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1 4.分裂 ie Simon Raymonde监制 Cocteau Twins分裂分裂一面笑的天真无邪一面看破一切分裂分裂一面爱的精疲力竭一面什么都不屑都是我拥抱过你一点一滴留在手里都是你拥抱过我没有空隙让我呼吸分裂分裂一
2 8.扫兴 ie Simon Raymonde监制 Cocteau Twins叠著叠著的扑克你一个扬手叫我塌下来喝了喝了的可乐你一个转头叫我哭出来装着装着的快活你一个眼神叫我装不来忘了忘了的寂寞你一个问题叫我想起来唉总是不
3 4.Good Guys(真男人) hank you Porter and Cocteau If we are all in the gutter Doesn't change who we are'Cause some of us in the
4 14.Good Guys(Night Time Mix)(真男人) hank you Porter and Cocteau If we are all in the gutter Doesn't change who we are'Cause some of us in the
5 4.Good Guys hank you Porter and Cocteau If we are all in the gutter Doesn't change who we are'Cause some of us in the

6 1.Cherry-coloured Funk Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas1.Cherry-coloured Funk Beetles and eggs and
7 2.Pitch The Baby Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas2.Pitch The Baby Here too have to have been
8 3.Iceblink Luck Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas3.Iceblink Luck I'm seemin' to be glad a lot
9 4.Fifty-fifty Clown Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas4.Fifty-fifty Clown I feel rewarded on being
10 5.Heaven Or Las Vegas Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas5.Heaven Or Las Vegas Who'll ever win? Gee y
11 6.I Wear Your Ring Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas6.I Wear Your Ring You don't feel damned bet
12 7.Fotzepolitic Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas7.Fotzepolitic My dreams are all more basic
13 8.Wolf In The Breast Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas8.Wolf In The Breast Under my shirt have to
14 9.Road River And Rail Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas9.Road River And Rail He'll be flied away Fr
15 10.Frou-frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires Cocteau Twins-Heaven Or Las Vegas10.Frou-frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires I buck
16 1.Persephone Cocteau Twins-Treasure1.Persephone Hey the chances I must waste Hey ever dirt
17 2.Pandora(For Cindy) Cocteau Twins-Treasure2.Pandora(For Cindy)(I'm in love with hers) Our room a
18 3.Ivo Cocteau Twins-Treasure3.Ivo Peep hole Peach blow Pandora Pompadour Pale leaf
19 4.Otterley Cocteau Twins-Treasure4.Otterley I'm sure Allow me Please Get help Only in yo
20 5.Lorelei Cocteau Twins-Treasure5.Lorelei Get off the car Kick his chain Kick his pride

21 6.Cicely Cocteau Twins-Treasure6.Cicely He must smoke spum dames by our lay Charge are
22 7.Beatrix Cocteau Twins-Treasure7.Beatrix Every week Move is small When he cared When h
23 8.Amelia Cocteau Twins-Treasure8.Amelia Who've been wounded Who should wound her Heart
24 9.Aloysius Cocteau Twins-Treasure9.Aloysius作词 E Frazer Raymonde Guthrie Silly silly sali
25 10.Pandora Cocteau Twins-Treasure10.Pandora(i'm in love with hers) Our room a hot and bi
26 1.In Our Angelhood Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels1.In Our Angelhood He's gonna chalk you out In h
27 2.Five Ten Fiftyfold Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels2.Five Ten Fiftyfold Wheezing and sneezing Tenfo
28 3.In The Gold Dust Rush Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels3.In The Gold Dust Rush I weigh my life and it's
29 4.Sugar Hiccup Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels4.Sugar Hiccup Sugar hiccup hiccup Sugar hiccup
30 5.The Tinderbox(Of A Heart) Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels5.The Tinderbox(Of A Heart) They are beaten You'
31 6.My Love Paramour Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels6.My Love Paramour Two different fates; my love
32 7.Musette And Drums Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels7.Musette And Drums Did it again We're fast foll
33 8.Glass Candle Grenades Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels8.Glass Candle Grenades There's only our hair's
34 9.Multifoiled Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels9.Multifoiled No longer multicolours multifoiled
35 10.When Mama Was Moth Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels10.When Mama Was Moth Sunburst and snowblind I'd
36 11.The Tinderbox(Of A Heart) Cocteau Twins-Head Over Heels11.The Tinderbox(Of A Heart) They are beaten You
37 6.J'Ecris Ton Nom nom. Sur le Sang de Cocteau amoreux d'un Poète sur le Bosch quand ill trouve Lewis Carroll sans tête(100
38 1.Know Who You Are At Every Age Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe1.Know Who You Are At Every Age It seems thin
