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Annabel (lee)


Annabel (lee)

Move with Me

I think you've known for years
I tasted too much salt
Acoustics still unclear
from songs that I was taught
Wish you could have told that girl in me
Wish you could have shared some sympathy
Still my young and cautious soul
sways to a rhythm I only know
Move with me
Move with me

I never bothered much with friends
for my imagination runs, it runs, it runs, it runs
across Elysian fields within
But look at what's become
Of that girl, now the woman in me
reaching outside for all the love she needs
Still my young and ripening soul
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beats to its own tempo
Move with me
Move with me

A little bit of poetry
from your heartfelt pages
I figured out just what they mean
the words you've dedicated
to that girl, the woman you see
You've been patient all these years for me
Still my young and blossoming soul
needs more time in your garden to grow
So move with me
Move with me
Move with me
Move with me…………