа Paris C'est Noлl ch
4746.Mon Emouvant Amour(Live)(with Danielle Licari)Charles Aznavour-Collected46.Mon Emouvant Amour(Live)(with Danielle Licari)
4845.You'Ve Got To Learn(with Benjamin Clementine)Charles Aznavour-Collected45.You'Ve Got To Learn(with Benjamin Clementine)
4944.J'Aime Paris Au Mois De Mai(with Zaz)Charles Aznavour-Collected44.J'Aime Paris Au Mois De Mai(with Zaz)
5043.Young At Heart(with Frank Sinatra)Charles Aznavour-Collected43.Young At Heart(with Frank Sinatra)
5142.Il Faut Savoir(withJohnny Hallyday)Charles Aznavour-Collected42.Il Faut Savoir(withJohnny Hallyday)
5241.Je Danse Avec L'Amour(with Mayra Andrade)Charles Aznavour-Collected41.Je Danse Avec L'Amour(with Mayra Andrade)
5340.Je Voyage(with Katia Aznavour)Charles Aznavour-Collected40.Je Voyage(with Katia Aznavour)(feat. Charles Aznavour) Katia Dis
5439.La Legende De Stenka Razine(with Les Compagnons)Charles Aznavour-Collected39.La Legende De Stenka Razine(with Les Compagnons)
5538.Adios La MammaCharles Aznavour-Collected38.Adios La Mamma Ya están aquí llegaron ya a la llamada del amor Es
5637.I'll Be ThereCharles Aznavour-Collected37.I'll Be There You and I must make a pact We must bring salvation
5736.Yesterday When I Was YoungCharles Aznavour-Collected36.Yesterday When I Was Young Yesterday when I was young The taste o
5835.SheCharles Aznavour-Collected35.She She may be the face I can't forget A trace of pleasure or reg
5934.The”I Love You” SongCharles Aznavour-Collected34.The”I Love You” Song I love you I love you My love I wish there w
6033.To Die Of LoveCharles Aznavour-Collected33.To Die Of Love
6132.Tomorrow Is My TurnCharles Aznavour-Collected32.Tomorrow Is My Turn
6231.Et MoiJe Reste LaCharles Aznavour-Collected31.Et MoiJe Reste La
6330.Viens M'emporterCharles Aznavour-Collected30.Viens M'emporter Viens m'emporter vers tes mystères Là où tu cach
6429.Je T'Aime A I M ECharles Aznavour-Collected29.Je T'Aime A I M EJe t'écris c'est plus romantique Comme un amant
6528.Vous Et TuCharles Aznavour-Collected28.Vous Et Tu Vousêtes chère grande artisteLa plus charmante des ami
6627.Je BoisCharles Aznavour-Collected27.Je BoisJe bois pour oublier mes annйes d'infortune Et cette vie c
6726.Les Emigrants Tous EnsembleCharles Aznavour-Collected26.Les Emigrants Tous Ensemble Comment crois-tu qu'ils sont venus? I
6825.Les Amours MedicalesCharles Aznavour-Collected25.Les Amours Medicales Celle que j'aime se destine A un très noble
6924.J'Ai Vu ParisCharles Aznavour-Collected24.J'Ai Vu ParisJ'ai vu Paris se réveiller Aux croissants chauds aux
7023.Ils Sont TombesCharles Aznavour-Collected23.Ils Sont Tombes
7122.Tous Les Visages De L'AmourCharles Aznavour-Collected22.Tous Les Visages De L'Amour
7221.A Ma FemmeCharles Aznavour-Collected21.A Ma Femme Quand le soc de roc de saisons Sur nos visages et sur
7320.Les Plaisirs DemodesCharles Aznavour-Collected20.Les Plaisirs Demodes Dans le bruit familier de la boîteà la mode
7419.Mourir D'aimerCharles Aznavour-Collected19.Mourir D'aimer Les parois de ma vie sont lissesJe m'y accroche ma
7518.NonJe N'Ai Rien OublieCharles Aznavour-Collected18.NonJe N'Ai Rien OublieJe n'aurais jamais cru qu'on se rencontrera
7617.LesJours HeureuxCharles Aznavour-Collected17.LesJours HeureuxÀ l'heure où le monde bouge Alors que ton coeur a
7716.DesormaisCharles Aznavour-Collected16.Desormais Désormais On ne nous verra plus ensemble Désormais Mon
7815.Le CabotinCharles Aznavour-Collected15.Le CabotinJe suis un cabotin dans toute sa splendeurJe suis né po
7914.Tout s'En VaCharles Aznavour-Collected14.Tout s'En Va Rose Rose ah oui! je me souviensJ'avais quoi dix-sep
8013.Paris Au Mois D'AoutCharles Aznavour-Collected13.Paris Au Mois D'Aout Balayé par Septembre Notre amour d'unété
8112.Hier EncoreCharles Aznavour-Collected12.Hier Encore Hier encoreJ'avais vingt ansJe caressais le temps Et
8211.Une EnfantCharles Aznavour-Collected11.Une Enfant
8310.Que C'est Triste VeniseCharles Aznavour-Collected10.Que C'est Triste Venise Que c'est triste Venise Au temps des amou
849.A Ma FilleCharles Aznavour-Collected9.A Ma Fille
858.Sur Ma VieCharles Aznavour-Collected8.Sur Ma Vie Sur ma vie Sur ma vie...Je t'ai juré un jour De t'aimer
867.Ay! Mourir Pour ToiCharles Aznavour-Collected7.Ay! Mourir Pour Toi
876.SaJeunesse Entre Ses MainsCharles Aznavour-Collected6.SaJeunesse Entre Ses Mains
885.Les ComediensCharles Aznavour-Collected5.Les Comediens Viens voir les comediens Voir les musiciens Voir les
894.Je M' Voyais DejaCharles Aznavour-Collected4.Je M' Voyais Deja
903.Les Duex GuitaresCharles Aznavour-Collected3.Les Duex Guitares Deux tziganes sans répit grattent leurs guitares
912.Parce QueCharles Aznavour-Collected2.Parce Que Parce que tu crois Que tu es ma faiblesse Tu me blesses
921.JezebelCharles Aznavour-Collected1.Jezebel Ce démon qui brûlait mon coeur Cet ange qui séchait mes pl
935.Heavy Head just waiting to go collect You get a little success they get a little upset They would rather see you st
946.Holy Molyn then go collect it And if I go down ima call collect Take her to the[?]and take her
958.Poppin ft. Currensy slang If you don't collect Ferraris you ain't poppin' nigga You could learn Italian in my driveway bitch
966.Weston Road Flowst there's a risk to collect it I might be here as a vessel to teach people the lesson Feel like they want
9720.Like Smokehouse-The Collection20.Like Smoke I never wanted you to be my man I just need your company don't want to get dependent on Your time th ... ffection my concerns are bill collections The facts is the taxes they
9819.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?Amy Winehouse-The Collection19.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Tonight you're mine completely
9918.Between The Cheatshouse-The Collection18.Between The Cheats I never wanted you to be my man I just need your company Don't want to get dependent on Your ... ffection My concerns are bill collections The facts is the taxes they
10017.Our Day Will ComeAmy Winehouse-The Collection17.Our Day Will Come Our day will come(Our day will come) And we'll

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