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More Than Fear


More Than Fear

Love to Hate

Did you ever meet a girl
that seemed quite similar to you?
Going to places that you go?
Doing things you like to do?

If you do you might know what it's like
to fall in love at first sight
And if you told her how you feel
could her reaction be for real?

She just said that she needs time
to relax from her last relationship
But can there be a message in sublime?
Can it be the problem - is you?

So you decided to find out
because you like her - there's no doubt
Spent your time at her side
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hoping your decision was right

But then you find out it was wrong
just as your love for her grows strong
she got it on with someone else
thats when you know her reason's false

Thats the time love turns to hate
when your confession of affection
has only been two days ago
but now it's fucking too late

I cant't take all this hate no more
but something i can tell for sure
my hate must be turned to love again
but therefore honesty is a must my friend!