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The Mothers of Invention


The Mothers of Invention

A Typical Sound Check

Mark:all skate. men only!
aynsley:man, shou . . . shoulda put the fuckin' [...]?:gotta put that sign on the front, man?:got to get that sign on the front?:[...]sign of the bass player
aynsley:because i . . . i'm gonna have to find [...]i'm gonna take about five minutes with the other thing in there in time to go on?:get some more weirdness?:hey man?:hey, it's far right here?:[...]together??:it's far right there?:well . . .?:perverse!
george:hey, i'm still an hour here
mark:see it, my washboard's in the car?:what?
aynsley: see, they gotta have two holes here?: ah!
jeff: yeah?: washboards . . .
jeff: oh we got our amps switched. i should be having . . .
if you do not hear me
you may now walk out
for i am here
and i am talking . . .


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