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Trash Boat


Trash Boat


It was eleven years ago
My family gathered round
I was the last one to be told
That things would be much different now
Too young to understand completely
Enough to feel this won't be easy
I want you to know
That I see right through you
Tears running down your cheek
Don't mean a fucking thing to me
I can't imagine that your life was perfect
I never even scratched the surface
But we were only 10 years old
How the fuck was I supposed to know.
Eleven years now on
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My family gathers round
And I've never felt so strong
Things are so much different now
Too young to understand completely
21, life's still not easy
Crush everything I thought I knew
Memories of me and you
Rip my heart from my sleeve
Sink it deep inside my chest
Bury me beneath my skin
A stranger to those
Who knew me the best