Mystic 歌词 Abdication ※
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I've seen it in the darkness
In the shadows of my mind
Now I shall search for answers
And the power I will find
It lies beyond the stream
But my aim is to reveal
I shall catch any gleam
And undergo this great ordeal

I remember that night
In my search I was alone
I remember that light
It was shining bright, but was so cold
I remember strange empty voice
That was whispering within my head
I've found so many secrets
By high price – I am mad

When shadows become longer
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And twilight covers streets
My power is getting stronger
This time I will defeat
I can see and hear creatures
Which bring in this world bane
Now my mind has evil features
But maybe I just go insane

There is nobody who will achieve
The places where I've been
No one on Earth who can believe
In things that I have seen
My friends told me many times
It were just only dreams
And my brain became slime
Arguments burst at seams