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Korey Dane


Korey Dane

The Lion & The Keeper

Feeling like this stone fit at heart
tell me want know
before the sunshine's away
Being in that crowd feeling gone
Leaving like a reason
Why they'd all stand in place

The martyr braid and time like the rug maker
counting all her fingers
she said living's for the weary

While the mile raise her head kisses god
Another white horse
Before her faible body is
In the white noise they creep in alone you'll be dreaming
Like a ship out at bay
Turning like a promise made

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The queen went out yesterday long
Firing off their rifle
and i don't think he's returning
the restless nights and one night cheap hotels
the mother in the trees
on that sawdust ground in St. Louis

Where lazarus lays dead on the stone
Six words for the paper
'don't wake me when I'm gone'
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After all the clothes trail the floor
the sunsets in the dooryards
and the pigeon in your chimney

the lion and the keeper
the sweetheart and the vixen
in that corner of your past
what a short dance we had

Heavier than iron the curtain fell
knocking on the screen
it's under them soles you've been beating
Beige lips parting slow cold as diamonds
Heavy meadow mind
It turning down if she'll have you

Elliot walking down to the parkour
A thousand miles from God
and we were dreaming of Manhattan

And falling in the boundary like a calm rain
under the silver moon
with one hand beneath her
the turnpike in the morning
empty as the hollow
the shaman and the man
I see you in the victories had