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Glass Remedy

Forsaken, Forgotten by most
Another ghost that dances in my
Eyes at night
You dared me to change this

Confrontation, a lost description of rhyme
From a mind that was justly blinded
By the light
No prayers were wasted here

Her body ablaze
Ash unto the breeze
For capitals of limelight
I've fallen victim to this
For something I can't regret
A contoured horror

Can't find a sense of light
Just another corpse lying upon this ecstasy
Nowhere so true to fall from
I'm gutless (I'm gutless)
Suicide to save my life
Just a faulty fragment of agency
I'm gutless
This time I'm right

They say everyone dies
In this world of infinite lies
I release my prize

I want it, I want it
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Take back everything
You want it, You want it
Lasting fate of the dying breath I take
I want to, I want to have her eyes
be the dying breath I (breath I)
Take inside

Ages of silence, flies inside my brain

Killed Me
My life was worth it
When everything's bullshit, I
Forgot how simple and fragile
The heart of a fool can be

Guilty for something that I can't be
Forget Everything
I've lost the cold that I call beauty
The fool you used to be
With the love sick bullshit, hear me
I've now lost everything where your
Love sick use to be
I found the cure for weakness

Forming in Hell as I have bled from my eyes
I can't forget this scorching hand
Does this make me a mortal inside my mind
I've dreamt of weeping angels
But the harlot inside is mine