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Crumbs of Light


Crumbs of Light

Beat of My Heart

Was it really Friday?
Was it bright and sunny?
You told me you break now
His name was so funny

You called a cab to the airport
A message on the piano
So far away from me
In the kitchen I still feel your shadow

Each beat of my heart
Is a smile to your soul
Love brings me close
Covered by leaves of a rose

Each beat of my heart
Is calling your name
Sensing a world
Empty and mind blowing turned

Birds destroying silence
From old trees in the park
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Did we kiss under this tree?
My mind meanders in the dark

Waiting without meaning
Maybe it could, maybe it would
Mom is calling from heaven
Stay calm, all will be good

Each beat of my heart…

Sometimes I am asking what for
Sitting in our café
Hearing laughter from others
Dreams lost in time and day

Your smile never let me go
This first one I mean
Sweeter than chocolate
Never expected the last