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Bryan John Appleby


Bryan John Appleby

The Silent Shepherd

Come down mighty river and flow through the land
Come fill every dry well and break and every dam
Come smash through the stone walls that hold back your blood
Come fill in the garden, the valley, the grove
Come down blessed shepherd there's wolves in the pen
They're tearing to pieces the littlest lambs
You wait on the ridge come watch over the folk
Cause there's dogs in the night and they bite like the cold
I don't hear the trumpet call
I can't find all the suns in the sky
And I don't see the clouds roll back like a scroll
Come down lonely harlot locked high in the hills
You've seen signs and wonders but never the thrills
Of knowing the touch of her hand by the dawn
Or giving as much as you can to a son
Come down to the water come down to the road