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feel feel feel
this will get you where you want to
be what what you have always wanted to be true
drag drag stuck in a lag lag
acting like dumb dumb
then it's no fun fun
talk to me
cleanse cleanse dropping my defense
nothing makes sense
i want wanted to get real
but i'm still stuck to the wheel
drag drag stuck in a lag lag
acting like dumb dumb
then it's no fun fun
talk to me
i've tried reiki with housewives
those were good times
always trying out all the ways
22 confirm what i feel
there are so many parts of me
it's not these eyes that will see
the lightning turvy-topsied
making the choices
ascending ipomoea vines
that have been placed in pseudo-time
i have genes but not my kind
ley lines they sway
i believe i'm never gonna believe in anything that
demands the construction of a truth
do say
all the whims i never act out
could have been a man of certain words
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falling up
upside down
struggling to lighten up
though i know what goes down
'cause my desire to awaken
becomes a hindrance in the end
it keeps me in a soft slumber
where it is easy to pretend
that i'm above all earthly dramas
all the curses
all the karmas
i now desire to let go
of everything i have come to know
but to desire not to desire
is an undesirable state
i'm chasing bliss
a blissful future
yet no blissful present i create
i know that when i truly let go
of enlightened feats
the spur
the show
my need to separate highs and lows
is when i am above as below
it has to be with all my being
so sincere must be my keying
the day when i can fully rise up
is when my heart can chime:
i don't give a