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The Mothers of Invention


The Mothers of Invention

The London Cab Tape

Howard:this fucking guy is flipped out, man! i'll be locked up!?:who, me . . .?
yeah, you too!?:it was anti-semitic of me to bring it up?:why, you don't like jews, man??:let me make it perfectly clear, [...]i don't mind that you are jew, stay out . . . take your bar mitzvah man, and shove it?:i never had a bar mitzvah?:you ever had a yamulka, man??:no, i wore one once, though . . .?:i knew it?:what's wrong? you don't like 'em, man? that was [...]my cowboy hat . . .?:[...]just keep it out of my way, man, i don't wanna see that yamulka on stage ever . . .?:uh . . . well, i don't know, man, that'd be sorta neat, not in this group of course, but tomorrow?:alright, alright . . .?:howard kaylan world!?:the yamulka
fz:ha ha ha!:dear frank, thanks for paying a hundred twenty three dollars for my meal in amsterdam, which i hated!?:i mean it, man?:i really enjoy playing in your little own ensemble?:for a day or so?:thanks for bringing a little slice of sunshine into my life?:thanks for showing me how sh . . . shitty the music business could really be, i thought i knew?:thanks for make [...]worst bass player in the world?:after six months with the mothers i figured i've lost everything i've ever had


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