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Trash Boat

As Seen On Screen

Seven years, I'm done with this
Living life from shift to shift
I need something else, think I'm losing myself
I need to cut through all my ties
And take responsibility for my entire life
Help me lift these heavy eyes
The sun rose at 8am today
It's all the light I'll see before I sleep
It's all the light I'll get this week
The graveyard shift is killing me
And I can't help but sit and think
Will there ever be a day when I don't have to
Make up some shit to say
If anything I did today even matters anyway
Just give me one more day
I'll drop the act, try being selfless
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Walk the Earth till I find purpose
I can't remember the last time
I felt worthwhile
In this docile head trip
I can't see me living like this
Another existential crisis
I need to get out on my own
The only reason I'm still home
A better man than me once said
Is only real
When it's shared