39 2.Evangeline Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe2.Evangeline Sorrow for letting someone else
40 3.Bluebeard Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe3.Bluebeard Aliveness Exploration Aliveness E
41 4.Theft And Wandering Around Lost Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe4.Theft And Wandering Around Lost My body's a
42 5.Oil Of Angels Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe5.Oil Of Angels First he's inched her latch d
43 6.Squeez-wax Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe6.Squeez-wax There is a wait and that's what
44 7.My Truth Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe7.My Truth You become a world for his New hea
45 8.Essence Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe8.Essence I don't have to be specific when i

46 9.Summerhead Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe9.Summerhead My dreams zoom with us My tears
47 10.Pur Cocteau Twins-Four-Calendar Cafe10.Pur I'm glad you are a girl I'm pleased to
48 1.Violaine Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses1.Violaine Ik does a dashik dozen Ik does a yield gi
49 2.Serpentskirt Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses2.Serpentskirt Suppose i should hate it so Yet i can
50 3.Tishbite Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses3.Tishbite Here am i at a loss i Don't know what to
51 4.Half-gifts Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses4.Half-gifts It's an old game my love When you can't
52 5.Calfskin Smack Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses5.Calfskin Smack I have to follow my path heart Life
53 6.Rilkean Heart Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses6.Rilkean Heart Rilkean heart i looked for you to gi
54 7.Ups Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses7.Ups Shed our cold reality We are low we are low We
55 8.Eperdu Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses8.Eperdu[this is only the lyrics from the inside sle
56 9.Treasure Hiding Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses9.Treasure Hiding You listen hard Fear of flying Fea
57 10.Seekers Who Are Cocteau Twins-Milk&Kisses10.Seekers Who Are brush by gracefully A love as big
58 1.Oomingmak Cocteau Twins-Victorialand1.Oomingmak Soon I see it wasn't even he who was le
59 2.Lazy Calm Cocteau Twins-Victorialand2.Lazy Calm Try to look with us my voice your candl
60 1.Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops Cocteau Twins-Stars and Topsoil: A Collection1.Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops作词 Eliza
61 2.Pink Orange Red Cocteau Twins-Stars and Topsoil: A Collection2.Pink Orange Red作词 Elizabeth Fr
62 3.Orange Appled Cocteau Twins-Stars and Topsoil: A Collection3.Orange Appled作词 Fraser Guthrie
63 1.Alas Dies Laughing Cocteau Twins-BBC Sessions1.Alas Dies Laughing作词 Elisabeth Fraser Robin Guthr
64 2.Feathers-Oar-Blades Cocteau Twins-BBC Sessions2.Feathers-Oar-Blades作词 Elizabeth Fraser Robin Guth
65 3.From the Flagstones Cocteau Twins-BBC Sessions3.From the Flagstones作词 Elizabeth Frazier At times
66 4.Cocteau Twins Years 1977-784.Cocteau Twins I see them walking You know they're walking at night Ohh in the dar
67 11.My My My n the alpines Ho ho cocteau you get mixin' the moonshine He'll teach you how to walk through mirrors My m
68 1.Blue Bell Knoll Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll1.Blue Bell Knoll Each is not my love moan i for
69 3.Carolyn's Fingers Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll3.Carolyn's Fingers When he said'you are full of
70 4.For Phoebe Still Baby Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll4.For Phoebe Still Baby Little phoebe Who i've n
71 5.The Itchy Glowbo Blow Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll5.The Itchy Glowbo Blow Still stepping over me L
72 6.Cico Buff Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll6.Cico Buff Today love finds off little You see
73 7.Suckling The Mender Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll7.Suckling The Mender I feel Glad oh I love(oh i
74 8.Spooning Good Singing Gum Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll8.Spooning Good Singing Gum Days nervous long by
75 9.A Kissed Out Red Floatboat Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll9.A Kissed Out Red Floatboat I'm standing here I
76 10.Ella Megalast Burls Forever Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knoll10.Ella Megalast Burls Forever Men don't tell mu
77 1.Smile Cocteau Twins-Violaine Part 2 EP1.Smile Long-term scares us when we're down..
