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Caroline Rose


Caroline Rose

Back East

Listen to that wind that calls your name
Callin' from the east
Though the leaves have all been fallin'
And whistles once have now are stallin' and goin' down
Sayin' now make my way back east
They say you miss your family
You miss that sand beneath your feet there in the evenin'
And that it's great, but yeah, you know here
These ol' stones ain't skippin' stones, and sure ain't done
Being young
'Cause we're a long room way away from holdin'
Holdin' onto somethin' strong
So you make your way back east
Yeah, you make your way
Well, you're in my thoughts all day
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And there's no pill that I can take
To shake this feelin'
Isn't beauty such a ball
You miss them shores, but I have that
And I miss you both
So I make my way
A-singin' I make my way
Oh, come on, I make my way
Back east
Back east
Whoa, back east