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Demon Head


Demon Head


Distant howls float with the breeze
Creations of darkness are all that I see
The blood is dripping from the trees
And I have dragged you down with me
Dragged you down into the cold
Where I am thirsty for your soul
You think I'm young but I am old
And as you realize, your tears they flow

I've been waiting for you
And I've been dying to meet you

Frost is in the air tonight
No warm light is shining bright
Nothing on earth could make it right
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Still you don't put up a fight
Life it falls right through your hands
And lands on the dry earth as a pile of sand
Your eyes are frightened and you don't understand
That you can do nothing, only I can

I've been waiting for you...

You had it but I stole the key
No breath left with which to scream
The blood's still dripping from my feet and
Even in death I drag you down with me