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Caroline Rose

Notes from a Bedroom Upstairs

Please, sir, a watch or someone with the time?
What say on a nickel? Say on the back of a dime?
With his one hand on the table
The other runnin' up a young man's leg
Well, the stairs, they're movin' all around
Timeless murmurs through the background
With the one ear, listens; the other just hears the words they say
'Who'll be the next ones to be stoned?'
Says a passerby through the telephone
On the one end someone's sighin'
On the other someone is walkin' away
Why do you care so much?
What is it to you?
Go smoke your cigarette
The doctor's sayin' spend less time alone
Oh, go out, be young; go out and find someone
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With half of me lyin' on the bed
The other half tryin' on a leather jacket
And I can't believe how much they've changed
A labeled mason jar in goes my brain
With the one side's disappointed
The other's guessin' the score of the baseball game
Why are the options to play thief or priest?
Why does the lawman's smile lie in deceit?
While the one foot's moving forward
The other it's just stayin' the same
It's snowin' outside
He's just a man
Can't ya see the Christmas lights
Hangin' in the streets of the Jewish Quarter