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My Dawgs

[Intro - Carier Dave]
From the start, me and my dogs
Me and my dogs, me and my dogs

[Hook - Carier Dave]
We was in them [?]at the start
Me and my dogs, me and my dogs
Jumped off that porch and now it's Chevy's in the yard
Me and my dogs, me and my dogs
I said careful if that fence is what you cross
Me and my dogs, me and my dogs
I say careful cause we biting if we bark
Me and my dogs, me and my dogs
That's hype though

[Verse 1 – LightSkinMac11]
No [?]with my pimp walk, they shell shocked when them shells drop
I been out of town, stacking my money and making my rounds
You cuffing your bitch, you can't bring her around
I build up her feelings to break em back down
Yeah that bitch bad, straight from the pound, straight from the pound
You texting her phone and she fucking me now
I'm [?]hundreds to bury, all of my weed is hairy
It's bricks on the fence and [?]we scary
And I said it before, I never hit a bitch without sins no more
When I step through the door, she got to be professional
If they don't know be the first to know
Up the street, too discreet
I made if from the Benz nigga close the door
From Parkway to 4th Ward that red clay
Red nose at my front door, give her dick now she want more
At the crib with my dogs, [?]my yard, don't call for a gram, got to get more, ho

[Hook - Carier Dave]

[Verse 2 - Jace]
That Two-9 gang, that Two-9 gang
I twist my fingers in back, if she back speaking in slang
You know she, got drunk, rolled blunts, spit real life shit, no stunts
Talking deals, need a mill from a city where they kill for a meal or gold fronts
All about a dollar, pistols to your collar till they say the world is ours
Youngin living for the hour, ay
Money weed and hoes, that's how the story go
And if I die at 24, just know I lived like fuck the four
Go and smoke on the coast, that's three hours behind
But who cares about the time when all I see is nine, ay
I said who cares about the time
When all I see is nine, when all I see is nine, ay