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The Mothers of Invention


The Mothers of Invention

Are You Hung Up?

EC:Uh...uh...uh uh...uh...uh...d'you, are you, are you hung up? Are you hung up?
Girl:Outta sight!
EC:Outta sight, yeah. Listen, um, d'you, are you...are you hung up?
Girl:Ha ha! What does that mean?
EC:Are you strung up, are you? Are you hung up?
Girl: I don't...I don't...I can't understand...outta sight!
EC: Outta sight, yeah. Listen, um, d'you, are you...are you hung up?

Gary Kellgren: One of these days I am going to erase all the tape in the the I may do it...All the Frank Zappa's what they are, I know he's sitting in there, in the control room now, listening to everything I say, but I really don't care...Hello Frank Zappa!

Jimmy Carl Black: Hi boys and girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black, I'm the Indian of the group!


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