78 1.The Way Young Lovers Do love you' Oh yes...[Cocteau Twins part] Peep hole Peach blow Pandora Pompadour Pale leaf Pink sweet Perse
79 1.Frosty The Snowman Cocteau Twins-Snow EP1.Frosty The Snowman作词 Steve NelsonJack Rollins Frosty t
80 1.Mizake The Mizan Cocteau Twins-Iceblink Luck EP1.Mizake The Mizan Saw a mermaid in the Long di
81 3.Woman With Reason n Got the soul of a cocteau book The way she acts and the way she looks I can't explain She's warm like t
82 1.Sigh's Smell Of Farewell Cocteau Twins-Love's Easy Tears EP1.Sigh's Smell Of Farewell In all my fantas
83 2.Those Eyes That Mouth Cocteau Twins-Love's Easy Tears EP2.Those Eyes That Mouth Let me let me tell
84 1.Because Of Whirl-Jack Cocteau Twins-Sunburst & Snowblind EP1.Because Of Whirl-Jack作词 Elizabeth Fras
85 1.Shallow Then Halo Cocteau Twins-Garlands1.Shallow Then Halo Winged water Feathered river Dirty
86 2.Garlands Cocteau Twins-Garlands2.Garlands Garlands evergreen Forget-me-not wreaths Cha
87 3.Blood Bitch Cocteau Twins-Garlands3.Blood Bitch Blood woman Blood bitch There's a corona
88 4.Wax And Wane Cocteau Twins-Garlands4.Wax And Wane Carrying prose Broke my real friend The
89 5.But I'm Not Cocteau Twins-Garlands5.But I'm Not Sorrowful stories I hear all that's shown
90 6.Grail Overfloweth Cocteau Twins-Garlands6.Grail Overfloweth Grail overfloweth There is rain And
91 7.Blind Dumb Deaf Cocteau Twins-Garlands7.Blind Dumb Deaf Blind dumb deafen offends I was never
92 8.The Hollow Men Cocteau Twins-Garlands8.The Hollow Men Her aura supposed he is For all of the
93 9.Dear Heart Cocteau Twins-Garlands9.Dear Heart Eyes our kind Oh it's fate fate That coppe
94 10.Hearsay Please Cocteau Twins-Garlands10.Hearsay Please At least tonight it should be so For
95 11.Hazel Cocteau Twins-Garlands11.Hazel Oh on the phone No not grapevine Ti- tinted(ta
96 12.Speak No Evil Cocteau Twins-Garlands12.Speak No Evil My soul i sold I can't forget to ask T
97 13.Perhaps Some Other Aeon Cocteau Twins-Garlands13.Perhaps Some Other Aeon Perhaps some other animal Pe
98 6.No Cure iginally called the cocteau twins) I see them walking You know they're walking at night Ohh in the dark y
99 4.Garlands 存4.Garlands[Cocteau Twins cover] Garlands evergreen Forget-me-not wreaths Chaplets see me drugged
100 9.Surreal To race acrossJean Cocteau's cocktail Her-nonny-hey-o-way Siggy Freud would probably mock it Siggy Freud

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