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Somehow dreams cannot
Heal like they use to
Take out pain, with a bottle
And rocks left by my god
Say now that I'll
Get better someday
I'll numb everything
For a glimpse at what
You call euphoria

I don't feel anything

I cannot live
I can't die
'Cause how you look at me
I can't remember my name
All that I want
That I need
Is to be dead with you
Counting the bodies like sheep

Count the bodies like sheep

Watch me plead
This isn't a cry for help
From this empty life
I already know what I want
And it's nothing
That I pretend

In this

I stand to
Rise above the dirt
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In which I am equal
Lost again from something
In someone
Fall to ride amongst
The waves of stress and pride
Come to me when you are
Ready to give it all away

Tell me something that I
Don't now know about myself
Tell me something that will
Keep me from eating
My mind away

In this
Soulless existence
Now hear this

By now I should be fucking dead
I pray for death

Now lay my soul to rest
Now lay my soul to rest
Please lay my soul to rest

To remain an empty lifeline
Escape this place
I turn cold and blue
I can't release
from this entity
I pray for death
But by now I see
I am alive